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The Dyslexic Adult

Author : David McLoughlin
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A definitive and evidence-based guide for psychologists, teachers, coaches, HR personnel and all professionals who must understand and work with dyslexic adults. The only book to look at dyslexia within the context of life span developmental psychology, including the factors that contribute to success - now fully revised and updated Combines an accessible style with a strong focus on evidence-based practice and a sound theoretical model on which to base assessment, counselling, teaching and training Provides a clear guide to the kinds of assessment that can be conducted and the ways in which dyslexic adults can be supported in selection, training, education and employment Includes coverage of overlapping syndromes such as dyspraxia and dyscalculia, and up-to-date check lists for syndromes that can be used as part of the assessment process

The Adult Dyslexic

Author : David McLoughlin
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In order to become successful, adults with dyslexia need to be able to take control of their lives. This book aims to promote greater understanding of the nature of dyslexia as it is manifested in the adult years and to describe the skills professionals need if they are to empower dyslexic people through the process of assessment, counselling, teaching and training. Contents: Developmental dyslexia – aetiology; characteristics in adulthood Identification – risk factors; interviewing; screening; assessment Counselling – issues; theoretical approaches; basic skills; advanced skills Personal development – social skills; communication skills; confidence; self-esteem Teaching – reading; spelling; writing; numeracy Tutoring – learning skills; reading strategies; writing techniques; examination and test taking; note taking; metacognition Training – career development; strategy acquisition; complementary skills; self-assertion Advocacy – in education; in the work place; support groups

Dyslexia in Adults

Author : Kathleen Nosek
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Outlines simple plans for accommodating or compensating for the limits of dyslexia and encourages the discovery and development of individual learning and working styles.

Dyslexia in Adults

Author : Gavin Reid
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This book covers key aspects of learning in adults with dyslexia, including individual profiles, strengths and difficulties, the role of the tutor, course design, assessment and method of teaching, as well as providing a number of support strategies. Case studies highlight the needs of employers and dyslexia adults in the workplace and give examples of good practice.

The Dyslexic Adult in A Non Dyslexic World

Author : Ellen Morgan
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The Dyslexic Adult in a non-dyslexic world is aimed at teachers, employers, careers advisers, counsellors and any others who work with, support or live with dyslexic adults. Using case studies and adult "voices" to illustrate and elaborate their points, the authors explore a range of issues affecting dyslexic adults. The book approaches the understanding of dyslexia through the perspective of the dyslexic adult and through examining the dyslexic "cognitive style" and its impact on how this affects dyslexic adults in their personal, academic and work lives. The Dyslexic Adult explores the importance of diagnosis and discusses many of the contentious issues surrounding the assessment of dyslexic adults. It suggests strategies and creative solutions for dyslexic difficulties as well as ways of exploiting dyslexic strengths. Finally, it takes a look into the future, suggesting that changes in the 21st century may alter perceptions of dyslexia and the opportunities for roles which dyslexic adults play in society, and encourages the non-dyslexic world to value the contributions which dyslexic adults can make.

Supporting Dyslexic Adults in Higher Education and the Workplace

Author : Nicola Brunswick
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Supporting Dyslexic Adults provides practical advice in supporting dyslexic adults in education and employment, and guidance on the latest research Provides an important overview of current research and practice in supporting dyslexic adults in education and employment, deftly combining academic understanding with everyday issues Contributors possess a wealth of practical experience in the field which provides an indispensible guide to the subject Case studies are included to capture the immediate experiences of dyslexic adults in education and at work to highlight prevalent issues Offers practical advice to adults with dyslexia, from how to disclose their particular needs to employers and colleagues to legal aspects of dyslexia support Highlights to employers the particular skills and strengths that dyslexic adults can bring to the workplace

Adult Dyslexia

Author : Gary Fitzgibbon
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This book shows why small and large employers should be aware of European laws on anti-discrimination and dyslexia. It provides practical advice on how to identify dyslexics in the workplace, how to create the right environment for them to thrive and how organisations can make the transition from a framework that perceives dyslexia as a problem to one that perceives it as a solution.

