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The Faraway North

Author : Ian Cumpstey
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These ballads convey a fantastic vision of the world as it was imagined in medieval Scandinavia, with monsters and magic intermingled with very human concerns of heroism, tragedy, love, and revenge. The great hero Sigurd is joined in this collection by troll-battling warriors including Holger Dane, Orm the Strong, and others. There are dramatic scenes of romance, betrayal, and loss. Some of the ballads translated here are attested by paintings or maps that date from earlier than when the first full ballad texts were first written down in the 1500s. An adventure ballad relevant to the history of an Eddic poem is also included. The ballads are storytelling songs that were passed down as part of an oral folk music tradition in Scandinavia. This collection brings many new ballads to the English-speaking reader. The readable verse translations succeed in conveying the rhythm, spirit, and imagery of the originals. The translations are mainly based on Swedish and Norwegian ballads, with some from Danish tradition. For each ballad, there is also a short introduction with commentary and background information. The ballads included are: Åsmund Frægdegjeva; Steinfinn Fefinnson; Esbjörn Proud and Orm the Strong; Sunfair and the Dragon King; Bendik and Årolilja; Sigurd Sven; Sivard Snare Sven; Little Lisa; Sven Norman and Miss Gullborg; Peter Pallebosson; Sir Svedendal; King Speleman; Holger Dane and Burman; Sven Felding; St Olaf's Sailing Race.

The Far Away Brothers Adapted for Young Adults

Author : Lauren Markham
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The inspiring true story about identical twin teenage brothers who escape El Salvador's violence to build new lives in California as undocumented immigrants, perfect for fans of Enrique's Journey and anyone interested in learning about the issues that underlie today's conversations about DACA and immigration reform. Ernesto and Raúl Flores are identical twins, used to being mistaken for each other. As seventeen-year-olds living in rural El Salvador, they think the United States is just a far-off dream--it's too risky, too expensive to start a life there. But when Ernesto ends up on the wrong side of MS-13, one of El Salvador's brutal gangs, he flees the country for his own safety. Raúl, fearing that he will be mistaken for his brother, follows close behind. Running from one danger to the next, the Flores twins make the harrowing journey north, crossing the Rio Grande and the Texas desert only to fall into the hands of immigration authorities. When they finally make it to the custody of their older brother in Oakland, California, the difficulties don't end. While navigating a new school in a new language, struggling to pay off their mounting coyote debt, and anxiously waiting for their day in immigration court, Raul and Ernesto are also trying to lead normal teenage lives--dealing with girls, social media, and fitting in. With only each other for support, they begin the process of carving out a life for themselves, one full of hope and possibility. Adapted for young adults from the award-winning adult edition, The Far Away Brothers is the inspiring true story of two teens making their way in America, a personal look at U.S. immigration policy, and a powerful account of contemporary immigration. A Junior Library Guild Selection "Both touching and educational. . . . Gets inside the heads and hearts of immigrants." --Kirkus, Starred Review "A must for all young adult nonfiction shelves." --School Library Journal, Starred "Visceral and informative, this is a necessary read for today's youth." --Booklist

North Ionian eAlmanac

Author :
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American Medieval Goes North

Author : Gillian R. Overing
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“One of the great virtues of American/Medieval Goes North is ist wide range of contributors with fascinatingly diverse relationships to the main terms of analysis. There are academic scholars, poets, filmmakers, tribal elders, teachers at various levels; there are Indigenous people, people from settler colonial cultures, expats, immigrants. Their analytic and imaginative encounters with the North catch at the intensely symbolic and political charge of that locus. At a time when Medieval Studies cannot afford to ignore the period’s popular uptake – cannot continue with business as usual in the face of white supremacists’ brazen appropriations of the Middle Ages – this volume points to new possibilities for grappling with the uneasy relationships between the ‘American’ and the ‘medieval’.” – Prof Carolyn Dinshaw, New York University

North Carolina

Author : Andrea Schulz
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Introduces the state's geography, history, environmental issues, interesting sights, and how the people work and live.

