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The Definitive Guide to Getting a Teaching Job

Author : Mary C. Clement
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Provides information on finding a teaching job, covering such topics as certification requirements, the job market, creating a resume and cover letter, conducting a job search, interviews, post-interview follow-ups.

Get a Teaching Job NOW

Author : Mary C. Clement
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There ARE jobs for teachers, and this step-by-step guide will help college students and career changers find those jobs and get them. Whether you seek a job as a substitute teacher or full-time pre-school, elementary, middle, or high school teacher, the strategies needed to win a job are here.

10 Steps for Hiring Effective Teachers

Author : Mary C. Clement
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The quick-read, step-by-step guide to hiring outstanding teachers! Whether you are new to teacher hiring or ready for a fresh approach, this invaluable guide helps you select the best possible candidates. Mary Clement, a nationally-awarded expert on teacher hiring, presents proven strategies for identifying high-performing teachers. Readers will learn: Ten best practices that address every stage of hiring, from recruitment through interviewing to final negotiations Key techniques and sample questions for Behavior-Based Interviewing—the interviewing approach that predicts on-the-job performance Guidance on legally-sensitive interview questions How to involve teacher peers in interviewing and mentoring new hires

The Effective Executive

Author : Peter F. Drucker
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A handsome, commemorative edition of Peter F. Drucker’s timeless classic work on leadership and management, with a foreword by Jim Collins. What makes an effective executive? For decades, Peter F. Drucker was widely regarded as "the dean of this country’s business and management philosophers" (Wall Street Journal). In this concise and brilliant work, he looks to the most influential position in management—the executive. The measure of the executive, Drucker reminds us, is the ability to "get the right things done." This usually involves doing what other people have overlooked as well as avoiding what is unproductive. Intelligence, imagination, and knowledge may all be wasted in an executive job without the acquired habits of mind that mold them into results. Drucker identifies five practices essential to business effectiveness that can—and must—be mastered: Managing time; Choosing what to contribute to the organization; Knowing where and how to mobilize strength for best effect; Setting the right priorities; Knitting all of them together with effective decision-making Ranging across the annals of business and government, Drucker demonstrates the distinctive skill of the executive and offers fresh insights into old and seemingly obvious business situations.

Study in America The Definitive Guide for Aspiring Students 2 e

Author : Renuka Raja Rao
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Format : PDF
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School s Out the Definitive Guide to Leaving Teaching and Rebalancing Your Life

Author : Phil Fletcher
File Size : 60.99 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Are you thinking about leaving teaching? Do you spend most of what little free time you have feeling stressed out and burned out? Thousands of teachers leave the profession every year and for many it turns out to be the best decision they've ever made. But how do you do it? What job would you do instead? And would you still be able to afford to pay the mortgage?In this unique book former teacher Phil Fletcher draws upon his own experience of leaving to guide you through the process of moving on and starts by helping you to make that all important decision of whether to stay or go. He will help you to consider possible adjustments you can make such as going part time or changing sector. He'll also help to guide leavers through the daunting process of researching, finding and applying for other careers - all of which are crucial steps on the path to a life of less stress, greater satisfaction and greater happiness. Packed with useful tips, case studies and profiles of jobs suitable for ex-teachers, School's Out may just well be the best piece of homework you've ever been assigned.

Alternative Medicine Magazine s Definitive Guide to Sleep Disorders

Author : Herbert Ross
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If you suffer from insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, or other sleep disorders, you don't have to endure another long, sleepless night. This second edition of ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE MAGAZINE'S DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO SLEEP DISORDERS holds the keys to lasting relief from such sleep-disturbing factors as toxic overload and body clock disruptions. Outlining seven reasons why people have trouble falling and staying asleep, sleep specialist Dr. Herbert Ross recommends several natural techniques-detoxification, dietary change, mind-body therapies, exercise, and more-to promote better sleep while enhancing your overall health. Unlike sleeping pills, which decrease sleep quality and become less effective over time, these holistic treatments will benefit your whole body over the long term to help you lose weight, increase immune system function, boost energy, improve mood, and enhance concentration. Good health and vitality are just a good night's sleep away.

Simultaneous Learning

Author : Paul Harris
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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SHORTLISTED FOR THE BEST PRINT RESOURCE AWARD AT THE 2015 MUSIC TEACHER AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE Paul Harris’s highly successful Simultaneous Learning approach is an entirely positive and imaginative way to teach, which embraces the understanding that all the elements of music are connected. In this definitive book Harris outlines the complete philosophy of his ground-breaking approach. He examines topics such as language and body language, the first lesson on a new piece, introducing notation and making the transition to Simultaneous Learning. This is the full eBook version of the original edition.

