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The Economics of Farm Animal Welfare

Author : Bouda Vosough Ahmadi
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This landmark new text charts the latest developments in economic research relevant to farm animal welfare. A range of global experts and key opinion leaders outline the challenges in achieving sustainable livestock production while improving farm profit, climate change and animal welfare, and make policy-relevant recommendations for the future. This is a theoretical yet practical book that examines: - the origins of farm animal welfare, cross-disciplinary interactions and the future of the field; - consumer demand and changing preferences as animal welfare rises up the social agenda; - the impact political organisations such as the EU and WTO have on animal welfare. An important resource for policy makers and animal welfare scientists, economists and clinicians, this book provides a thought-provoking yet evidence-based review for all those interested in quantifying and improving farm animal welfare.

Compassion by the Pound

Author : F. Bailey Norwood
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This highly readable book is aimed at anyone with an interest in the food they eat. In conversational tone, and avoiding academic jargon, it provides an honest and objective account of the consequences of food consumption choices and policies, through the lens of economics.

Animal Welfare 3rd Edition

Author : Michael C Appleby
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Updated and revised, this bestselling textbook continues to provide a broad introduction to the key topics in the welfare of animals both large and small, farm and companion, wild and zoo. It retains all the popular features of the previous editions with coverage of key issues such as ethics, animal pain and injury, health and disease, social conditions, and welfare dilemmas and problems. Importantly, it also offers practical advice for welfare assessment, with a full section dedicated to the implementation of solutions. With contributions from renowned international experts and a new editorial team, Animal Welfare, 3rd Edition is an essential resource for students and researchers in animal and veterinary sciences and other disciplines considering the science and practice of animal welfare, and for practitioners and decision-makers worldwide.

Farm Animal Welfare 1979 March 1987

Author : Charles N. Bebee
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The Business of Farm Animal Welfare

Author : Nicky Amos
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Globally, nearly 70 billion animals are farmed annually for meat, milk and eggs. Two-thirds of these are farmed intensively. The views held by food companies on animal stewardship, and the management practices and processes that they adopt are, therefore, of critical importance in determining the welfare of these animals. Yet, despite the scale of the food industry’s impact, farm animal welfare remains a relatively immature management issue. There is a lack of consensus around the specific responsibilities companies have for farm animal welfare, and around how companies should treat the animals in their or in their suppliers’ care. This book, The Business of Farm Animal Welfare, provides an extensive, authoritative analysis of current corporate practice on farm animal welfare. It critically reviews and assesses the ethical and business case for action. Through a series of practitioner case-studies, it describes how companies have addressed farm animal welfare in their operations and supply chains. It analyses the key barriers to companies adopting higher standards of farm animal welfare, and offers a series of practical recommendations to companies, consumers and policy makers on the role that they might play in raising farm animal welfare standards across the food industry. As the first comprehensive account of business and farm animal welfare, this book is an essential resource for researchers, practitioners and general readers looking to understand and influence corporate practice on farm animal welfare.

Valuing Farm Animal Welfare

Author : R. M. Bennett
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The Welfare of Cattle

Author : Jeffrey Rushen
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This book covers all aspects of research into the welfare of dairy, veal and beef cattle, covering behavior, nutrition and feeding, housing and management, stockmanship, and stress physiology, as well as transport and slaughter. It also offers a detailed and critical analysis of the main indicators of animal welfare and covers the main threats to animal welfare in modern cattle production systems.

Long Distance Transport and Welfare of Farm Animals

Author : Michael C. Appleby
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Around 60 billion animals are bred for food each year worldwide and more than a billion are transported, often over long distances, every week. However, awareness and understanding of animal welfare, the factors that affect it and the correlation between it and other issues such as food safety and quality are increasing. Long distance transport can cause both physical and mental problems in animals and promoting animal welfare will be beneficial to both the animals and the agricultural and processing industries. In conjunction with a global coalition of NGOs working on animal transport and welfare, this volume brings together studies from well known animal scientists and researchers to review the implications and necessity of long distance animal transport for slaughter. Authoritative reports on regional practices are combined with discussions of the science, economics, legislation and procedures involved in this practice. This review will be essential for researchers and professionals within animal production and welfare as well as veterinary science.

