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The Doomsday Key

Author : James Rollins
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Three brutal murders, three high-profile victims, three bodies marked with a mysterious and archaic symbol...The massive SIGMA Force thriller from the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of MAP OF BONES and THE LAST ORACLE. At Princeton University, a famed geneticist dies inside a biohazard lab. In Rome, a Vatican archaeologist is found dead in the heart of St Peter's Basilica. In Africa, a US Senator's son is slain within a Red Cross camp in Ghana. These three murders on three continents bear a horrifying tie: all the victims are marked by a Druidic pagan cross burned into their flesh. The bizarre murders thrust Commander Gray Pierce and SIGMA Force into a global hunt for a powerful group of industrialists who have a stranglehold on the world's food supply. Aided by two women from his past, Gray flees a trio of high-tech assassins as he pieces together the clues. But saving the world comes at a price: Pierce must sacrifice one of the women. Yet even that price might not be enough, for, as he soon discovers, the only true path to salvation lies with the Doomsday Key.

The Last Oracle and The Doomsday Key

Author : James Rollins
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The Last Oracle and The Doomsday Key has descriptive copy which is not yet available from the Publisher.

The Doomsday Key

Author : James Rollins
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The Doomsday Genie

Author : Frank P Ryan
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The Doomsday Genie is a fast-paced action thriller by bestselling writer, Frank P. Ryan. Set in America, it describes the desperate response of a small group of heroes to a presumed W.M.D. attack featuring a genetically engineered bioweapon. It is grounded on real understanding of modern science as you would expect from a bestselling author who is also happens to be a gold-medallist physician and distinguished biological scientist. Ryan came to widespread acclaim with thrillers such as Goodbye Baby Blue and Tiger Tiger. His The Forgotten Plague was a Book of the Year for the New York Times, Virus X was an Amazon com best-seller and Darwin's Blind Spot was the Amazon Featured Book recommended by Charlie Munger at the 2003 Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. His books have been translated into many languages and have been the subject of more than a dozen television features and documentaries.

The Doomsday Clock

Author : Dr. Jimmie L. Chapman
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This book is timely, bold and provocative. It is the news the world needs to hear now. Dr. Jimmie Chapman tells it like it is and how it's going to be. He explains the significance of Israel in the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies for the end of the world. He also explains how the current events in the Middle East and Far East fit into Bible prophecies. He explains the antichrist, the Beast and the Mark of the Beast in frightening detail. He explains many Bible prophecies and how they relate to many items of world news we hear and read about each day. This book should shock us into a reality check and cause us to reexamine our thoughts about what is happening in the world right now. If you are interested in what the Bible says about our near future, you really should read this book.

The Mayan Prophecy

Author : Steve Alten
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On 21 December 2012 the ancient Mayan calendar will complete its thirteenth cycle. Archaeologist Julius Gabriel dies certain of one fact: that, on this date, the human race will cease to exist. Mankind's salvation lies in a millennia-old code. Ancient legacies - from the pyramids of Mexico and Egypt to the Nazca desert drawings - are key to preventing the imminent global holocaust. Only Julius's son, Michael Gabriel, can decipher this puzzle. Michael is incapable of action, locked in an asylum where he has been wrongly incarcerated for the past eleven years. But now he has been assigned a new psychiatrist, Dominique Vazquez, upon whose actions the fate of the world will soon rest.

The Key to Irunium

Author : Kenneth Bulmer
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INTO THIN AIR "A porteur? Never heard of it." Robert Prestin was just an ordinary aviation journalist who had never heard of such things as porteurs, nor of other dimensions that supplied jewels to the Earth, nor of the metamorphic Borgia-like countess who ran the show with the aid of her scarlet-scaled Thrugs. And certainly he had never heard of a Lombok vine that could grow faster than a man could run. No, Robert Prestin was just an ordinary man who sometimes lost things. That is until he sat next to a beautiful girl on a plane headed for Rome - and lost her somewhere in mid-air! At that point he knew he had a lot to learn, because somehow he had - or was - the key to Irunium.

The NFL in the 1970s

Author : Joe Zagorski
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The 1970 merger between the American Football League and the National Football League laid the foundation for a stronger brand of gridiron competition, providing a new level of excitement for fans. This book examines each year of the NFL's pivotal decade in detail, covering the great names, great rivalries and great games, as well as the key changes in both strategy and rules. Along the way, the author explains how pro football developed into a near-religious American tradition.

Honest History

Author : Garrison Clifford Gibson
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This is my non-concise contemporary history capture of 2011 and 2012. Presenting my own worldview Honest History regards phenomenal events and provides commentary on select social and political phenomena concerning Americans. Excreted through the broadcast media and oozed on the Internet information first reported by others is sometimes synthesized and frequently considered with historical and philosophical tools. Some data is also of the first person kind. Historical perceptions written live in real-time rather than with a detached, post hoc retrospective may bring a better review of how the events of the day were regarded. The following essays of about 246,000 words comprise the a tip-of-the-iceberg of U.S. historical events worth a mention that happened over a couple of years.


Author : James Rollins
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A gripping adventure from the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of MAP OF BONES and THE DOOMSDAY KEY. Beneath the ice at the bottom of the Earth is a magnificent subterranean labyrinth, a place of breathtaking wonders - and terrors beyond imagining. A team of specialists led by archaeologist Ashley Carter has been hand-picked to explore this secret place and to uncover the riches it holds. But they are not the first to venture here - and those they follow did not return. There are mysteries here older than time, and revelations that could change the world. But there are also things that should not be disturbed - and a devastating truth that could doom Ashley and the expedition: they are not alone.