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The Elements of Ethical Practice

Author : Nadine J. Pelling
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The Elements of Ethical Dilemmas: Applied Psychology Ethics in Australia is a comprehensive and applied guide to practising psychology in an ethical and professional manner. This book is designed to assist applicants for general registration as a psychologist successfully navigate one of the eight core competencies for general registration set by the Psychology Board of Australia; specifically ethical, legal, and professional matters. The exploration of ethical dilemmas is a core task for the 4+2 pathway to general registration, while related ethical applications require exploration in the 5+1 and higher education pathways to registration as well. This book will teach readers how to identify, explore, and choose the appropriate professional course of action when confronted by ethical dilemmas in practice. The chapters include personal reflections from expert contributors relating to each of the ethical dilemmas, expertly highlighting clients’ and stakeholders’ circumstances, ethical codes and guidelines, scholarship and research, as well as other key elements in the ethical decision-making process. Especially relevant to those applying to become a registered psychologist in Australia, this book offers invaluable guidance on responding to ethical dilemmas as required by the Psychology Board of Australia in various pathways to general registration.

Ethical Considerations When Preparing a Clinical Research Protocol

Author : Evan DeRenzo
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Ethical Considerations When Preparing a Clinical Research Protocol, Second Edition, provides a foundation for improving skills in the understanding of ethical requirements in the design and conduct of clinical research. It includes practical information on ethical principles in clinical research, how to design appropriate research studies, how to consent and assent documents, how to get protocols approved, special populations, confidentiality issues, and the reporting of adverse events. The book's valuable appendix includes a listing of web resources about research ethics, along with a glossary, making it an invaluable resource for scientists collaborating in clinical trials, physician investigators, clinical research fellows, and more. Walks investigators and trainees through the identification of the ethical aspects of each section of a clinical research protocol Includes case histories that illustrate key points Contains information on conducting clinical research within the pharmaceutical industry Includes internet resources and worldwide web addresses for important research ethics documents and regulations Contains a chapter on Study Design and Methodology that is purposely expanded to explicitly address biostatistical considerations

Ethical Practice in Social Work

Author : Michael Collingridge
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This innovative text shows why ethics is so important for social work practice, that it is not simply a way of defining and understanding what is good in practice, but is a means by which social work and other caring professions can actually achieve good practice.' Professor Richard Hugman, University of NSW This book integrates ethical theory and political philosophy into a clear yet challenging framework for ethical action in social work. Firmly grounded in practice examples, it will be of great interest both to students and practitioners in the field.' Professor Sarah Banks, Durham University In an increasingly fragmented and regulated world, the authors of Ethical Practice in Social Work argue that social work has become detached from its ethical roots. Their aim is to reinstate ethics as the driving force of good social work and welfare practice. Ethical Practice in Social Work provides the tools to develop essential ethical decision-making and problem-solving skills. Taking an applied approach with case studies in each chapter, the authors demonstrate how ethical principles can be used to transform practice into an effective, inclusive and empowering process for both professionals and their clients. They discuss the ethical principles social workers have traditionally adhered to, the role of the good social worker' in the contemporary context, professionalism, and the way in which ethics can be used to reconcile the often differing demands of employers, community groups, clients, the profession and their own personal values. Ethical Practice in Social Work is a valuable professional reference and student text.

Nursing Ethics

Author : Janie B. Butts
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The fifth edition of Nursing Ethics has been revised to reflect the most current issues in healthcare ethics including new cases, laws, and policies. The text continues to be divided into three sections: Foundational Theories, Concepts and Professional Issues; Moving Into Ethics Across the Lifespan; and Ethics Related to Special Issues focused on specific populations and nursing roles.

The Elements of Ethics for Professionals

Author : W. Brad Johnson
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From the authors of Elements of Mentoring, this handy guide pulls the existing research on the delicate balance of professional ethics into one concise source. Johnson and Ridley explore seventy-five of the most important and pithy truths for supervisors in all fields, including questions of integrity, loyalty, justice, respect, and delivering one's best in the business environment. The authors delve into all aspects of ethical conduct, including: -- Excellence in the workplace -- Dignity & respect -- Compassion for co-workers -- Coercion & power -- Self-reliance and fidelity -- Ethical decision-making and morality Succinct and comprehensive, with examples and takeaway advice, The Elements of Ethics for Professionals is a must-have for any professional or business leader striving to create an ethical workplace.

