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The End of Theory

Author : Richard Bookstaber
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An in-depth look at how to account for the human complexities at the heart of today’s financial system Our economy may have recovered from the Great Recession—but not our economics. The End of Theory discusses why the human condition and the radical uncertainty of our world renders the standard economic model—and the theory behind it—useless for dealing with financial crises. What model should replace it? None. At least not any version we’ve been using for the past two hundred years. Richard Bookstaber argues for a new approach called agent-based economics, one that takes as a starting point the fact that we are humans, not the optimizing automatons that standard economics assumes we are. Sweeping aside the historic failure of twentieth-century economics, The End of Theory offers a novel perspective and more realistic framework to help prevent today's financial system from blowing up again.

The Ideologies of Theory The syntax of history

Author : Fredric Jameson
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"Jameson has had an enormous influence, perhaps greater than that of any other single figure of any nationality, on the theorization of the postmodern in China." [Wikipedia].

Masters of Theory

Author : Andrew Warwick
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Table of contents

Freedom and the End of Reason

Author : Richard L. Velkley
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In Freedom and the End of Reason, Richard L. Velkley offers an influential interpretation of the central issue of Kant’s philosophy and an evaluation of its position within modern philosophy’s larger history. He persuasively argues that the whole of Kantianism—not merely the Second Critique—focuses on a “critique of practical reason” and is a response to a problem that Kant saw as intrinsic to reason itself: the teleological problem of its goodness. Reconstructing the influence of Rousseau on Kant’s thought, Velkley demonstrates that the relationship between speculative philosophy and practical philosophy in Kant is far more intimate than generally has been perceived. By stressing a Rousseau-inspired notion of reason as a provider of practical ends, he is able to offer an unusually complete account of Kant’s idea of moral culture.

Literature and Philosophy

Author : D. Rudrum
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A collection of essays, grounded in state-of-the-art research that explores contemporary debates at the interface between literature and philosophy. It brings together diverse schools of thought and provides both a useful overview and an examination of one of the most fascinating cross-disciplinary encounters in the humanities today.

A Text Book of Theory of Machines

Author : J. S. Brar
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Toward the Practice of theory based Instruction

Author : Anne McKeough
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This unique contribution to the field of education offers a comparative look at the application of cognitive theory to instruction. Six leading researchers, representing the three theoretical positions which guide the study of cognition -- socio- cultural, information processing, and neo-Piagetian approaches -- discuss their theories and present empirical evidence in support of cognitively-based instructional practice. An introductory chapter describes the basic tenets of each tradition and its general educational posture, and a concluding chapter compares the contributors' views and draws implications for key educational issues. These open-ended discussions of the contrasts and overlaps in the various positions should stimulate readers to formulate personal opinions on cognitively-based instruction.

Theory and Practice

Author : Nathan Rotenstreich
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The Politics of Postmodernity

Author : Gary Brent Madison
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This volume outlines in a clear and coherent manner the implications for political theory that are inherent in philosophical hermeneutics. It demonstrates how hermeneutical theory provides the ultimate philosophical justification for democratic practice and universal human rights.

Idealism and the Endgame of Theory

Author : Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling
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Three seminal philosophical texts by F. W. J. Schelling, arguably the most complex representations of German Idealism, are clearly presented here for the first time in English. Included are Schelling's "Treatise Explicatory of the Idealism in the Science of Knowledge" (1797), "System of Philosophy in General" (1804), and "Stuttgart Seminars" (1810). Of these texts, the "Treatise" constitutes the most comprehensive critical reading of Kant and Fichte by a contemporary thinker and, as a result, proved seminal to Samuel Taylor Coleridge's efforts at interconnecting English Romanticism and German speculative thought. Extending his early critique of subjectivity, Schelling's "System of Philosophy in General" and his "Stuttgart Seminars" launch a far more radical inquiry into the notion of identity, a term which for Schelling, increasingly reveals the contingent nature and inescapable limitations of theoretical practice. An extensive critical introduction relates Schelling's work both to his philosophical contemporaries (Kant, Fichte, and Hegel) as well as to the contemporary debates about Theory in the humanities. The book includes extensive annotations of each translated text, an excursus on Schelling and Coleridge, a comprehensive multi-lingual bibliography, and a glossary.