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The Edge of the Fall

Author : Kate Williams
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For fans of Downton Abbey and Atonement - Kate Williams follows her sweeping novel The Storms of War with a passionate, sweeping tale of 1920s London and Paris In the aftermath of the Great War, the de Witt family are struggling to piece together the shattered fragments of their lives. Rudolf and his wife Verena, still reeling from the loss of their second son, don't know how to function in the post-war world. Stoneythorpe Hall has become an empty shell with no servants to ensure its upkeep. Celia, the de Witt's youngest daughter, is still desperate to spread her wings and see more of the world. To escape Stoneythorpe and the painful secrets that lie there, she moves to London and embraces life and love in the Roaring Twenties. The second novel in the spellbinding De Witt trilogy, from bestselling author and historian Kate Williams 'A beautifully conjured family saga. Fans of Downton Abbey will love it' - Alison Weir 'Brilliant - a passionate and poignant story of a glittering family on the precipice of a vanished world. Spellbinding, gripping and beautiful - a must read' Lisa Hilton 'The terrific saga comes with a fascinating twist . . . Williams has a gift for showing how great movements in history affect the lives of people caught up in them' THE TIMES 'Rich in sumptuous detail and full of twists and turns' HEAT


Author : Brian Edge
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Back from the Edge The Fall Rise of Yorkshire s Wildlife

Author : Ian D. Rotherham
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The Fall of the Governor Part Two

Author : Jay Bonansinga
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The Fall of the Governor Part Two by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga is the fourth novel in the New York Times bestselling series based on the award-winning comic books and blockbuster television show. In the first in the series, Rise of the Governor, über-villain Philip Blake journeyed from his humble beginnings directly into the dark heart of the zombie apocalypse, and became the self-proclaimed leader of a small town called Woodbury. In book two, The Road to Woodbury, an innocent traveller named Lilly Caul wound up in the terrifying thrall of Phillip Blake's twisted, violent dictatorship within Woodbury's ever-tightening barricades. In The Fall of the Governor, Part One, classic characters from both the comic and television series, including Rick, Michonne and Glenn, finally made their appearance in the Walking Dead novel series, only to discover that the Governor is a very dangerous enemy. Now, after a pulse-pounding series of events, the Governor and Rick face off one last time, and only one of them will be left standing . . .

The Fall On Chasm s Close

Author : Steven Snyder
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Do we accept the world as it is, pretending to make choices but always choosing to hide? Are we afraid to step into the unknown-to buck the system-because of what we might lose? Brenton feels free. But is he? A little package, a clue, an invitation into the unknown and an intrepid friend all lead to an adventure of discovery and transformation. Travel with Brenton as he learns more, remembers more, and uncovers more than he has ever known-or is supposed to find out.

The Fall of the House of Usher

Author : Edgar Allan Poe
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On the Edge

Author : Brian Bagnall
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This book tells the story of Commodore through first-hand accounts by former Commodore engineers and managers. Reliving the early years of an icon in the personal computer revolution turns out to be a fascinating and improbably hilarious journey. This gripping tale of ambition, greed, and inspired engineering gives readers a front row seat at the dawn of the personal computer. Engineers and managers relate their experiences through personal first-hand accounts, vividly recalling the most important moments of Commodore's entry into computers in 1976 until its demise in 1994. The Commodore years are tumultuous, owing to their volatile founder, Jack Tramiel. He pushes his team to extreme limits, demanding that they almost kill themselves to meet his lofty expectations. Against all odds, his engineers deliver more color, more character, and more value than either Apple or IBM. While other companies receive more press, Commodore sells more computers. They cut a path of destruction through the competition, knocking out Sinclair, Tandy, Texas Instruments, and Atari and almost mortally wounding Apple. Unfortunately, Tramiel's cut throat tactics also prove to be his undoing. He uses up his managers and employees like disposable ink cartridges, producing the highest employee turnover rate in the industry.

The Fall of the Philippines

Author : Donald J. Young
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"World War II began for the United States with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941, followed by the invasion of the Philippines Islands the next day. Drawing on diaries and personal accounts, this book chronicles forgotten actions in thefall of the Philippines through the recollections of American servicemen"--

Laycrim The Fall of Spirits

Author : W.L. Douglas
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Parker and Lizz Laycrim grew up with kind, loving parents, until one night a spirit, sent on a mission, takes their parents’ lives. The knowledge that their parents’ killer, being something not of this world, has plagued them their entire lives. But one day they get the chance to track down this killer, due to their own unexpected deaths. They are thrown into a world beyond imagination. Separately they search for their parents, each other, and the spirit that has haunted them. All is not perfect in this new world. A scheme a millennia in the making is about to come to light, with Parker and Lizz unknowingly being the main players in its birth. The lines between good and evil blur as the Laycrims run into demonic spirits who become trusted allies and angelic spirits whose corruption and hidden agendas stand in their way in this mysterious, mystical and action-packed tale.

