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The Distance from Here

Author : Neil LaBute
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His films In the Company of Men and Your Friends and Neighbors both gained critical renown for their biting satire and caustic wit. Now, with The Distance from Here, he has written his most riveting play yet, an intense look at the dark side of American suburbia. With little to occupy their time other than finding a decent place to hang out—the zoo, the mall, the school parking lot—Darrell and Tim are two American teenagers who lack any direction or purpose in their lives. When Darrell’s suspicion about the faithlessness of his girlfriend is confirmed and Tim comes to her defense, there is nothing to brake their momentum as all three speed toward disaster.

Filthy Talk for Troubled Times

Author : Neil LaBute
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A collection of early work and new short pieces from “the bad boy of American theater” (Time). Neil LaBute burst onto the American theater scene in 1989 with his controversial debut Filthy Talk for Troubled Times. Set in a barroom in Anytown, USA, and populated by a series of everymen (and two beleaguered everywomen), this series of frank exchanges explores the innumerable varieties of American intolerance. A unique snapshot of the times, the play—seldom allowed production by the author since—provides a compelling look at the early thinking and evolution of one of our great theater artists. Also in this collection is a series of new, short works, some never before produced. They include “The New Testament,” a showbiz satire that takes a close look at the perils of color-blind casting, and “The Furies,” in which a woman helps navigate her brother’s breakup with his out—and then perhaps in-the-closet again—lover. “There is something of the sinister menace of Pinter in LaBute’s work (along with David Mamet, he is very much the heir apparent to that master).” —Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times “There is no playwright on the planet these days who is writing better than Neil LaBute.” —John Lahr, The New Yorker

In a Forest Dark and Deep

Author : Neil LaBute
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Betty and Bobby are sister and brother, but they have little in common. She's a college professor with a prim demeanor, and he's a carpenter with a foul mouth and violent streak. Betty has a wild history that Bobby won't let her forget. Yet on the night when Betty urgently needs help to empty her cabin in the woods, she calls on Bobby. In this exhilarating play of secrets and sibling rivalry, LaBute unflinchingly explores the dark territory of "the lies you tell yourself to get by."

Neil LaBute

Author : Gerald C. Wood
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Neil LaBute: A Casebook is the first book to examine one of the most successful and controversial contemporary American playwrights and filmmakers. While he is most famous, and in some cases infamous, for his early films In the Company of Men and Your Friends and Neighbors, Labute is equally accomplished as a playwright. His work extends from the critique of false religiosity in Bash to examinations of opportunism, irresponsible art, failed parenting, and racism in later plays like Mercy Seat, The Shape of Things, The Distance From Here, Fat Pig, Autobahn, and the very recent This Is How It Goes and Some Girls. Like David Mamet, an acknowledged influence on him, and Conor McPhereson, with whom he shares some stylistic and thematic concerns, LaBute tends to polarize audiences. The angry voices, violent situations, and irresponsible behavior in his works, especially those focusing on male characters, have alienated some viewers. But the writer's religious affiliation and refusal to condone the actions of his characters suggest he is neither exploitive nor pornographic. This casebook explores the primary issues of the writer's style, themes, and dramatic achievements. Contributors describe, for example, the influences (both classical and contemporary) on his work, his distinctive vision in theater and film, the role of religious belief in his work, and his satire. In addition to the critical introduction by Wood and the original essays by leading dramatic and literary scholars, the volume also includes a bibliography and a chronology of the playwright's life and works.

Analyzing Communication

Author : Wolff-Michael Roth
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The collection of data sources in the social sciences involves communication in one form or another: between research participants who are observed while communicating or between researcher and researched, who communicate so that the former can learn about/from the latter. How does one analyze communication? In particular, how does one learn to analyze data sources established in and about communication? In response to these questions, the authors provide insights into the "laboratory" of social science research concerned with the analysis of communication in all of its forms, including language, gestures, images, and prosody. Writing in the spirit of Bourdieu, and his recommendations for the transmission of a scientific habitus, the authors allow readers to follow their social science research in the making. Thus, each chapter focuses on a particular topic-identity, motivation, knowing, interaction-and exhibits how to go about researching it: How to set up research projects, how to collect data sources, how to find research questions, and how to do many other practical things to succeed. The authors comment on excerpts from the findings of between 2 and 4 published studies to describe how to write and publish research, how to address audiences, which decisions they have made, which alternative approaches there might exist, and many other useful recommendations for data analysis and paper publishing. In the end, the authors actually follow an expert social scientist as he analyzes data in real time in front of an audience of graduate students. The entire book therefore constitutes something like a journey into the kitchen of an experienced chef who gives advice in the process of cooking.

