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Kovels Yellow Pages

Author : Ralph M. Kovel
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Lists a variety of services related to collectibles from autographs and porcelain to toys and wicker

The Galaxy s Greatest Star Wars Collectibles Price Guide

Author : Stuart W. Wells
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Format : PDF
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Thousands of items--in 40 categories of collectibles produced since 1977--their history, and their values are listed in this complete illustrated guide to the Lucas empire. 500 color photos.

Official Guide to Flea Market Prices

Author : Harry Rinker
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Provides information on identifying, finding, and evaluating flea markets and their offerings, listing current prices for thousands of collectibles, including pottery, toys, books, glassware, buttons, posters, and memoribilia.

Cult Collectors

Author : Lincoln Geraghty
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Cult Collectors examines cultures of consumption and the fans who collect cult film and TV merchandise. Author Lincoln Geraghty argues that there has been a change in the fan convention space, where collectible merchandise and toys, rather than just the fictional text, have become objects for trade, nostalgia, and a focal point for fans’ personal narratives. New technologies also add to this changing identity of cult fandom whereby popular websites such as eBay and ThinkGeek become cyber sites of memory and profit for cult fan communities. The book opens with an analysis of the problematic representations of fans and fandom in film and television. Stereotypes of the fan and collector as portrayed in series such as The Big Bang Theory and films like The 40 Year Old Virgin are discussed alongside changes in consumption practices and the mainstreaming of cult media. Following this, theoretical chapters consider issues of gender, representation, nostalgia and the influence of social media. Finally, extended case study chapters examine in detail the connections between the fan community and the commodities bought and sold. Topics discussed include: The San Diego Comic-Con and the cult geographies of the fan convention Hollywood memorabilia and collecting cinema history The Star Wars franchise, merchandising and the adult collector Online stores and the commercialisation of cult fandom Mattel, Hasbro and nostalgia for animated eighties children’s television

The Official Price Guide to Star Trek and Star Wars Collectibles

Author : Sue Cornwell
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Format : PDF, Docs
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A guide to merchandise from Star Trek and Star Wars includes descriptions of hundreds of promotional and anniversary items

Science Fiction Book Review Index

Author : H. W. Hall
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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American Book Publishing Record

Author :
File Size : 67.37 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
File Size : 39.62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide

Author : Robert M. Overstreet
File Size : 41.44 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Since 1970, only one comic book price guide has been dubbed "the Bible" for casual and die-hard collectors alike. While others have come and gone, The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide has maintained its stature as the premiere reference source for the hobby, covering more than a century of comic book history. The essential tool for collectors and investors, the Guide is highly regarded for its well-researched pricing, in-depth historical information, and incomparable insights into the marketplace. If you have a comic book collection or are thinking about starting one, you simply can't do without this book! This 30th Anniversary Edition Includes: The most complete record of existing comic books from the 1800s to the present Redesigned feature sections for greater clarity and easy reference Market reports by Robert M. overstreet and the Overstreet advisors network Exclusive feature articles on the origin and history of EC Comics, now celebrating the 50th anniversary of the "New Trend" titles, including interviews with Overstreet cover artists Al Feldstein and Al Williamson! Exclusive 30th anniversary feature looking back at the birth of a comic book fan, the first-ever article written for the Guide by Robert M. Overstreet himself! Up-to-date directory of comic book fan wbsites Tips about collecting, grading and caring for your comics All-new additions to Overstreet Hall of Fame, key sales lists, and exhaustive indices And much, much more!

Price Guide and Introduction to Movie Posters and Movie Memorabilia

Author : James S. Dietz
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Star Wars

Author : Andy Mangels
File Size : 45.4 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A who's who of the ever-popular series provides detailed profiles of the most important characters from the Star Wars movies, books, comics, TV specials, and games, with photographs and original line drawings for further identification. Original.

How to Buy and Sell Just About Everything

Author : Jeff Wuorio
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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How to Buy & Sell (Just About) Everything The Ultimate Buyer's Guide for Daily Life Don't make another purchase before you buy this ultimate buyer's guide. With more than 550 how-to solutions, these pages are packed with savvy strategies for choosing and locating (and unloading and liquidating) both everyday items and once-in-a-lifetime splurges, with special emphasis on how to find bargains and broker great deals. The clear and friendly information in How To Buy & Sell (Just About) Everything makes any buying or selling decision easy, from selecting baby gear to saving for college, from hawking lemonade to selling your company. Browse these pages to discover how to: Buy a House • Sell a Car • Buy Happiness • Sell Your Old Computer • Buy Mutual Funds • Hire a Butler • Choose a Diamond Ring • Purchase a Tent • Get Breast Implants • Negotiate a Better Credit Card Rate • Buy a Hot Dog Stand • Sell Your Baseball Collection • Outfit a Nursery • Book a Cheap Safari...and much, much more Written and designed in the same easy-to-use format as its predecesors, How To Do (Just About) Everything and How to Fix (Just About) Everything, this invaluable collection includes concise instructions, helpful tips and comparison charts -- everything you need to understand product features, prevent problems and guarantee smart purchasing decisions. This is the only book you need to make the most of your money.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Reference Index 1992 1995