Teaching Excellence

Author : Richard Bandler
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book does what no other book can. It gets right to the heart of Teaching and Learning by helping you understand how learning works.This edition includes bonus videos that include chapter introductions, chapter summaries, and interviews with the authors to help you further understand and use the information.There is also a free membership to a community of like minded teachers and learners for idea creation, sharing and problem solving.

Windows 7 The Definitive Guide

Author : William R. Stanek
File Size : 25.83 MB
Format : PDF
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This book provides everything you need to manage and maintain Windows 7. You'll learn all of the features and enhancements in complete detail, along with specifics for configuring the operating system to put you in full control. Bestselling author and Windows expert William Stanek doesn't just show you the steps you need to follow, he also tells you how features work, why they work, and how you can customize them to meet your needs. Learn how to squeeze every bit of power out of Windows 7 to take full advantage of its features and programs. Set up, customize, and tune Windows 7-Optimize its appearance and performance, install and manage software, customize your hardware, and install printers, scanners, and faxes Manage your files and data-Search your computer more efficiently, secure your data, share and collaborate, and get the most out of optional programs such as Windows Live Mail Master your digital media-Create media libraries, manage digital pictures and videos, make DVDs, and create movies Get connected and start networking-Set up a home or small-office network, conquer Internet Explorer, and master on-the-go networking Protect your computer-Keep your family safe while on the Internet, navigate the computer security maze, and configure Windows 7's protection features Manage and support Windows 7 systems-Configure user accounts, disks and drives, troubleshoot and handle routine maintenance, and resolve advanced support and recovery issues Learn advanced tips & techniques-Manage the Windows boot environment, explore Group Policy, and much more

The Definitive Guide to Emergency Department Operational Improvement

Author : Jody Crane, MD, MBA
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In a unique and integrated approach, The Definitive Guide to Emergency Department Operational Improvement: Employing Lean Principles with Current ED Best Practices to Create the "No Wait" Department exposes you to the academics behind managing the complex service environment that is the ED. The book combines applied management science and ED experience to create a model of how to improve your emergency department operations. After summarizing the current state of emergency medicine, the book offers an in-depth presentation of Lean tools used in the ED along with basic and advanced flow principles grounded in queuing theory and the theory of constraints. It then shows how these concepts are applied in the emergency department and why they work, supported by a comprehensive case study in which Lean principles were used to transform an underperforming ED into a world-class operation. The authors highlight three commonly referenced intervals in the ED: door to doc (input), doc to disposition (throughput), and disposition to departure (output). After reviewing best practices, the authors explain how to achieve excellence in your own environment by discussing change management, leadership, dealing with resistance, and other critical elements of creating a culture of change. Under any scenario realized by healthcare reform, this book provides the tools and concepts to improve your ED for patients, staff, the organization, and ultimately, society.

The Definitive Guide to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

Author : Sander van Vugt
File Size : 68.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Definitive Guide to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 is a task-oriented book designed for self-study as well as classroom environments, which will also serve you as a reference guide. The book covers all skills that system administrators typically need to posses to administer SUSE Linux Enterprise Server in corporate environments. It starts at the beginning, which makes The Definitive Guide to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 suitable for people without any preliminary Linux knowledge, and yet works up to advanced SUSE Linux administration tasks, such as building a cluster, optimizing performance or managing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with SUSE Manager. The Definitive Guide to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 is an ideal reference guide for system administrators, but is also perfect as a study book to prepare for the CLA, CLP as well as the CLE exams. This book contains step-by-step exercises, and scenario based exercises at the end of each chapter to help readers getting familiar with the subjects that are required to pass these three exams. The Definitive Guide to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12also contains test exams, so you can use it as a study guide in a formal learning environment or as a book that you can learn and test your own progress as you master SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. You'll learn everything you need to know and the skills you need to manage SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers, from installing a secure server, to performing the day-to-day management tasks on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Along the way you'll encounter and master SUSE Linux Enterprise Server in a data center environment, how to manage your SUSE Enterprise Server for High Availability, and you'll see how to manage your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with SUSE Manager. From installation to expert management, The Definitive Guide to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 will show you the ways to succeed with Linux Enterprise Server 12.

