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The Eternal Audience of One

Author : Rémy Ngamije
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"Reminiscent of Zadie Smith and Michael Chabon, this ... coming-of-age tale follows a young man who is forced to flee his homeland of Rwanda during the Civil War and make sense of his reality"--

For an Audience of One

Author : R. T. Kendall
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Seek honor and praise from God and not people. This book will help you to stop being motivated by the approval of others and instead start living for the validation that comes from God alone. Respected author and theologian R. T. Kendall shares a profound revelation of the meaning of John 5:44, the scripture that has guided his life for more than sixty years. Early in his ministry the wise counsel of two mentors brought this scripture to light, and he has determined to live by it ever since. Now he passes on the same wise counsel to his readers. In For an Audience of One, Kendall explores what it means to truly live for Christ alone. Many Christians believe in God and claim that Jesus is their Lord and Savior, but sadly their actions betray them. They are more concerned about the approval of people. They avoid truly following God's leading or taking a bold stand for righteousness if they fear they might lose a friend. Because they are more worried about what people think than what God thinks, they miss out on what God is doing. It's time to learn what a life truly surrendered to God--and God alone--looks like. Readers can live the life He has purposed for them! They can stop being motivated by fear of others and addicted to their approval. For an Audience of One shows readers how to start living for the honor and praise that comes from God alone! Also Available in Spanish ISBN: 978-1-62999-313-3 OTHER BOOKS BY R. T. KENDALL: 40 Days to Total Forgiveness (2019) ISBN: 978-1629996318 More of God (2019) ISBN: 978-1629995847 Popular in Heaven Famous in Hell (2018) ISBN: ​978-1629995519

Perfect Imperfections

Author : Makanaka Mavengere Munsaka
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Maxine escapes an abusive polygamous marriage to a man much older than her to make a new life in Harare, Zimbabwe. The story follows the five madams she works for. Through them, we see the struggles of women trying to hold down careers and relationships in a big city where tradition, patriarchy, domestic abuse and unhealthy societal behaviours form a backdrop. While Maxine bears The book explores women learning about and seeking the love they feel they deserve. Whether self-love or romantic love, each woman must find the courage to believe in and hold onto that love. Through Maxine?s narration, the intricacies of the relationship women share with their helpers are uncovered. These relationships reveal the truth that women can discover themselves via their friendships with other women.

The Robert Shaw Reader

Author : Robert Shaw
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Symposium on Hate Wayne Downey, M.D. Notes on Hate and Hating Linda Mayes, M.D. Discussion of Downey's Notes on Hate and Hating Ernst Prelinger, Ph.D. Thoughts on Hate Edward R. Shapiro, M.D. Discussion of Prelinger's Thoughts on Hate Clinical papers Susan Sherkow, M.D. Further Reflections on the Watched Play State, Play Interruptions, and the Capacity to Play Alone Barbara Novak From Chaos to Developmental Growth Silvia M. Bell, Ph.D. Early Vulnerability in the Development in the Phallic Narcissistic Phase Howard M. Katz, M.D. Motor Action, Emotion, and Motive Papers on Technique M. Barrie Richmond, M.D. Counter Responses as Organizers in Adolescent Analysis and Therapy Lawrence N. Levenson, M.D. Resistance to Self-observation in Psychoanalytic Treatment Papers on Theory A. Scott Dowling, M.D. A Reconsideration of the Concept of Regression John M. Jemerin, M.D. Latency and the Capacity to Reflect on Mental States Harold Blum, M.D. Two Principles of Mental Functioning Contributions from Developmental Psychology Golan Shahar, Ph.D., et al. Representations in Action Susan A. Bers, Ph.D., et al. The Sense of Self in Anorexia Nervosa Patients

