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Stories on the Four Winds

Author : Patricia Grace
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This collection brings together twenty short stories from eighteen of New Zealand’s accomplished writers. They explore the dark and dangerous milieu of our comfortable existence. There is humour, tenderness, surprise, anger, sorrow and abject desperation in these stories from the four winds.

Mithraic iconography and ideology

Author : Leroy A. Campbell
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A Four Way Foray for Four Winds

Author : W. H. Matlock Iii
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William Matlock has a bachelor degree in education. The writer is a former agnostic who always felt that something was wrong with not being able to prove, or disprove, the existence of God. Since it is common knowledge that a universal negative cannot be proved, it seemed to the writer that there ought to be a universal positive that cannot not be proved. It was found that not only is In the beginning was the Word a cosmic axiom, but that the word itself is a ubiquitous imperative. The word is to cerebration what blood is to the circulatory system. Obviously, there is no way to attempt to refute the claim that cerebration is proof of the existence of God, because there is no way to begin to make the attempt without resorting to cerebration. Just as it is impossible to build a brick wall without the prior existence of bricks, it is impossible for there to be language without the prior existence of words. The word is an empirical objective reality that, being a ubiquitous imperative, cannot not be its own proof. Just as there is no design formed that does not presuppose the designer that was its former, there is no word that does not presuppose a speaker. Unlike with the theory of evolution, neither a lot of time or chances is necessary to investigate that assertion. Every human cranium is a tomb that is either empty of macro evolution foolishness or full of nonsense. This book details a few reasons why there is no way to attempt to disclaim that assertion without proving the validity of that assertion. The proof is located behind every pair of human eyes and between every pair of human ears even the ones with that link to reality missing. Cerebration cannot not presuppose cerebration.

Nature Spirituality

Author : Mark G. Boyer
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"The presence of the Divine is everywhere. That is both a comfort and a challenge. We are consoled to know that God is with us, but being human we need a sign, something to touch, see, hear, taste, smell. We need something of the ordinary to name the non-touchable, invisible, unable-to-be-heard, tasteless, odorless God's presence with us. So, we employ metaphors, figures of speech which literally denote one kind of object in place of another, to suggest a likeness or analogy. In this book, the metaphors used for God come out of the Bible; they are the four elements of nature for the Greeks: wind, water, earth, and fire. Wind is a metaphor for God's Spirit. Water refers to God as the source of life. Earth, from which we are created, bears God's fingerprints and footprints. And fire reminds us of the God who purifies and draws all creation to himself. This nature spirituality book consists of four chapters--wind, water, earth, fire--each of which contains twenty, four-part exercises of prayer: a few verses from Scripture, a reflection, a journal exercise, and a concluding prayer."

Winds in the Sail

Author : Robin Dinnanauth
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Four Winds Farm

Author : Mrs. Molesworth
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Mesopotamian Cosmic Geography

Author : Wayne Horowitz
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Margaret Pearmain Welch 1893 1984

Author : Elizabeth F. Fideler
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In a bygone era when twentieth-century Proper Bostonians mixed Beacon Hill formalities with countryside pleasures, Margaret Pearmain Welch (1893–1984) defied the mores of her social set and got away with it. She was the epitome of everything expected and much that was scandalous. Known as a debutante, dancer, world traveler, and hostess, she was also an indefatigable activist, writer, lecturer, lobbyist, fundraiser, and opinion shaper—grande dame as well as proverbial little old lady in combat boots (footwear more appropriate to confrontation than tennis shoes). A descendant of seventeenth-century dissenter Anne Hutchinson and just as independent, she embraced Quaker ideals of religious tolerance, conscientious objection, and civil liberties, as well as worship without the benefit of clergy. Margaret was the quintessential socialite who established Waltz Evenings in her Louisburg Square drawing room and also the beauty whose marriages and divorces caused ostracism. At the same time, she worked tirelessly on women’s suffrage, reproductive rights, world peace, environmental protection, monetary reform, land conservation, and more. As the indomitable matriarch of an extended family and chronicler of its history, her efforts at self-fashioning produced a unique persona, blending insistence on proprieties with a keen awareness of twentieth-century social, cultural, political, and economic shifts.

Go By The Four Winds

Author : Barbara Madrid
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“If a person commits a crime against another people, and they are someday sorrowful of this crime, they will ask forgiveness from the person; we may or may not be forgiven; if we are not forgiven, either way we need to let it go. They will forgive you in their time, when it is right for them, that is the Creator’s job, not yours. In asking forgiveness from the Creator, you need to let it go. The Creator immediately will forgive us once we ask it of Him. It is our human nature to think, sometimes our crimes are too horrific in nature. The human in us tells us Creator can’t forgive those; it is the human in us that makes us think, it is the human in us we need to turn off. Only then is when we listen to our heart. The Creator does not have a court with a judge, jury or prosecutor; there is only One, Him. He does not have a scale or measure to determine or compare one crime to another, to Him a crime is a crime, if the crime is being an adulterer, a liar, or a murderer, to Him they are all the same, the punishment is the same. What matters is not the crime, but that you were spiritual enough to ask forgiveness from our Creator. Don’t let the human in you think you cannot be forgiven, that is Satan influencing you, Satan will want you to think you are no good and can’t possibly be forgiven. DO NOT listen to that one. Let your heart, your spirit take over with the understanding it is done. The Creator wants you to know you do not repeatedly need to be forgiven for the same crime. You have been forgiven, so you are to go on as He intended. He created us to be happy, so that is what you will do. And you are to be sure you forgive others for their crimes against you. That is just how it works.”

The House of the Four Winds

Author : John Buchan
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The House of the Four Winds / John Buchan.