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Economics of Insurance Regulation

Author : Jorg Finsinger
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The Economics of Insurance Regulation

Author : Nancy Sommers
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The Economics Regulation and Systemic Risk of Insurance Markets

Author : Felix Hufeld
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Despite the importance of insurance in enabling individual and collective social, economic, and financial activities, discussions about the macro-economic role and risks of insurance markets are surprisingly limited. The core motivation for publishing this book is to bring together academics, regulators, and industry experts to provide a multifaceted array of research and perspectives on insurance, its role and functioning, and the potential systemic risk it could create. The first part discusses the macro-economic role of insurance and how insurance is different from banking and general finance. Understanding the differences between the balance sheets of insurers and other financial intermediaries is essential to understand the potential differences in risk nature and differences in optimal regulation. The second part of the book focuses on the risks of the insurance sector and the potential for systemic risk. The various chapters discuss the risks both on the asset and liability sides of insurers' balance sheets. The third part of the book covers the impact of regulation on insurance companies. Existing regulation is often complex and has a large impact on insurance companies' decision-making and functioning. The chapters also illustrate the unintended consequences of various forms of regulation. The book concludes with a summary of a survey that has been conducted in collaboration with McKinsey, where insurance executives have been asked about the risks and regulation in the insurance sector. The survey provides guidance for future research on insurance markets.

The Economics of Insurance Regulation

Author : Mary A. Weiss
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Research Handbook on the Economics of Insurance Law

Author : Daniel Schwarcz
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The fields of insurance law and insurance economics have long and distinguished scholarly histories, but participants in the two disciplines have not always communicated well across academic silos. This Handbook encourages more policy-relevant insurance e

The Economics of insurance regulation

Author : Jorg Finsinger
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Insurance Economics

Author : Peter Zweifel
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"Winner of the 2014 Kulp-Wright Book Award Presented by the American Risk and Insurance Association". More information can be found here: Insurance Economics brings together the economic analysis of decision making under risk, risk management and demand for insurance by individuals and corporations, objectives pursued and management tools used by insurance companies, the regulation of insurance, and the division of labor between private and social insurance. Appropriete both for advanced undergraduate and graduate students of economics, management, and finance, this text provides the background required to understand current research. Predictions derived from theoretical argument are not only stated but confronted with empirical evidence. Throughout the book, conclusions summarize results, helping readers to check their knowledge and understanding. Issues discussed include paradoxa in decision making under risk, selection of favorable risks by insurers, the possibility of a "death spiral" in insurance markets, and future challenges such as re-regulation in the wake of the 2007-09 financial crisis and the increasing availability of generic information.

Modernizing Insurance Regulation

Author : John H. Biggs
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The future of the insurance regulation begins now For those involved with the insurance industry, from investmentprofessionals to policy makers, and regulators to legislators,tremendous change is coming. With insurance premiums constitutingan ever-growing portion of annual U.S. GDP and provisions of theDodd-Frank Act specifically calling for modernization of insuranceregulations, the issues at hand are pervasive. In ModernizingInsurance Regulation, these issues are described against abackdrop of the political and industry discussions that surroundinsurance, regulation, and systemic risk. Experts Viral V. Acharyaand Matthew Richardson discuss a variety of issues with topthinkers in the fields of finance, derivatives, credit risk, andbanking to bring to light the most germane elements of this ongoingdiscussion. In Modernizing Insurance Regulation, Acharya andRichardson call on the expertise of all the relevant stakeholderswithin government, academia, and industry to offer a well-roundedand independent view of insurance regulation and how the evolutionof this key industry affects the U.S. economy now and in thefuture. Provides an overview of the feasibility of maintaining astate-level regulatory structure Offers a view of the issues from top academics, industryleaders, and state regulators Explores the debate surrounding the insurance industry andsystemic risk Provides an in-depth look at upcoming changes under theDodd-Frank Act Modernizing Insurance Regulation provides a look into thecrucial changes coming to insurance regulation and an overview ofhow those changes will affect almost everyone.

The Economics of Life insurance Regulation Valuation Constraints

Author : G. Frank Mathewson
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The Political Economy of Regulation

Author : Kenneth J. Meier
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This is the first comprehensive study of the history, politics, and economics of the insurance industry in the United States. It is designed as a theoretical challenge to the conventional wisdom in political economy which says that regulation benefits the regulated. In fact, Meier shows that because the insurance industry is far too divided to impose its will on the regulatory system, the political economy of regulation is actually the product of a complex interaction of industry interests, consumer groups, insurance regulations, and political elites. Using both historical and quantitative approaches, the author examines a variety of insurance issues including the development of insurance regulation; the impact of regulation on the availability and price of insurance; the stringency of state regulation; and the product liability insurance crisis of 1985-86. The book concludes with a series of recommendations for reforming the regulation of insurance.