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Deciphering the English Code

Author : Joseph Aronesty
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In a way anyone can understand, the Common Language Code (CLC) described by Aronesty reveals the underlying science that forms the basis for English and most of the world's prominent languages.

Other People s English Code Meshing Code Switching and African American Literacy

Author : Vershawn Ashanti Young
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This book presents an empirically grounded argument for a new approach of teaching writing to diverse students in the English language arts classroom. Responding to advocates of the "code-switching" approach, four uniquely qualified authors make the case for "code-meshing"--allowing students to use standard English, African American English, and other Englishes in formal academic writing and classroom discussions. This practical resource translates theory into a concrete roadmap for pre-and in-service teachers who wish to use code-meshing in the classroom to extend students' abilities as writers and thinkers and to foster inclusiveness and creativity. The text provides activities and examples from middle and high schools as well as college and addresses the question of how to advocate for code-meshing with skeptical administrators, parents, and students.

Code Switching in Early English

Author : Herbert Schendl
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The complex linguistic situation of earlier multilingual Britain has led to numerous contact-induced changes in the history of English. However, bi- and multilingual texts, which are attested in a large variety of text types, are still an underresearched aspect of earlier linguistic contact. Such texts, which switch between Latin, English and French, have increasingly been recognized as instances of written code-switching and as highly relevant evidence for the linguistic strategies which medieval and early modern multilingual speakers used for different purposes. The contributions in this volume approach this phenomenon of mixed-language texts from the point of view of code-switching, an important mechanism of linguistic change. Based on a variety of text types and genres from the medieval and Early Modern English periods, the individual papers present detailed linguistic analyses of a large number of texts, addressing a variety of issues, including methodological questions as well as functional, pragmatic, syntactic and lexical aspects of language mixing. The very specific nature of language mixing in some text types also raises important theoretical questions such as the distinction between borrowing and switching, the existence of discrete linguistic codes in earlier multilingual Britain and, more generally, the possible limits of the code-switching paradigm for the analysis of these mixed texts from the early history of English. Thus the volume is of particular interest not only for historical linguists, medievalists and students of the history of English, but also for sociolinguists, psycholinguists, language theorists and typologists.

The Grammar of English Afrikaans Code Switching

Author : Ondene Van Dulm
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This dissertation focuses on structural aspects of code switching between South African English and Afrikaans. Specifically, the main aim is to investigate the merit of an account of intrasentential code switching in terms of feature checking theory, a theory associated with minimalist syntax. The hypothesis is that feature checking theory and its related principles and operations provides an adequate framework within which to characterise and explain structural aspects of English-Afrikaans intrasentential code switching. A number of word order differences between English and Afrikaans, specifically involving verb position, are analysed within the framework of feature checking theory, where the movement of lexical items is proposed to be driven by the need to check strong uninterpretable features associated with functional heads. The constructions include constructions with adverbs, focalisation and topicalisation constructions, embedded that and wh clauses, and yes-no questions. On the basis of the feature checking analyses, predictions are made regarding the well-formedness of constructions of these types in which code switching between English and Afrikaans occurs. The predictions are tested on the basis of data elicited from 30 fluent English-Afrikaans bilingual participants by means of (i) judgments of the relative well-formedness of visually-presented sentence pairs, (ii) judgments of the relative well-formedness of auditorily-presented utterance pairs, (iii) sentence construction, (iv) video clip description, and (v) magnitude estimation of the relative well-formedness of visually-presented sentence sets. The results indicate support for some of the predictions, but uniform support for the hypothesis is not evident. Further linguistic factors playing a role in participants' performance are discussed. This dissertation is of interest to scholars in the field of bilingualism, particularly those interested in the application of syntactic theory to bilingual phenomena, and in experimental techniques tapping bilingual processing.

England and the English in the Eighteenth Century

Author : William Connor Sydney
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The Anglo Indian Codes

Author : India
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Institutions and Ideologies

Author : David Arnold
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Informative, timely and accessible introduction to the study of South Asia by leading scholars in the field.

Sessional Papers

Author : Ontario. Legislative Assembly
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Report s of the Royal Commission Appointed to Inquire Into the Working of the Elementary Education Acts England and Wales with Evidence Etc 3rd report 1887 1888

Author : Great Britain. Royal Commission on Elementary Education Acts
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Chambers s Journal

Author :
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