Early North America

Author : Tim McNeese
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This book provides a detailed and richly illustrated overview of the lives of the first Americans from their earliest migrations over the Bering land bridge to their initial encounters with European explorers. It traces the settlement of these early nomadic peoples across North Americathe evolution of tools, the establishment of agriculture, and the rise of elaborate regional cultures. Styles of shelter, modes of travel and transport, and the prevalence of art and ornamentation suggest remarkable creativity and human ingenuity. Tribal beliefs, habits, practices, and unique structures of various tribal societies are discussed. The last third of the book documents European "discovery" of the New World, the often brutal rivalries among European colonizers, and the savage treatment of native peoples. Challenging review questions encourage meaningful reflection and historical analysis. Maps, tests, answer key, extensive bibliography, and bonus timeline are included.

Security and Sovereignty in the North Atlantic

Author : L. Heininen
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The North Atlantic continues to be an area of international strategic significance regionally and globally. This study explores the strong processes of sovereignty, as well as new independent states and micro-proto-states that are forming in the region.

Women Who Lived and Loved North of 60

Author : Toni Graeme
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Short stories from women who pioneered Canada's north from 1937 to the present, who wove the social fabric that helped them in the challenges and to celebrate the joys. There were bears or wolves threatening the family or food supplies, awe of the magic aurora borealis, the land, and best of all warm loving friendships that will be in their hearts forever.

North Carolina Parade

Author : Richard Walser
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This volume contains a parade of exciting events written in a lively, readable style, with the purpose of pleasantly instructing the intermediate-grade student in North Carolina history. The scene offered represents a variety of state geography and historical periods, a diversity of occupations and types of people. Originally published in 1966. A UNC Press Enduring Edition -- UNC Press Enduring Editions use the latest in digital technology to make available again books from our distinguished backlist that were previously out of print. These editions are published unaltered from the original, and are presented in affordable paperback formats, bringing readers both historical and cultural value.

North Country Mom

Author : Lois Richer
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Second Chances Detective Jack Campbell needs a fresh start. So he quits his job, packs up his house and his daughter and heads north to Manitoba, Canada. But his daughter, Giselle, is miserable, and will only talk to local shop owner Alicia Featherstone. Her kindness to his daughter does not go unnoticed by Jack, and soon the relationship between father and daughter isn't the only thing Alicia's helping to heal. He's quickly falling for sweet Alicia. But when her past threatens their future together, can he learn to trust enough to make them a permanent family?

North American Freshwater Mussels

Author : Wendell R. Haag
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Synthesizes the ecology and natural history of North American freshwater mussels for scientists, natural resource professionals, students and natural history enthusiasts.

The North

Author : Paul Morley
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Paul Morley grew up in Reddish, less than five miles from Manchester and even closer to Stockport. Ever since the age of seven Morley has always thought of himself as a northerner. What that meant, he wasn't entirely sure. It was for him, as it is for millions of others in England, an absolute, indisputable truth. Forty years after walking down grey pavements on his way to school, Paul explores what it means to be northern and why those who consider themselves to be believe it so strongly. Like industrial towns dotted across great green landscapes of hills and valleys, Morley breaks up his own history with fragments of his region's own social and cultural background. Stories of his Dad spreading margarine on Weetabix stand alongside those about northern England's first fish and chip shop in Mossley, near Oldham. Ambitiously sweeping and beautifully impressionistic, without ever losing touch with the minute details of life above the M25, The North is an extraordinary mixture of memoir and history, a unique insight into how we, as a nation, classify the unclassifiable.

The people of the Polar north a record

Author : Knud Rasmussen
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Recollections from winter spent among Polar Eskimos as a member of the Danish Literary Expedition to Greenland, 1902-04. Has chapter on fables and legends. Many coloured plates.

The Polish Presence in North Western Quebec

Author : Henry Walosik
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In 1950, five years after World War 2, thousands of Polish nationals were stranded in refugee camps in Germany. They had been brought there as prisoners of war and were put to work on German farms to grow food for the war effort. The Poles were liberated by the Americans and were trying to put their lives back together. A great number of them did not seek to return to the homeland because of its degree of destruction. Instead, a great number of them sought to emigrate to Canada, more specifically North-western Quebec, where there were plenty of job openings in the mining sector that was in a gold rush. This move was a brave one, taking them thousands of miles from the homeland. A new era began for these rather adventurous individuals. Finally, they could work and enjoy life like every human being should. Thus began a family line that spans across four generations and will see the fifth generation soon.

