The Dark Tourist

Sightseeing in the world’s most unlikely holiday destinations


Author: Dom Joly

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1847377920

Category: Travel

Page: 288

View: 4735

'Dark tourism is the act of travel and visitation to sites, attractions and exhibitions which have real or recreated death, suffering or the seemingly macabre as a main theme' Ever since he can remember, Dom Joly has been fascinated by travel to odd places. In part this stems from a childhood spent in war-torn Lebanon, where instead of swapping marbles in the schoolyard, he had a shrapnel collection -- the schoolboy currency of Beirut. Dom's upbringing was interspersed with terrifying days and nights spent hunkered in the family basement under Syrian rocket attack or coming across a pile of severed heads from a sectarian execution in the pine forests near his home. These early experiences left Dom with a profound loathing for the sanitized experiences of the modern day travel industry and a taste for the darkest of places. And in this brilliantly odd and hilariously told travel memoir, Dom Joly sets out on a quest to visit those destinations from which the average tourist would, and should, run a mile. The more insalubrious the place, the more interesting is the journey and so we follow Dom as he skis in Iran on segregated slopes, picnics in the Syrian Desert with a trigger-happy government minder and fires rocket propelled grenades at live cows in Cambodia (he missed on purpose, he just couldn't do it). Funny and frightening in equal measure, this is a uniquely bizarre and compelling travelogue from one of the most fearless and innovative comedians around.

The Darker Side of Travel

The Theory and Practice of Dark Tourism


Author: Richard Sharpley,Philip R. Stone

Publisher: Channel View Publications

ISBN: 1845411145

Category: Travel

Page: 275

View: 5651

The Darker Side of Travel is a contemporary and comprehensive analysis of dark tourism. Drawing on existing literature, numerous examples and introducing new conceptual perspectives, it develops a theoretically informed foundation for examining the demand for and supply of dark tourism experiences. It also explores issues relevant to the development, management and interpretation of visitor sites and attractions associated with death, disaster and suffering.

Dark Tourism

Practice and interpretation


Author: Glenn Hooper,John J. Lennon

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317154754

Category: Science

Page: 218

View: 1178

Dark Tourism, as well as other terms such as Thanatourism and Grief Tourism, has been much discussed in the past two decades. This volume provides a comprehensive exploration of the subject from the point of view of both practice - how Dark Tourism is performed, what practical and physical considerations exist on site - and interpretation - how Dark Tourism is understood, including issues pertaining to ethics, community involvement and motivation. It showcases a wide range of examples, drawing on the expertise of academics with management and consultancy experience, as well as those from within the social sciences and humanities. Contributors discuss the historical development of Dark Tourism, including its earlier incarnations across Europe, but they also consider its future as a strand within academic discourse, as well as its role within tourism development. Case studies include holocaust sites in Germany, as well as analysis of the legacy of war in places such as the Channel Islands and Malta. Ethical and myriad marketing considerations are also discussed in relation to Ireland, Brazil, Rwanda, Romania, U.K., Nepal and Bosnia-Herzegovina. This book covers issues that are of interest to students and staff across a spectrum of disciplines, from management to the arts and humanities, including conservation and heritage, site management, marketing and community participation.

The Palgrave Handbook of Dark Tourism Studies


Author: Philip R. Stone,Rudi Hartmann,Tony Seaton,Richard Sharpley,Leanne White

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137475668

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 768

View: 5271

This handbook is the definitive reference text for the study of ‘dark tourism’, the contemporary commodification of death within international visitor economies. Shining a light on dark tourism and visitor sites of death or disaster allows us to better understand issues of global tourism mobilities, tourist experiences, the co-creation of touristic meaning, and ‘difficult heritage’ processes and practices. Adopting multidisciplinary perspectives from authors representing every continent, the book combines ‘real-world’ viewpoints from both industry and the media with conceptual underpinning, and offers comprehensive and grounded perspectives of ‘heritage that hurts’. The handbook adopts a progressive and thematic approach, including critical accounts of dark tourism history, dark tourism philosophy and theory, dark tourism in society and culture, dark tourism and heritage landscapes, the ‘dark tourist’ experience, and the business of dark tourism. The Palgrave Handbook of Dark Tourism Studies will appeal to students and scholars with an interest in aspects of memorialisation and morality in sociology, death studies, history, geography, cultural studies, philosophy, psychology, business management, museology and heritage tourism studies, politics, religious studies, and anthropology.

