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Edinburgh Companion to the Bible and the Arts

Author : Prickett Stephen Prickett
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An authoritative assessment of the changing relationship between the Bible and the artsIn this unique Companion, 35 scholars, from world-famous to just beginning, explore the role of the Bible in art and of artistic motifs in the Bible. The specially commissioned chapters demonstrate that just as the arts have portrayed biblical stories in a variety of ways and media over the centuries, so what we call 'the' Bible is not actually a single entity but has been composed of fiercely contested translations of texts in many languages, whose selection has depended historically on a variety of cultural pressures, theological, social, and, not least, aesthetic. Key Features:* Divided into 3 sections, Inspiration and Theory, Art and Architecture, and Literature* Generously illustrated * Covers aesthetic interpretations of specific biblical books; of the Hebrew and Christian Bibles as a whole; the transmission of biblical texts; various bindings and illustrations of Bibles - in response to pressures as diverse as Islamic craftsmanship and the English Reformation* Includes pieces on biblical influences on poetry, painting, church architecture, decoration, and stained glass; on poetry, hymns, novels, plays, and fantasy literature* Spans the earliest days of the Christian era to the present

Edinburgh Companion to Gothic and the Arts

Author : Punter David Punter
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Provides new definitions of the Gothic in a variety of artistic contexts Explores a range of Gothic from architecture through literature to music and the technological artsProvides an opportunity to hear new thinking from established scholars as well as showcasing work by new scholarsHighlights new definitions of the Gothic from a wide variety of perspectivesThe Gothic in all its artistic forms and ramifications is traced from the medieval to the twenty-first century. From architecture, painting and sculpture through music, ballet, opera and dance to installation art and the graphic novel, each of the 33 chapters reflects on and weighs in on the ways in which the Gothic is taken up in the art forms and modes under examination. An Introduction discusses Gothic as a changing cultural form across the centuries with deep psychological roots. This is followed by sections on: architectural arts; the visual arts; music and the performance arts; the literary arts; and media and cultural arts.

Edinburgh Companion to Ezra Pound and the Arts

Author : Preda Roxana Preda
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Showcases Ezra Pound's close involvement with the arts throughout his careerThe present volume of new, interdisciplinary scholarship investigates the arts with which Pound had a lifelong interaction including architecture, ballet, cinema, music, painting, photography and sculpture. Divided into 5 historically and thematically arranged sections, the 28 chapters foreground the shifting significance of art forms throughout Pound's life which he spent in London, Paris, Rapallo and Washington. The Companion maps Pound's practices of engagement with the arts, deepening areas of study that have recently emerged, such as his musical compositions. At the same time, it opens up new fields, particularly Pound's interaction with the performing arts: opera, dance, and cinema. The volume demonstrates overall that Ezra Pound was no mere spectator of the modernist revolution in the arts; rather he was an agent of change, a doer and promoter who also had a deep emotional response to the arts.Key Features: The first book to gather together all the different aspects of the subject of Pound and the artsChapters are devoted to topics never covered before: (cinema; political anarchism; early music; Agnes Bedford; the artists Munch, Lekakis, Martinelli, Frampton) Presents the ways Pound's interests and activities in the arts change over time in a continuous story, from his beginnings to his old ageIncludes portraits of friendships and short biographies of artists connected to Pound, showing his personal impact in the arts world

Edinburgh Companion to the Short Story in English

Author : Paul Delaney
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The first scholarly edition of Stevenson's essays, involving a full and comparative examination of manuscripts, magazine and volume publications

