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The Old English Finding of the True Cross

Author : Mary-Catherine Bodden
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An edition, with translation and notes, of the oldest surviving Old English homiletic version of the famous legend in Bodleian MS Auct. F. 4. 32. The edition offers valuable historical, linguistic, textual and literary discussion of the homily.

Corpus scriptorum christianorum orientalium

Author : H. J. W. Drijvers
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Helena Augusta

Author : Jan Willem Drijvers
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This book about Flavia Julia Helena Augusta, mother of Constantine the Great, deals with the historical facts of Helena's life and investigates the origin and function of the legends concerning the discovery of the True Cross by Helena, which were developed in the 4th and 5th centuries.

A Heritage of Holy Wood The Legend of the True Cross in Text and Image

Author : Barbara Baert
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This fascinating study reconstructs the tradition of the Legend of the True Cross in text and image, from its tentative beginnings in 4th-century Jerusalem to the culminating expression of its multi-layered cosmic content in 14th and 15th-century monumental cycles in Germany and Italy.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church s Tradition on the Holy Cross

Author : Getatchew Haile
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This work on the Ethiopian orthodox church’s tradition on the Holy Cross is a volume in which Ethiopic literature on the Cross is presented together with an English translation. The sources include homilies and poetic hymns by ancient Greek and Ethiopian teachers.

Harald and the Holy Cross

Author : Al Bas
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Prince Harald Hardrada, the exiled heir to the Norwegian throne, arrives in Constantinople in 1033 and becomes caught up in the cross-currents of palace intrigue, secret sects, and the search for religious relics.

The Stavelot Triptych

Author : William M. Voelkle
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The Ethiopian Orthodox Church Festivals of the Finding of the True Cross and Epiphany

Author : Wālaleñ ʼEmeru
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The Church of the Holy Cross of A t amar

Author :
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This book discusses the celebrated church of the Holy Cross of Ałt‘amar founded by King Gagik of Vaspurakan and built in the tenth century. It analyzes this church from multiple perspectives, such as the contemporary intellectual climate, biblical exegesis, historiography, royal ideology, patronage of relics, medieval architecture and art.

Image and Relic

Author : Erik Thunø
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Revision of the author's thesis (Johns Hopkins University, 1999).

Papers Presented at the Thirteenth International Conference on Patristic Studies Held in Oxford 1999 Historica Biblica Theologica et Philosophica

Author : Maurice F. Wiles
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Iconographic Index to New Testament Subjects Represented in Photographs and Slides of Paintings in the Visual Collections Fine Arts Library Harvard University

Author : Helene Roberts
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This vast reference resource will appeal to anyone who wishes to find depictions of New Testament narratives from scholars, to students, to picture researchers.

Holy Cross

Author : William Cowper Prime
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East and West in the Early Middle Ages

Author : Stefan Esders
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This interdisciplinary volume re-evaluates the interconnectedness of the Merovingian world with its Mediterranean surroundings.

Mozarabs Hispanics and Cross

Author : Gomez-Ruiz, Raul
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Veneration of the Cross plays a major role in Hispanic popular religion. But for the Mozarabs, a Catholic community that traces its roots to the Visigoths and Hispano-Romans of seventh-century Spain, veneration of the Cross--particularly the Lignum Crucis, a relic of the ""True Cross""--has served to join devotion to Christ with a powerful symbol of religio-ethnic identity and survival in the face of persecution. The Mozarabs (the term may mean ""Arabized"") of Toledo maintained their Catholic identity through the period of Islamic rule. After the Christian reconquest of Spain and the imposition of uniform Roman liturgical rites, they clung tightly to their own Mozarabic Rite, which is still recognized and celebrated today.

The Cross

Author : Robin M. Jensen
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The cross stirs intense feelings among Christians and non-Christians alike. Robin Jensen takes readers on an intellectual and spiritual journey through the 2,000-year evolution of the cross as idea and artifact, illuminating the controversies and forms of devotion this central symbol of Christianity inspires.

Sacred Stimulus

Author : Galit Noga-Banai
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Sacred Stimulus offers a thorough exploration of Jerusalem's role in the formation and formulation of Christian art in Rome during the fourth and fifth centuries. The visual vocabulary discussed by Galit Noga-Banai gives an alternative access point to the mnemonic efforts conceived while Rome converted to Christianity: not in comparison to pagan art in Rome, not as reflecting the struggle with the emergence of New Rome in the East (Constantinople), but rather as visual expressions of the confrontation with earthly Jerusalem and its holy places. After all, Jerusalem is where the formative events of Christianity occurred and were memorialized. Sacred Stimulus argues that, already in the second half of the fourth century, Rome constructed its own set of holy sites and foundational myths, while expropriating for its own use some of Jerusalem's sacred relics, legends, and sites. Relying upon well-known and central works of art, including mosaic decoration, sarcophagi, wall paintings, portable art, and architecture, Noga-Banai exposes the omnipresence of Jerusalem and its position in the genesis of Christian art in Rome. Noga-Banai's consideration of earthly Jerusalem as a conception that Rome used, or had to take into account, in constructing its own new Christian ideological and cultural topography of the past, sheds light on connections and analogies that have not necessarily been preserved in the written evidence, and offers solutions to long-standing questions regarding specific motifs and scenes.

The Rood in Medieval Britain and Ireland C 800 C 1500

Author : Philippa Turner
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New readings demonstrate the centrality of the rood to the visual, material and devotional cultures of the Middle Ages, its richness and complexity.

Byzantine Figural Processional Crosses

Author : Joachim Cotsonis
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Scarcely any object was as ubiquitous in Byzantine culture as the cross. This exhibition catalogue focuses on the figural processional cross, and the examples here provide opportunity to consider the various functions such crosses served in the imperial, ecclesiastic, military, and private sphere for both men and women.

Byzantine Images and their Afterlives

Author : Professor Lynn Jones
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The twelve papers written for this volume reflect the wide scope of Annemarie Weyl Carr’s interests and the equally wide impact of her career. They are linked by Carr’s expansive body of work, which ties together issues of patronage, production and influence across the medieval Mediterranean. The volume examines influences in manuscript production and reception, imperial patronage, relics and reliquaries, form and style in Cypriot architecture and icons, and the relationship between original and copy in medieval art.