Google Classroom

Author : Andrew Sutherland
File Size : 65.22 MB
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!!! IMPORTANT TO READ !!! Are you looking for a complete guide on google classroom? Then keep reading... Google Classroom is one of the premier service for both teachers and students, making it easier for both parties to learn. It is a collaborative service that Google put together with educators in order to create an easy-to-use tool that will help teachers and students manage their coursework, and with classroom, educators can create assignments, send out feedback and grades, and literally everything in between. It is basically taking everything that happens in the classroom, and putting it all on a Google interface. This originally started with the Google apps for education, which included Docs, Spreadsheets, and Calendars, all of which can be used by schools. Google classroom is an expansion on this, which is awesome because is a way to create paperless communication for everyone, and it streamlines the workflow. It also can let teachers create assignments, classes, various tests, quizzes, and also look at what students are doing in real-time, and it's fully integrated with other Google apps, so that teachers can share information with one another in an instant manner, without having to go through a bunch of different channels in order to get the work. This varies in the different gamut of aspects that teachers can utilize. For example, if you're sick of using paper, you can literally create a Google doc, and share it with the class. Best of all, you can do this with worksheets too, where you have a master copy, and then make a duplicate for the class. You can also put assignments there, and there is no more "the dog ate my homework" excuses that children can have, because it's literally all there. This is the future of learning, and in this, we will highlight what it is, what you can do with it, along with the pros and cons of this system. There are some serious advantages to using this, and here, we will tap into why it is there, and some of the different nuances of it. This book covers: Introduction to Google Classroom Introduction to Google Drive and Docs Introduction to Google Forms Getting Started for Teacher Getting Started for Student Tips for Differentiation and Tools to Use Demonstrations of Learning Things You Can Do with Google Classroom Guidelines & Suggestions for Classroom Management and Instructional Forms Example of Google Form Uses FAQS About Google Classroom Organizing Students Projects ...And much more! By the end of this, you will also get 101 amazing things to do with Google Classroom, so that you can truly get yourself the undisputed benefits of this, and make learning even better. So, what are you waiting for? It is time for you to take advantage of this, and make it so that you can really get a feel for it. If you are sick of using paper, dealing with excuses from kids, and you wonder if there is any way for you to get everyone on track, well look no further. Google Classroom is the future, and you will be happy with the results of this over time, and the different aspects of this that you can utilize. Get your copy now!

Vygotsky Piaget and Bloom

Author : Paul Stevens-Fulbrook
File Size : 51.2 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Are you struggling to understand how Piaget’s stages of development apply to your teaching? Maybe Vygotsky's theory of learning is proving just a bit too confusing or maybe you’re unsure of how to use Bloom’s domains of learning in lesson planning? You’d love them to be explained to you in every day language? Don’t worry, “Vygotsky, Piaget and Bloom; The Definitive Guide to their Educational Theories with Examples of How they can be Applied” is just what you need! It is a must-read for all educators, from trainee teachers, new teachers and even veteran teachers. Buy it now and unscramble your brain! Paul Stevens-Fulbrook is head of key stage 3 Science and a trainee teacher mentor in a large high school in the south of England. He has been teaching for 8 years and his impression of a bee pollinating plants is almost legendary! He is also an education blogger at where his articles have helped over a 100,000 teachers across the globe since April 2018. His teaching interests include evidence based teaching strategies and student engagement. Prior to teaching, he was a marine biologist working on coral reef conservation. He daily asks himself what's harder to work with, children or sharks!

The ESL ELL Teacher s Survival Guide

Author : Larry Ferlazzo
File Size : 53.45 MB
Format : PDF
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A much-needed resource for teaching English to all learners The number of English language learners in U.S. schools is projected to grow to twenty-five percent by 2025. Most teachers have English learners in their classrooms, from kindergarten through college. The ESL/ELL Teacher?s Survival Guide offers educators practical strategies for setting up an ESL-friendly classroom, motivating and interacting with students, communicating with parents of English learners, and navigating the challenges inherent in teaching ESL students. Provides research-based instructional techniques which have proven effective with English learners at all proficiency levels Offers thematic units complete with reproducible forms and worksheets, sample lesson plans, and sample student assignments The book?s ESL lessons connect to core standards and technology applications This hands-on resource will give all teachers at all levels the information they need to be effective ESL instructors.