Edinburgh Companion to Literature and Music

Author : da Sousa Correa Delia da Sousa Correa
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Provides a pioneering interdisciplinary overview of the literature and music of nine centuriesOffers research essays by literary specialists and musicologists that provides access to the best current interdisciplinary scholarship on connections between literature and musicIncludes five historical sections from the Middle Ages to the present, with editorial introductions to enhance understanding of relationships between literature and music in each periodCharts and extends work in this expanding interdisciplinary field to provide an essential resource for researchers with an interest in literature and other mediaBringing together seventy-one newly commissioned original chapters by literary specialists and musicologists, this book presents the most recent interdisciplinary research into literature and music. In five parts, the chapters cover the Middle Ages to the present. The volume introduction and methodology chapters define key concepts for investigating the interdependence of these two art forms and a concluding chapter looks to the future of this interdisciplinary field. An editorial introduction to each historical part explains the main features of the relationships between literature and music in the period and outlines recent developments in scholarship. Contributions represent a multiplicity of approaches: theoretical, contextual and close reading. Case studies reach beyond literature and music to engage with related fields including philosophy, history of science, theatre, broadcast media and popular culture.This trailblazing companion charts and extends the work in this expanding interdisciplinary field and is an essential resource for researchers with an interest in literature and other media.

Edinburgh Companion to Anthony Trollope

Author : Van Dam Frederik Van Dam
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Explores the many ways in which Anthony Trollope is being read in the twenty-first centurySince the turn of the century, the Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope has become a central figure in the critical understanding of Victorian literature. By bringing together leading Victorianists with a wide range of interests, this innovative collection of essays involves the reader in new approaches to Trollope's work. The contributors to this volume highlight dimensions that have hitherto received only scant attention and in doing so they aim to draw on the aesthetic capabilities of Trollope's twenty-first-century readers. Instead of reading Trollope's novels as manifestations of social theory, they aim to foster an engagement with a far more broadly theorised literary culture.Key Features:The most innovative collection of original essays on Anthony Trollope to dateEnables the reader to see the direction of Trollope studies and Victorian studies in the twenty-first centurySituates Trollope's work in newly emerging critical contexts, such as media networks and economicsMakes use of pioneering developments in stylistics, ethics, epistemology, and reception history

Reading Elizabeth Bishop

Author : Ellis Jonathan Ellis
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A comprehensive and original guide to Elizabeth Bishop's poetry and other writing, including literary criticism and prose fictionCelebrating Elizabeth Bishop as an international writer with allegiances to various countries and national traditions, this collection of essays explores how Bishop moves between literal geographies like Nova Scotia, New England, Key West and Brazil and more philosophical categories like home and elsewhere, human and animal, insider and outsider. The book covers all aspects and periods of the author's career, from her early writing in the 1930s to the late poems finished after Geography III and those works published after her death. It also examines how Bishop's work has been read and reinterpreted by contemporary writers. Key FeaturesProvides a companion to Bishop's entire artistic oeuvre, including letter writing, literary criticism and short story writingOffers a sustained consideration of Bishop's identity politics, including the role of raceStudies Bishop's influence on contemporary culture

Pathos in Late Medieval Religious Drama and Art

Author : Gabriella Mazzon
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Pathos in Late-Medieval Religious Drama and Art explores the connections between the language of European late-medieval drama and co-temporary themes and motifs in visual communication, focussing on the triggering of emotional reactions in the viewers as a persuasive device.

The Jewish Bible

Author : David Stern
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In The Jewish Bible: A Material History, David Stern explores the Jewish Bible as a material object—the Bibles that Jews have actually held in their hands—from its beginnings in the Ancient Near Eastern world through to the Middle Ages to the present moment. Drawing on the most recent scholarship on the history of the book, Stern shows how the Bible has been not only a medium for transmitting its text—the word of God—but a physical object with a meaning of its own. That meaning has changed, as the material shape of the Bible has changed, from scroll to codex, and from manuscript to printed book. By tracing the material form of the Torah, Stern demonstrates how the process of these transformations echo the cultural, political, intellectual, religious, and geographic changes of the Jewish community. With tremendous historical range and breadth, this book offers a fresh approach to understanding the Bible’s place and significance in Jewish culture.

The Cross and Creation in Liturgy and Art

Author : Christopher Irvine
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The book gives an account of various movements in art and their relation to the visual and in churches and in liturgy, for example the Franciscan movement, different approaches to the crucifixion, and the restoration of creation. It recovers the links between the cross and creation, and relates the baptismal covenant to a commitment to care for creation.

