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The Garden

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The Garden that I Love

Author : Alfred Austin
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The Garden Fairy

Author : R. M. York
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Set in England, during the Victorian Era, children discover a fairy in their grandmother's garden that is in obvious distress. With the innocence and faith of childhood, they try to save the fairy and her family from certain death and set in motion a Christmas tradition that families around the world share and celebrate to this very day.

The Garden of Betrayal

Author : Lee Vance
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Manhattan, 2002: Mark Wallace has it all—he’s married to Claire, the love of his life; they have two bright, beautiful children, and his is a high-powered Wall Street job. Until one night while on a neighborhood errand by himself, his twelve-year-old son, Kyle, vanishes, brutally snatched off the streets of New York. Seven years later, Kyle has never been found. The loss, guilt, and mystery surrounding their son’s disappearance have almost destroyed the Wallaces’ marriage, leaving their daughter alienated and distant. Mark has thrown himself into his work—he is now an energy markets consultant for a private hedge fund run by the father of a friend—and, though successful, is living on emotional autopilot. Now, on the same day that a natural gas pipeline in remote western Russia is blown up by suspected terrorists, a new lead opens in Kyle’s case. When the very next day a colleague slips Mark classified information on Saudi oil production and then suddenly turns up dead, apparently a suicide, it remains for Mark, with the help of his technophile daughter and still-grieving wife, to find the sinister connections among everything that’s going on. Their personal struggle is equally compelling—three people who must once again learn how to be a family. Politically savvy, emotionally complex, and frighteningly believable, The Garden of Betrayal is a tense and timely imagining of the casualties of recession-era Wall Street gaming and the backroom global oil wars, a riveting, compulsive read that will grip you from first page to last. It also places Lee Vance on the level of today’s best and best-selling thriller writers—Richard North Patterson, Christopher Reich—who not only thrill us but make us think.

Pseudodoxia epidemica books V VII Religio medici The garden of Cyprus

Author : Sir Thomas Browne
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The garden of Norfolk or The rural residence a poem

Author : William Stones (Wesleyan minister.)
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The Incredible Fabulous Unknown Journey The Secrets of the Garden Alantras Nimes and the New World

Author : I.M. Lourraaine
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Eric, one of the playful Dewdrop children in the garden, is a curious, mystical creature. He wonders: Where does Nimes end? Where do Dewdrops go when they leave the Alantras garden? Why can I never reach the end of Nimes? The Incredible, Fabulous, Unknown Journey ̧ a book for children, tells the story of Eric and his Dewdrop friends Lily, Emma, Hedda, and Marius and their amazing life in the garden. Filled with an array of creatures and nature, the garden is a safe and carefree place for the Dewdrop children to exist. The children not only discover the many secrets of Alantras, they eventually embark on quest to find their parents, enter into the world, and save the garden. Infused with many important life lessons for children, The Incredible, Fabulous, Unknown Journey offers a fanciful, action-based, and adventurous explanation of where children live before they are born.

The Garden

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Open air Grape Culture a practical treatise on the garden and vineyard culture of the vine To which is added a selection of examples of American vineyard practice etc

Author : John PHIN
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