The Question of the Animal and Religion

Author : Aaron S. Gross
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Through an absorbing investigation into recent, high-profile scandals involving one of the largest kosher slaughterhouses in the world, located unexpectedly in Postville, Iowa, Aaron S. Gross makes a powerful case for elevating the category of the animal in the study of religion. Major theorists have almost without exception approached religion as a phenomenon that radically marks humans off from other animals, but Gross rejects this paradigm, instead matching religion more closely with the life sciences to better theorize human nature. Gross begins with a detailed account of the scandals at Agriprocessors and their significance for the American and international Jewish community. He argues that without a proper theorization of "animals and religion," we cannot fully understand religiously and ethically motivated diets and how and why the events at Agriprocessors took place. Subsequent chapters recognize the significance of animals to the study of religion in the work of Ernst Cassirer, Emile Durkheim, Mircea Eliade, Jonathan Z. Smith, and Jacques Derrida and the value of indigenous peoples' understanding of animals to the study of religion in our daily lives. Gross concludes by extending the Agribusiness scandal to the activities at slaughterhouses of all kinds, calling attention to the religiosity informing the regulation of "secular" slaughterhouses and its implications for our relationship with and self-imagination through animals.

Human and Animal Sensitivity

Author : Fabio Napolitano
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This book presents cross-discipline studies covering aspects ranging from animal science to social/consumer sciences and psychology, with the aim to collect and disseminate information promoting the continuous enhancement of animal welfare by improving stakeholders’ perception of animal welfare. Although animal welfare is about how the animals perceive the surrounding environment, the actual welfare of the animals is dependent on how the stakeholders perceive and weigh animal welfare. The stakeholders can, either directly (i.e., through stock-people interaction with the animals) or indirectly (e.g., when retailers and consumers are willing to pay more for high welfare animal-based products), affect the way animals are kept and handled.

Farm Animal Housing and Welfare

Author : S.H. Baxter
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The Welfare of Cats

Author : Irene Rochlitz
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Written by experts from the UK, the USA and Switzerland, this book focuses on the major issues affecting the welfare of domestic cats. It covers behaviour, the human-cat relationship, and the impact of housing, disease, nutrition and breeding on welfare.

The Modern Savage

Author : James McWilliams
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Just Food author James McWilliams's exploration of the "compassionate carnivore" movement and the paradox of humanity's relationship with animals. In the last four decades, food reformers have revealed the ecological and ethical problems of eating animals raised in industrial settings, turning what was once the boutique concern of radical eco-freaks into a mainstream movement. Although animal products are often labeled "cage free," "free range," and "humanely raised," can we trust these goods to be safe, sound, or ethical? In The Modern Savage, renowned writer, historian, and animal advocate James McWilliams pushes back against the questionable moral standards of a largely omnivorous world and explores the "alternative to the alternative"-not eating domesticated animals at all. In poignant, powerful, and persuasive prose, McWilliams reveals the scope of the cruelty that takes place even on the smallest and-supposedly-most humane animal farms. In a world increasingly aware of animals' intelligence and the range of their emotions, McWilliams advocates for the only truly moral, sustainable choice-a diet without meat, dairy, or other animal products. The Modern Savage is a riveting expose of an industry that has typically hidden behind a veil of morality, and a compelling account of how to live a more economical, environmental, and ethical life.