The Ultimate Book for Overcoming Dyslexia Tools for Kids Teenagers Adults

Author : Jessica Caplain
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How To Handle And Plan Your Kid's Life To Get A Handle On His Dyslexia Condition Know The Secrets Of Overcoming Dyslexia With This Book! You have chosen this book because you are thinking of your child’s well-being. He may be having a hard time keeping up in class, often makes spelling errors and hates to read even the simplest of words. You may have been seeking for some advice on what you can do to help him do better in academics, particularly in reading and writing. You have probably asked yourself, what is wrong with my child? – And though a little hesitant, you have probably considered finally getting an assessment to clear your head from all the worries and the never-ending questions. There’s just so much to take in. What’s in the Book? This book provides you with in-depth, relevant information regarding Dyslexia (both for kids, teenagers and adults alike). Instead of being buried with mountain of theories or lose your eagerness with confusing terminologies, we’ll give you only the most straightforward facts about Dyslexia, and nothing else. The book aims to impart parents with practical ideas on hands-on activities that your child might enjoy doing, along with strategies that may benefit him for a lifetime – as there are actually plenty of tips we can utilize to help your kid stay organized and keep the b’s and d’s facing the correct way. If you found yourself reading through this intro, you have either started to consider the possibility of Dyslexia or may have already done your homework. Your child’s Individual Education Program (IEP) may already be underway, too. Whatever phase you are in at the moment, this book provides you with guidance and assurance; both medical and legal that will help you raise a strong-willed individual. Here's what you'll learn: Introduction Chapter I: Dyslexia Defined Common misconceptions Symptoms When to have your child tested What you can do at home Facts about dyslexia Dyslexia as a Specific Learning Disability (SLD) Knowing the causes Types of dyslexia Dyslexia VS ADD and ADHD Your preschooler and signs of late development Dyslexia signs in your school-age child Visible signs in teens and adults Taking action now Chapter II: Knowing When to Seek Help Delayed speech Ear infections Vision problems Issues with motor skills Getting ready for kindergarten Dyslexia is NOT a behavioural disorder Monitoring your school-aged child Starting to feel unhappy and being disorganized Talking to your child’s teacher Having your child tested for dyslexia Never too late Looking for a Test Administrator Within your child’s school district Independent Test Administrators Test results and the terminologies Section 504 Independent tutor Deciding not to test Chapter III: Exploring Your Options Traditional public schools Assessments School programs Help beyond the classroom Meeting the school staff Getting to know the resource teacher The support staff The principal Alternative schooling Magnet schools Montessori schools Deciding on a school Home schooling Reading textbooks Looking for workbooks Extra materials Individualized Education Program IEP meeting IEP document: The fine print Preparing for the IEP meeting Acts governing the IEP Knowing your and your child’s rights Avoiding the land mines Retention Chapter IV: Doing Your Part in Your Child’s Treatment Dealing with rhyming words Getting used to phonics Using kindness to manage your child’s difficulties Multisensory learning Making homework more enjoyable Unleashing the happy hormones Helping your child manage everyday challenges How to listen to your child Empowering your child Responding to your child’s mistakes Teaching directions Navigation Improving hand-eye coordination during play Copying Telling time Remembering a sequence Maintaining peace and order at home Chapter V: Dyslexia: Beyond the Childhood Years Boosting your child’s self-confidence Facing school-related challenges Dealing with all the reading and writing The importance of note-taking Studying foreign languages Planning for college and career Developing work skills Heading off to college Entrance exam Looking for schools and majors Disability programs Dealing with applications and interviews Picking the school Seeking financial assistance Dyslexia in adulthood Building a family Download this book today

Dyslexia in Adult Education

Author : Denis Lawrence
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Each chapter of this book sets out to answer specific questions put to the author by students and lecturers over 15 years of assessing adults with dyslexia. The book is a valuable source of reference; in answering the questions, it defines dyslexia, discusses the history of dyslexia and reviews current research into the concept. Techniques and strategies for supporting adult students with dyslexia are also presented.

Making Dyslexia Work for You

Author : Vicki Goodwin
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A guide to overcoming the day-to-day difficulties associated with dyslexia. --from publisher description.


Author : Cooper Harling
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Dyslexia is a way for the brain to channel words, symbols and letters into discernible thougths. It's not just a disorder or handicap, something that teachers will be disappointed at and parents will be worried about. Over the years, all the dyslexic people I have met in my life, have a knack for something other than reading and writing. They are good at construction, computer software, creative thinking, or something technical. These skills, however necessary, are often overlooked when teachers and educators push kids into what they think forms the sole basis for their success in life: Literacy. Now, don't get me wrong, reading and writing matter. They make a difference, and it's harder to do certain things when the process of learning it is slower, but I think that this book can enlighten anyone who is looking for: - The strengths that come with a dyslexic brain. - The definition and symptoms, so you know how to recognize it. - Ways to work around the forceful writing skills many people don't use as much anymore anyway. - Methods to help children understand themselves, accept their quirks, and find their hidden talents. - Brain and cerebral studies that explain the difference between brains of "regular" people and dyslexic ones. - Interesting anecdotes about how to read faster, overcome dyslexia, or make the process of acquiring reading skills less frustrating. - And so much more! Chances are that you might know someone who is dyslexic. Or perhaps you are just wondering about it. I encourage you to pick up this comparatively cheap book and educate yourself to improve your comprehension of what dyslexia really is and what to do with it.

