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The Disaster Tourist

Author : Yun Ko-Eun
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An eco-thriller with a fierce feminist sensibility, The Disaster Tourist engages with the global dialog around climate activism, dark tourism, and the #MeToo movement. For ten years, Yona has been stuck behind a desk as a coordinator for Jungle, a travel company specializing in vacation packages to destinations devastated by disaster and climate change. Her work life is uneventful until trouble arises in the form of a predatory colleague. To forestall any disruption of business-as-usual, Jungle makes Yona a proposition: a paid "vacation" to the desert island of Mui. But Yona must pose as a tourist and assess whether Jungle should continue their partnership with the unprofitable destination. Yona travels to the remote island, whose major attraction is an underwhelming sinkhole, a huge disappointment to the customers who've paid a premium. Soon Yona discovers the resort's plan to fabricate a catastrophe in the interest of regaining their good standing with Jungle--and the manager enlists Yona's help. Yona must choose between the callous company to whom she's dedicated her life, or the possibility of a fresh start in a powerful new position. As she begins to understand the cost of the manufactured disaster, Yona realizes that the lives of Mui's citizens are in danger--and so is she. In The Disaster Tourist, Korean author Yun Ko-eun grapples with the consequences of our fascination with disaster, and questions an individual's culpability in the harm done by their industry.

The Disaster Tourist

Author : Hannah Faith Notess
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The Disaster Gypsies

Author : John Norris
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Tells the stories of people who have survived genocide, ethnic cleansing, and civil war in some of the most violent cataclysms of our times, through their own eyes as well as through the eyes of the "disaster gypsies"--the humanitarian aid workers and conflict experts brought in when countries unravel.

Post Disaster Tourism

Author : Ted Yi-Jing Shieh
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The Auckland council has recently issued the Unitary plan as well as several addendum including the Rural Urban Boundary (RUB) plan. Auckland to date is a well developed city with still a high ceiling of growth yet. This room for growth makes Auckland city a primary example to look for opportunities or alternatives if disaster strikes, as the flexible city isn’t already saturated nor stagnant. The intentions of this architectural thesis is to analyze not the plan itself but the practicality of this plan; should a massive, destructive natural disaster happens in the midst of the plan’s application phase (the next 30 years). The disaster selected for this thesis is volcanic eruption on North Head, Devonport. Considering the volcanic event, the design will be shaped via this particular thread. Things to consider being the possible social-economical benefits, as well as an environmental justice approach to a holistic design avenue. It will be a temporary, reactive design as it is dealing with a sudden case of the unexpected. The volcanic event might be short lived but its affects will be long lasting and reshapes what we believed as our way of life, our community as well as our urban fabric. The attempt to utilize this as part of the community going foward is precisely the aim of this thesis. We have a chance here in Auckland where the juvenile city allows us as architects to put our imprint on. “The impact of a future eruption on Auckland’s society and economic development is likely to be significant as the city is New Zealand’s economic powerhouse and home to more than one million inhabitants”1. What type of design maximizes the economic opportunities presented by the volcanic event, as well as provide a proper use of Devonport in a post-traumatic disaster ridden land will be the outcome of this thesis. To do this, we need to understand first the relationship between human and nature, as well as a fundamental differentiation between disaster and hazard. It is with these knowledge could we begin to decipher the clues that is being given to us by the nature’s response to our current way of urbanization, and thus produce a design that is both human and environmentally friendly, achieving optimal equilibrium.

The Tourism Disaster Conflict Nexus

Author : Andreas Neef
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Tourism is often seen as the world's peace industry. Yet while tourism may play a major role in post-conflict and post-disaster recovery, the sector can also be a trigger of crisis and disaster. This book examines the complex linkages between tourism, disaster and conflict through a series of case studies drawn mainly from the Asia-Pacific region.

Illuminating Social Life

Author : Peter Kivisto
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The sixth edition of Peter Kivisto's popular anthology, Illuminating Social Life, continues to demonstrate to students how social theories can help them make sense of the swirling events and perplexing phenomena that they encounter in their daily lives. A perfect complement for sociological theory courses, this updated edition includes 13 original essays by leading scholars in the field that help students better understand and appreciate the relevance of social theory. Once again, Peter Kivisto's collection illuminates the connection between sociological theory and the realities that students are faced with every day —from the Internet, alcohol use, and body building to shopping malls, the working world, and fast-food restaurants

Disaster Tourism a Means of Recovery for a Disaster Struck Destination

Author : Linde Riphagen
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Handbook on Natural Disaster Reduction in Tourist Areas

Author : World Tourism Organization
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Imaging Disaster

Author : Gennifer Weisenfeld
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Imaging Disaster is a rich social history of Japan's Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923. Drawing on a kaleidoscopic range of images from the fine arts, magazines, cartoons, and other popular sources, Gennifer Weisenfeld has produced an original study of this catastrophic event from an art historical perspective. --Jonathan Reynolds, Barnard College Imaging Disaster is an exhaustive and illuminating study of the visual culture generated by Japan's most devastating natural disaster. Comprehensive in scope--covering photography, cinema, painting, postcards, sketches, urban planning, and even scientific models--Weisenfeld makes a compelling point that the massive profusion of visual representations that followed the quake must itself be considered an integral part of this tragic historical event.--Seiji Lippit, UCLA

Explorations in Thai Tourism

Author : Erik Cohen
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Erik Cohen, who has published extensively on Thai tourism, turns in this volume to some new, and as yet unexplored, topics. In a wide-ranging series of detailed case studies, he examines the intricacies of tourism dynamics on the micro-level in Thailand: tourism in the tsunami disaster; the prolonged struggle regarding the filming of "The Beach" on pristine Maya beach; the "postmodern" mitigation of the conflicting explanations of the Mekong fireballs; the transformation of a backpacker enclave in northern Thailand; the process by which the Thai elephant became a tourist plaything; the Thai cowboy sub-culture as a tourist attraction; the rapidly growing medical tourism to Thailand; and the manner Santa Claus was turned into a tourist on Thai Christmas cards. Each study is placed within a broader theoretical and comparative framework. The case studies are based on a wide variety of sources, including interviews, observations and printed material.The book is an original contribution to the anthropology of tourism, and to the growing field of Thai studies.

Volcanic Tourist Destinations

Author : Patricia Erfurt-Cooper
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This comprehensive book addresses the pressing need for up-to-date literature on volcanic destinations (active and dormant) and their role in tourism worldwide in chapters and case studies. The book presents a balanced view about the volcano-based tourism sector worldwide and discusses important issues such as the different volcanic hazards, potential for disasters and accidents and safety recommendations for visitors. Individual chapters and case studies are contributed by a number of internationally based co-authors, with expertise in geology, risk management, environmental science and other relevant disciplines associated with volcanoes. Also covered are risk aspects of volcano tourism such as risk perception, risk management and public safety in volcanic environments. Discussions of the demand for volcano tourism, including geotourism and adventure tourism as well as some historical facts related to volcanoes, with case studies of interesting socio-cultural settings are included.

Creating Irish Tourism

Author : William Williams
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Although modern tourism did not begin in Ireland, it developed there rapidly after 1750, making the island one of the first counties in which tourism became a driving economic and cultural factor. Based on the accounts of British and Anglo-Irish travelers, this book charts the development of tourism in Ireland from its origins in the mid-eighteenth century to the country's emergence as a major European tourist destination a century later. Ireland presents an example of how modern tourism developed as a self-organizing system. There were no tourist boards, no planning commissions, no government grants and no consultants. Apart from some basic infrastructure, such as roads and hostelry, most of the elements needed to support tourism in Ireland emerged without over-arching planning, and coordination largely through the generally uncoordinated actions of landlords, entrepreneurs, and the peasantry. Given its scenic attractions and proximity to Great Britain, Ireland’s position as a tourism Mecca might seem inevitable. Yet tourism in Ireland, as anywhere else in the eighteenth century, had to be invented. Mountains and lakes had to be reconfigured in the public imagination as tourist sites. Through the descriptive accounts of travel writers the sites had to be identified and defined in ways that made them attractive and meaningful to potential visitors. Landlords often opened and organized the sites for visitors. However, the actual activities on the ground - what the tourists viewed and experienced - evolved out of the interaction between the visitors and the veritable army of peasant guides, jarvies, vendors, porters, and beggars who greeted and served them. These contacts combined with British stereotypes regarding the Irish to create distinctly 'Irish' tourist experiences. In addition to period travel writing, this work draws upon recent scholarship in the fields of tourism and travel studies to produce the first investigation of the history of the initial century of Irish tourism.

Tourism Crisis and Disaster Management in the Asia Pacific

Author : Brent W Ritchie
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The Asia-Pacific area is one of the fastest growing tourism regions and a major driver of global tourism in general. Tourism industries in Asia Pacific have been challenged in recent years by a number of major crises and disasters including terrorism, outbreaks (e.g. SARS and Bird Flu), natural disasters (e.g. tsunamis, bushfires, flooding), and political crisis (e.g. protests and political instability). This book contributes to the understanding of crisis and disaster management generally, but with a specific focus on the Asia Pacific. With contributions by international scholars and practitioners, the book discusses both the theoretical and practical approaches toward successful crisis and disaster management.

CUBA The Disaster of Castro s Revolution

Author : Andres J. Solares
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This book analyzes the current situation existing in Cuba and describes in detail the real disaster caused in every aspect of Cuban life by the so-called revolution of Fidel Castro, including how it has affected the different components of Cuban society. The author gives a detailed summary of the main indicators of the Cuban economy and society before 1959, when Fidel Castro took power, indicating how they compared favorably at that time with other countries of the world, including many which are considered part of the developed world in our days. The book demystifies numerous aspects of Castro ́s propaganda that his followers have considered as great achievements of his government and puts them in perspective in regard to what Cuba could have had nowadays if it had been ruled by democratically elected governments. The book profusely documents the system of corruption and privilege established in the island and analyzes the obscure role of Castro in a number of important events related to the United States—including references to his links with drug trafficking, money laundering, and the promotion of terrorist activities, among other criminal activities. One of the aspects the book describes in more detail is the lack of political freedom and the repression of independent thinking and free expression existing in the island, which is part of the overall control on everybody ́s lives established by Castro, which is implemented by a gigantic machinery of terror and surveillance. The book describes the role of Cuban military and intelligence in numerous important events of world politics during the past five decades, including their role in Africa, Latin America, and other regions of the world, and it includes some questioning about the possible role of Castro in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy It considers Castro ́s interpretation of foreign policy and the way he has disregarded all norms of international behavior. The book also discusses the case of the enormous debt accumulated by Castro ́s government and how many of these resources have been deviated to well-camouflaged foreign accounts and investments by Castro and some of the top people around him. One of the interesting things about this book is the analysis it makes about the situation of youth, women, and blacks within the present Cuban society and the detailed description about how the people in general live and how this has evolved under Castro ́s tyranny. It also includes an analysis of the exiled Cuban community. Andres Solares discusses the real facts behind Castro ́s long tenure of power and shows the contradictions between what he and his supporters say and the crude reality of what happens in Cuba. His book also enters in details about the degrees of decomposition existing at all levels of the political establishment of this obsolete communist regime. The book describes the enormous damage caused by Castro ́s policies to the environment of the island and the state of destruction of all the main networks of services, as well as the stagnant conditions of the economy. It includes the author ́s views on the different possible scenarios for Cuban political future, once Castro and his brother, one way or another, are no longer able to control Cuba. This book is a strong denouncement of the longest dictatorship that has existed in America, and it serves as an eye-opener for all those who ignore the crude reality of what happens in that beautiful country. It is also a moral message of hope for a better future for the Cuban people. Mr. Solares has used his professional and personal experience, together with his direct knowledge of the Cuban society and economy, to give us a very interesting account of the situation in his country, which will serve those who read it to comprehend better what we can expect there.

Disasters 2 0

Author : Adam Crowe
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Emerging social media and so-called Web 2.0 technologies will continue to have a great impact on the practice and application of the emergency management function in every public safety sector. Disasters 2.0: The Application of Social Media Systems for Modern Emergency Management prepares emergency managers and first responders to successfully appl

Crisis and Disaster Management for Tourism

Author : Brent W. Ritchie
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This research book provides a strategic approach to understanding the nature of tourism crises and disasters highlighting the need for integrated crisis and disaster planning, response and long term recovery strategies. It will be essential reading for tourism academics and students as well as tourism managers and government officials involved in tourism management and marketing.

The Darker Side of Travel

Author : Richard Sharpley
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The Darker Side of Travel is a contemporary and comprehensive analysis of dark tourism. Drawing on existing literature, numerous examples and introducing new conceptual perspectives, it develops a theoretically informed foundation for examining the demand for and supply of dark tourism experiences. It also explores issues relevant to the development, management and interpretation of visitor sites and attractions associated with death, disaster and suffering.

Introduction To Tourism And Hospitality Industry

Author : Andrews
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Tourism and Global Environmental Change

Author : Stefan Gössling
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This fascinating book is the first comprehensive analysis of the economic, social and political interrelationships between tourism and global environmental change: one of the most significant issues facing humankind today. Its contributors argue that the impacts of these changes are potentially extremely serious both for the tourism industry, and for the communities dependent upon it. Integrating knowledge from the social and physical sciences, this significant book explores they key issues surrounding global environmental change, as well as government and industry willingness to meet the challenges posed by it. Divided into four main sections, it investigates: the tourism and global environmental change relationship in specific environments global issues related to environmental change differing perceptions of global environmental change held by tourists and the tourist industry. Comprehensive in scope, topical and integrative, this key text is essential reading for students, scholars and researchers in all aspects of tourism, geography and environmental studies.

Sales Promotion

Author : Tony Yeshin
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Sales promotion is an increasingly important tool within the overall armoury of marketing communications. Sales promotion has grown dramatically as the communication channel of choice in recent years. Not only can Sales Promotion help marketers achieve specific objectives, it can do so more rapidly than virtually any other area of Marcomms. Sales Promotion is a survey text that provides a sound academic underpinning of sales promotion, illustrated by a variety of current examples drawn from recent promotions worldwide, current sales promotion campaigns and underpinned with wide references to the academic literature. It covers all areas of sales promotion, from the promotions everyone sees on a daily basis in retail outlets to the more specialized but equally influential business of B2B or trade sales promotions. In addition the text covers event management, sponsorship and cause-related marketing. Uniquely it also covers international aspects of sales promotion.Sales Promotion is suitable for undergraduate students of Marketing, in particular Marketing Communications and Advertising courses, postgraduate students on marketing-led Masters, and professional qualifications from the Institute of Sales Promotion, CIM and CAM.