Edinburgh Companion to Shakespeare and the Arts

Author : Mark Thornton Burnett
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Explores the place of Shakespeare in relation to artistic practices and activities, past and presentThis substantial reference work explores the place of Shakespeare in relation to cultural processes that take in publishing, exhibiting, performing, reconstructing and disseminating.The 30 newly commissioned chapters are divided into 6 sections: * Shakespeare and the Book* Shakespeare and Music* Shakespeare on Stage and in Performance* Shakespeare and Youth Culture* Shakespeare, Visual and Material Culture* Shakespeare, Media and Culture. Each chapter provides both a synthesis and a discussion of a topic, informed by current thinking and theoretical reflection.

Literary Study of the Bible

Author : Christopher Hodgkins
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The most comprehensive and accessible introduction to scriptural art yet written Literary Study of the Bible: An Introduction approaches each book of the Bible (including several of the apocrypha) with non-sectarian literary questions, exploring the meanings that the Bible reveals when we read it like a poem, narrative, or play. As a unique hybrid of introductory guide, essential handbook, historical survey, and absorbing commentary, this book fills a gap in literary Bible study with its fresh perspectives on the biblical writers’ many arts. Readers will engage in wide range of textual approaches and interpretive traditions through this broadly informed, accessibly written text. Dr. Christopher Hodgkins has taught Literary Study of the Bible for 25 years, over which time he has field-tested the many lenses—of genre, image, language, characterization, plot, and craft—used throughout this book. Tracing the sources, composition, and influences of the Biblical text, this book places the Bible in a tradition of ancient near eastern, Hebrew, and Hellenistic literary art, giving new depth to the way we understand the familiar stories of scripture. Unlike other literary introductions to the Bible, this book uniquely combines these elements: Approaches the Bible as a richly collaborative and coherent work of literary art, exploring how earlier books influence the creation and interpretation of later ones Provides illuminating commentary supplemented by explanatory textboxes, maps, illustrations, and study questions to enhance interest and expand learning Introduces poetic and narrative devices like doubling, juxtaposition, and irony within the context of scriptural art and editorial design Gives extensive attention to each biblical book, resulting in the most comprehensive introduction to literary Bible study to date Presents these materials through an accessible and lively text permeated with references to both high and popular culture Literary Study of the Bible will be a welcome addition to personal, school, college, and congregational libraries, as well as an excellent text for students of the Bible in both secular and faith-based settings.

Interpreting Scriptures in Judaism Christianity and Islam

Author : Mordechai Z. Cohen
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This comparative study traces Jewish, Christian, and Muslim scriptural interpretation from antiquity to modernity, with special emphasis on the pivotal medieval period. It focuses on three areas: responses in the different faith traditions to tensions created by the need to transplant scriptures into new cultural and linguistic contexts; changing conceptions of the literal sense and its importance vis-à-vis non-literal senses, such as the figurative, spiritual, and midrashic; and ways in which classical rhetoric and poetics informed - or were resisted in - interpretation. Concentrating on points of intersection, the authors bring to light previously hidden aspects of methods and approaches in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This volume opens new avenues for interdisciplinary analysis and will benefit scholars and students of biblical studies, religious studies, medieval studies, Islamic studies, Jewish studies, comparative religions, and theory of interpretation.

In the Beauty of Holiness

Author : David Lyle Jeffrey
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Beautifully illustrated work from an eminent authority on the Bible, art, and culture Beauty is a highly significant subject in the Bible. So is holiness. In this study of Christian fine art David Lyle Jeffrey explores the relationship between beauty and holiness as he integrates aesthetic perspectives from the ancient Hebrew Scriptures through Augustine, Aquinas, and Kant down to contemporary philosophers of art. Incorporating sample artworks ranging from the Roman catacombs to Marc Chagall, Jeffrey demonstrates that the Bible has consistently been the most profound and productive resource for the visual arts in the West. He contextualizes Western European art from the second century through the twenty-first in relation not only to the biblical narrative but also to liturgy and historical theology. Lavishly illustrated with more than one hundred masterworks, In the Beauty of Holiness is ideally suited to students of Christian fine art and to general readers wanting to better understand the story of Christian art through the centuries.

