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The Drover s Wife

Author : Frank Moorhouse
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Since Henry Lawson wrote his story 'The Drover's Wife' in 1892, Australian writers, painters, performers and photographers have created a wonderful tradition of drover's wife works, stories and images. The Russell Drysdale painting from 1945 extended the mythology and it, too, has become an Australian icon. Other versions of the Lawson story have been written by Murray Bail, Barbara Jefferis, Mandy Sayer, David Ireland, Madeleine Watts and others, up to the present, including Leah Purcell's play and Ryan O'Neill's graphic novel. In essays and commentary, Frank Moorhouse examines our ongoing fascination with this story and has collected some of the best pieces of writing on the subject. This remarkable, gorgeous book is, he writes, 'a monument to the drovers' wives'.

The Drover s Wife

Author : Leah Purcell
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Deep in the heart of Australia’s high country, along an ancient, hidden track, lives Molly Johnson and her four surviving children, another on the way. Husband Joe is away months at a time droving livestock up north, leaving his family in the bush to fend for itself. Molly’s children are her world, and life is hard and precarious with only their dog, Alligator, and a shotgun for protection – but it can be harder when Joe’s around. At just twelve years of age Molly’s eldest son Danny is the true man of the house, determined to see his mother and siblings safe – from raging floodwaters, hunger and intruders, man and reptile. Danny is mature beyond his years, but there are some things no child should see. He knows more than most just what it takes to be a drover’s wife. One night under the moon’s watch, Molly has a visitor of a different kind – a black ‘story keeper’, Yadaka. He’s on the run from authorities in the nearby town, and exchanges kindness for shelter. Both know that justice in this nation caught between two worlds can be as brutal as its landscape. But in their short time together, Yadaka shows Molly a secret truth, and the strength to imagine a different path. Full of fury and power, Leah Purcell’s The Drover’s Wife: The Legend of Molly Johnson is a brave reimagining of the Henry Lawson short story that has become an Australian classic. Brilliantly plotted, it is a compelling thriller of our pioneering past that confronts head-on issues of today: race, gender, violence and inheritance.

The Drover s Wife and Other Stories

Author : Murray Bail
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Here is the updated edition of Murray Bail's remarkable collection of short stories, first published in 1975. In addition to established classics such as 'The Drover's Wife'and 'Huebler', this edition includes a number of new stories. A man named Huebler decides to photograph everyone alive. A suburban father perches in his son's tree-house to spy on his friends. A dentist recognises his estranged wife in a famous painting. From the first publication of The Drover's Wife, it was evident that Murray Bail had transformed the art of the short story. In these works he creates extraordinary stories, and fascinating worlds.

The Drover s Wives

Author : Ryan O'Neill
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Henry Lawson's short story 'The Drover's Wife' is an Australian classic that has sparked interpretations on the page, on canvas and on the stage. But it has never been so thoroughly, or hilariously, reimagined as by Ryan O'Neill, remixing and revising Lawson's masterpiece in ninety-nine different ways. You'll be amused, delighted and surprised by a Year 8 essay, a sporting commentary, a pop song, a cento, a dance and many more. Inventive and unexpected, this is laugh-out-loud literature from one of Australia's finest satirists.

Der australische bush in Henry Lawsons The Drover s Wife The Bush Undertaker und A Day on a Selection

Author : Karolin Büttner
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Seminar paper from the year 2008 in the subject English - Literature, Works, grade: 1,3, University of Cologne (Philosophische Fakultät, Englisches Seminar), course: Australian Literature in English in the Colonial Period, language: English, abstract: “Bush is a term which probably derives from the Dutch word ‚bosch’ and was used as early as 1800. By the 1820s it was in common use to denote the unsettled areas of the Colony and, more specifically, as the Australian equivalent of the English words ‘woods’ and ‘forest’. Although many early settlers disliked and feared the bush, it did not go completely unpraised” (Wilde et. al. 1994: 128f.). However, “early complaints about the sombreness of the bush were strengthened by the many tragedies that befell the explorers and pioneers in their efforts to chart and settle it” (ibid. 129). The loneliness of the bush was mentioned also. When Adam Lindsay Gordon describes, in his preface to Sea Spray and Smoke Drift, “the dominant note of the Australian bush as one of ‘weird melancholy’ and the bush itself as ‘funereal, secret, stern’, he is reflecting the view that persisted for most of the first century of white settlement” (ibid. 129). With the 1890s and the upsurge of nationalism and, through works of writers such as Henry Lawson (1867 – 1922), the bush “comes to be viewed as a major shaping instrument of the Australian national spirit and outlook” (ibid. 129). This notion of the bush was developed further. Literature was now eager to show the “mystique of the bush, a sense that it was a sa-cred, inspiring power, influencing for good, both individual and nation” (ibid. 129). But the focus was not only on the things mentioned so far but also on the bush people and their lives. “[T]he bushman stereotype emerges as a rugged, versatile individualist, cheerful, laconic, philosophical in the face of hardship, independent in his own troubles but generous and loyal to his mates and others who need help” (ibid. 129f.). Life of the bush women became a matter of interest even though it was mentioned less frequently than that of men. Henry Lawson – “the voice of the bush” (Hermes 2007: 303) – was one of the authors who was interested in showing sketches from bush life to the readers of his short stories (Webby 2000: 65). His famous character sketches “The Drover’s Wife” and “The Bush Undertaker” and “A Day on a Selection”, all published in Lawson’s first major collection While the Billy Boils (1896), are examined more closely in this paper. A special focus will be on the forms in which the bush is represented to the reader and their functions with regard to the context of the story. [...]