The Story of Sigurd the Volsung and the Fall of the Niblungs

Author : William Morris
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The Decline and Fall of the United States of America

Author : Anthony Kishko
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Politicianthe dirtiest word in the English language. says Jacob Pirandello Kharinsky, a character in this book hailed as the UNDERGROUND CLASSIC OF OUR GENERATION: The DECLINE and FALL of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA part I. (A theme which implies many things, possibilities and perspectives.) Jake Kharinsky discovers himself in an unknown labyrinth, a clandestine initiation, and is unable to recall what leads him there. Stranger than fiction events and stories unfold...with aesthetic word play, symbolism, humor and an architectured structure, as if crafted and written by a musician, to lead one into an expansion of consciousness, a journey of the mind, right into the HEART & UNCONSICOUS of AMERICA and beyond. At times, engaging a psychological evaluation of the American political mind, and ways out of the swamps and wastelands. Jakes visionary pursuits for the meaning of life and his endless patriotic studies into the nature and origins of our political, social, and cultural realities leads him to write an Underground Notebook which will one day be a condensed guide for the coming dark era of: collapse, fascism, empire, civil war and revolution, though the Notebook is written with hopes towards identifying and preventing this disaster. (The Decline and Fall fleshes out what Emmanuel Goldsteins The Book, from Orwells 1984, may look like today.) America, as we are conditioned and believe we know it to be, is dissolving before our very eyes. Ask yourself: what is it that is not being said? This analysis is not a black and white, an Us vs. Them simplification or pessimism (as many still hold to valid ideals in a system that no longer works for We the people.) There is no simple view, traveling towards our future from the elusive illusions of the past. Prophetic, DYSTOPIAN, at times surrealin a exploratory epic seeking to make sense of it all, utilizing both fiction and non-fiction. Raising questions about how the spectrums of cultures and power influence and create our realities and consciousnesshow blind wealth, corruption, greed and propaganda orbit and control our lives behind seemingly invisible curtains and veils. Dynamic changes with every chapter and the flowing weight of compelling content draws and gravitates the reader to see the world differently and envision new possibilities. ( A recipe for REVOLUTION? A GENERAL STRIKE? In the organizing a grassroots Aquarian Renaissance Movement... ) Endless hours of entertainment and edifying knowledge & inspiration.*** A book unlike ever before written, yet following through on a lineage & fusion of varied literary traditions, schools of thought, and paradigms suffused with humor and knowledge. A justified literate denial of the two party bankster corporate diseased entity of the machine grinding our lives away. A welcoming and inviting challenge to trace the angst of our contemporary American wasteland and world nightmare to blaze through this storm. , Rebridge and pick up where our ancient Renaissance and organic connections were cut off, and leave the old world behind. GET INITIATED!!! Author can be viewed reading excerpt on Youtube under: information8090: [Back cover]: A Book for both genuine LIBERALS and CONSERVATIVES, and beyond, who are utterly disgusted with Democrats and Republicans... A genre of both Kafkaesque Dystopian fiction, & non-fiction (the Orwellian BOOK within the book), inviting the reader on a journey of Mind, Concept, Metaphor and Languageof questions and provocations, Aesthetics and Spirituality; to evoke, articulate, and gather all those things that are collectively on our minds, confused yet envisioned, as a Nation, and as a World; of which we all possess pieces, and herein begin to puzzle together these telling elements: Of Politics, History, Religion, Culture, Education, Philosophy and Deconstruction of our Ideologies, whose $old out and manipulated Idea$ have warped the

The Walking Dead The Fall of the Governor Part Two

Author : Robert Kirkman
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The fourth book and epic finale to Robert Kirkman's New York Times bestselling series: The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor – Part Two! The Walking Dead original novel series, set in the universe of Robert Kirkman's iconic comic book, comes to a shattering conclusion with The Fall of the Governor – Part Two. From co-authors Kirkman, creator of the Eisner Award-winning comic as well as executive producer of AMC's blockbuster TV series, and Jay Bonansinga, Stoker Award-finalist and internationally acclaimed author, comes this stunning finale to their ambitious chronicle of human survival amid the plague of undead, which began with The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor. In Rise of the Governor, uber-villain Philip Blake journeyed from his humble beginnings directly into the dark heart of the zombie apocalypse, and became the self-proclaimed leader of a small town called Woodbury. In The Road to Woodbury, an innocent traveler named Lilly Caul wound up in the terrifying thrall of Phillip Blake's twisted, violent dictatorship within Woodbury's ever tightening barricades. In The Fall of the Governor – Part One, Philip Blake finally revealed himself to be the true monster that he is, and the battle lines were drawn between the Governor and the desperate, beleaguered inhabitants of a nearby prison. Now, in The Fall of the Governor Part Two, the Governor's dark journey reaches its shocking, heartrending conclusion. In a roller coaster finale, war breaks out, all of the plot lines from the previous three novels converge, tensions boil over into unthinkable mayhem, and the dark destinies of those few left standing are sealed in a series of stunning twists.