The Whistling Season

Author : Ivan Doig
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“Can’t cook but doesn’t bite.” So begins the newspaper ad offering the services of an “A-1 housekeeper, sound morals, exceptional disposition” that draws the hungry attention of widower Oliver Milliron in the fall of 1909. And so begins the unforgettable season that deposits the noncooking, nonbiting, ever-whistling Rose Llewellyn and her font-of-knowledge brother, Morris Morgan, in Marias Coulee along with a stampede of homesteaders drawn by the promise of the Big Ditch—a gargantuan irrigation project intended to make the Montana prairie bloom. When the schoolmarm runs off with an itinerant preacher, Morris is pressed into service, setting the stage for the “several kinds of education”—none of them of the textbook variety—Morris and Rose will bring to Oliver, his three sons, and the rambunctious students in the region’s one-room schoolhouse. A paean to a vanished way of life and the eccentric individuals and idiosyncratic institutions that made it fertile, The Whistling Season is Ivan Doig at his evocative best.

Cinema and the Shoah

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Beckett s Theaters

Author : Sidney Homan
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The work focuses on the practical and philosophic sides of performance, set within the context of Beckett's own aesthetic theory, his fiction and poetry, as well as a history of the critical and scholarly studies of his work. Winner of the Bucknell University Press Award.


Author : Gary Michael Cappetta
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A former wrestling announcer chronicles his thirty years among pro wrestlers and their promoters, documenting the rise of the sport to its current status as prime-time national entertainment.

The AKO Caine Prize for African Writing 2020

Author : Erica Sugo Anyadike
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Now in its 21st year, the AKO Caine Prize for African Writing is African’s leading literary prize, and is awarded to a short story by an African writer published in English, whether in Africa or elsewhere. The collection brings together the five stories on the 2020 shortlist. The authors shortlisted for the 2020 AKO Caine Prize are: - Jowhor Ile (Nigeria) for Fisherman’s Stew - Rémy Ngamije (Rwanda/Namibia) for The Neighbourhood Watch - Irenosen Okojie (Nigeria) for Grace Jones - Erica Sugo Anyadike (Tanzania) for How to Marry an African President - Chikodili Emeladu (Nigeria) for What to do when your child brings home a Mami Wata The 2020 judging panel comprises: - Kenneth Olumuyiwa Tharp (Chair) has over 35 years’ experience in the UK arts and cultural sector, including a 25-year career as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and director. Since May 2018 he has been Director of The Africa Centre. - Audrey Brown is a South African broadcast journalist, who currently presents the BBC World Service flagship daily news and current affairs programme, Focus on Africa. Gabriel Gbadamosi is an Irish-Nigerian poet and playwright. His London novel Vauxhall (2013) won the Tibor Jones Pageturner Prize and Best International Novel at the Sharjah Book Fair. - James Murua is a Kenya-based blogger, journalist, podcaster and editor who has written for a variety of media outlets in a career spanning print, web and TV. - Ebissé Wakjira-Rouw is an Ethiopian-born non-fiction editor, podcaster, publisher and policy advisor at the Dutch Council for Culture in the Netherlands.

Going Loco

Author : Dr Tom Smith
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Part memoir, part travelogue, Going Loco takes us on a dizzying journey around the medical world. It is a gripping read, full of the colour and charm of Dr Tom's previous book - this young doctor on the move is great company.

Abraham Lincoln Biographies 13 Biographies

Author : Golgotha Press
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Abraham Lincoln is considered one of the most wrote about people ever to live. Hundreds of people have sought to write about his incredible life. Collected here are 13 classic biographies about Lincoln. A table of contents is included to help easily find each work in the collection. "Abraham Lincoln: A History - Volume One" By John G. Nicolay and John Hay "Abraham Lincoln: A History - Volume Two" By John G. Nicolay and John Hay "Abraham Lincoln: An Horatian Ode" By Richard Henry Stoddard "Abraham Lincoln" By James Lowell "Abraham Lincoln" By Lord Charnwood "Abraham Lincoln: A Memorial Discourse" By T.M. Eddy "Abraham Lincoln: The People's Leader in the Struggle for National Existence" By George Haven Putnam "Abraham Lincoln and the Union: A Chronicle of the Embattled North" By Nathaniel W. Stephenson "The Boys' Life of Abraham Lincoln" By Helen Nicolay "The Every-day Life of Abraham Lincoln" By Francis Fisher Browne "The Life of Abraham Lincoln" By Henry Ketcham "A Man of the People" By Thomas Dixon "Story of Young Abraham Lincoln" By Wayne Whipple

