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The Elements of Foucault

Author : Gregg Lambert
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A new conceptual diagram of Foucault’s original vision of the biopolitical order The history around the critical reception of Michel Foucault’s published writings is troubled, according to Gregg Lambert, especially in light of the controversy surrounding his late lectures on biopolitics and neoliberal governmentality. In this book, Lambert’s unique approach distills Foucault’s thought into its most basic components in order to more fully understand its method and its own immanent rules of construction. The Elements of Foucault presents a critical study of Foucault’s concept of method from the earlier History of Sexuality, Volume 1, to his later lectures. Lambert breaks down Foucault’s post-1975 analysis of the idea of biopower into four elements: the method, the conceptual device (i.e., dispositif), the grid of intelligibility, and the notion of “milieu.” Taken together, these elements compose the diagram of Foucault’s early analysis and the emergence of the neoliberal political economy. Lambert further delves into how Foucault’s works have been used and misused over time, challenging the periodization of Foucault’s later thought in scholarship as well as the major and most influential readings of Foucault by other contemporary philosophers—in particular Gilles Deleuze and Giorgio Agamben. The Elements of Foucault is the first generally accessible, yet rigorous and comprehensive, discussion of lectures and major published works of Foucault’s post-1975 theory of biopower and of the major innovation of the concept of dispositif. It is also the first critical work to address the important influence of French philosopher Georges Canghuilhem on Foucault’s thought.

Electricity in Theory and Practice Or The Elements of Electrical Engineering

Author : Bradley Allen Fiske
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Inequality and Energy

Author : Ray Galvin
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Inequality and Energy: How Extremes of Wealth and Poverty in High Income Countries Affect CO2 Emissions and Access to Energy challenges energy consumption researchers in developed countries to reorient their research frameworks to include the effects of economic inequality within the scope of their investigations, and calls for a new set of paradigms for energy consumption research. The book explores concrete examples of energy deprivation due to inequality, and provides conceptual tools to explore this in relation to other issues regarding energy consumption. It thereby urges that energy consumption approaches be updated for a world of increasing inequality. Extreme economic inequality has increased within developed countries over the past three decades. The effects of inequality are now seen increasingly in health, housing affordability, crime and social cohesion. There are signs it may even threaten democracy. Researchers are also exploring its effects on energy consumption. One of their key findings is that less privileged groups have lost consistent access to basic energy services like warm homes and affordable transport, leading to huge disparities of climate damaging emissions between rich and poor. Provides overwhelming evidence of the persistent and increasing income inequality and wealth inequality in developed countries over the past three decades Showcases recent empirical work that explores correlates of this inequality with energy consumption behavior and some of the key problems of access to adequate energy services Shows the connections between these findings and the existing ways of researching energy consumption behavior and policy

The Elements of Electric Lighting

Author : Philip Atkinson
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The Elements of Physiological Physics

Author : Joseph M'Gregor Robertson
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The Elements of Dynamic Electricity and Magnetism

Author : Philip Atkinson
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Weary Warriors

Author : Pamela Moss
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As seen in military documents, medical journals, novels, films, television shows, and memoirs, soldiers’ invisible wounds are not innate cracks in individual psyches that break under the stress of war. Instead, the generation of weary warriors is caught up in wider social and political networks and institutions—families, activist groups, government bureaucracies, welfare state programs—mediated through a military hierarchy, psychiatry rooted in mind-body sciences, and various cultural constructs of masculinity. This book offers a history of military psychiatry from the American Civil War to the latest Afghanistan conflict. The authors trace the effects of power and knowledge in relation to the emotional and psychological trauma that shapes soldiers’ bodies, minds, and souls, developing an extensive account of the emergence, diagnosis, and treatment of soldiers’ invisible wounds.