The Structure of the Chinese Ethical Archetype

Author : Youzheng Li
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A contemporary of the ancient Greek philosophy, pre-Chin thought presents a non-religious and non-metaphysical perspective on ethics. In order to make Chinese ethics theoretically more accessible to the Western readers, the book offers a hermeneutico-semiotic interdisciplinar approach. The Analects of Confucius are being structurally analyzed in order to reveal the epistemological preconditions and pragmatic rationality implied in the unsystematically edited maxims of this important motivational ethics. The other related ethical thoughts discussed are Taoist nihilism, Legalist philosophy of power and the political turn of Mencian-Confucian ethics. All of these pre-Chin Chinese ethical thoughts form a complete picture of the original situation of human ethical relationship."

Ethical Practice in Clinical Medicine

Author : William J. Ellos S.J.
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Increasingly, medical students are required to face up to ethical issues in their training and practice. At the same time, there is growing interest in philosophy courses in the ethical issues raised by medical practice. This textbook, designed primarily for students of medicine, develops the issues to a philosophical level complex enough to be satisfying to students of philosophy as well as MA students on applied ethics courses. The author advocates an approach to medical ethics which breaks out of the straitjacket of the narrow choice between utilitarian or deontological theory, and contains a valuable discussion of practical wisdom. It maintains a balance between case studies and philosophical arguments - which are developed in a historical context, and will be of interest at all levels of the medical profession.

Ethical Practices and Implications in Distance Learning

Author : Demiray, Ugur
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"This book provides ethical insight into the world of e-learning through case studies that elucidate the issues through real-world examples"--Provided by publisher.

The Drama of Education Crafting an Ethical Practice

Author : Randall J. Buursma
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Conduct as a Fine Art

Author : Nicholas Paine Gilman
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From the Other Side of the Fence

Author : Jeffrey A. Nisker
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"It is only with the heart that one can see truly, for what is essential is invisible to the eye." So writes Antoine de Saint-Exupery in The Little Prince. Stories can help health professionals and students see with their hearts. Seeing with their hearts allows them to see through the time-efficiency imperatives forged by the funding clawbacks that resulted in the extreme shortages of health providers in Canada. Stories of healthcare can help the public to understand the full human dimension of both patients and health professionals, fostering their better understanding of what patients and health professionals feel and face. The stories in this collection were encouraged through an invitation to the staff and students of the London Health Sciences Centre, requesting they consider writing a story they carry in their hearts. Fences represent the confines within which patients and health professionals find themselves. Although the stories, plays and poems in this collection are written by the nurses, physicians, physiotherapists, social workers, communication personnel, occupational therapists and trainees in one centre, they are representative of the stories in all Canadian hospitals, and of all Canadian healthcare providers. This important volume portrays the desire in the hearts of Canadian healthcare providers to give compassionate care to those who need it. It also brings into focus the limitations on both sides of the "fence" for the medical professionals and their patients. The stories in this book resonate with wisdom and honesty and will help validate your concerns with health care and confirm your resolve to push for the need for compassionate care.

Ethical Decisions for Social Work Practice

Author : Frank M. Loewenberg
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Ethical and Professional Issues in Counseling

Author : R. Rocco Cottone
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For courses on ethical, professional and legal issues in counseling and psychology departments. This ethics text focuses on counseling and counseling psychology in a format that serves beginning students, provides a useful format and structure for professors teaching ethics courses, and inspires critical thought about ethical issues. Through case scenarios, reprints of many codes of ethics, and narrative information, this book not only functions as an introduction to professional counseling and counseling ethics, but it also serves as a compendium of contemporary ethical codes and issues.