Investigating the challenges of promoting dark tourism in Rwanda


Author: Joachim Ntunda

Publisher: Anchor Academic Publishing (aap_verlag)

ISBN: 3954897334

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 60

View: 9807

This study tries to assess the challenges of promoting dark tourism in Rwanda. The study was guided by three objectives: To find dark tourism products in Rwanda; to investigate the challenges of promoting dark tourism in Rwanda and to establish measures that could be adopted to promote it. To achieve the set objectives, the study used a sample of 43 respondents randomly selected from staff of Rwanda Development Board (RDB), museum/memorial site managers and tour operators. Data was collected by use of questionnaire instrument and summarized in tables and graphs following the objectives of the study. Furthermore frequencies and percentages were calculated based on the data available. The findings indicates that there are various dark tourism products in Rwanda which included Kigali memorial center, Bisesero, Gatwaro Stadium and Gitesi memorial site. Less effective information dissemination, High cost charged to tourists and Lack of skilled staff are the challenges affecting the promotion of dark tourism. Measures that could be adopted to promote dark tourism in Rwanda are Improving marketing strategies, training of staff and service providers and improving the variety and accessibility of dark tourism attractions. The study concludes by noting that identifying the successful practices in management, branding, marketing, and pricing strategies of dark tourism attractions around the world can aid in applying these ideas towards improving the dark tourism industry in Rwanda. The study recommends that since we are living in a global world, using the mass media advertisements, specifically TV, Newspapers or other tourism information brochures is significantly important in attracting more dark tourists.

Dark Tourism


Author: J. John Lennon,Malcolm Foley

Publisher: Cengage Learning EMEA

ISBN: 9780826450647

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 184

View: 5228

This book sets out to explore 'dark tourism'; that is, the representation of inhuman acts, and how these are interpreted for visitors at a number of places throughout the world, for example the sites of concentration camps in both Western and Eastern Europe. Many people wish to experience the reality behind the media images, or are prompted to find out more by a personal association with places or events. The phenomenon raises ethical issues over the status and nature of objects, the extent of their interpretation, the appropriate political and managerial response and the nature of the experience as perceived by the visitor, their residents and local residents. Events, sites, types of visit and 'host' reactions are considered in order to construct the parameters of the concept of 'dark tourism'. Many acts of inhumanity are celebrated as heritage sites in Britain (for example, the Tower of London, Edinburgh Castle), and the Berlin Wall has become a significant attraction despite claiming many victims.

Dark Tourism and Crime


Author: Derek Dalton

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136165533

Category: Social Science

Page: 216

View: 3884

Dark tourism has become widespread and diverse. It has passed into popular culture vernacular, deployed in guide books as a short hand descriptor for sites that are associated with death, suffering and trauma. However, whilst books have been devoted to dark tourism as a general topic no single text has sought to explore dark tourism in spaces where crime - mass murder, genocide, State sanctioned torture and violence - has occurred as an organising theme. Dark Tourism and Crime explores the socio-cultural contours of this unique type of tourism and explains why spaces/places where crime has occurred fascinate and attract tourists. The book is marked by an ethics of respect for the suffering a place has experienced and an imperative to learn something tangible about the history and legacy of that suffering. Based on empirical ethnographic research it takes the reader from the remnants of Auschwitz concentration camp to the tranquil Australian island of Tasmania to explore precisely what things a dark tourist might encounter - architecture, art installations, gardens, memorials, physical traces of crime - and how these things invoke and evoke past crimes. This volume furthers understanding of dark tourism and will be of interest to students, researchers and academics of criminology, tourism and cultural studies.

Dark Tourism and Place Identity

Managing and Interpreting Dark Places


Author: Leanne White,Elspeth Frew

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0415809657

Category: Travel

Page: 296

View: 6925

Dark tourism, including visitation to places such as murder sites, battlefields and cemeteries is a growing phenomenon.The three main themes of Visitor Motivation, Destination Management and Place Interpretation are addressed in this book from both a demand and supply perspective by examining a variety of case studies from around the world. This edited volume takes the dark tourism discussion to another level by reinforcing the critical intersecting domains of dark tourism and place identity and, in particular, highlighting the importance of understanding this connection for visitors and destination managers.



Author: Peter Robinson,Michael Lück,Stephen L. J. Smith,Michael Lackey

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 1780642970

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 525

View: 2448

Tourism is becoming an increasingly important component of the global economy, and is subsequently a growing area of university study and research around the world. This unique new textbook covers all aspects of tourism from a contemporary perspective. It includes a range of theoretical and research-based topics supported by examples, case studies and comment boxes from industry representatives. The book is written to complement current teaching practices around the world, offering full coverage of all aspects of tourism management. These include infrastructure management, economic development, types of tourism, marketing, destination management and the pure theory aspects of tourism as seen through sociology and tourist behavior. As tourism is often studied alongside events, hospitality and leisure, these subjects are also included and used to draw together the major themes within tourism.