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The Endo Patient S Survival Guide A Patient S Guide to Endometriosis Chronic Pelvic Pain

Author : Andrew S. Cook MD Facog
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The Endo Survival Guide is the patient s essential companion to living with and overcoming endometriosis and pelvic pain: from seeking help and getting an initial diagnosis, to navigating treatment options, and achieving optimal relief and wellness."

Living with Endometriosis

Author : Samantha Bowick
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A knowledgeable handbook with a patient's perspective for women afflicted with the common, debilitating, painful disease known as endometriosis More than 176 million women worldwide suffer with endometriosis, a condition causing agonizing pelvic pain which affects every aspect of a woman’s life. While there is currently no cure for endometriosis, patients can take action to reduce their symptoms and improve their overall wellbeing by following a comprehensive wellness plan. Written by an experienced author who has lived with endometriosis for years, Living with Endometriosis includes expert advice drawn from doctors and researchers tackling this debilitative disease, along with tips for recognizing symptoms and getting the most effective help possible. Living with Endometriosis includes: • Up-to-date information on the latest hormonal and surgical treatment options • Information for a broad, full-body approach to wellness • Guidance on becoming an active advocate for your personal care • Valuable medical and community resources for endometriosis sufferers Learning to live with the chronic pain of endometriosis can seem overwhelming. Don’t let endometriosis defeat you; make the choice to seek out the best possible care that works for your needs and take your life back from endometriosis!

Survival Guide for the Dental Patient

Author : Alexander Corsair
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Many people find the dental experience painful and frightening. In "Survival Guide for the Dental Patient," author Dr. Alexander Corsair lessens that anxiety by providing tips and advice to help dental patients successfully navigate the dental experience. Using more than forty-five years of experience, Dr. Corsair presents information from an insider's perspective to help you get your money's worth when it comes to dental care. He discusses finding the best dentist for you; communicating effectively with the dentist; preventing dental disease and protecting your health; locating affordable care; dealing with costs and payments; avoiding emergencies in the dental office; getting pain-free care; treating dental emergencies; gaining a second opinion; understanding specialists; responding to poor treatment. Following the principles discussed in "Survival Guide for the Dental Patient" can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in dental and medical expenses, help you stay healthy, and facilitate a pleasant dental experience."

Surgeon s Survival Guide to the Foundation Years

Author : Michael Murphy
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Designed to be used as a constant reference by Foundation Year doctors whilst on the wards of a surgical rotation, this handbook presents practical advice on how to treat and prioritise the common cases.

Nursing Health Survival Guide Recognising the Acutely Ill Child Early Recognition

Author : Elizabeth Charnock
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Early and accurate recognition of an acutely ill child is essential. Ideal for quick reference, this pocket-sized guide puts all the crucial information at your fingertips. The Nursing & Health Survival Guides have evolved - take a look at our our app for iPhone and iPad.

The Medical Surgical Residency Survival Guide

Author : Daniel McMahon
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Are you a medical student about to graduate from medical school, an intern or junior resident muscling through the early years of your formative residency training? If so, this book was written for you. The transition from medical school to residency training is a challenging and transformative experience; life as a resident physician is drastically different to what most experience during their clinical rotations in medical school. You will undoubtedly approach the transition with a combination of emotions including enthusiasm and eagerness but also trepidation and apprehension. This survival guide will serve to temper these emotions and transform them into a sense of confidence as you progress. The book’s focused, honest, and straightforward approach addresses the unique challenges encountered in residency training and discusses a number of strategies to facilitate tactful navigation of these challenging waters. This easily digestible volume concisely outlines a combination of principles that will help you become a highly motivated, adaptable, and successful trainee. The book spurs self-reflection that can be applied to develop the strength, perseverance, and endurance to succeed when the going gets tough. Each chapter contains valuable insight that trainees can draw from regardless of specialty. By utilizing and employing the tools discussed, opportunities presented throughout the course of your residency training and beyond can be translated into successes that you will continually be able to build upon, hone, and polish throughout your career as a respected and well-rounded physician and professional.

Nursing Health Survival Guide Dental Nursing

Author : Mary Miller
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Format : PDF
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The dental workplace is always busy, whether in a dental surgery or a dental department in a hospital. This pocket-size reference book puts all the vital facts and information at your fingertips. The Nursing & Health Survival Guides have evolved - take a look at our our app for iPhone and iPad.

A Patient s Survival Guide Or Never Get Naked on Your First Visit

Author : David H. Ellig
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Trump Survival Guide

Author : Gene Stone
File Size : 88.42 MB
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National Bestseller Don’t despair. Don’t retreat. Fight back. The stunning election of Donald J. Trump rocked an already divided America and left scores of citizens, including the nearly sixty-five million voters who supported Hillary Clinton, feeling bereft and powerless. Now, Gene Stone, author of The Bush Survival Bible, offers invaluable guidance and concrete solutions they can use to make a difference in this serious call-to-arms—showing them how to move from anger and despair to activism. Before we can successfully engage, we need to be clear about the battles ahead. Stone outlines political and social concepts—including such issues as Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, the Environment, Obamacare, International relations, and LGBTQ Rights—providing a brief history of each, a refresher on Obama's policies, and an analysis of what Trump’s administration might do. Stone then provides an invaluable guide for fighting back—referring to organizations, people, sites, and countless other resources that support positive and possible goals. While marches and social media are important forms of protest, concrete actions achieve real change. Positive and reinforcing, The Trump Survival Guide presents the essential information we need to effectively make our voices heard and our power felt.

