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The Culture for the Future of Healthcare Architecture

Author : Romano Del Nord
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The Future of Healthcare It s Health Then Care

Author : Frances J. Turisco
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Healthcare is ripe for disruptive innovation. CSC takes a holistic view of healthcare, with the patient at the center, and identifies 5 trends that will re-shape the industry. Healthcare is moving from a care-first to a wellness-first perspective via the efforts and technologies in these trends: E-Power to the Patient - Patients take on a larger, more active role in managing their wellness and health. Earlier Detection - Earlier detection maximizes options for successful treatment, leading to a speedier return to good health. High-Tech Healing - New technologies can significantly boost outcomes and quality of life. Resources: More, but Different - Solving the healthcare resource puzzle requires new players and new care models. Global Healthcare Ecosystem Emerges - More information, more connected, leads to better care and better research. This report targets patients, providers, healthcare businesses, technology companies and industry gurus. Learn how you can be part of the change.

The Guiding Philosophy for the Future of Healthcare

Author : Nancy Gordon
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This book is for both practitioners and lay people, alike. That is anyone who currently occupies a body and wants to be healthy and whole. The time has come to create a new philosophy that focuses on a more holistic approach to healthcare—one that is built on the concept that the body-mind-spirit is one thing—fully connected. We must shift our focus from treatment to prevention in a way that puts all of us back in the driver’s seat of our own health and well-being. This shift will only happen when we clearly understand how to use our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs as tools to help create health and wellness. All 60,000 thoughts we have in a day create something…either moving us towards health and wholeness, or not. We must broaden the scope of Western medicine to incorporate this concept into how we provide and participate in healthcare. Until we are willing to step outside the traditional medical box to understand and incorporate this phenomenon of the connection of body-mind-spirit, we are going to continue to struggle in our healthcare.

The Future of Health Care Delivery

Author : Stephen C. Schimpff
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Approximately 100,000 deaths per year in the United States result from preventable medical errors. This figure is about twice the number of people who die in car accidents and five times the number of murder victims annually, and twenty times the number of servicemen and women killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since the start of hostilities in 2001. If you think Americans have the best health-care system in the world, think again. In this deeply researched and controversial book, the author explains why our health-care delivery system serves us so poorly, why it costs so much, and why government policy over many decades has not only failed to improve care delivery but has actually made it worse. In the process, he dispels common misconceptions about medicine and health care. Timely information and a road map to achieve world-class care delivery are shown here - putting health care where it belongs - in the hands of the patient and medical professionals instead of the insurance companies and government.

Health Care Architecture

Author : Eleanor Lynn Nesmith
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The Future of Healthcare

Author : Emmanuel Fombu
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Our healthcare system is prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, blockchain, the internet of things and wearable technologies are revolutionizing the way that we look at healthcare. The future of healthcare is coming. This is what it looks like.

Technology Health Care and Management in the Hospital of the Future

Author : Eliezer Geisler
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Concentrating on the hospital and its variants, a panel of eminent academics and practitioners explores the major transformations that technological innovations have brought to the worldwide delivery of health care. This book spans a diversity of countries and health-care delivery systems but focuses primarily on the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Australia. Doctors and hospitals have long resisted joining the digital revolution, said The Wall Street Journal (June 10, 2002.) Now they have no choice. Concentrating on the hospital and its variants, a panel of eminent academics and practitioners explores the major transformations that technological innovations have brought to the worldwide delivery of health care. This book spans a diversity of countries and health-care delivery systems but focuses primarily on the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Australia. The book is divided into three parts: - Creating Frameworks, which describes organizational changes in future health-care delivery - Future Processes of Healthcare Delivery, which examines different processes of delivery, such as strategic planning, palliative care, and the impact of research knowledge - Emerging Technologies, which addresses technology's potential impact on future care The breadth of contributions and the variety of topics covered make this a truly useful review of the origins and current state of the delivery health care, and what we might reasonably expect in the future. Designed for professionals and academics in health care and health-care technology management, the book will be equally important to people in related disciplines who are also affected in various ways by advances in the health-care system worldwide.

E Healthcare Systems and Wireless Communications Current and Future Challenges

Author : Watfa, Mohamed K.
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There has been a dramatic increase in the utilization of wireless technologies in healthcare systems as a consequence of the wireless ubiquitous and pervasive communications revolution. Emerging information and wireless communication technologies in health and healthcare have led to the creation of e-health systems, also known as e-healthcare, which have been drawing increasing attention in the public and have gained strong support from government agencies and various organizations. E-Healthcare Systems and Wireless Communications: Current and Future Challenges explores the developments and challenges associated with the successful deployment of e-healthcare systems. The book combines research efforts in different disciplines including pervasive wireless communications, wearable computing, context-awareness, sensor data fusion, artificial intelligence, neural networks, expert systems, databases, and security. This work serves as a comprehensive reference for graduate students in bioengineering and also provides solutions for medical researchers who are faced with the challenge of designing and implementing a cost-effective pervasive and ubiquitous wireless communication system.

Future Healthcare Design

Author : Sumita Singha
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This book describes how architects can design better healthcare buildings for a rapidly changing context and climate. Innovation in the design of healthcare estates is essential to the sustainability of our health services. Design thinking in this field is being influenced by a range of factors, such as economic constraints, an ageing demographic, complex health conditions (co-morbidities), and climate change. There is an opportunity for architects and designers to be innovators in the future of healthcare through the design of buildings and cities that offer wellbeing and healing. It highlights the latest innovations in key areas of practice and research, with a range of case studies to provide practical lessons and inspire better design.

Nursing Informatics 2020

Author : Peter J. Murray
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"The authors contributing to this publication recognize the role to be played by changing technologies in the ways care is being supported and delivered in the future, but they also clearly demonstrate that technology is only one part of the equation, and that many other factors must be borne in mind. The need to explore not only the visible and predictable future, but also the less likely scenarios that may suddenly be thrust to the forefront of our attentions, are also acknowledged. Different combinations of the technologies can offer possibilities for differing solutions in different countries to the similar problems that many are likely to face. The exchange of ideas that is reflected in this publication offers opportunities to celebrate nursings commonalities, while at the same time considering its necessary evolution and adaptation to new challenges. Locally, nationally and internationally, nurses can and will rise to those challenges."

Introduction to Health Care Economics Financial Management

Author : Susan J. Penner
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This text presents basic concepts of economics and tools for financial management in the health care arena, including budgeting, breakeven analysis, financial reporting, business plan preparation, and grant writing. The text includes practical case examples drawn from actual health care settings to relate theory to real-world practice. A sample grant proposal and unique grant writing chapter will prepare students for this critical aspect of management. A free, back-of-book CD-ROM provides sample worksheets for analyzing budgets and determining breakeven points, cost-benefit, and cost-effectiveness, as well as sample budgets. Students can use the worksheets to apply their own data and complete their own analyses.

Faith in the Future

Author : Harold George Koenig
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Future of Healthcare

Author : Chai Chuah
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Health and well-being of people are determined by many factors including genes, culture, living conditions and social determinants. As health professionals and academics have known for a long time, social determinants influence and are influenced by economic, environmental and political determinants.The future healthcare system must address the issues of access, affordability, comprehensiveness and relevance for the users. It must start by imaging what that future looks like and make the decision today for a dual transformation to move to that future.Future hospitals should be designed to work with digital technologies with the help of digital technologies.

Future Directions for the National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports

Author : Institute of Medicine
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As the United States devotes extensive resources to health care, evaluating how successfully the U.S. system delivers high-quality, high-value care in an equitable manner is essential. At the request of Congress, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) annually produces the National Healthcare Quality Report (NHQR) and the National Healthcare Disparities Report (NHDR). The reports have revealed areas in which health care performance has improved over time, but they also have identified major shortcomings. After five years of producing the NHQR and NHDR, AHRQ asked the IOM for guidance on how to improve the next generation of reports. The IOM concludes that the NHQR and NHDR can be improved in ways that would make them more influential in promoting change in the health care system. In addition to being sources of data on past trends, the national healthcare reports can provide more detailed insights into current performance, establish the value of closing gaps in quality and equity, and project the time required to bridge those gaps at the current pace of improvement.

Integrating Healthcare with Information and Communications Technology

Author : Wendy Currie
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This book sets out to answer the key question of how healthcare providers can move from a fragmented to an integrated provision, including how ICT be used to develop a market approach - variety and choice of service providers for patients - against a background of institutionalised and ingrained practices. A team of academic and practitioner experts with many years' healthcare and research experience considers the broad issues of transforming healthcare using ICTs, electronic health records (EHRs), and approaches taken internationally to the healthcare integration challenge. The book will be essential reading for those involved in ICTs at a strategic or managerial level, and for contractors and developers implementing solutions on their behalf. The book will also be of interest for all those concerned with integrating healthcare and ICT at every level throughout the world.

Healthcare Business Intelligence

Author : Laura Madsen
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Solid business intelligence guidance uniquely designed for healthcare organizations Increasing regulatory pressures on healthcare organizations have created a national conversation on data, reporting and analytics in healthcare. Behind the scenes, business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) capabilities are key drivers that empower these functions. Healthcare Business Intelligence is designed as a guidebook for healthcare organizations dipping their toes into the areas of business intelligence and data warehousing. This volume is essential in how a BI capability can ease the increasing regulatory reporting pressures on all healthcare organizations. Explores the five tenets of healthcare business intelligence Offers tips for creating a BI team Identifies what healthcare organizations should focus on first Shows you how to gain support for your BI program Provides tools and techniques that will jump start your BI Program Explains how to market and maintain your BI Program The risk associated with doing BI/DW wrong is high, and failures are well documented. Healthcare Business Intelligence helps you get it right, with expert guidance on getting your BI program started and successfully keep it going.

Sustainable Development for the Healthcare Industry

Author : Pierre A. Morgon
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This volume addresses the dynamics of sustainable development in the healthcare industry, covering all major aspects, including R&D, manufacturing, regulation, market access, commercialization, and general management. Healthcare markets are evolving under demographic and economic pressures. In mature markets, patients navigate complex systems with limited control on healthcare quality and outcomes, while in developing markets, patients have limited awareness, access, and ability to pay for healthcare. The industry needs to identify which business targets are genuinely attractive for major or new investments. At the same time, development of new products and services must be tackled within the context of environmental sustainability. Rather than focusing on the traditional issues of innovation, cost management, and commercial effectiveness associated with growth, the authors explore such emerging topics as: The mutations of innovation management The need to foster patient-centricity along the entire value chain of the healthcare industry and company-wide Issues related to improving healthcare access and disease management The allocation of educational resources focused on the patient to increase the effectiveness of disease management The preservation of natural resources and the environmental effect of pollution and hazards created by the handling of pharmaceutical products Issues related to the size of medical need and/or market demand The private-public partnerships necessary to address the full spectrum of public health issues, from basic patient access to care to managing global health crises The required organizational and governance evolutions for the healthcare industry to maintain profitability and sustainable growth. Featuring contributions from leading academics and industry insiders with emphasis on environmental, economically, and socially sustainable practices, the authors present a unique, multi-faceted set of perspectives on this vital and rapidly evolving field.

Regulating Healthcare

Author : Walshe, Kieran
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Healthcare organizations in the UK and the USA face a growing tide of regulation, accreditation, inspection and external review, all aimed at improving their performance. In the US, over three decades of regulation by state and federal government, and by non-governmental agencies, has created a complex, costly and overlapping network of oversight arrangements for healthcare organizations. In the UK, regulation of the government-run National Health Service is central to current health policy, with the creation of a host of new national agencies and inspectorates tasked with overseeing the performance of NHS hospitals and other organizations. But does regulation work? This book: . explores the development and use of healthcare regulation in both countries, comparing and contrasting their experience and drawing on regulatory research in other industries and settings . offers a structured approach to analysing what regulators do and how they work . develops principles for effective regulation, aimed at maximising the benefits of regulatory interventions and minimising their costs Regulating Healthcare is aimed at all with an interest or involvement in health policy and management, be they policy makers, healthcare managers or health professionals. It is particularly suitable for use on postgraduate health and health-related programmes.

Romanow Papers The fiscal sustainability of health care in Canada

Author : Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada
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The Fiscal Sustainability of Health Care - the first of a three-volume set of selected papers from the Romanow Commission - comprises the most influential discussion papers on the fiscal sustainability of public health care in the future. The subjects covered include the current and potential cost drivers of the system, the financing and delivery of health care, fiscal federalism, and international trade regimes. While some of the contributors are among Canada's best known and respected figures in the field, others are relatively new scholars from Canada and abroad who bring fresh perspectives and new insights to the issue of fiscal sustainability. Presenting divergent diagnoses and policy prescriptions, the papers collectively highlight the many factors that governments and health care sector managers must confront to keep the Canadian health care system viable in the 21st century.

Future of Advanced Registered Nursing Practice An Issue of Nursing Clinics E Book

Author : Robin Donohoe Dennison
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This issue of Nursing Clinics, Guest Edited by Robin Dennison, DNP, MSN, CCNS, RN, will focus on Future of Advanced Nursing Practice with topics including: regulatory procedures for APNs; future of the NP role; future of CNS role; future of nurse midwife role; future of the nurse anesthetist role; impact of LACE in public health; merging roles of the psychiatric mental health CNS and NP; impact of DNP on AP roles; future of reimbursement for APNs; role of APN in EBP; genetics and APNs; APNs in medical home; and executive role of the APN.