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The Fruits of the Early Globalization

Author : Rafael Dobado-González
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This book presents an unusual view on one of the most influential periods in world economic history: the Early Globalization. By this term, the notion that a process of genuine globalization took place in the Early Modern Era is defended. The authors propose that the canonical globalization that of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was preceded by a century-long increasing economic integration between continents that were non-existent before 1492. The economic aspects of the Early Globalization, like market integration, price co-movements and international silver circulation, were very important. Notwithstanding, other dimensions of human life, which were affected by unprecedented intercontinental contacts, including free and forced migrations, changes in tastes and consumption, etc. The Fruits of Globalisation deals with some of the most important issues among the former and the latter. The book combines approaches from different disciplines, including quantitative and non-quantitative economic history, econometrics, international trade and demography. Overall, the vision of the Early Globalisation offered in this book is less pessimistic than in mainstream literature on the period. Rafael Dobado-Gonzalez is Professor of Economic History, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. He was Tinker visiting Professor at the Institute for Latin American Studies, Columbia University, New York, USA, in the second semester of 2010, and visiting scholar at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, Harvard University, USA, on several occasions. He has numerous publications in economic history journals and books. Alfredo Garcia-Hiernaux is Associate Professor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain and researcher at Complutense Institute of Economic Analysis (ICAE). His research interests include econometrics and economic history.

Is Globalization Over

Author : Jeremy Green
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Looming trade wars and rising nationalism have stirred troubling memories of the 1930s. Will history repeat itself? Do we face the chaotic breakdown of the global economic system in the face of stagnation, protectionism and political tumult? Jeremy Green argues that, although we face grave problems, globalization is not about to end. Setting today’s challenges within a longer historical context, he demonstrates that the global economy is more interconnected than ever before and the costs of undoing it high enough to make a complete breakdown unlikely. Popular analogies between the 1930s and today are misleading. But the governing liberal ideology of globalisation is changing. It is mutating into a hard-edged nationalism that defends free markets while reasserting sovereignty and strengthening borders. This ‘national liberalism’ threatens a much more dangerous disintegration, fuelled by inequality and ecological crisis, unless we radically rethink the international status quo. This brilliantly original account of the discontents of globalization is a must-read both for concerned citizens and students of global political economy.

The Globalization Reader

Author : Frank J. Lechner
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An introduction to the issues surrounding the complex and controversial realities of today's interconnected world, the revised sixth edition Since its initial publication, The Globalization Reader has been lauded for its comprehensive coverage of the issues surrounding globalization. Now in its sixth edition, the Reader has been thoroughly revised and updated and continues to review the most important global trends. Including readings by a variety of authors, the text offers a wide-ranging and authoritative introduction to the political, economic, cultural, and experiential aspects of globalization. The updated sixth edition presents the most accessible and comprehensive review of current debates and research. Contributions from scholars, activists, and organizations provide balanced viewpoints and expert coverage of the many aspects of globalization. The Globalization Reader offers readings on an exciting range of new topics as well as retaining key globalization topics such as the experience of globalization, economic and political globalization, the role of media and religion in cultural globalization, women’s rights, environmentalism, global civil society, and the alternative globalization movement. This important resource: Covers the many complex dimensions of globalization Includes contributions from many of the most prominent globalization scholars Presents concise and informative introductions to each major topic Offers compelling discussion questions for each section Contains readings on a variety of new topics such as migration, medical tourism, state policy regarding abortion and same-sex sexual relations, the UN Global Compact, climate justice, and more Written for students in undergraduate and graduate courses in sociology, political science, anthropology and geography, the revised sixth edition covers courses such as globalization, comparative political economy, international relations and similar topics.

Embodied Dependencies and Freedoms

Author : Julia A.B. Hegewald
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In der Buchreihe des "Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies" werden Monographien und Tagungsbände, die das Phänomen der Sklaverei und andere Formen asymmetrischer Abhängigkeiten in Gesellschaften untersuchen, veröffentlicht. Die Reihe folgt dabei der Forschungsagenda des BCDSS, die die vorherrschende dichotomische Vorstellung von "Sklaverei versus Freiheit" überwindet. Das Cluster hat dazu ein neues Schlüsselkonzept ("asymmetrische Abhängigkeiten") entwickelt, das alle Ausprägungen von ungleichen Dependenzen (wie etwa Schuldknechtschaft, Zwangsarbeit, Dienstbarkeit, Leibeigenschaft, Hausarbeit, aber auch gewisse Formen der Lohnarbeit und der Patronage) berücksichtigt. Dabei werden auch Epochen, Räume und Kontexte der Weltgeschichte bearbeitet, die nicht der europäischen Kolonisierung ausgesetzt waren (z.B. altorientalische Kulturen sowie vormoderne und moderne Gesellschaften in Asien, Afrika und den Amerikas).

A Movable Feast

Author : Kenneth F. Kiple
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Pepper was once worth its weight in gold. Onions have been used to cure everything from sore throats to foot fungus. White bread was once considered too nutritious. From hunting water buffalo to farming salmon, A Movable Feast chronicles the globalization of food over the past ten thousand years. This engaging history follows the path that food has taken throughout history and the ways in which humans have altered its course. Beginning with the days of hunter-gatherers and extending to the present world of genetically modified chickens, Kenneth F. Kiple details the far-reaching adventure of food. He investigates food's global impact, from the Irish potato famine to the birth of McDonald's. Combining fascinating facts with historical evidence, this is a sweeping narrative of food's place in the world. Looking closely at geographic, cultural and scientific factors, this book reveals how what we eat has transformed over the years from fuel to art.

The Political Economy of European Employment

Author : Henk Overbeek
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This edited collection examines unemployment in Europe in the context of globalisation, the implementation of European Monetary Union and the Eastern enlargement of the EU. It combines theoretical chapters with detailed case-studies of Britain, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Central Europe.

States and Sovereignty in the Global Economy

Author : David Alden Smith
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With editors and contributors of outstanding academic reputation this exciting new book presents an unconventional and radical perspective, revealing that states do still matter.

Globalization s Contradictions

Author : Dennis Conway
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Since the 1980s, globalization and neoliberalism have brought about a comprehensive restructuring of everyone’s lives. People are being ‘disciplined’ by neoliberal economic agendas, ‘transformed’ by communication and information technology changes, global commodity chains and networks, and in the Global South in particular, destroyed livelihoods, debilitating impoverishment, disease pandemics, among other disastrous disruptions, are also globalization’s legacy. This collection of geographical treatments of such a complex set of processes unearths the contradictions in the impacts of globalization on peoples’ lives. Globalizations Contradictions firstly introduces globalization in all its intricacy and contrariness, followed on by substantive coverage of globalization’s dimensions. Other areas that are covered in depth are: globalization’s macro-economic faces globalization’s unruly spaces globalization’s geo-political faces ecological globalization globalization’s cultural challenges globalization from below fair globalization. Globalizations Contradictions is a critical examination of the continuing role of international and supra-national institutions and their involvement in the political economic management and determination of global restructuring. Deliberately, this collection raises questions, even as it offers geographical insights and thoughtful assessments of globalization’s multifaceted ‘faces and spaces.’

Globalization and Political Ethics

Author : Richard B. Day
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This book measures the current institutional and political realities surrounding globalization against philosophical ideals. Though the contributors share no particular orthodoxy, they do share the conviction that human responsibility is possible in circumstances that often appear to deny human agency.

Globalization and Antiglobalization

Author : Henry Veltmeyer
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Globalization has changed the context for, and the organizational forms of, politics, unleashing forces in support of, and in opposition to, the globalization dynamic. Investigating the dynamics of change and development in two regions of the world economy, Latin America and Asia, this book evaluates these forces, their political dynamics, and the responses of governments and citizens.