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The East Side of it All

Author : Joseph Dandurand
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Dandurand’s work tackles complicated personal and social issues by drawing on his observations of the natural world. His voice is lyrical yet intimate, obscured yet sitting with you at the kitchen table having a cigarette. The East Side of It All is the journey of a broken man gifted with stories and poems who finally accepts his gift and shares with the world his hidden misery and joy: there was this woman that I fell in love with but she will never know who I am and I hide in the back of the room as she goes about her thing and I go about mine, and once I tried to look into her eyes but when she looked back, I knew she was a spirit and I was still a human and she passed right through me and I felt the coldness of her

The East Side of It All

Author : Joseph Dandurand
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Dandurand's work tackles complicated personal and social issues by drawing on his observations of the natural world. His voice is lyrical yet intimate, obscured yet sitting with you at the kitchen table having a cigarette. The East Side of It All is the journey of a broken man gifted with stories and poems who finally accepts his gift and shares with the world his hidden misery and joy: there was this woman that I fell in love with but she will never know who I am and I hide in the back of the room as she goes about her thing and I go about mine, and once I tried to look into her eyes but when she looked back, I knew she was a spirit and I was still a human and she passed right through me and I felt the coldness of her

The Eastside Devotional

Author : John C. Hendershot
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Berlin East Side Gallery Berlin

Author : Christine MacLean
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Berlin, Berlin. One city once divided in two. One communist, one not. One brightly adorned the other grey. I can still see East Berlin so clearly. The time of the Wall. Do you know the East Side Gallery? A piece of the Berlin Wall which stands in what was East Berlin. It was transformed into a gallery. This piece of Wall healed by artists joyfully witnessed the Peaceful Revolution of 1989. The Berlin Senate wanted it gone and removed several parts despite protests and petitions. It needs to stay because the history is too important to lose.

Farewell East Side

Author : Khali Raymond
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Punk in NYC s Lower East Side 1981 1991

Author : Ben Nadler
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Much has been written about the glamorous and short-lived New York City punk rock scene of the late 1970s. Less has been written about the second-wave punk scene that followed in the 1980s. Unlike the earlier scene, the ‘80s punk scene took place largely outside of the established downtown clubs, in the streets and squats of the Lower East Side. Punk in NYC’s Lower East Side, 1981-1991, the first installment in the Scene History Series offers a glimpse into this important cultural moment, which has had such a lasting impact on American subcultures, from Hardcore, to Skinhead, to, most crucially, Anarcho-Punk.Drawing on both archival documents and original interviews, this zine explores the music of the era’s bands, including Bad Brains, Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front, False Prophets, Urgent Fury, No Thanks, and Reagan Youth. At the same time, the scene is situated within the broader social context, from the election of Ronald Reagan to the Tompkins Square Riots. Woven throughout is the tragic story of New York City’s most legendary anarcho-punk, Reagan Youth’s Dave Insurgent. Insurgent came from a Jewish family of holocaust survivors whose history is rarely discussed.

DIY on the Lower East Side

Author : Andrew Strombeck
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Engaging look at Lower East Side writers and artists in the wake of the 1975 New York fiscal crisis. The severe financial austerity imposed on New York City during the 1975 fiscal crisis resulted in a city falling apart. Broken windows, crumbling walls, and piles of bricks were everywhere. While, for many, this physical decay was a sign that the postwar welfare state had failed, for others, it represented a site of risky opportunity that could stimulate novel forms of creativity and community. In this book, Andrew Strombeck explores the legacy of this crisis for the city’s literature and art, focusing on one neighborhood where changes were acutely felt—the Lower East Side. In what became a paradigmatic example of gentrification, the Lower East Side’s population shifted from working-class people to Wall Street traders and ad agents. This transformation occurred, in part, because of high-profile local artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Jeff Koons, and Kiki Smith, but Strombeck argues that neighborhood writers also played a role. Drawing on archival research and original author interviews, he examines the innovative work of Kathy Acker, David Wojnarowicz, Miguel Piñero, Sylvère Lotringer, Lynne Tillman, and others and concludes that these writers still have much to teach us about changes in the nature of work and the emergence of a do-it-yourself ethos. DIY on the Lower East Side shows how place and politics shaped literature, and how New York City policies adopted at the time continue to shape our world. Andrew Strombeck is Professor of English at Wright State University.