Clinical Supervision Curriculum Guide Introduction

Author : Carlton E. Munson
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A Critical Companion to Early Childhood

Author : Michael Reed
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In this stimulating and provocative book the editors have drawn together a diverse and international range of respected authors, each of whom has taken a critical approach to the contentious question of how you define and achieve quality early childhood services. It is a book designed to provoke and promote critical dialogue and discourse amongst practitioners and students through critical engagement with the position of the authors within the text. I believe anyone who reads this book will be inspired and motivated to challenge and extend their thinking and professional practice, adopting the critical stance which lies at the heart of quality services for children and families. Professor Chris Pascal, Director of Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC) Early childhood is a complex and important area of study where it is important to develop your critical thinking and reflect upon key issues. This book will help do both. It explores interrelated topics such as: Child development Play Safeguarding Professionalism Curriculum and Policy Each chapter will not only engage with what you need to know but help you develop your academic skills. The book also comes with lots of online resources which can be found at and include: Podcasts from the authors of each chapter so you can better understand the key concepts PowerPoints to help you revise the essential information Journal articles related to each chapter provide further reading Michael Reed and Rosie Walker are both Senior Lecturers in Early Childhood at the Institute of Education, University of Worcester.

Ethical Practice in Psychiatry and the Law

Author : Richard Rosner
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We would expect a successful series such as Critical Issues in American Psychiatry and the Law to present timely, relevant issues in a high-quality manner, and such is the hallmark of this outstanding series. But we might not expect the editors to dive into the especially controversial issues, e.g., ethics, and I applaud them for doing so and in such a comprehensive and thorough fashion. Public and professional concern about ethical aspects of psychiatrists' be havior and practice is growing, and exponentially. Concern about the ethical practice of modern forensic psychiatry is paralleled by deep-seated apprehen sion not only about the ethical dilemmas of psychiatry and medicine (e.g., societal versus individual patient values, the corporatization of medicine, access to versus cost of medicine) but also about the widely publicized ethical trans gressions of religious and political leaders. That's why this volume is so timely and important. Ethics-the principles and rules of right conduct. Sounds simple. We know it is not. When I'm asked by colleagues to consider the perceived unethical behavior of a fellow professional, I often find that, like obscenity, they can't always define it but they are definite that they know it when they see it. The perception of ethical conduct often appears to be in the eyes of the beholder. read this volume. It may not always please you, Well, that's why you will want to it may upset you and even offend you, but it will definitely inform you.

The Educational Journal of Virginia

Author : Charles Henry Winston
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The Elements of Managed Care

Author : Susan R. Davis
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This concise, user-friendly book offers straightforward information describing exactly what managed care is, how it affects counseling professionals, and the best practices for working within its structure. Essential reading for anyone beginning a career in the helping professions, THE ELEMENTS OF MANAGED CARE explores the historical development of managed care, the parameters it imposes on counselors, changes in client/therapist interactions, ways to improve managed care, and other key topics.

On Consequentialist Ethics

Author : S. Jack Odell
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ON CONSEQUENTIALIST ETHICS is a succinct introduction to the consequentialist point of view, presenting the competing perspectives that certain ethicists have formulated to understanding and justifying morality. Egoism, act utilitarianism, rule utilitarianism, general utilitarianism, and practice consequentialism are each concisely explained and considered. The Wadsworth Philosophical Topics Series presents readers with concise, timely, and insightful introductions to a variety of traditional and contemporary philosophical subjects. With this series edited by Robert Talisse of Vanderbilt University, philosophy students will be able to discover the richness of philosophical inquiry across a wide array of concepts, including hallmark philosophical themes and topics typically underrepresented in mainstream philosophy publishing. Written by a distinguished list of scholars who have been noted for their exceptional teaching abilities, this series presents the vast sweep of today's philosophical exploration in highly accessible and affordable volumes. These books will prove valuable to philosophy teachers and their students as well as to other readers who share a general interest in philosophy.

Core Concepts in Advanced Practice Nursing

Author : Denise L. Robinson
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Addressing the core topics of the AACN's Essentials for Masters Education in Nursing, each chapter of this text includes an overview of the topic, review of the literature, future directions, implications for nursing, and critical issues.