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The Evolution of Military Technology

Author : Gina Hagler
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War has at some point touched every nation. Beginning with ancient history and following through to the present, this book addresses the question of why war exists, and explains the shapes in which it occurs. It will lead young readers on a journey through time by tracing weapons from the earliest stones and clubs to modern technological military warfare. Along with the evolution of weaponry through the ages, it also goes into the development of protective gear, transportation, communication, and military strategies.

War and Technology A Very Short Introduction

Author : Alex Roland
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The war instinct is part of human nature, but the means to fight war depend on technology. Alex Roland traces the co-evolution of technology and warfare from the Stone Age to the age of cyberwar, describing the inventions that changed the direction of warfare throughout history: from fortified walls, the chariot, battleships, and the gunpowder revolution to bombers, rockets, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and nuclear weapons. In the twenty-first century, new technologies continue to push warfare in unexpected directions, while warfare stimulates stunning new technological advances. Yet even now, the newest and best technology cannot guarantee victory. Brimming with dramatic narratives of battles and deep insights into military psychology, this book shows that although military technologies keep changing at great speed, the principles and patterns behind them abide.

The Science of War

Author : Donald Avery
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The Second World War, with its emphasis on innovative weapons and defence technology, brought about massive changes in the role of scientists in Canada, the United States, and Great Britain. Canadian scientists, working through the auspices of the National Research Council and the Department of National Defence, made important contributions to the development of alliance warfare. Before 1939, Canada had only a minute military establishment and a limited industrial and academic capacity for research and development. With the outbreak of war, all this changed dramatically. This book explains how and why Canada was able to play in the big leagues of military technology, including the development of radar, RDX explosives, proximity fuses, chemical and biological warfare, and the atomic bomb. It also investigates the evolution of the Canadian national security state, which attempted to protect defence secrets both from the Axis powers and from Canada's wartime ally, the Soviet Union. The Science of War provides both a cross-disciplinary overview of the scientific and military activity of this period in several countries and a fascinating analysis of what the author calls 'Big Science' in Canada.

The Evolution of Technology

Author : George Basalla
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This book presents an evolutionary theory of technological change based upon recent scholarship in the history of technology and upon relevant material drawn from economic history and anthropology. It challenges the popular notion that technology advances by the efforts of a few heroic individuals who produce a series of revolutionary inventions owing little or nothing to the technological past. Therefore, the book's argument is shaped by analogies taken selectively from the theory of organic evolution, and not from the theory and practice of political revolution. Three themes appear, and reappear with variations, throughout the study. The first is diversity: an acknowledgment of the vast numbers of different kinds of made things (artifacts) that have long been available to humanity; the second is necessity: the belief that humans are driven to invent new artifacts in order to meet basic biological requirements such as food, shelter, and defense; and the third is technological evolution: an organic analogy that explains both the emergence of novel artifacts and their subsequent selection by society for incorporation into its material life without invoking either biological necessity or technological progress. Although the book is not intended to provide a strict chronological account of the development of technology, historical examples - including many of the major achievements of Western technology: the waterwheel, the printing press, the steam engine, automobiles and trucks, and the transistor - are used extensively to support its theoretical framework. The Evolution of Techology will be of interest to all readers seeking to learn how and why technology changes, including both students and specialists in the history of technology and science.

Military Technology in Republican France

Author : Jeffrey Johnstone Clarke
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Fashions in Military Technology Fifty Years Hence

Author : Donald G. Brennan
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World Military History Bibliography

Author : Barton C. Hacker
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Preclassical and indigenous nonwestern military institutions and methods of warfare are the chief subjects of this annotated bibliography of work published from 1967 to 1997. It emphasizes historical studies of military organization and relations between military and other social institutions.

Military Technology Armaments Dynamics and Disarmament

Author : Hans Günter Brauch
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This book offers theoretical analysis on the context and on the dual function of military technology, as well as case studies on the third generation of nuclear weapons, on the Biological Weapons Convention Review Conference, on the driving forces of chemical armament and on the military use of nuclear energy as a possible propellant for bombers and in outer space.

Leap ahead Logistics Management Technology

Author : Randall M. Bentz
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Military technological Choices and Political Implications

Author : John Grin
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U S Military History For Dummies

Author : John C. McManus
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Want to know more about American military history? U.S. Military History For Dummies presents concise and revealing accounts of all of the nation's armed conflicts from the French and Indian War to Iraq. It explains how the U.S. military is organized and how its branches operate, both independently and together. This straightforward guide examines the causes for each of America's wars and reveals how these conflicts have shaped the nation's borders, society, politics, culture, and future. You'll meet heroes, cowards, patriots, and traitors; relive great battles; and get a taste of what combat is really like, as you discover: How the French/Indian war sowed the seeds of the Revolutionary War Why America's battle for independence didn't end at Yorktown Early U.S. wars against Indians, tax cheats, and pirates The War of 1812: guaranteeing U.S. sovereignty "Manifest Destiny" wars that stretched America from sea to shining sea Why the American Civil War could not be avoided The Spanish American War and the U.S. as an emerging global power Why World War I failed to "make the world safe for democracy" How World War II changed America's role in the world Korea and Vietnam: hot wars during the Cold War Featuring important insights on technological, political, and social changes that transformed the way America fights its wars U.S. Military History For Dummies is your key to understanding the evolution of the most powerful military force in history.

