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The Data Loom

Author : Stephen Few
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Contrary to popular myth, we do not yet live in the "Information Age." At best, we live the "Data Age," obsessed with the production, collection, storage, dissemination, and monetization of digital data. But data, in and of itself, isn't valuable. Data only becomes valuable when we make sense of it. We rely on "information professionals" to help us understand data, but most fail in their efforts. Why? Not because they lack intelligence or tools, but mostly because they lack the necessary skills. Most information professionals have been trained primarily in the use of data analysis tools (Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik, SAS, Excel, R, etc.), but even the best tools are only useful in the hands of skilled individuals. Anyone can pick up a hammer and pound a nail, but only skilled carpenters can use a hammer to build a reliable structure. Making sense of data is skilled work, and developing those skills requires study and practice. Weaving data into understanding involves several distinct but complementary thinking skills. Foremost among them are critical thinking and scientific thinking. Until information professionals develop these capabilities, we will remain in the dark ages of data. This book is for information professionals, especially those who have been thrust into this important work without having a chance to develop these foundational skills. If you're an information professional and have never been trained to think critically and scientifically with data, this book will get you started. Once on this path, you'll be able to help usher in an Information Age worthy of the name.

Current Industrial Reports

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Automation in Textile Machinery

Author : L. Ashok Kumar
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Automation is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery and processes. In line, this book deals with comprehensive analysis of the trends and technologies in automation and control systems used in textile engineering. The control systems descript in all chapters is to dissect the important components of an integrated control system in spinning, weaving, knitting, chemical processing and garment industries, and then to determine if and how the components are converging to provide manageable and reliable systems throughout the chain from fiber to the ultimate customer. Key Features: • Describes the design features of machinery for operating various textile machineries in product manufacturing • Covers the fundamentals of the instrumentation and control engineering used in textile machineries • Illustrates sensors and basic elements for textile automation • Highlights the need of robotics in textile engineering • Reviews the overall idea and scope of research in designing textile machineries

Data Driven Innovation Big Data for Growth and Well Being

Author : OECD
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This report improves the evidence base on the role of Data Driven Innovation for promoting growth and well-being, and provide policy guidance on how to maximise the benefits of DDI and mitigate the associated economic and societal risks.

Bureau of the Census Catalog

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Author : Phyllis Illari
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Head hits cause brain damage - but not always. Should we ban sport to protect athletes? Exposure to electromagnetic fields is strongly associated with cancer development - does that mean exposure causes cancer? Should we encourage old fashioned communication instead of mobile phones to reduce cancer rates? According to popular wisdom, the Mediterranean diet keeps you healthy. Is this belief scientifically sound? Should public health bodies encourage consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables? Severe financial constraints on research and public policy, media pressure, and public anxiety make such questions of immense current concern not just to philosophers but to scientists, governments, public bodies, and the general public. In the last decade there has been an explosion of theorizing about causality in philosophy, and also in the sciences. This literature is both fascinating and important, but it is involved and highly technical. This makes it inaccessible to many who would like to use it, philosophers and scientists alike. This book is an introduction to philosophy of causality - one that is highly accessible: to scientists unacquainted with philosophy, to philosophers unacquainted with science, and to anyone else lost in the labyrinth of philosophical theories of causality. It presents key philosophical accounts, concepts and methods, using examples from the sciences to show how to apply philosophical debates to scientific problems.

Practical Spreadsheet Modeling Using Risk

Author : Dale Lehman
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Practical Spreadsheet Modeling Using @Risk provides a guide of how to construct applied decision analysis models in spreadsheets. The focus is on the use of Monte Carlo simulation to provide quantitative assessment of uncertainties and key risk drivers. The book presents numerous examples based on real data and relevant practical decisions in a variety of settings, including health care, transportation, finance, natural resources, technology, manufacturing, retail, and sports and entertainment. All examples involve decision problems where uncertainties make simulation modeling useful to obtain decision insights and explore alternative choices. Good spreadsheet modeling practices are highlighted. The book is suitable for graduate students or advanced undergraduates in business, public policy, health care administration, or any field amenable to simulation modeling of decision problems. The book is also useful for applied practitioners seeking to build or enhance their spreadsheet modeling skills. Features Step-by-step examples of spreadsheet modeling and risk analysis in a variety of fields Description of probabilistic methods, their theoretical foundations, and their practical application in a spreadsheet environment Extensive example models and exercises based on real data and relevant decision problems Comprehensive use of the @Risk software for simulation analysis, including a free one-year educational software license


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Successes and New Directions in Data Mining

Author : Florent Masseglia
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The problem of mining patterns is becoming a very active research area and efficient techniques have been widely applied to problems in industry, government, and science. From the initial definition and motivated by real-applications, the problem of mining patterns not only addresses the finding of itemsets but also more and more complex patterns.

Successes and New Directions in Data Mining addresses existing solutions for data mining, with particular emphasis on potential real-world applications. Capturing defining research on topics such as fuzzy set theory, clustering algorithms, semi-supervised clustering, modeling and managing data mining patterns, and sequence motif mining, this book is an indispensable resource for library collections.

