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The Economics of the Family and Family Policy

Author : Francisco Cabrillo
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Using the theory of utility maximization (a form of utilitarianism), Cabrillo (economics, Universidad Complutense, Madrid) explores long and short term perspectives of the economics of marriage, the demand for children, intergenerational relationships, and the economics of inheritance. He then analyzes the responses of families to public policy incentives, with special reference to the policies of the European Union. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Economics of the Family

Author : Nancy Folbre
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A collection of previously published essays that highlights the historical dialogue between neoclassical and institutionalist approaches to the economics of the family. The volume is divided into eight sections: neoclassical perspectives; institutionalist and feminist perspectives; bargaining power models; fertility decline; intergenerational transfers; intra-household allocation; families and class inequality; and families and the state. The earliest of the 31 essays is Schultz's "An Economic Model of Family Planning and Fertility" (1969); the most recent is Folbre's "Children as Public Goods" (1994). No subject index. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Economics of the Family

Author : John Ermisch
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Valuing Children

Author : Nancy Folbre
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Nancy Folbre challenges the conventional economist's assumption that parents have children for the same reason that they acquire pets--primarily for the pleasure of their company. Children become the workers and taxpayers of the next generation, and "investments" in them offer a significant payback to other participants in the economy. Yet parents, especially mothers, pay most of the costs. The high price of childrearing pushes many families into poverty, often with adverse consequences for children themselves. Parents spend time as well as money on children. Yet most estimates of the "cost" of children ignore the value of this time. Folbre provides a startlingly high but entirely credible estimate of the value of parental time per child by asking what it would cost to purchase a comparable substitute for it. She also emphasizes the need for better accounting of public expenditure on children over the life cycle and describes the need to rethink the very structure and logic of the welfare state. A new institutional structure could promote more cooperative, sustainable, and efficient commitments to the next generation.

Economics of the Family

Author : Martin Browning
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This book provides a comprehensive, modern, and self-contained account of the research in the growing area of family economics. It is intended for graduate students in economics and for researchers in other fields interested in the economic approach to the family.

Research Handbook on the Economics of Family Law

Author : Lloyd R. Cohen
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Those not learned in the economic arts believe that economics is either solely or essentially concerned with commercial relations. And, so it was, originally. Then, in the second half of the 20th century, economists began applying their minimalist but sturdy tools to other human activities such as marriage, child-bearing, crime, religion and social groups. In this spirit, the Research Handbook on the Economics of Family Law gives us a series of original essays by distinguished scholars in economics, law or both. The essays represent a variety of approaches to the field. Many contain extensive surveys of the literature with respect to the particular question they address. Some employ empirical economics, others are more narrowly legal. They have in common one thing: each scholar employs a core economic tool or insight to shed light on some aspect of family law and social institutions broadly understood. Topics covered include: divorce, child support, infant feeding, abortion access, prostitution, the decline in marriage, birth control and incentives for partnering. This comprehensive and enlightening volume will be a valuable reference for those interested in law and economics generally and family law in particular.

Essays on the Economics of the Family

Author : Brian Philip Cooper
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Economics and the Family

Author : Family Research Conference (8th : 1979 : Brigham Young University)
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Handbook of Population and Family Economics

Author : M.R. Rosenzweig
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The collection of chapters in the Handbook of Population and Family Economics and their organization reflect the most recent developments in economics pertaining to population issues and the family. The rationale, contents, and organization of the Handbook evolve from three premises. First, the family is the main arena in which population outcomes are forged. Second, there are important interactions and significant causal links across all demographic phenomena. Third, the study of the size, composition, and growth of a population can benefit from the application of economic methodology and tools. The diversity and depth of the work reviewed and presented in the Handbook conveys both the progress that has been made by economists in understanding the forces shaping population processes, including the behavior of families, and the many questions, empirical and theoretical, that still remain. For more information on the Handbooks in Economics series, please see our home page on

Family Economics Review

Author :
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