Author : Halbert W. Hall
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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This ambitious work provides single-point, unified access to some of the most significant books, articles, and news reports in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. Entries are arranged in two sections-author (subarranged by title) and subject-and may have up to 50 subject terms assigned. No other reference tool addresses the secondary literature of this fast-growing and dynamic field with such in-depth subject coverage as this work, nor approaches its breadth of coverage. Aimed at academic libraries, large public libraries, some school and medium-sized public libraries, and individual scholars, this index supplements Science Fiction and Fantasy Reference Index: 1985-1991 (Libraries Unlimited, 1993) and Science Fiction and Fantasy Reference Index: 1878-1984 (Gale Research, 1987).

Star Wars The New Essential Guide to Alien Species

Author : Ann Margaret Lewis
File Size : 41.9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Discover who’s who and what’s what in the Star Wars universe with this beautifully illustrated guide–now in full color for the first time. When it comes to extraterrestrial life-forms, there’s more to science fiction’s most famous galaxy than just Jawas, Wookiees, Ewoks, and Hutts. From the skylanes of Coruscant to the worlds of the Outer Rim, an untold number of species populate those planets far, far away. And if you confuse Gungans with Gamorreans, or don’t know a bantha from a tauntaun, you definitely need the in-depth data that only this revised, expanded, and updated guide can deliver. This comprehensive overview includes beings from all six of the classic movies–plus the novels, cartoon series, comics, and video games. It’s an even bigger cross section of species than what you’ll find in the Mos Eisley cantina. And each entry, from acklay to Zabrak, from amphibians to vacuum-breathers, features everything you need to know, including • complete physical description and official designation, so you can tell your sentients from your non-sentients, and your humanoids from your insectoids • homeworld: from dry and dusty Tatooine, stormy and waterlogged Kamino, to arctic Hoth, and countless other strange and varied worlds • phonetic pronunciation: Askajian, H’nemthe, Iktotchi, Ssi-ruu, and Xexto/Quermian aren’t as easy to say as they are to, er, spell • notable appearance: a listing of one of the more significant appearances of each species in the teeming Star Wars storyline Plus, this brand-new edition includes a glossary of crucial descriptive terms and a completely original, full color illustration for each of more than one hundred individual species. It’s a big galaxy, and someone has to organize it. Count on Star Wars®: The New Essential Guide to Alien Species–and don’t leave your homeworld without it.

Warman s Americana Collectibles

Author : Ellen Tischbein Schroy
File Size : 33.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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An illustrated guide to collectibles, including collecting hints, histories, references, clubs and museums.

Gus and Duncan s Comprehensive Guide to Star Wars Collectibles

Author : Duncan Jenkins
File Size : 64.69 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Star Wars Galaxy s Edge Traveler s Guide to Batuu

Author : Cole Horton
File Size : 40.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Welcome to Batuu, a trading post at the edge of the galaxy where smugglers, bounty hunters, and rogue adventurers swap stories, food, and goods. Like any good tourist, you’re going to need a guide book to lead you through your visit. Here is your official guide. In 2019, Disney opened a new Star Wars addition to their parks: The planet Batuu. Star Wars fans now have access to an authentic, in-world experience unlike anything they have ever seen before! This official guide to Batuu is written completely in-world, as if you are a visitor from another part of the galaxy, looking for recommendations on where to eat, sleep, and what to do during your trip to this planet. The guide also provides itineraries and descriptions of weekend trips “Beyond Batuu”; getaways to nearby planets and environs. The guide features: Full-color illustrations and maps Original content from Lucasfilm An in-world experience like no other Whether strolling in The Galaxy’s Edge 15-acre park or simply being an armchair traveler, this immersive guide will delight any Star Wars fan.

Scrye Collectible Card Game Checklist and Price Guide

Author : John Jackson Miller
File Size : 53.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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One-of-a-kind source for checklists of every single CCG printed in English, along with accurate prices formore than 75,000 cards.

Science Fiction Fantasy Horror

Author :
File Size : 65.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A comprehensive bibliography of books and short fiction published in the English language.

The Cumulative Book Index

Author :
File Size : 66.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A world list of books in the English language.