The Welfare of Horses

Author : N. Waran
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This book is the first in a series on the Welfare of Animals, and it is appropriate that it addresses horses, whose welfare in modern management systems are a subject of major concern. Keeping horses is increasingly popular in the Western world and is of major importance in many developing countries. However, the conditions in which horses are kept are very different from the environment of wild horses, which leads to many adverse effects on their welfare and behaviour. This book describes the development of horse behaviour, and the way in which the management of horses today affects their welfare. Horses for sport, companionship and work are considered and ways of improving their welfare by better training and management is described. The authors include internationally-recognised scientists from Britain, Ireland, USA and Australia. The book will be of interest to all involved in the equine industry, animal welfare, academics, students and practical horsemen.

The Welfare of Dogs

Author : Kevin Stafford
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This book is one of a series of textbooks on the Welfare of Animals. This book discusses the welfare of dogs used for many different purposes. The book has an international perspective on the welfare of dogs in developed and under-developed countries. The welfare of laboratory dogs which is of concern to many people is discussed, as is the welfare of animals held in shelters waiting for re-homing or euthanasia. The book successfully combines an appreciation of how the health and nutrition of dogs has improved with an understanding of the social difficulties dogs experience. The book’s outlook on the subject of dog welfare is positive.

Advances in Animal Welfare Science 1986 87

Author : M.W. Fox
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This third volume of articles dealing with advances in animal welfare science and philosophy covers a wide variety of topics. Major areas of discussion include the ethics and use of animals in biomedical research, farm animal behavior and welfare, and wildlife conservation. Three articles dealing with aspects of equine behavior and welfare cover new ground for this companion species. An in-depth study of the destruction of Latin America's tropical rain forests links the need for conservation and wildlife protection with the devastating impact of the international beef (hamburger) industry, and also highlights serious welfare problems in the husbandry of cattle in the tropics. Papers from a recent symposium at Moorhead State University, Animals and Humans: Ethical Perspectives have been included in this volume. Many of these are "benchmark" papers presenting the most up-to-date and documented evidence in support of animal welfare and rights. Articles oppos ing these position papers are included since they were part of the symposium, and because they provide the reader with a deeper understanding of the arguments given in support of various forms of animal exploitation. While there is no intent to endorse these views by publishing them, it should be acknowledged that without an open and scholarly exchange of opposing of constructive exchange and conflict resolution will views, the possibility remain remote.

The Future of Animal Farming

Author : Marian Stamp Dawkins
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Does animal welfare have a place in sustainable farming, or do the demands of a rising human population and the threat of climate change mean that the interests of animals must be put aside? Can we improve the way we keep animals and still feed the world – or is it a choice between ethics and economics? The aim of this book is to challenge the "them-and-us" thinking that sets the interests of humans and farm animals against each other and to show that to be really "sustainable," farming needs to include, not ignore, animal welfare. The authors of this remarkable book come from a diversity of backgrounds: industry, animal welfare organizations, academic institutions, and practical farming. They are united in arguing that farm animals matter and that sustainable farming must have animal welfare at its ethical core, along with the production of healthy, affordable food and care for the environment.

Improving farm animal welfare

Author : H.J. Blokhuis
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How do you define the quality of life of a farmed animal? This timely book addresses the complex and often controversial issues surrounding the assessment and improvement of farm animal welfare. Based on a large, multi-disciplinary EU funded research project called Welfare Quality, it discusses the relevance of science based welfare assessments and the importance of establishing a fruitful dialogue between science and society. An outline is given of the development of a workable welfare assessment system for cattle, pigs and chickens as well as practical ways of improving the animals' quality of life. This book synthesises the huge body of work carried out by the largest ever international network of scientists and stakeholders in Welfare Quality. It describes some of the obstacles encountered and their solution and why particular paths were chosen. It also clearly sets out what still needs to be done and presents selected strategies and technologies (automation, proxy indicators, targeting of risk factors, etc.) designed to ensure the continued improvement of welfare and its assessment. The book provides a valuable source of knowledge on farm animal welfare for social and animal scientists, students, teachers, policy makers, lobby groups and the animal industry.

Comptes Rendus Themes

Author :
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Communicational and Lobbying Power in German Farm Animal Welfare Politics

Author : Michael Grunenberg
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