Women and the Bush

Author : Kay Schaffer
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How the concept of 'the typical Australian' has evolved across a range of cultural forms.

The Short Stories of Henry Lawson

Author : Adrian Mitchell
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Australian Art in the National Gallery of Australia

Author : National Gallery of Australia
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This broad-sweeping survey of the National Gallery's paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, and decorative arts and design collections features more than 400 works. Indigenous and non-Indigenous works are represented, with iconic favourites such as Sidney Nolan's 'Ned Kelly' series set alongside important but lesser-known acquisitions. The works are arranged in chronological order, from 1770 to 2002--'Pre-colonial and Colonial' through to 'Art Now'. Insightful essays from over 50 artists, curators and scholars, range from personal reflections by artists discussing their own works to more discursive or critical commentaries placing works in their historical context.

Henry Lawson Stories and Poems

Author : Henry Lawson
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In this reprint of the original, all the best known and favourite stories and poems of Henry Lawson are brought alive by the illustrations of Dee Huxley. With over 15 stories and 40 poems, 20 full colour plates are included along with black and white illustrations throughout.

The Receding Wave Henry Lawson s Prose

Author : Brian Ernest Matthews
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The Materiality of Love

Author : Anna Malinowska
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Drawing on love studies and research in material cultures, this book seeks to re-examine love through materiality studies, especially their recent incarnations, new materialism and object-oriented philosophy, to spark a debate on the relationship between love, objects and forms of materializing affection. It focuses on love as a material form and traces connections between feelings and materiality, especially in relation to the changing notion of the material as marked by digital culture, as well as the developments in understanding the nature of non-human affect. It provides insight into how materiality, in its broadest sense, impacts the understanding of the meanings and practices of love today and reversely, how love contributes to the production and transformation of the material world.

Gender Trouble Down Under

Author : David Coad
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The Oxford Companion to Australian Literature

Author : William Henry Wilde
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The Oxford Companion to Australian Literature, which now appears in a fully revised and updated second edition, provides a concise but comprehensive account of Australian writing from European settlement in 1788 to 1993. Its chief aim is to present the most important achievements of Australianliterature in the major fields of poetry, fiction and drama, but considerable attention has also been paid to non-fictional prose and to the impact on Australian literature of those historical events which served not only as catalysts but also as the subject matter of so much of it.William Wilde and Joy Hooton - building on the 1985 edition which was co-authored by the late Barry Andrews - present an even more diverse record of literary achievement. The new Companion reflects three major changes in the literary culture: the emergence of Aboriginal writing, the increase in andrecognition of multicultural writing, and the great increase in women's writing in all genres. The new edition also relects the substantial research achievements of literary historians, textual critics, bibliographers, biographers and the impact of critical reinterpretations based on such 'new'approaches as feminism and post-colonialism.Every entry has been reappraised and, where necessary, revised and expanded. During the 1980s several Australian writers won international reputations. Many of them - Malouf, Garner, Murray, Jolley, Carey and Williamson - produced some of their key works after the first edition of the Companion wascompleted, and their entries have been rewritten accordingly. In addition, a new generation of writers has been included - Brett, Halligan, Henshaw, Castro, Grenville, Masters and Hodgins, to name just a few.Reviewing the first edition, A.D. Hope acclaimed it as a 'landmark'. In the greatly expanded second edition, the authors provide a fuller and more contemporary record of the national literature.


Author : Dale Spender
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Who are the heroines women look to? Twenty-two Australian writers of fiction, drama, poetry, journalism, TV scripts and non-fiction reflect on their heroines. There are extraordinary women and ordinary women; mothers, detectives, old women, teenagers, sisters, lesbians, rural women, urban women. Dale Spender is the author and editor of over thirty books including the internationally acclaimed, Man Made Language and Women of Ideas, Heroines, Writing a New World and The Penguin Anthology of Australian Women's Writing. She is also the author of Nattering on the Net.

The Writer s Path

Author : Constance Rooke
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Tale Novella Short Story

Author : Wolfgang Görtschacher
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Australian Literary Studies

Author :
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The Routledge Companion to Australian Literature

Author : Jessica Gildersleeve
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In recent years, Australian literature has experienced a revival of interest both domestically and internationally. The increasing prominence of work by writers like Christos Tsiolkas, heightened through television and film adaptation, as well as the award of major international prizes to writers like Richard Flanagan, and the development of new, high-profile prizes like the Stella Prize, have all reinvigorated interest in Australian literature both at home and abroad. This Companion emerges as a part of that reinvigoration, considering anew the history and development of Australian literature and its key themes, as well as tracing the transition of the field through those critical debates. It considers works of Australian literature on their own terms, as well as positioning them in their critical and historical context and their ethical and interactive position in the public and private spheres. With an emphasis on literature’s responsibilities, this book claims Australian literary studies as a field uniquely positioned to expose the ways in which literature engages with, produces and is produced by its context, provoking a critical re-evaluation of the concept of the relationship between national literatures, cultures, and histories, and the social function of literary texts.

While the billy boils On the track Over the sliprails

Author : Henry Lawson
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The Penguin Book of 19th Century Australian Literature

Author : Michael Ackland
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The challenge of a new landscape - The burden of the past - Renegotiating sexual roles - The quest for fulfilment - Existential anxieties; Henry Kendall - Marcus Clarke - Adam Lindsay Gordon - Henry Lawson - Barbara Baynton - Ada Cambridge - A.B.("Banjo") Paterson.