The Right Brain for the Right Time

Author : Barbara Hoi
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The world is speeding up. Weeks are flying by, information flooding us, technology submerging our lives-fast and increasingly visual. Dyslexics are picture thinkers, perfectly suited for the fast time we are living in. Given the right tools to harness the power of their right-brain thinking, dyslexics can use creativity to focus and tap into the universal mind to re-define themselves. This book provides thought provoking insights into dyslexia for parents, teachers, therapists and many adult dyslexics. Filled with practical advice, exercises and stories, the book will give the reader the confidence to support and empower their children, clients or themselves. It will help them to reach their potential and to fully participate at school and in life. The author shines a light on the positive aspects of dyslexia and shows how these talents can be used to conquer the challenges. The reader will gain deeper understanding of dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD and many other related learning difficulties. It may help a frustrated mother or teacher to better understand those they love and care for, but often cannot reach or help. It will reassure a dyslexic adult that it is never too late to learn and process new information-to be and to become anything they set their mind to.

How to Detect and Manage Dyslexia

Author : Philomena Ott
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A reference book aimed at learning support co-ordinators, specialist and non-specialist teachers, and all others involved in helping students with dyslexia. The book includes: step-by-step explanation of the Special Needs Code of Practice legislation; help with teaching spelling and writing to dyslexic students; advice on study skills and preparation for GCSE examinations; information on the provision made by examination boards for dyslexic students; guidance on how technology can help the dyslexic learner; and help with identifying the early warning signs of dyslexia.

Developmental Dyslexia

Author : Michael E. Thomson
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Fifty Years in Dyslexia Research

Author : Thomas Richard Miles
File Size : 22.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A well-known pioneer of dyslexia, professor Tim Miles leads the reader through the fifty years of his research into dyslexia. Tracing important developments in theories and ways of treating the condition, this fascinating autobiographical account shows how scientific understanding has affected policy and practice. Tim Miles set up the Bangor Dyslexia Unit in the 1970s, when he was Head of the Department of Psychology. The Bangor Dyslexia Unit has grown steadily ever since and is now a nationally and internationally renowned, specialised Unit. Tim Miles is also founder of the journal Dyslexia and the author of several books on dyslexia. His best known titles include Dyslexia: The Pattern of Difficulties and Dyslexia: A Hundred Years On, co-authored with his wife, Elaine Miles.

The Secret Life of the Dyslexic Child

Author : Robert Frank, Ph.D.
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An educational psychologist and family therapist draws on his own experiences as a dyslexic to help parents understand their own dyslexic child and their fears, frustrations, and goals, explaining how to help alleviate children's pain with the help of special exercises designed to stimulate a child's ability to think and helpful advice on dealing with dyslexia in a positive way. 17,500 first printing.


Author : Martha M. Evans
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Over 2400 entries to English-language titles from, for the most part, the fields of medicine, education and psychology. Covers scientific jounral articles, books, proceedings, conference reports, documents, dissertations, chapters, and articles from the popular press. Inclusion based on relevancy rather than recency. Creates "a bibliographic record of the evolution of thought in the field of reading disabilities that spans almost a hundred years." Classified arrangement. Each entry gives bibliographic information and nonevaluative abstract. Miscellaneous appendixes. Author, subject indexes.

Study Skills for Students with Dyslexia

Author : Sandra Hargreaves
File Size : 72.40 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Full of advice on topics such as note taking, reading strategies and exam technique, this fully revised and updated new edition will motivate, inspire and guide dyslexic students through their college studies. The new edition has a new chapter on writing your dissertation, more on spelling, more on using statistics, more on planning and timetabling techniques, more on using technology, and expanded advice on preparing and giving presentations. Included with the book is a CD Rom that supplies an electronic copy of the book plus further resources.

Developmental Dyslexia

Author : Michael Thomson
File Size : 24.91 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book, which has been adopted as a set text for a number of training and diploma courses, is long established as a comprehensive source book for both students and practitioners in the field. For this edition the book has been updated both in response to new teacher training needs and to take account of the rapid developments in research and ideas on dyslexia which have occurred in recent years. The latest research findings cover such topics as demographic studies, phonological skills, the use of the British Ability Scales, and sub-types of dyslexia. The material on teaching has been expanded, with particular attention given to phonics and word analysis skills, essay planning and writing, the use of computers and word processing and evaluating teaching programmes.

Learning Disabilities Literacy and Adult Education

Author : Susan Ann Vogel
File Size : 36.27 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this book, experts in the fields of LD and adult literacy describe the characteristics, demographics, education, and employment status of adults with severe learning disabilities and discuss the laws that protect them in the workplace and in educational settings. Sample forms, checklists, resource lists, and examples from staff preparation programs are included.