The Teaching Assistant s Guide to Effective Interaction

Author : Paula Bosanquet
File Size : 88.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Teaching Assistant’s Guide to Effective Interaction is the definitive guide to teaching assistant-pupil interaction and an invaluable professional development tool for classroom support staff and the teachers who work with them. The authors’ research and development work with schools has highlighted the need for specific, practical guidance on the role of the teaching assistant. This highly practical and accessible book sets out a role for teaching assistants that focuses on developing pupils’ independence and ownership of learning. Based on a classroom-tested framework, and covering the main contexts in which teaching assistants work, it includes practical strategies and reflective activities to help you improve the support you provide to pupils in everyday settings. This book will help you to: Improve your interactions with pupils Understand the principles behind effective classroom talk Carefully scaffold pupils’ learning Work effectively in collaboration with teachers Support the Assessment for Learning process Support group work and collaborative tasks Deliver intervention programmes. This book is an essential read for all teaching assistants. It will also be of interest to school leaders, SENCos and teachers, in both primary and secondary schools, who wish to improve their use of teaching assistants and their own interactions with pupils.

The Definitive Guide to Medical School Admission

Author : Mark Allan Goldstein
File Size : 83.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This guide for managing the rigorous medical school admissions process surpasses its dry Barron's and Princeton Review counterparts by providing application strategies proven effective by both degreed professionals and current medical students. Included are secrets of the Mcat, tips on the interview, and sample personal statements. Ideal for the high school or college student seeking general guidelines for applying, there is also information for minority students, women, and older applicants. All data has been updated and new material on applying to foreign medical schools has been added.

Rebuilding The Real You

Author : Jack W Hayford
File Size : 64.9 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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DIVRebuilding the Real You, Jack Hayford’s landmark teaching on the Holy Spirit, unfolds a clear picture of the process by which the Holy Spirit works in the life of the believer. For anyone who has experienced times of brokenness, the book is a handbook on/div

Students Guide to Colleges

Author : Jordan Goldman
File Size : 32.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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College guides are a must for any teenager trying to choose the right school. Unfortunately, most guidebooks are vague, boring tomes written by administrators and journalists, instead of the real experts–the college students that actually go there. Students’ Guide to Colleges is different. Entirely student-written and edited, this invaluable resource cuts through the cant with comprehensive listings of the vital statistics and requirements for America’s top 100 schools accompanied by three totally honest, fresh, fun-to-read descriptions penned by attending undergrads from different walks of life. Want to know how big classes really are? How rigorous the academics get? Or how greek or granola, chill or up-tight, homogenous or diverse, gay or straight, a campus really is? Lively, irreverent, and insightful, the Students’ Guide to Colleges is the only guidebook that offers multiple perspectives on each school and tells it like it is so that college applicants can make the best choice when deciding where they want to spend their college years. More than 30,000 students surveryed Preface by Chuck Hughes, former seniior dean of admissions at Harvard University

The Complete Guide to Primary Dance

Author : Lyn Paine
File Size : 76.75 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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If you think you lack the necessary training for teaching dance in the primary classroom and are searching for resources to support teaching and learning, look no further. Through Complete Guide to Primary Dance, you’ll gain the insight, expertise and confidence to teach dance to children from reception to year 6. Regardless of your experience, this book and accompanying web resource will enable you to plan and deliver age-appropriate learning experiences for your children. Complete Guide to Primary Dance offers • a wealth of practical and creative ideas that you can use in your teaching, whether you are new to teaching, have little dance experience or are a dance specialist; • a scheme of 22 units of work for teaching children from reception to year 6; and • a companion web resource that includes a bank of photos, video clips, warm-ups and written resources to assist you in your teaching. You can download and print the photographs from the web resource to demonstrate and inspire good practice. The video clips show progression in learning through bite-sized steps that will help you guide the children to create and perform dances in real time. In addition, you can view two complete class dances and a number of dance phrases on the video clips to use with your classes. These photographs and clips supplement the written resources on the web, which include stories, a poem, word banks, warm ups and complete units of work along with a template that can be used for designing your own unit of work. Complete Guide to Primary Dance draws on and is complementary to the National Dance Teachers Association partnerships with Youth Dance England, Dance UK, the Association for Physical Education and Youth Sports Trust. Teaching points are aligned with each task, helping you to know what to look for, what to emphasise, how to develop the movement material and how to challenge the children appropriately. Written by Lyn Paine, a highly regarded teacher trainer and author of many dance resources, Complete Guide to Primary Dance is the definitive dance resource that is based on current best practices in schools. In addition to dance subject knowledge for teaching, you’ll find the chapters on managing learning and assessing most helpful. Together, this book and web resource present a clear vision for dance education and its potential to develop children and young people’s well-being and enhance their lives.