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The Greco Roman World of the New Testament Era

Author : James S. Jeffers
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James S. Jeffers provides an informative tour of the various facets of the Roman world--class and status, family and community, work and leisure, religion and organization, city and country, law and government, death and taxes, and the events of Roman history.

Families in the Greco Roman World

Author : Ray Laurence
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New approaches to the study of the family in antiquity.

A Companion to Families in the Greek and Roman Worlds

Author : Beryl Rawson
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A Companion to Families in the Greek and Roman Worlds draws from both established and current scholarship to offer a broad overview of the field, engage in contemporary debates, and pose stimulating questions about future development in the study of families. Provides up-to-date research on family structure from archaeology, art, social, cultural, and economic history Includes contributions from established and rising international scholars Features illustrations of families, children, slaves, and ritual life, along with maps and diagrams of sites and dwellings Honorable Mention for 2011 Single Volume Reference/Humanities & Social Sciences PROSE award granted by the Association of American Publishers

Paul in the Greco Roman World

Author : J. Paul Sampley
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Distinguished Pauline scholars offer an insightful examination of Paul and his world, using carefully chosen examples to demonstrate how particular features of Greco-Roman culture shed light on Paul's letters and on his readers' possible perceptions of them.

Paul in the Greco Roman World A Handbook

Author : J. Paul Sampley
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This landmark handbook, written by distinguished Pauline scholars, and first published in 2003, remains the first and only work to offer lucid and insightful examinations of Paul and his world in such depth. Together the two volumes that constitute the handbook in its much revised form provide a comprehensive reference resource for new testament scholars looking to understand the classical world in which Paul lived and work. Each chapter provides an overview of a particular social convention, literary of rhetorical topos, social practice, or cultural mores of the world in which Paul and his audiences were at home. In addition, the sections use carefully chosen examples to demonstrate how particularly features of Greco-Roman culture shed light on Paul's letters and on his readers' possible perception of them. For the new edition all the contributions have been fully revised to take into account the last ten years of methodological change and the helpful chapter bibliographies fully updated. Wholly new chapters cover such issues as Paul and Memory, Paul's Economics, honor and shame in Paul's writings and the Greek novel.

New Directions in the Study of Women in the Greco Roman World

Author : Ronnie Ancona
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Sarah Pomeroy's groundbreaking Goddesses, Whores, Wives, and Slaves introduced scholars, students, and general readers to an exciting new area of inquiry: women in classical antiquity. Almost fifty years later, New Directions in the Study of Women in the Greco-Roman World builds upon and moves beyond Pomeroy's seminal work to represent the next step in this interdisciplinary field. The "new directions" for the study of women in antiquity included in this volume of newly commissioned essays feature new methodological questions to be asked, new time periods to be explored, new objects of study, as well as new information to be uncovered. In addressing these new directions, the editors have gathered a distinguished group of contributors that includes historians, philologists, archaeologists, art historians, and specialists in subfields like ancient medicine, ancient law, papyrology, and epigraphy. While some chapters focus primarily on Greece or Rome, others straddle or go beyond these artificial boundaries in interesting ways. While the focus of the volume is antiquity, the issues it raises will be of interest also to those studying women and theorizing the study of women in other periods as well. The volume will help readers to see women in antiquity with fresh eyes and to view anew important issues related to women today.

Gods Spirits and Worship in the Greco Roman World and Early Christianity

Author : Craig A. Evans
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Greco-Roman religions and superstitions, and early Christianity's engagement with them, are explored in 12 unique studies. The beliefs and fears with regard to demons (or daimons), their origins, and threatening behavior are examined, both in their pagan and Judaeo-Christian contexts. These new studies look at the Greco-Roman heroic gods, how they faced death, and how James and John, the “sons of Thunder,” may well have been viewed in some circles as the equivalent of the “sons of Zeus”, Castor and Pollux. The contributors also explore Roman omens, especially as they relate to Rome's legendary founder Romulus and what light they shed on the omens that accompany the birth and death of Jesus of Nazareth. Particular focus is placed upon Paul, binding spells, women and hymns of exaltation, along with atheism in late antiquity, with special consideration of the charlatan Alexander. Finally, there is a re-visitation of the confusion, misinformation and legends surrounding the discovery of the Qumran caves, including fear of jinn. This book provides invaluable resources for precisely how early Christians interacted with different ideas and traditions around gods and spirits - both benevolent and malevolent - in the Greco-Roman world.

Demography and the Graeco Roman World

Author : Claire Holleran
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Through a series of case studies this book demonstrates the wide-ranging impact of demographic dynamics on social, economic and political structures in the Graeco-Roman world. The individual case studies focus on fertility, mortality and migration and the roles they played in various aspects of ancient life. These studies – drawn from a range of populations in Athens and Attica, Rome and Italy, and Graeco-Roman Egypt – illustrate how new insights can be gained by applying demographic methods to familiar themes in ancient history. Methodological issues are addressed in a clear, straightforward manner with no assumption of prior technical knowledge, ensuring that the book is accessible to readers with no training in demography. The book marks an important step forward in ancient historical demography, affirming both the centrality of population studies in ancient history and the contribution that antiquity can make to population history in general.

Christianity in the Greco Roman World

Author : Moyer V. Hubbard
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Background becomes foreground in Moyer Hubbard's creative introduction to the social and historical setting for the letters of the Apostle Paul to churches in Asia Minor and Europe. Hubbard begins each major section with a brief narrative featuring a fictional character in one of the great cities of that era. Then he elaborates on various aspects of the cultural setting related to each particular vignette, discussing the implications of those venues for understanding Paul's letters and applying their message to our lives today. Addressing a wide array of cultural and traditional issues, Hubbard discusses: • religion and superstition • education, philosophy, and oratory • urban society • households and family life in the Greco-Roman world This work is based on the premise that the better one understands the historical and social context in which the New Testament (and Paul's letters) was written, the better one will understand the writings of the New Testament themselves. Passages become clearer, metaphors deciphered, and images sharpened. Teachers, students, and laypeople alike will appreciate Hubbard's unique, illuminating, and well-researched approach to the world of the early church.

The Family Handbook

Author : Herbert Anderson
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This encyclopedic volume brings clarity and focus to a multitude of family issues. The expert contributors deal with practical and important questions, thereby providing information of significant usefulness to social workers, therapists, lawyers, ministers, and health-care professionals. Those who work with families will learn new techniques and see their efforts in a larger context. An extensive directory of family resources provides the reader with helpful and practical information. The Family, Culture, and Religion series offers informed and responsible analyses of the state of the American family from a religious perspective and provides practical assistance for the family's revitalization.