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The Elusive Obvious

Author : Moshe Feldenkrais
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Scientist, martial artist, and founder of the method that bears his name, Moshe Feldenkrais wrote several influential books on the relationship between movement, learning, and health. In The Elusive Obvious he presents ideas that are more relevant today than when the book was first published, as current research strongly supports many of the insights on which the Feldenkrais Method is based. This beautiful new edition is ready to be treasured by an emerging generation of somatic practitioners, movement teachers, performing artists, and anyone interested in self-improvement and healing. The two main strands of the Feldenkrais Method—Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration—are now known by many around the world for reducing pain and anxiety, cultivating vitality, and improving performance. The Elusive Obvious presents a thorough and accessible explanation of the Feldenkrais Method, and, as its title indicates, throws light on the solutions to many of our difficulties that are hidden in plain sight.

The Elusive Obvious

Author : Moshé Feldenkrais
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John Adams

Author : Alexander Sanchez-Behar
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John Adams: A Research and Information Guide offers the first comprehensive guide to the musical works and literature of one of the leading American composers of our time. The research guide catalogs and summarizes materials relating to Adams’s work, providing detailed annotated bibliographic entries for both primary and secondary sources. Covering writings by and interviews with Adams, books, journal articles and book chapters, newspaper articles and reviews, dissertations, video recordings, and other sources, the guide also contains a chronology of Adams’s life, a discography, and a list of compositions. Robust indexes enable researchers to easily locate sources by author, composition, or subject. This volume is a major reference tool for all those interested in Adams and his music, and a valuable resource for students and researchers of minimalism, contemporary American music, and twentieth-century music more broadly.

Bone Breath and Gesture

Author : Don Hanlon Johnson
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This book is a collection of writings on principles and techniques by the pioneers of bodywork and body awareness disciplines. Together, they represent a historical record of the field of somatics. Ranging from hands-on workers like Ida Rolf to phenomenologist Elizabeth Behnke, their lives span this century. In these lectures, writings, and interviews, editor Don Hanlon Johnson has sought to revel the unbroken lineage, theoretical differences, and major similarities of these originators.

The Elusive Obvious Complete Album

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Llamas Rule

Author : Larry Mogelonsky
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This guide to marketing and management for hoteliers covers both traditional and contemporary facets of hotel operations and highlights modern success stories and potential pitfalls.--From dust jacket.

Innocent in Palo Alto From the Diary of a Think Tank Dweller

Author :
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The Elusive Aryans

Author : Shrinivas Vasudeo Pradhan
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The question of the original home of the Aryans and their migrations to India is only part of the problem of their “elusiveness.” Their subsequent assimilation and nativization in India also contributed to this elusive quality. This socio-cultural process can be traced through a study of their gods, rituals, and philosophy. Thus changes in the nature and function of Ṛgvedic gods; the appearance of upstart gods in the late Ṛgvedic period; the elaboration of the soma ritual with elaborate supplementary rituals; the introduction of the new ritual of Agnicayana; the rise of the eschatology of “punarjanma” (rebirth) and “saṁsāra” (eternal return) based on “karma”; and the ideal of “mukti”, or liberation from life, in place of the former ideal of a life of “śaradaḥ śatam” (a hundred autumns) are symptoms of, as well as a witness to, the transformation of the original identity of the Aryans as revealed in the Family Books of the Ṛgveda. This cultural transformation is no less significant than the “Yakṣa praṣṇa” (knotty question) of their original home and their “indubitable” archaeological traces. The book addresses itself to both these questions, and, for that purpose, takes another look at some of the archaeological material and Aryan life and thought as reflected in Vedic literature.

The Elusive Miss Wakefield

Author : John K. Sutherland
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Charlotte Morton was presented with a tragic and difficult dilemma when her twin brother, Oliver, died after an unfortunate accident. Before he died, he made her promise that she would present herself into the family of the young lady Georgiana Stavely, whom he had met only two months earlier. They had fallen in love even upon first meeting and had made their ambitious plans for the future, all of which now lay in ruins. To provide Georgiana with the protection of his name, they had secretly married. He made his sister promise that Georgiana, and the child she would eventually bearhis childwould be protected and looked after. She had never met the young lady but had learned a little of the family from her brother. Some of the stories she heard did not paint an encouraging picture. The opportunity to become a close companion and friend to the young lady, without revealing her own identity or interest, was unexpectedly presented to her. However, she had to take on the identity of another in order not to be recognized as Olivers sister, with all of the difficulties that that would introduce. When Georgianas own brother, Henry, appeared on the scene late one night, the initial gentle deception soon grew into much more than she could easily handle. The circumstance rapidly went beyond her control when Georgiana died giving birth, leaving her to look after the baby, and to deal with Henry. With all that was happening, she knew that she had to take the baby with her and escape the suddenly impossible situation she was caught up in before her deception and other elements of her past caught up with her. She hoped Henry might forgive her for what she had to do and for other deceptions she now must hide from him. She knew that he would never give up on finding her, though it was to be six years coming to that pointand not a moment too soon, with so much hanging in the balance concerning all of their futures.

The Elusive Notion of Motion

Author : Alan A. Kubitz
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Ever been confused by basic physics and intimidated by the mere thought of Einstein's relativity theories? If so, yet curiosity still beckons, this book is for you! The reward? The colorful history of the elusive notion of motion and unique insights into the fundamental physics behind it all - including relativity. The physics of motion is so fundamental to science and the technological age in which we live that four of the most illustrious names in the annals of science owe their towering reputations, in large part, to their milestone work on the physics of motion. This book relates the stories of Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, and Albert E