Mosby s Survival Guide to Medical Abbreviations Acronyms Prefixes Suffixes Symbols Greek Alphabet

Author : Joe Bill Campbell
File Size : 32.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to the most common healthcare abbreviations, acronyms, symbols, and other such "shortcuts" encountered every day. Includes over 22,000 abbreviations and acronyms, 250 symbols, 1,100 prefixes and suffixes, 44,000 total entries and definitions, and an index of managed care abbreviations. An appendix covers the Greek alphabet, roman numerals, and metric units.

Pharmacy Student Survival Guide Second Edition

Author : Ruth E. Nemire
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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The book every pharmacy student must own! Pharmacy Student Survival Guide is a one-of-a-kind roadmap for excelling in pharmacy practice courses. A combination calculations, kinetics, drug information, medical terminology, and laboratory data book all in one, the Guide helps you organize case information, improve problem-solving skills, learn terminology, and impress faculty during rounds. Pharmacy Student Survival Guide is presented in three sections that span the entire pharmacy curriculum: Systems and Expectations covering ethics, communication, monitoring drug therapy, and regulatory agencies Patient Care Tool Box covering medical terminology, pharmacokinetics, laboratory data, and physical assessment Topics in Pharmacy Practice covering Drug Information and Drug Literature Evaluation, Community/Ambulatory Care, Institutional Pharmacy Practice, Public Health, Reducing Health Disparities Through Domestic and Global Outreach to the Undeserved Valuable for both introductory and advanced practice course, Pharmacy Student Survival Guide is a book you will turn to throughout your entire pharmacy education.

Nintendo 64 Survival Guide

Author : J. Douglas Arnold
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Fully illustrated with over 600 captioned pictures, this compendium is easy to use with quick reference guides on each page providing assistance wherever gameplay help is needed. Covers such popular games as Quake, Mission Impossible, Clay Fighter, Golden Eye 007, Mischief Makers, MK Mythologies, Bomberman 64, Duke Nukem 3D, and Conker's Quest.

Basic Concepts in Embryology A Student s Survival Guide

Author :
File Size : 61.15 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Clinical Skills Survival Guide

Author : Lori B. Siegel
File Size : 63.42 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Review book for the exam that emphasizes the exam process rather than specific facts. It includes a DVD showing clinical scenarios and examples of correct and incorrect behaviors to help you hone your clinical skills. In addition to this more realistic and appropriate approach to the exam, the book covers the history of the clinical skills exam and the use of standardized patients. It provides guidance on the essential elements of the exam history taking; physical examination; and communication skillsand outlines how to prepare for the exam and how to conduct yourself during the actual examination.

Basic Concepts in Biochemistry A Student s Survival Guide

Author : Hiram F. Gilbert
File Size : 63.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This second edition continues to innovatively review the toughest concepts in biochemistry for maximum comprehension in a short period of time. Unlike conventional texts or review books that stress memorizing facts, BASIC CONCEPTS stresses the mastering of fundamental concepts, so that the reader truly comprehends the material and feels comfortable applying it. Dr. Gilbert uses simple, jargon-free language and award-winning teaching techniques including algorithms, mnemonics and clinical examples.

Gynecology Obstetrics Guide

Author : Commerce Clearing House
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Raising Teens with Diabetes

Author : Moira McCarthy
File Size : 57.29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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2013 Mom's Choice Awards® Winner Hormones. Growth spurts. Mood swings. All combined with blood sugars.. The teen years with diabetes on board are a challenging time for parents and anyone who cares about a child with diabetes. Raising Teens with Diabetes: A Survival Guide for Parents, by well-known diabetes mom, author, and advocate Moira McCarthy, is a no-nonsense, honest approach at not just surviving but thriving in those years, from a mom who has been there.. Raising Teens with Diabetes is a must-have resource for anyone navigating the waters of parenting a child with diabetes.

Final FRCR 2B Viva

Author : Kiat Tsong Tan
File Size : 74.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Final FRCR 2B Viva: A Survival Guide presents a series of cases similar to those used in the FRCR exams and representative of everyday radiological practice. This invaluable collection of high quality images is accompanied by clear and concise explanations, enabling trainees to prepare fully for their FRCR 2B viva presentation. Covering the full range of imaging modalities and organ systems, it provides clinically important vignettes which help the reader to impress examiners and colleagues, and enhance the trainee's ability to come up with differential diagnoses. Concise key points for each case provide additional diagnostic information which would impress an examiner. Written by a team of expert consultant radiologists and several recently successful FRCR Part 2 candidates, Final FRCR 2B Viva: A Survival Guide is an essential purchase for all radiology trainees.

Video Rating Guide for Libraries

Author :
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Code Complete

Author : Steve McConnell
File Size : 51.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Widely considered one of the best practical guides to programming, Steve McConnell’s original CODE COMPLETE has been helping developers write better software for more than a decade. Now this classic book has been fully updated and revised with leading-edge practices—and hundreds of new code samples—illustrating the art and science of software construction. Capturing the body of knowledge available from research, academia, and everyday commercial practice, McConnell synthesizes the most effective techniques and must-know principles into clear, pragmatic guidance. No matter what your experience level, development environment, or project size, this book will inform and stimulate your thinking—and help you build the highest quality code. Discover the timeless techniques and strategies that help you: Design for minimum complexity and maximum creativity Reap the benefits of collaborative development Apply defensive programming techniques to reduce and flush out errors Exploit opportunities to refactor—or evolve—code, and do it safely Use construction practices that are right-weight for your project Debug problems quickly and effectively Resolve critical construction issues early and correctly Build quality into the beginning, middle, and end of your project