The Jewish East Side 1881 1924

Author : Milton Hindus
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This book, originally published as The Old East Side, is a collection of literature and documents ranging from the autobiography of the sculptor Jacob Epstein and the novels of Abraham Cahan to the reporting of William Dean Howells and the fictional reconstruction of a vanished world by Henry Roth. The world is that of the old shtetl transplanted to a new, growing country, where "the ghetto" (in the years 1881-1924) was an unstable mixture of nostalgic elements and the pressures of American economic and social reality. The productivity, both intellectual and material, of the section of New York known as the East Side during those forty years around the turn of the twentieth century has become a legend among many Jews in this country and deserves to become better known to many more of other ethnic origins. The lower East Side was paradoxically a wilderness to be traversed and a portion of that "promised land" which had been glimpsed with so much hope from afar. To wonderfully talented and observant children, like Jacob Epstein, the streets there in the 1880s were as filled with excitement as those of the Arabian Nights. To serious philosophic young men like Morris Raphael Cohen, they were as challenging as the marketplace of Athens had once been to Socrates to achieve intellectual enlightenment and the improvement of the social order. The conditions of abominable crowding and poverty described in the sociological tracts of Jacob Riis, Lillian Wald, and others are better known perhaps to the average reader than the accounts of such pleasures as the dancing schools, the Yiddish theaters, the cafes, the lectures, the literary ferment and activities, described in the pages of Abraham Cahan and Hutchins Hapgood. But all the views presented in The Jewish East Side, both dark and bright, are recognizably parts of the same picture. This book will be of value to sociologists, historians, researchers specializing in Judaic studies, and students of literature.

East Side Story

Author :
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Congressional Record

Author : United States. Congress
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Pandas on the Eastside

Author : Gabrielle Prendergast
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When ten-year-old Journey Song hears that two pandas are being held in a warehouse in her neighborhood, she worries that they may be hungry, cold and lonely. Horrified to learn that the pandas, originally destined for a zoo in Washington, might be shipped back to China because of a diplomatic spat between China and the United States, Journey rallies her friends and neighbors on the poverty-stricken Eastside. Her infectious enthusiasm for all things panda is hard to resist, and soon she's getting assistance from every corner of her tight-knit neighborhood.

Lower East Side Memories

Author : Hasia R. Diner
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Manhattan's Lower East Side stands for Jewish experience in America. With the possible exception of African-Americans and Harlem, no ethnic group has been so thoroughly understood and imagined through a particular chunk of space. Despite the fact that most American Jews have never set foot there--and many come from families that did not immigrate through New York much less reside on Hester or Delancey Street--the Lower East Side is firm in their collective memory. Whether they have been there or not, people reminisce about the Lower East Side as the place where life pulsated, bread tasted better, relationships were richer, tradition thrived, and passions flared. This was not always so. During the years now fondly recalled (1880-1930), the neighborhood was only occasionally called the Lower East Side. Though largely populated by Jews from Eastern Europe, it was not ethnically or even religiously homogenous. The tenements, grinding poverty, sweatshops, and packs of roaming children were considered the stuff of social work, not nostalgia and romance. To learn when and why this dark warren of pushcart-lined streets became an icon, Hasia Diner follows a wide trail of high and popular culture. She examines children's stories, novels, movies, museum exhibits, television shows, summer-camp reenactments, walking tours, consumer catalogues, and photos hung on deli walls far from Manhattan. Diner finds that it was after World War II when the Lower East Side was enshrined as the place through which Jews passed from European oppression to the promised land of America. The space became sacred at a time when Jews were simultaneously absorbing the enormity of the Holocaust and finding acceptance and opportunity in an increasingly liberal United States. Particularly after 1960, the Lower East Side gave often secularized and suburban Jews a biblical, yet distinctly American story about who they were and how they got here. Displaying the author's own fondness for the Lower East Side of story books, combined with a commitment to historical truth, Lower East Side Memories is an insightful account of one of our most famous neighborhoods and its power to shape identity.

Billy Tripod and the Eastside Band

Author : Gerald Marier
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Billy is a boy born to entertain, but bad fortune and hard luck stop his every move. He plods on, singing here, playing there- does a stint in the army, but never does he accomplish what he wants. A bad accident happens, and from there he moves up. Money comes in- he marries his love, and off in another direction, makes his mark.

From the Lower East Side to Hollywood

Author : Paul Buhle
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A lively, extensively illustrated history of the widespread influence of Jews on American popular culture through the twentieth century.

The Eastside Kid

Author : John F. DeCosta
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Baseball was everything and everywhere in the 1950s on the east side of Brockton, Massachusetts. In The Eastside Kid, author John DeCosta tells what it was like growing up in that era and what the game of baseball has meant to his life. This memoir describes DeCostas baseball experiences both as a youngster and as an adult, and it shows how this passion shaped him. With photographs included, The Eastside Kid shares DeCostas life story from 1957 to 2011, including details about his Catholic family, his love for animals, his first job, serving in the military in Korea, dealing with heart problems, and his continued participation in baseball. From the sandlot to Little League to adult amateur baseball, The Eastside Kid provides an inside view of how deeply baseball beats in the heart of John DeCosta.