The Churchman s companion

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Neil LaBute Plays 2

Author : Neil LaBute
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'LaBute takes us to shadowy places we don't like to talk about, sometimes even to think about.' Newsday Obsession with surface and secrets runs through this second collection of Neil LaBute's work. The Shape of Things peels back the skin of modern-day relationships to ask how far someone might change themselves for love, or for art. In Fat Pig, a man confronts his friends' - and his own - fixation with Hollywood ideals of beauty when he falls for a 'plus size' young woman. In a Dark Dark House and In a Forest, Dark and Deep are twin tales of sibling conflict. In the first, estranged brothers must reconcile conflicting memories, after one asks for corroboration of childhood abuse. In the second, a man's offer to help his sister clear out her cottage brings a terrible confession into the light. The Shape of Things 'What initially seems a touching study of student romance develops instead into a passionate discussion about the way art feeds on life.' Daily Telegraph Fat Pig 'As large as Helen is, the tender heart of the play is easily twice as big.' Variety In a Dark Dark House 'LaBute toys with expectations and takes pleasure in our discomfort... The play does lead to a pretty dark place - but the ending is not without hope.' Daily Mail In a Forest, Dark and Deep 'It is billed as being about sibling rivalry, but in fact majors on far deeper, dangerous things: the yearning to be understood, female manipulation, and fascinated male disgust at a sister's lurid sexuality.' The Times

Principles of Geology Or The Modern Changes of the Earth and Its Inhabitants Considered as Illustrative of Geology

Author : Sir Charles Lyell
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Here is Sweden

Author : Inga Norberg Bredelius
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The Earth in Space

Author : Edward Payson Jackson
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The New Principia or true system of Astronomy In which the earth is proved to be the stationary centre of the solar system etc

Author : Richard James MORRISON
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Here I am LaoWei

Author : Bernhard Wessling
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What may a German entrepreneur do if from Chinese customers permanently horror news are arriving, although his company otherwise enjoys satisfied customers all over the world? Bernhard Wessling drew the conclusions. Jettisoning all his prejudices and fears, he moved into the boom town of ShenZhen, near HongKong. Six years he lived and worked in China, read many books about China and rejected all advice. He traced and found his own way, and he succeeded. The author – called "LaoWei" by his Chinese friends – introduces the readers to China in an uncommon manner: humorously, excitingly and laxly telling. He presents fireworks of incidents that develop faster and faster. Beginning with his own fears and the first contacts, he lets the readers witness the setup of his company, the creative solutions to countless problems and the discovery of intriguing oases of nature. The scenes, sometimes touching, sometimes slapstick-like, sometimes profoundly serious, interlock and generate in the heads of the readers a sequence of bright and moving pictures. The observations of the author deeply delve below the surface. He avoids the jargon of standard China books and manuals about how to have success in China and what to strictly avoid. Rather, the reader finds a lively description of how a successful business network was established. The author illustrates the story-telling non-fiction book with more than 140 of his own photos taken of the life on the streets, in the parks and of astonishing nature discoveries, right in the mega town of ShenZhen.

The Distance from There to Here

Author : C.P. Ferree
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Man and His World

Author : James Herbert Siward Bossard
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Proceedings of the Annual Tennessee Highway Conference

Author :
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The Alabama Historical Quarterly

Author : Marie Bankhead Owen
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R my Zaugg

Author : Rémy Zaugg
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The Observatory

Author :
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In the Distance and Ahead in Time

Author : George Zebrowski
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George Zebrowski offers 10 stories that present glimpses of our future including Nebula award finalist, Heathen God.

Measuring Mother Earth

Author : Heather Robertson
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A vivid, entertaining portrait of the great Canadian explorer Joseph Burr Tyrrell, the man who single-handedly invented the notion of the “Romance of the North”. In the nineteenth century, exploring the Earth was as exciting and awe-inspiring an activity as space exploration was in the twentieth century. And even as late as the 1880s, vast expanses of Canada remained largely untrodden by Europeans. So joining the Geological Survey in 1882 was the realization of a dream for the short-sighted, profoundly deaf, and egotistical young Joseph Burr Tyrrell. A romantic, inspired as much by Robert Louis Stevenson’s adventure novels and by Wild Bill Hickock’s exploits as by the spirited debates about evolution that informed his work, Tyrrell chafed under the strictures of the survey. By the time of the Klondike gold rush in 1898, he was a bitter man, resentful that the survey under George Dawson had repeatedly refused to promote him or give him any plum jobs. He quit and took up prospecting instead, which brought him nothing but misery in the Yukon but handed him a fortune when gold was discovered in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. His own best fan, Tyrrell did finally achieve the celebrity he ached for. Decked out in a sealskin parka and moccasins, while he burnished stories of his achievements, Tyrrell became the prototype of the romantic hero-explorer later personified by Robert Scott (of the Antarctic). He retired a multi-millionaire and died at the age of ninety-eight, just six weeks before the 1957 space launch of Sputnik, the first satellite to orbit the Earth.