Civil War Weapons

Author : Graham Smith
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War is a driver for technological change, and the evolution of weapons can be seen by studying the design of the Civil War weapons cataloged in this attractive full-color reference book. The Civil War was fought all over the United States, although mainly in the south. More than three million Americans fought in the Civil War and over six hundred thousand men, or two percent of the population, died in this deradful conflict. Studying the weapons used by both the Union army and Confderate forces tells an intriguing story of its own. The well-equipped Union army had access to the best of the industrial North's manufacturing output. By contrast, the South had to get by with imported arms and locally made copies of patented weapons. But whatever side he fought for, and whether the soldier wielded a saber, a smoothbore musket, a multi-shot revolver, a canon, or a repeating rifle, in the end was the courage and determination of the fighting man that really counted. Civil War Weapons showcases studio photographs of the weapons used to fight the war between the states, along with illustrations and beautiful color paintings. The book details the pistols, revolvers, carbines, rifles, longarms, artillery, swords and edged weapons used in the conflict, and reveals fascinating stories and facts about each type of weapon and the men who used them in the Civil War.

Tooling for War

Author : Elwood L. White
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Battle Tactics of the Western Front

Author : Paddy Griffith
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Historians have portrayed British participation in World War I as a series of tragic debacles, with lines of men mown down by machine guns, with untried new military technology, and incompetent generals who threw their troops into improvised and unsuccessful attacks. In this book a renowned military historian studies the evolution of British infantry tactics during the war and challenges this interpretation, showing that while the British army's plans and technologies failed persistently during the improvised first half of the war, the army gradually improved its technique, technology, and, eventually, its' self-assurance. By the time of its successful sustained offensive in the fall of 1918, says Paddy Griffith, the British army was demonstrating a battlefield skill and mobility that would rarely be surpassed even during World War II. Evaluating the great gap that exists between theory and practice, between textbook and bullet-swept mudfield, Griffith argues that many battles were carefully planned to exploit advanced tactics and to avoid casualties, but that breakthrough was simply impossible under the conditions of the time. According to Griffith, the British were already masters of "storm troop tactics" by the end of 1916, and in several important respects were further ahead than the Germans would be even in 1918. In fields such as the timing and orchestration of all-arms assaults, predicted artillery fire, "Commando-style" trench raiding, the use of light machine guns, or the barrage fire of heavy machine guns, the British led the world. Although British generals were not military geniuses, says Griffith, they should at least be credited for effectively inventing much of the twentieth-century's art of war.


Author : Paul Lockhart
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How military technology has transformed the world The history of warfare cannot be fully understood without considering the technology of killing. In Firepower, acclaimed historian Paul Lockhart tells the story of the evolution of weaponry and how it transformed not only the conduct of warfare but also the very structure of power in the West, from the Renaissance to the dawn of the atomic era. Across this period, improvements in firepower shaped the evolving art of war. For centuries, weaponry had remained simple enough that any state could equip a respectable army. That all changed around 1870, when the cost of investing in increasingly complicated technology soon meant that only a handful of great powers could afford to manufacture advanced weaponry, while other countries fell behind. Going beyond the battlefield, Firepower ultimately reveals how changes in weapons technology reshaped human history.

Military Technology and Defense Manpower

Author : Martin Binkin
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Siden 2. Verdenskrig er den militære udvikling blevet så meget mere teknologisk og avanceret, så Binkin undersøger hvorvidt mandskabet skal være bedre rustet. Det vil siger færre men mere specialiserede soldater.

The Evolution of International Technology

Author : Library of Congress. Science Policy Research Division
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The Penguin Encyclopedia of Weapons and Military Technology

Author : Kenneth Macksey
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Discusses weapons and weapons systems, the technical aspects of important battles, and innovative commanders

The Impact of Military Research and Development Priorities on the Evolution of the Civil Economy in Capitalist States

Author : Barry Buzan
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The Military History Book

Author :
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Stand to attention for the definitive visual guide to 5,000 years of military history The Military History Book chronicles the changing technology and tactics of war from 5,000 years ago to the present day in stunning visual detail. Bringing military history to life like never before, find out all about the battles, leaders and weapons of war that have changed the course of history and shaped the world. From the siege towers and catapults of ancient times to Samurai armour, Russian Kalashnikovs and right up to the unmanned drones and stealth bombers used by today's armed forces, the evolution of battlefield technology is showcased in amazing detail. Plus, get up close with virtual tours of iconic pieces including the T-34 Tank, the Lockheed F-117 Stealth Bomber and the AH-64 Apache helicopter. The Military History Book is the perfect gift for military enthusiasts of all ages.