At the Back of the North Wind

Author : George MacDonald
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At the Back of the North Wind is a children's story about a good, sweet boy called Diamond who rides the North Wind as she travels her familiar routes. They do good and wreak havoc, though everything seems to work towards a happy end.

Beyond the North Star

Author : R. L. Lechurch
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A young man returns home to Oregon after serving his country. He feels as a misfit in society because of constant dreams of unexplainable things. During the same time a young lady in St Louis has continuous visions of similar places and events, also hearing voices in her mind totally unexplained. To add to her confusion, she is randomly capable of mental telepathy. The two meet by chance finding commonality between them and eventually fall in love. While sharing their experiences they run an ad to find answers. These ads are answered in a covert way by castaway aliens who have been searching for them for years. At this point the book divides into three stories intermingling between each other to the end of the book. Over 400 exciting pages introduce a diverse cast of people and their extraordinary adventures covering four galaxies.

Indigenous Perspectives of North America

Author : Enikő Sepsi
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The present volume brings to North American Native Studies – with its rich tradition and accumulated expertise in the Central European region – the new complexities and challenges of contemporary Native reality. The umbrella theme ‘Indigenous perspectives’ brings together researchers from a great variety of disciplines, focusing on issues such as democracy and human rights, international law, multiculturalism, peace and security, economic and scientific development, sustainability, literature, and arts and culture, as well as religion. The thirty-five topical and thought-provoking articles written in English, French and Spanish offer a solid platform for further critical investigations and a useful tool for classroom discussions in a wide variety of academic fields.

North Carolina Silly Football Sportmysteries

Author : Carole Marsh
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The Fiction of South Asians in North America and the Caribbean

Author : Mitali P. Wong
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This study establishes connections between the themes and methodologies of writers within the South Asian diaspora in the New World, and serves both serious analysts as well as beginning readers of South Asian fiction. It is an impartial study that analyzes the stylistic excellence of South Asian fiction and the clearly emergent motifs of the writers, recognizing the value of the interplay of cultural differences and the need for resolution of those differences. The book begins with a discussion of the works of Indo-Caribbean novelists Samuel Selvon and V.S. Naipaul, author of A House for Mr. Biswas and The Enigma of Arrival, thereby establishing parallels between the immigration patterns of the South Asian diaspora who first emigrated to the Caribbean long before significant numbers of South Asians came to the United States. Next, the fiction of Ruth Prawer Jhabvala (Heat and Dust), the non-fictional narratives of Ved Mehta (Face to Face), and the satire and social criticism of Bharati Mukherjee (Wife) and Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni (Sister of My Heart) are discussed. New literary voices such as those of Bapsi Sidhwa (An American Brat), Pulitzer Prize winner Jhumpa Lahiri, whose characters, plots and themes deal with universal human experiences, Akhil Sharma, Manil Suri and Samrat Upadhyay are studied for the new directions and new methods they offer. A sub-genre of young adult fiction is discovered in the novels of Dhan Gopal Mukerji, such as in his Gay-Neck: The Story of a Pigeon, and more recently in the works of Mitali Perkins and Indi Rana. Recent expatriate novelists from South Asia such as Anita Desai, Amitav Chosh, Vikram Chandra and the American editions of Vikram Seth's novels are appraised together with contemporary Indo-Canadian novelists and Indo-Caribbean novelists resident in Canada.

North Country Dad

Author : Lois Richer
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The Mommy Plan Widower Grant Adams loves his twin stepdaughters, but what does he know about pigtails and dresses and being a full-time dad? With his new job in a remote Canadian center for troubled boys, Grant needs a good nanny. But when he meets Dahlia Wheatley, who's loving, patient and kind to his girls, he realizes the twins need more than a sitter—they need a mother. With her own harrowing past, Dahlia is as reluctant to get emotionally involved as Grant is. Yet his startling proposition just may form a happy new family of four. Northern Lights: On the edge of the Arctic, love awaits Widower Grant Adams loves his twin stepdaughters, but what does he know about pigtails and dresses and being a full-time dad? With his new job in a remote Canadian center for troubled boys, Grant needs a good nanny. But when he meets Dahlia Wheatley, who's loving, patient and kind to his girls, he realizes the twins need more than a sitter—they need a mother. With her own harrowing past, Dahlia is as reluctant to get emotionally involved as Grant is. Yet his startling proposition just may form a happy new family of four. Northern Lights: On the edge of the Arctic, love awaits