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The Garden in the Clouds From Derelict Smallholding to Mountain Paradise

Author : Antony Woodward
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A warm, witty memoir of one man’s escape from the city in an unlikely quest to create out of a mountainous Welsh landscape a garden fit for inclusion in the prestigious Yellow Book – the ‘Gardens of England and Wales Open for Charity’ guide – in just one year.

Finding a Break in the Clouds

Author : Kyrai Antares
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Finding A Break In The Clouds brings the dark and elusive mystery of eating disorders to a comprehensible light by naming it. The "invader" (anorexia/bulimia) and its thugs (Guilt, Shame, and the fear monster) are exposed and conquered during the reader's experience. This is accomplished through use of symbols, interactive activity breaks, fresh new perspectives, and unique journal exercises -- all based on the newly-planted seed of self-care - "There is nothing wrong with me!" While implementing this unique process, the eating disorder is seen as less of a tragedy, and more of an opportunity to build a new, impervious strength. With this creative workbook, the reader gains access to the warrior within, signs a declaration of war on the invader, signs a peace treaty with food, learns how to naturally and gently re-nourish the body, rescues stifled emotions, builds a House of Being, constructs a relapse prevention kit, and climbs the clouds to reach the sunshine of freedom from food illness. The readers is able to separate himself/herself from anorexia/bulimia, and uncover the innate greatness which was there all along. In the last chapter, a peace treaty with the invader is signed, and the reader writes a good-bye letter to the eating disorder, acknowledging it as an experiential teacher. Finding A Break In The Clouds also reaches out to family members and friends who are attempting to understand what is happening to their loved one. Chapter ten (Frequently Asked Questions) and Chapter Eleven (Tips For Family and Friends) offer family members, friends, peers, and spouses a new inside understanding of the world of anorexia/bulimia, as well as advice on what to do, and what not to do when trying to help. Filled with diverse activities and exercises, Finding A Break In The Clouds allows each person to find the unique internal system of recovery which can ignite the individual healing process, and light the path to well-being.

A Place in the Clouds

Author : D. DeWitt Thomas
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Award winning musician and writer, D. DeWitt Thomas, has offered another work of dark fantastic realism in this skillfully crafted novel of fiction that brings fantasy and horror into the everyday life of Dr. Ron McGuffin, a physician who volunteered for missions to the Third World. Violence, racial prejudices and gender biases stand in the way of the doctor's attempts to make a good life for himself and his family. A must read for dark fantastic realism enthusiasts.

Bows in the Clouds

Author : Mary McFadden
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TRAUMA SHAPED WHO SHE BECAME... In this her life story Mary tells the reader how while growing up in Ireland at a very young age, she began to suffer with post traumatic stress disorder after an attack. How fear manifested itself in various bizarre and abnormal ways in her personality as a result of this, shattering her confidence in her teenage years. Mary tells about the coping skills she needed to acquire to mask her insecurity throughout her checkered life, which was paved with abandonment by her father, her journey through marriage, motherhood, alcohol abuse, loss and grief. All intertwined with plenty of humour, joy, happiness and family togetherness. These moments were her bows in the clouds. ‘Like the phoenix I have risen from the ashes.’

Bugs in the Garden

Author : Susan Martineau
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Explores everyday science in the garden with simple experiments.

Bridge In The Clouds

Author : William Corlett
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It is deep autumn and William, Mary and Alice Constant have returned to Golden House for the half-term holidays. At once they are thrown into the most crucial and desperate adventure of all. Matthew Morden is on the point of discovering for himself the art of time travel and his evil influence is permeating the whole valley. Now the future of the valley depends on the children reaching the Magician in his own time. The time has come for a final confrontation; the last great battle is about to be fought.

Burial in the Clouds

Author : Hiroyuki Agawa
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Burial in the Clouds is the first English language translation of Hiroyuki Agawa's classic novel of World War II, Kumo No Bohyo. A powerful novel, it takes the form of the war-time diary of a young Japanese college student inducted into the Imperial Navy at the height of World War II. Trained as a combat pilot, he is transferred to one of the new "special attack" or "kamikaze" units when the tide of the war turns against Japan. Like many young men of his generation, Jiro Yoshino, once a scholar of the humanities immersed in the study of poetry and philosophy, will offer everything he has to his country—his body, mind, and soul. By the age of twenty-five, Yoshino understands that his life, and those of his friends, will almost certainly be forfeit to the machinery of war. This wonderful translation brings to life the harsh realities of war as it explores the personal stories of these young soldiers.

Hermitage Among the Clouds

Author : Thich Nhat Hanh
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Hermitage Among the Clouds tells the story of the fourteenth century Princess Amazing Jewel, the daughter of one of Vietnam's greatest historical Zen master kings. This beautifully written story expreses the suffering caused by war and conflict, the transformative potential of a commitment to practicing peace and building reconciliation, and the simple beauty of a spiritual life. Thich Nhat Hanh gives us a window into Vietnam's past and at the same time, offers compelling insights about contemporary Southeast Asia and the world.

Dragon in the Clouds

Author : Rosemary Nelson
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The Okanagan summer stretches out in front of twelve-year-old Nikki like a sparkling rainbow, with lots of time to spend at the beach and with her horse, Ginger. When her cousin Trevor arrives in his wheelchair, spoiling all her plans, they take an instant dislike to one another.

In the Clouds

Author : Charles Egbert Craddock
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Sunshine Through the Clouds

Author : George A. Hamilton
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The Garden

Author :
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Behind the Clouds

Author : Grace Hamilton
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Aristophanes Clouds

Author : Aristophanes
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My Father s Garden

Author : Thomas Miller
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Classic in the Clouds

Author : Amy Myers
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Jack Colby, car detective, is plunged into a dangerous investigation when he agrees to track down a classic car that’s been missing for over a decade.When car detective Jack Colby is asked by the ‘Mad Major’ to find one of the original five cars that took place in the original Peking to Paris rally of 1907, he accepts the challenge, but is soon plunged into a far more dangerous investigation. Was the recent death of car restorer Alfred King the accident it seems? It’s not long before the car crime underworld becomes involved in the quest for the missing De Dion, and the stage is set for murder . . .

Saint Sebastian and the Garden

Author :
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Adrian Or The Clouds of the Mind

Author : George Payne Rainsford James
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Our House in the Clouds

Author : Judy Blankenship
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While many baby boomers are downsizing to a simpler retirement lifestyle, photographer and writer Judy Blankenship and her husband Michael Jenkins took a more challenging leap in deciding to build a house on the side of a mountain in southern Ecuador. They now live half the year in Cañar, an indigenous community they came to know in the early nineties when Blankenship taught photography there. They are the only extranjeros (outsiders) in this homely, chilly town at 10,100 feet, where every afternoon a spectacular mass of clouds rolls up from the river valley below and envelopes the town. In this absorbing memoir, Blankenship tells the interwoven stories of building their house in the clouds and strengthening their ties to the community. Although she and Michael had spent considerable time in Cañar before deciding to move there, they still had much to learn about local customs as they navigated the process of building a house with traditional materials using a local architect and craftspeople. Likewise, fulfilling their obligations as neighbors in a community based on reciprocity presented its own challenges and rewards. Blankenship writes vividly of the rituals of births, baptisms, marriages, festival days, and deaths that counterpoint her and Michael’s solitary pursuits of reading, writing, listening to opera, playing chess, and cooking. Their story will appeal to anyone contemplating a second life, as well as those seeking a deeper understanding of daily life in the developing world.


Author : Aristophanes
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