Hear the Word

Author : Dr. James A. Prette
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Communicating the eternal truth of the Gospel in the continually changing context and language of contemporary culture can be a challenging task. In HEAR the WORD, author Dr. James A. Prette explores authentic Christian preaching in the postmodern culture. In this examination, Prette discusses the three essential elements of persuasive communicationpathos, ethos, and logosand their parallels in Christian spiritual transformationcontent, context, and conveyor. He offers a theological reflection exploring and defining a biblical paradigm for spiritual formation through the exposition of the biblical logos that crosses cultural and generational boundaries. He also delves into the cultural shift that has taken place in the ethos of western culture, from a modernist worldview to a postmodern one, and its impact on Christian life and ministry. HEAR the WORD offers nine important themes that can guide spiritual leaders in listening to and proclaiming the authentic word of God in this new postmodern paradigm.

Issues in Science and Theology What is Life

Author : Dirk Evers
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This book explores the concept of Life from a range of perspectives. Divided into three parts, it first examines the concept of Life from physics to biology. It then presents insights on the concept from the perspectives of philosophy, theology, and ethics. The book concludes with chapters on the hermeneutics of Life, and pays special attention to the Biosemiotics approach to the concept. The question ‘What is Life?’ has been deliberated by the greatest minds throughout human history. Life as we know it is not a substance or fundamental property, but a complex process. It is not an easy task to develop an unequivocal approach towards Life combining scientific, semiotic, philosophical, theological, and ethical perspectives. In its combination of these perspectives, and its wide-ranging scope, this book opens up levels and identifies issues which can serve as intersections for meaningful interdisciplinary discussions of Life in its different aspects. The book includes the four plenary lectures and selected, revised and extended papers from workshops of the 14th European Conference on Science and Theology (ECST XIV) held in Tartu, Estonia, April 2012.

Retroactivity and Contemporary Art

Author : Craig Staff
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Contemporary art is often preoccupied with time, or acts in which the past is recovered. Through specific case studies of artists who strategically work with historical moments, this book examines how art from the last two decades has sought to mobilize these particular histories, and to what effect, against the backdrop of Modernism. Drawing on the art theory of Rosalind Krauss and the philosophies of Paul Ricoeur, Gerhard Richter, and Pierre Nora, Retroactivity and Contemporary Art interprets those works that foreground some aspect of retroactivity – whether re-enacting, commemorating, or re-imagining – as key artistic strategies. This book is striking philosophical reflection on time within art and art within time, and an indispensable read for those attempting to understand the artistic significance of history, materiality, and memory.

The Eternal Bliss Machine

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The Supply at Saint Agatha s

Author : Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
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"The Supply at Saint Agatha's" by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

The General Baptist repository and Missionary observer afterw The General Baptist magazine repository and Missionary observer afterw The General Baptist magazine

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The Twentieth Century

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The Nineteenth Century

Author :
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An Audience of One

Author : Ellen Jeter Walker
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Contrary to popular thought, Christian worship is not a spectator sport where attendees expect to be entertained or blessed. Rediscover authentic Christian worship as you explore the biblical context for worship. Look at practical ways for the average Christian to actively participate and engage in worship, regardless of the leadership or the worship style of the church. Learn the difference between worship and just another congregational event. Learn how to fill in the blanks in corporate worship. Learn what it means to worship in spirit and in truth and to walk humbly with God. Let this book be the beginning of a life-long journey in preparation for an eternity of worship.