The Oxford Handbook of Divine Revelation

Author : Balázs M. Mezei
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This Handbook offers a systemic approach to the notion of revelation in its various theoretical contexts. It provides in-depth coverage of the theoretical and historical fields in which the notion of revelation is discussed.

Matthew Through the Centuries

Author : Ian Boxall
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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The reception of the Gospel of Matthew over two millennia: commentary and interpretation Matthew Through the Centuries offers an overview of the reception history of one of the most prominent gospels in Christian worship. Examining the reception of Matthew from the perspectives of a wide range of interpreters—from Origen and Hilary of Poitiers to Mary Cornwallis and Bob Marley—this insightful commentary explains the major trends in the reception of Matthew in various ecclesial, historical, and cultural contexts. Focusing on characteristically Matthean features, detailed chapter-by-chapter commentary highlights diverse receptions and interpretations of the gospel. Broad exploration of areas such as liturgy, literature, drama, film, hymnody, political discourse, and visual art illustrates the enormous impact Matthew continues to have on Judeo-Christian civilization. Known as ‘the Church’s Gospel,’ Matthew’s text has been the subject of apologetic and theological controversy for hundreds of years. It has been seen as justification for political and ecclesial status quo and as a path to radical discipleship. Matthew has influenced divergent political, spiritual, and cultural figures such as Francis of Assisi, John Ruskin, Leo Tolstoy, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Mahatma Gandhi. Matthew’s interest in ecclesiology provides early structures of ecclesial life, such as resolution of community disputes, communal prayer, and liturgical prescriptions for the Eucharist and baptism. A significant addition to the acclaimed Blackwell Bible Commentaries series, Matthew Through the Centuries is an indispensable resource for both students and experts in areas including religious and biblical studies, literature, history, politics, and those interested in the influence of the Bible on Western culture.

Sibyls Scriptures and Scrolls John Collins at Seventy

Author : Joel Baden
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This volume, a tribute to John J. Collins by his friends, colleagues, and students, includes essays on the wide range of interests that have occupied John Collins’s distinguished career.

The Places of Early Modern Criticism

Author : Gavin Alexander
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What is criticism? And where is it to be found? Thinking about literature and the visual arts is found in many places - in treatises, apologies, and paragoni; in prefaces, letters, and essays; in commentaries, editions, reading notes, and commonplace books; in images, sculptures, and built spaces; within or on the thresholds of works of poetry and visual art. It is situated between different disciplines and methods. Critical ideas and methods come into England from other countries, and take root in particular locations - the court, the Inns of Court, the theatre, the great house, the printer's shop, the university. The practice of criticism is transplanted to the Americas and attempts to articulate the place of poetry in a new world. And commonplaces of classical poetics and rhetoric serve both to connect and to measure the space between different critical discourses. Tracing the history of the development of early modern thinking about literature and the visual arts requires consideration of various kinds of place - material, textual, geographical - and the practices particular to those places; it also requires that those different places be brought into dialogue with each other. This book brings together scholars working in departments of English, modern languages, and art history to look at the many different places of early modern criticism. It argues polemically for the necessity of looking afresh at the scope of criticism, and at what happens on its margins; and for interrogating our own critical practices and disciplinary methods by investigating their history.

Edinburgh Companion to Fin de Siecle Literature Culture and the Arts

Author : Josephine M. Guy
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Format : PDF, ePub
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The first scholarly comparative analysis of Jacques Derrida and Gilles Deleuze's philosophies of difference.

Edinburgh Companion to T S Eliot and the Arts

Author : Frances Dickey
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From his early "e;Curtain Raiser"e; to the late Four Quartets, T. S. Eliot took an interest in all the arts, drawing on them for poetic inspiration and for analysis in his prose. T. S. Eliot and the Arts provides extensive, high quality research about his many-sided engagement with painting, sculpture, museum artefacts, architecture, music, drama, music hall, opera and dance, as well as the emerging media of recorded sound, film and radio. Building on the newly published editions of Eliot's prose and poetry, this contemporary research collection opens avenues for understanding Eliot both in his own right as a poet and critic and as a foremost exemplar of interarts modernism.