Majoritarian State

Author : Angana P. Chatterji
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Majoritarian State traces the ascendance of Hindu nationalism in contemporary India. Led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP administration has established an ethno-religious and populist style of rule since 2014. Its agenda is also pursued beyond the formal branches of government, as the new dispensation portrays conventional social hierarchies as intrinsic to Indian culture while condoning communal and caste- and gender-based violence. The contributors explore how Hindutva ideology has permeated the state apparatus and formal institutions, and how Hindutva activists exert control over civil society via vigilante groups, cultural policing and violence. Groups and regions portrayed as 'enemies' of the Indian state are the losers in a new order promoting the interests of the urban middle class and business elites. As this majoritarian ideology pervades the media and public discourse, it also affects the judiciary, universities and cultural institutions, increasingly captured by Hindu nationalists. Dissent and difference silenced and debate increasingly sidelined as the press is muzzled or intimidated in the courts. Internationally, the BJP government has emphasised hard power and a fast- expanding security state. This collection of essays offers rich empirical analysis and documentation to investigate the causes and consequences of the illiberal turn taken by the world's largest democracy.

Teacher Assemblage

Author : Taylor Webb
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This book situates learning communities in living systems and ecological perspectives. The fundamental premise is that all of human life and human activity is part of a deep planetary ecology of which mutuality and interdependence are cornerstone properties, learning and renewal are key processes, and emergent networks are foundational structures.

The Elements of Astronomy

Author : Selim Hobart Peabody
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The Elements of Natural Philosophy

Author : Sidney Augustus Norton
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The Elements of Theoretical and Descriptive Astronomy

Author : Charles Joyce White
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Michel Foucault

Author : Barry Smart
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Towards a Spatial Social Policy

Author : Whitworth, Adam
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Social policy and human geography are intimately intertwined yet frequently disconnected fields. Whilst social policies are always conceived, implemented and experienced in and through geography, the role of place in social policy scholarship and practice is frequently overlooked. Bringing together experts from both fields, this collection illuminates the myriad of ways that human geography offers rich insights conceptually, empirically and methodologically into the neglected spatialities of policy scholarship, practice and experience. By building the necessary bridges towards a spatial social policy, this book enables the enhanced design, performance and understanding of social policies once properly rooted in their multiple spatialities.

Foucault s Antihumanist Historiography

Author : Joseph Cronin
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This study introduces antihumanism as the pivotal element in Foucault's work, and reads his work from an Althusserian, structural Marxist perspective.

Radical Philosophy

Author :
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The Elements of Physics

Author : F. A. Kaempffer
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Author :
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Michel Foucault and the Freedom of Thought

Author : Keith Alan Robinson
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This volume offers a map of the underlying movements of Foucault's thought. It demonstrates that Foucault is a philosopher of complex spaces, territories and architectures of thought across the range of his work, and includes analyses of lesser-known texts (Magritte, Pierre Riviere, Brisset) that are hardly mentioned in the secondary literature. The primary sense, direction, and force of Foucault's thought is shown to reside in the connections established between a new conception of space-time and freedom, an open system of relations that shows how he thinks the present differently, designating this effort the thought from Outside. This is the freedom of thought in Foucault - a potentially dangerous or joyful yet necessarily endless effort to connect and reconnect with the Outside that is uniquely Foucauldian.

Henri Foucault

Author : Henri Foucault
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Dans cette première monographie d'envergure de son ouvre, Henri Foucault dévoile la cohérence de ses multiples créations - sculpture, photographie et vidéo. Il s'affirme, à travers ces différentes approches, comme un artiste majeur dont le travail allie émotion formelle et rigueur conceptuelle. Henri Foucault sait depuis longtemps que la photographie a aussi pour indéniable qualité de pouvoir magnifier la matière et d'affronter autrement que par la sculpture les problèmes d'espace et de redéploiement des systèmes de représentation. De cet affrontement entre deux pratiques, le lent façonnage d'un volume et la fulgurance de l'acte photographique, surgit la possibilité de fusionner les gestes de sculpter et de photographier. Ce portrait de l'artiste accompagné de nombreuses reproductions de ses oeuvres est enrichi de textes des plus grands analystes de l'art contemporain et du cinéma : Jacques Aumont (professeur à l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales et auteur de nombreux essais sur le cinéma), Guy Cogeval (directeur du musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal), Michèle Débat (historienne de la photographie), Térésa Faucon (historienne du cinéma), Alain Fleischer (romancier, plasticien, cinéaste), Dominique Païni (directeur au centre Georges-Pompidou), Damien Sausset (critique d'art à Art Press) et Didier Semin (historien de l'art et professeur à l'Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris).