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The Devil We Don t Know

Author : Nonie Darwish
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Respected human rights activist Nonie Darwish assesses the potential for freedom to succeed following the recent revolutions in the Middle East The recent powerful wave of Middle East uprisings has fueled both hope and trepidation in the region and around the world as the ultimate fate—and fallout—of the Arab Spring continue to hang in the balance. Born and raised as a Muslim in Egypt and now living in the United States, Nonie Darwish brings an informed perspective to this carefully considered assessment of the potential outcome of the revolutions in the Middle East. This thought-provoking book will add to the ongoing debate on what the future holds for the people and the politics of the region and on the ultimate compatibility of freedom and democracy in the Muslim world. Takes an unflinching, in-depth look at the ramifications of the game-changing recent uprisings in the Middle East Examines the factors that will obstruct or support freedom and democracy in the Muslim world Written by a former journalist for the Middle East News Agency who has written extensively on the Middle East, Islam, and women's rights, and who is also the author ofCruel and Unusual Punishment: The Terrifying Implications of Islamic Law andNow They Call Me Infidel: Why I Renounced Jihad for America, Israel, and the War on Terror

Understanding the Volatile and Dangerous Middle East

Author : Steven Carol
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The Middle East can be bewildering, which is why we need to connect the dots that pull together the political, economic, diplomatic, military, cultural, and religious pieces of the puzzle. Professor Steven Carol slashes through the confusion with a topical approach, focusing on key issues such as the geographic features of the Middle East, demographics of the region, the influence of Islam, political processes, shifting alliances, war in the region, and the need for security. He also takes a careful look at perpetual negotiations, attempts to secure peace, and the role that the media play in how we view the region. His goal: to clarify the confusing nature of Middle East affairs and to combat the mistaken beliefs, misrepresentations, and outright fabrications about the region. In a bid to reclaim the truth, he shares basic principles, relying on factual supporting evidence to prove their validity. Seventy-eight maps and numerous tables make understanding complex topics easier. Whether you’re a student, educator, bureaucrat or politician, you’ll find insights based on facts in Understanding the Volatile and Dangerous Middle East.

Arab Israeli Conflict The Essential Reference Guide

Author : Priscilla Roberts
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Truly an essential reference for today's world, this detailed introduction to the origins, events, and impact of the adversarial relationship between Arabs and Israelis illuminates the complexities and the consequences of this long-lasting conflict. • Provides a comprehensive overview of one of the most complex conflicts in modern times, clarifying its causes and consequences • Inspires critical thinking through perspective essays on topics related to the conflict that generate wide-spread debate • Takes into account events such as the impact of the Arab Spring and the ongoing negotiations with Iran over its nuclear capabilities • Offers valuable insights into the backgrounds and philosophies of the leaders on both sides who have helped defined the Arab-Israeli conflict

Routledge Handbook of International Relations in the Middle East

Author : Shahram Akbarzadeh
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This handbook examines the regional and international dynamics of the Middle East. It challenges the state society dichotomy to make sense of decision-making and behavior by ruling regimes. The 33 chapter authors include the world’s leading scholars of the Middle East and International Relations (IR) in order to make sense of the region. This synthesis of area studies expertise and IR theory provides a unique and rigorous account of the region’s current dynamics, which have reached a crisis point since the beginning of the Arab Spring. The Middle East has been characterized by volatility for more than a century. Although the region attracts significant scholarly interest, IR theory has rarely been used as a tool to understand events. The constructivist approach in IR highlights the significance of state identity, shaped by history and culture, in making sense of international relations. The authors of this volume consider how IR theory can elucidate the patterns and principles that shape the region, in order to provide a rigorous account of the contemporary challenges of the Middle East. The Routledge Handbook of International Relations in the Middle East provides comprehensive coverage of International Relations issues in the region. Thus, it offers key resources for researchers and students interested in International Relations and the Middle East.

The Levant Express

Author : Micheline R. Ishay
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A surprisingly hopeful assessment of the prospects for human rights in the Middle East, and a blueprint for advancing them The enormous sense of optimism unleashed by the Arab Spring in 2011 soon gave way to widespread suffering and despair. Of the many popular uprisings against autocratic regimes, Tunisia’s now stands alone as a beacon of hope for sustainable human rights progress. Libya is a failed state; Egypt returned to military dictatorship; the Gulf States suppressed popular protests and tightened control; and Syria and Yemen are ravaged by civil war. Challenging the widely shared pessimism among regional experts, Micheline Ishay charts bold and realistic pathways for human rights in a region beset by political repression, economic distress, sectarian conflict, a refugee crisis, and violence against women. With due attention to how patterns of revolution and counterrevolution play out in different societies and historical contexts, Ishay reveals the progressive potential of subterranean human rights forces and offers strategies for transforming current realities in the Middle East.

Reinventing the Sheikhdom

Author : Matthew Hedges
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Though the Arab Spring has reverberated through the Middle East, largely leaving a path of destruction, the relative calm in the United Arab Emirates has offered a regional roadmap for stability. Domestic changes since 2000 have significantly altered the country's dynamics, firmly cementing power within Abu Dhabi. While Khalifa bin Zayed succeeded his father as emir of Abu Dhabi and UAE president in 2004, the Emirates' evolution has largely been accredited to Abu Dhabi's crown prince, Mohammed bin Zayed. His reign has been characterized by the rise of the security apparatus and a micromanaged approach to governance. Mohammed bin Zayed's strategy of fortification has focused on pre-empting threats from the UAE's native population, rather than from expatriates or foreign actors. As a result, he has consolidated power, distributing its administration among his tribal and kinship allies. In essence, Mohammed bin Zayed has driven modernization in order to strengthen his grasp on power. This book explores Mohammed bin Zayed's regime security strategy, illustrating the network of alliances that seek to support his reign and that of his family. In an ever-turbulent region, the UAE remains critical to understanding the evolution of Middle Eastern authoritarian control.


Author : Jean Grugel
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The second edition of this popular and authoritative text provides a truly global assessment of democratization in theory and practice in the contemporary world. It has been systematically revised and updated throughout to cover recent developments, from the impact of 9/11 and EU enlargement to the war in Iraq.

Scars Across Humanity

Author : Elaine Storkey
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Acts of violence against women produce more deaths, disability, and mutilation than cancer, malaria, and traffic accidents combined. How and why has this violence become so prevalent? Elaine Storkey offers a rigorously researched overview of this global pandemic, exploring how violence is structured into the very fabric of societies and cultures around the world.

The Arab Spring

Author : Carlo Panara
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This edited volume explores some of the key international law issues to have arisen from the events which comprised the 'Arab Spring.'

Confronting Political Islam

Author : John M. Owen IV
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"Owen is generous, rational and balanced ... [H]e is astute enough to understand the vast real-world differences that block the resolution of conflict."--Publishers Weekly.