The Fall of the House of Usher and Other Stories

Author : Edgar Allan Poe
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Edgar Allan Poe was a writer of uncommon talent; in The Murders in the Rue Morgue he created the genre of detective fiction while his genius for finding the strangeness lurking within us all has been an influence on everyone from Freud to Hollywood. This complete collection of all his short stories and novellas contains well-known tales 'The Pit and the Pendulum' and 'The Tell-Tale Heart' alongside hidden gems that both unsettle and enthrall the reader.

The Automotive Manufacturer

Author :
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Fall of the Gods

Author : Dariel Hedrick
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Join in on an incredible and intense journey, as the final descendants of the fallen gods discover who they are. One moment in time, they are living their lives on Earth as a mortal. The next they find themselves among strangers in a place called Gallioth, where none of the rules of Earth apply. The teachers here have one goal: to teach them their skills and how to find their destiny. As they learn and grow in their skills and gifts, they also learn they must make a choice. The choice is not whether or not to fight – but which side will they fight on. They also realize not everyone in Gallioth has their best interests at heart, and not everything is as it seems to be.

The Story of Sigurd the Volsung and the Fall of Niblungs

Author : William Morris
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The Fall of Light

Author : Niall Williams
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Francis Foley is a proud, stubborn man, and cannot stand to be beholden to anyone. Quick to anger and slow to forgiveness, it is his temper that, one day, costs his sons their home - and their mother. This will not be the last of their losses however: as the four boys and their father embark on an odyssey to find untenanted land they can call their own, their already diminished family is divided further. But if a combination of choice and chance cause the five to separate and scatter, each to their own road, then a series of casual encounters and coincidences offer some hope for reunion and - in Francis's case - redemption. Set in Ireland in the mid-nineteenth century, The Fall of Light traces the footsteps of the five Foley men. With elegant, elegiac prose, Niall Williams guides his characters through hazard and hardship, friendship, love and death, across the world . . . and home again.

The Fall of Berlin 1945

Author : Antony Beevor
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"A tale drenched in drama and blood, heroism and cowardice, loyalty and betrayal."—Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post The Red Army had much to avenge when it finally reached the frontiers of the Third Reich in January 1945. Frenzied by their terrible experiences with Wehrmacht and SS brutality, they wreaked havoc—tanks crushing refugee columns, mass rape, pillage, and unimaginable destruction. Hundreds of thousands of women and children froze to death or were massacred; more than seven million fled westward from the fury of the Red Army. It was the most terrifying example of fire and sword ever known. Antony Beevor, renowned author of D-Day and The Battle of Arnhem, has reconstructed the experiences of those millions caught up in the nightmare of the Third Reich's final collapse. The Fall of Berlin is a terrible story of pride, stupidity, fanaticism, revenge, and savagery, yet it is also one of astonishing endurance, self-sacrifice, and survival against all odds.

Above the Fall Line

Author : Amy Blackmarr
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"Amy Blackmarr returns to her native Georgia as a "refugee," fleeing a bleak Kansas winter, the trauma of graduate school, and a "loss of identity, confidence, boyfriend and best dog and pride." Now White Pine Cabin, a hut barely big enough to turn around in, becomes the setting for Blackmarr's searing self-examination as she tells the stories that have led her so far inward and works out a trail back toward a happier connection with herself, the land, her God, and the people in her world. With an irony that keeps her prose from sinking into sentiment, Blackmarr writes of the dishonesty in a lost relationship, flunking her graduate exams, the inborn racism she was surprised to discover, and the loss of her beloved dog Max. But her enduring love for the land brings needed beauty and balance, and her sense of humor won't let us get away without hearing about the ghost by the creek, the bear that comes for her pork roast, the mice that eat a rat snake, and the landfill that swallows her car. Finally, when Blackmarr allows herself to move outside her solitude she always discovers the world's unexpected generosity, and it is this gift that helps heal her and make her aware of the art we create in the interwoven kindnesses we pay each other."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

History of Europe from the Fall of Napoleon in MDCCCXV to the Accession of Louis Napoleon in MDCCCLII

Author : Archibald Alison
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