The Eastside of Town

Author : Bob Williams
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"A reader's delight. a story with nostalgia, history, lost love, suspense and a touch of American Graffiti." Maxine Paetro, New York Times bestselling author "First-time novelist Bob Williams' the Eastside of Town is a cracking good mystery and an even more compelling coming-of-age story. Set in Central Florida in the eventful 1960's, this rapidly paced novel uses the biggest issues of the day-Vietnam, Civil Rights, and the Kennedy assassination as a catalyst in the life of youthful protagonist Tommy Smith. Readers with a taste for mystery and fine fiction will love it." Mary Stanton ( Claudia Bishop ) author of THE BEAUFORT & COMPANY MYSTERIES "Even if you didn't grow up in Central Florida during the 1960's, the Eastside of Town offers a gripping tale of friendship, lost love, coming to terms with coming-of-age...and murder. Bob Williams knows how to tell a tale, but he also knows how to instill a deep sense of place in his writing. Those who remember Orlando as it used to be will enjoy nostalgic references to such favorite old hangouts as Ronnie's Restaurant and the Orlando Youth Center. Along the way, Williams does a masterful job of creating characters who seem like old friends and plotting a story that keeps us riveted until the end." Bob Morris, (Baja Florida, Bahamarama, Jamaica Dead) Five friends who grew up on the eastside of Orlando who experienced fathers returning from WWII, the mysteries of girls, Friday night lights, prom, integration, civil rights, assassinations of President Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr., the draft, and the Vietnam War are reunited when Jackie, the girl who taught all of them about passion and compassion, is brutally murdered. Tommy Smith convinces his friends they need to find out what happened to Jackie. This may not have been a good idea.


Author : Garrison Johnson
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East Side is a story about a young boy from a good family who got involved with gangs in Los Angeles. The story tells how the boy goes from good to worse because he did not have a father to set rules in the house. When he went to school he was introduced to gangs, Crips on the west side, Bloods on the eastside. They were rivals, but only over territory at first. Then drugs came into the scene, and the young boys used the drugs to make money. Then they saw how much money they were making and wondered why people were buying them. The young boys became curious, so they also began using the drugs. Then, they ended up stealing, robbing, and even killing for the drugs. This habit of allowing chemicals to alter their mindset and destroyed family, people, and many lives. The drugs took control. The gangs had other gangs fights over who could sell drugs and where at. The Crips started having division within themselves. It was like a drug war, a family war, and war within yourself. So many kids had their lives ended: buried, in jail, or in hospitals. This went on for a number of years, and it is still happening to this day. East Side tells of the reality of drug use and gang affiliation.

Eastside Girls

Author : Robin Chanel
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Kaori did all she could to provide for her small family she had. With working as a stripper in Hollywood and living on the Eastside of Compton all her life with her closest two friends Chan and Tissa, her life was hectic. However, this isn’t your typical stripper story, Kaori and her girls find a better paying hustle. Fast cars, good game, and sex appeal brought them millions. After partnering up on a deal of a lifetime with Kaori's boy toy, Kin, their lives changed drastically. Find out when Sin City meets the Eastside girls, Cha, Tissa, and Kaori. These women are determined to make it to the top with no limits, even if it meant death.

East Side Story

Author : Louis Auchincloss
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A “novel of power and hypocrisy in upper-class New York” that follows the rise of one prominent family, generation after generation (The New Yorker). How did the families who live on Manhattan’s Upper East Side get to where they are today? This engaging saga by a New York Times–bestselling author charts the rise of an uncommon family in America’s grandest city. East Side Story tells of the Carnochan family whose Scottish forebears established themselves in New York’s textile business during the Civil War. From there they quickly moved on to seize prominent positions in the country’s top schools and Manhattan’s elite firms. As the novel unfolds, Carnochans across generations recount stories about their illuminating lives steeped in both good fortune and moral jeopardy. From women who outsmart their foolish husbands to ambitious lawyers who protect the Carnochan name to the family’s artists and writers, all weigh the question that infuses so much of Louis Auchincloss’s fiction: What makes for a meaningful life in a family that has so much? “Some writers inform, some instruct, and some tell how rewarding good prose can be,” John Kenneth Galbraith once observed. “Louis Auchincloss does all three.” In its starred review, Kirkus Reviews called East Side Story “a rich chronicle . . . that succeeds in humanizing a rare and much-maligned species of Americans for those who don’t come across them very much.” Auchincloss’s superb novel is both a loving and wicked look at New York’s Yankee aristocracy as only this sublime master of manners can provide.


Author : Caleb Alexander
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The bereaved mothers of children who died as a result of gang violence in the 1990s band together during an emotionally turbulent cemetery march that takes them through a torn city landscape, an effort that is challenged by corrupt police officers, psychotic gang members, and painful memories. Original. 15,000 first printing.