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The Flight of the Mew Gull

Author : Alex Henshaw
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Alex Henshaw had the luck to grow up in the 1920s and 1930s during the golden age of flying. The Blue Riband of flying in the British Isles between the two World Wars was the King's Cup: Henshaw set his heart on it, developing a technique of racing which extracted the very maximum from his aircraft: first the Comper Swift and then the DH Leopard Moth. Parallel with his search for speed was an obsession with making accurate landfalls, and he developed this blind-flying talent deliberately in a flying partnership with his father on many carefully planned long-distances survey flights. His exciting apprenticeship in these two skills was crowned by the acquisition of the Percival Mew Gull G-AEXF in 1937. His amazing solo flight to Cape Town and back in February 1939 established several solo records that stood for 70 years. This feat of navigation and airmanship must surely be one of man's greatest flights - 12,754 miles over desert, sea and jungle in a single-engined light aircraft. Alex Henshaw's flying escapades with the Percival Mew Gull G-AEXF during the immediate pre-war years are the very stuff of legend, drama, astonishing good luck and high adventure. . . If you believe your meticulously planned day trip to Le Touquet to be high adventure (and there is no reason to believe in context it is not), then just read The Flight of the Mew Gull. Yes, it was sixty years ago, but the story still sets the pulse racing - and Henshaw's little wooden aeroplane survives in an airworthy condition at Old Warden, where close inspection will cause jaws to drop and heads to shake at the sheer audacity of it all. - PILOT New and updated edition of Henshaw's classic account of pre-WWII flying and racing, culminating in his record-breaking flight to Cape Town and back in 1939. Excellent opportunity for those who haven't got an original to acquire a classic. - FLIGHT INTERNATIONAL


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Open Cockpit Over Africa

Author : Victor Smith
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This intimate account of what it was like to fly open-cockpit, single engined aircraft over the length and breadth of primitive Africa in the early 1930’s has been written by one of the pioneers of the African air-routes, Victor Smith. Smith is in fact the last of that intrepid breed of pilots who risked their lives, and their machines, in a determined bid to open up the “Darkest Continent” – and to reduce traveling times between Africa and Europe.

Silvered Wings

Author : John Severne
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John Severne joined the RAF in 1944 and gained his wings two months after World War II ended. This book captures the authors great passion for flying, whether it be in jet-fighters, light aircraft, helicopters or making model planes and gives details of his long a illustrious career.His first posting was to No 264 Night Fighter Squadron flying the de Havilland Mosquito. On a flying instructors course at the Central Flying School, he flew a Lancaster, Spitfire and his first jet the Vampire. Posted to Germany as a flight commander on a Venom squadron, he was awarded an Air Force Cross for landing an aircraft that had caught fire. As a Squadron Leader, he became Equerry to the Duke of Edinburgh. Then followed a period as chief instructor on Britains first supersonic fighter, the English Electric Lightning. Later he became Wing Commander Ops at the joint HQ of Middle East Command where he was involved in counter-terrorist operations in Aden. As Station Commander of RAF Kinloss, he was responsible for the introduction of the Nimrod in 1971 and at the height of the Cold War when these new anti-submarine aircraft were a vital part of Britains defense.

Gulls Simplified

Author : Pete Dunne
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A simpler and more user-friendly visual approach to gull identification This unique photographic field guide to North America’s gulls provides a comparative approach to identification that concentrates on the size, structure, and basic plumage features of gulls—gone are the often-confusing array of plumage details found in traditional guides. Featuring hundreds of color photos throughout, Gulls Simplified illustrates the variations of gull plumages for a variety of ages, giving readers strong visual reference points for each species. Extensive captions accompany the photos, which include comparative photo arrays, digitized photo arrays for each age group, and numerous images of each species—a wealth of visual information at your fingertips. This one-of-a-kind guide includes detailed species accounts and a distribution map for each gull. An essential field companion for North American birders, Gulls Simplified reduces the confusion commonly associated with gull identification, offering a more user-friendly way of observing these marvelous birds. Provides a simpler approach to gull identification Features a wealth of color photos for easy comparison among species Includes detailed captions that explain identification criteria and aging, with direct visual reinforcement above the captions Combines plumage details with a focus on size, body shape, and structural features for easy identification in the field Highlights important field marks and physical features for each gull

History s Most Important Racing Aircraft

Author : Don Berliner
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Don Berliner, a prolific aviation author, puts pen to paper once again to provide us with a definitive overview of the most important, influential, and iconic racing aircraft of the last century. The book looks at the incredible variety, growth, and rapid expansion of this area of aviation design and production. Individual events are relayed which deal with teams of designers, often equipped with a lot more ideas than money, making wild dashes for the checkered flag and fame. The excitement of this endeavor is translated here into vivid prose. Supplemented throughout by extensive illustrations (over 200 images) this piece of work is sure to appeal to enthusiasts of the genre interested in seeing the most select racing aircraft of all time consolidated into one volume.??Aircraft featured include the Schneider Cup winning 1919 Supermarine Sealion, the iconic De Havilland Comet, post-war jet racers such as the Lockheed P-80A and the North American F-86A as well as a whole host of Formula One, Sport Biplane and Jet Class racers. Details of the current status of each racer is given, indicating whether the craft is still active or whether preserved models are available for viewing. ??Berliner continues with characteristic style and ease of delivery, adding to his expanding library of acclaimed Pen and Sword publications.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography 2005 2008

Author : Lawrence Goldman
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This book, drawn from the award-winning online Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, tells the story of our recent past through the lives of those who shaped national life.

In Southern Skies

Author : John Illsley
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2003 marked the centenary of flight in South Africa and John Illsley has compiled a pictorial history of early flight in this country, from its humble beginnings to the aeroplanes that were used at the beginning of World War I. Each chapter has an introductory article, to set the scene for its subject, and the rest of the chapter is made up of pictures with comprehensive explanatory captions. Among of the topics featured are: First flights on man-made wings; Siege balloons in two colonial wars; Balloons on imperial service; Box kites; The first aeroplanes; South Africa's first true aviator; The brief genesis of South African military aviation; South Africans on the Western Front; First to the Cape and back; An airline for the Union; Aviatrixes; War planes; Air shows; Air races; Aviation history in envelopes and stamps.

The Spanish Civil War the Soviet Union and Communism

Author : Stanley G. Payne
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In this compelling book Stanley G. Payne offers the first comprehensive narrative of Soviet and Communist intervention in the revolution and civil war in Spain. He documents in unprecedented detail Soviet strategies, Comintern activities, and the role of the Communist party in Spain from the early 1930s to the end of the civil war in 1939. Drawing on a very broad range of Soviet and Spanish primary sources, including many only recently available, Payne changes our understanding of Soviet and Communist intentions in Spain, of Stalin’s decision to intervene in the Spanish war, of the widely accepted characterization of the conflict as the struggle of fascism against democracy, and of the claim that Spain’s war constituted the opening round of World War II. The author arrives at a new view of the Spanish Civil War and concludes not only that the Democratic Republic had many undemocratic components but also that the position of the Communist party was by no means counterrevolutionary.


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