Textile Sizing

Author : Bhuvenesh C. Goswami
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Helping you keep pace with rapid developments in the field, Textile Sizing documents the rapidly changing scenario in textile processing and research in sizing. The authors analyze new fibers, spinning methods, and weaving techniques affecting textile production and studies the impact of fiber properties, yarn quality, sizing processes and materials, and chemical and mechanical phenomena on efficient textile manufacturing and development. Numerous tables dispersed throughout the text provide specific guidance on the wide range of processes involved in textile sizing. Illustrating the necessity and value of sizing techniques in the modern textile industry, this reference helps you Predict the efficiency of their sizing methods Master process controls, warping and sizing operations, and modern instrumentation techniques Analyze developments in draw warping and system sizing for reduction of operating costs Understand the importance of desizing and its effect on size recovery and environmental pollution Study the behavior of the warp during weaving and the structural differences between various yarns Textile Sizing is invaluable for physical, surface, colloid, textile, materials, polymer, plastics, and fiber chemists; industrial, manufacturing, textile, fiber, and composite engineers; and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.

Advanced Introduction to Migration Studies

Author : Skeldon, Ronald
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Providing a timely overview of the main issues and scholarship in migration studies, Ronald Skeldon examines the principal methods of migration and offers in-depth guidance on trends and types of population movements in today’s world. Key areas such as forced movements and refugees are considered, alongside voluntary migration, migration policy and the relationship between migration and development.

Manufacturing the Cloth of the World

Author : Roger Holden
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This well illustrated book is the first comprehensive study of the weaving sector of the Lancashire cotton industry to be published. The focus is on the development of weaving mills against the background of the economic development and organisation of the industry. Hand loom weaving was carried out in domestic premises or small workshops. Early power looms were installed in multi-storey mills combined with spinning, the characteristic form of single storey shed with north-light roof used solely for weaving developing later. The construction, power systems and layout of these mills are considered in detail. The book is based on original research looking at both the mills themselves and documentary sources, including plans and company records.

Scaling up Machine Learning

Author : Ron Bekkerman
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This book presents an integrated collection of representative approaches for scaling up machine learning and data mining methods on parallel and distributed computing platforms. Demand for parallelizing learning algorithms is highly task-specific: in some settings it is driven by the enormous dataset sizes, in others by model complexity or by real-time performance requirements. Making task-appropriate algorithm and platform choices for large-scale machine learning requires understanding the benefits, trade-offs and constraints of the available options. Solutions presented in the book cover a range of parallelization platforms from FPGAs and GPUs to multi-core systems and commodity clusters, concurrent programming frameworks including CUDA, MPI, MapReduce and DryadLINQ, and learning settings (supervised, unsupervised, semi-supervised and online learning). Extensive coverage of parallelization of boosted trees, SVMs, spectral clustering, belief propagation and other popular learning algorithms and deep dives into several applications make the book equally useful for researchers, students and practitioners.

The Oxford Handbook of American Political History

Author : Paula Baker
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American political and policy history has revived since the turn of the twenty-first century. After social and cultural history emerged as dominant forces to reveal the importance of class, race, and gender within the United States, the application of this line of work to American politics and policy followed. In addition, social movements, particularly the civil rights and feminism, helped rekindle political and policy history. As a result, a new generation of historians turned their attention to American politics. Their new approach still covers traditional subjects, but more often it combines an interest in the state, politics, and policy with other specialties (urban, labor, social, and race, among others) within the history and social science disciplines. The Oxford Handbook of American Political History incorporates and reflects this renaissance of American political history. It not only provides a chronological framework but also illustrates fundamental political themes and debates about public policy, including party systems, women in politics, political advertising, religion, and more. Chapters on economy, defense, agriculture, immigration, transportation, communication, environment, social welfare, health care, drugs and alcohol, education, and civil rights trace the development and shifts in American policy history. This collection of essays by 29 distinguished scholars offers a comprehensive overview of American politics and policy.

Classics and Moderns in Economics Volume II

Author : Peter Groenewegen
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This second volume of essays on nineteenth and twentieth century economic thought, complements the first and continues the high standards of scholarship and academic rigour.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

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Author : P.N. JANI
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The primary objective of this text is to help students to think clearly and critically and apply the knowledge of Business Statistics in decision making when solving business problems. The book introduces the need for quantitative analysis in business and the basic procedures in problem solving. Following an application-based theory approach, the book focuses on data collection, data presentation, summarizing and describing data, basic probability, and statistical inference. A separate chapter is devoted to show how Microsoft Excel can be used to solve problems and to make statistical analyses. It contains specimen Excel Worksheets illustrating how the problems of each chapter are solved using Excel functions and formulas. A large number of real–world business problems from various business professions such as finance, medical, psychology, sociology, and education are also included. This textbook is primarily intended for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of management and postgraduate students of commerce. The text helps students to: • Understand the meaning and use of statistical terms used in business statistics • Use graphical and descriptive statistics to identify the need for statistical inference techniques • Perform statistical analyses • Interpret the results of statistical analyses • Apply statistical inference techniques in business situations • Use computer spreadsheet software to perform statistical analysis on data • Choose the appropriate statistical tool from the collection of standard analytic methods

Cotton Textile Apparel Sectors of India Situations and Challenges Faced

Author : Jatinder S. Bedi and Caesar B. Cororaton
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Cutting Edge Research in Technologies

Author : Constantin Volosencu
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The book Cutting Edge Research in Technologies responds to the great interest for innovation in the large domain of technologies. It presents contributions by researchers with high expertise in the field, serving as a valuable reference for scientists, researchers, graduate students, and professionals. The book has five chapters covering the following subjects: information and communication technologies and services with the aim of improving the quality of life and the mobility of users, localisation technologies for deployment of mobile robots in dynamic environments, embedded video processing circuit design flow in the Python language, data communications and networking, and textile weaving.

Information Processing

Author : International Federation for Information Processing
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