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The Dalesman

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The Dalesman

Author : Abraham Wren Rumney
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Romantic Things

Author : Mary Jacobus
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Our thoughts are shaped as much by what things make of us as by what we make of them. Lyric poetry is especially concerned with things and their relationship to thought, sense, and understanding. In Romantic Things, Mary Jacobus explores the world of objects and phenomena in nature as expressed in Romantic poetry alongside the theme of sentience and sensory deprivation in literature and art. Jacobus discusses objects and attributes that test our perceptions and preoccupy both Romantic poetry and modern philosophy. John Clare, John Constable, Rainer Maria Rilke, W. G. Sebald, and Gerhard Richter make appearances around the central figure of William Wordsworth as Jacobus explores trees, rocks, clouds, breath, sleep, deafness, and blindness in their work. While she thinks through these things, she is assisted by the writings of Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Jacques Derrida, and Jean-Luc Nancy. Helping us think more deeply about things that are at once visible and invisible, seen and unseen, felt and unfeeling, Romantic Things opens our eyes to what has been previously overlooked in lyric and Romantic poetry.

The Farmer s Magazine

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The farmer s magazine

Author : Rogerson and tuxford
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Modern Norwegian Literature 1860 1918

Author : Downs
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This general survey of the 'classic' period of Norwegian literature provides an introduction for the general reader as well as the student. Professor Downs begins with a historical survey which explains the political background to this period of flowering. He then turns to the individual authors, treating the greatest individually, and grouping minor figures together. Bjrnson and Ibsen naturally dominate the account, but they are seen as members of a national movement, and the general cultural and social background are kept in view. Final chapters look forward to 'the new century'. Originally published in 1966, this was the first book in English devoted entirely to the period. It is fuller than general histories of Scandinavian literature, yet more general than studies of single authors. The text assumes no knowledge of Norwegian but the footnotes help the specialist towards further reading, and discuss points of substance using some Norwegian.

Tait s Edinburgh Magazine

Author : William Tait
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The Log

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Tales From the Farm by the Yorkshire Shepherdess

Author : Amanda Owen
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For everyone who loves watching Amanda Owen and her family on Our Yorkshire Farm, or enjoys reading her bestselling books, comes this delightful and uplifting collection of her monthly Dalesman columns. In Tales From the Farm by the Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda takes readers on an evocative journey to Ravenseat, where she lives with husband Clive and their nine children, not to mention their flock of sheep, herd of cows, hardworking dogs and a formidable chicken called Linda. Covering events in 2019 and 2020, Amanda describes saving the life of a newborn calf on New Year's Eve and watching, mouth agape, as their livestock trailer was swept away by floodwater in March. Son Sidney braves the wrath of Linda and husband Clive crafts an unusual Valentine's Day gift. Eldest daughter Raven leaves the nest, headed for university, while young sheepdog Taff and Tony the Pony arrive at the farm. As Covid-19 sends the country into lockdown, Amanda feels more lucky than ever to live close to nature, finding happiness in the beauty of the Dales and the unchanging routines of the farming year. Illustrated with charming line-drawings throughout, this book is the perfect gift for fans of the Owens family and a chance to catch up on their adventures.

The Dalesman

Author : David Joy
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The cavalier by Lee Gibbons

Author : William Bennett (solicitor.)
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Author : Scott Ciencin
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This title is the second in the popular Avatar series. At the time of its original release, this series presented key events that impacted the entire Forgotten Realms world, and the effects of those events are still felt in current novels. This re-released series will have a cohesive cover design and all-new art. This title was originally released underneath the author pseudonym Richard Awlinson. Heroes Stand Trial! When Elminster, the Old Sage of Shadowdale, is apparently slain, Midnight and Adon stand trial for his murder. When Bane, god of murder, and his allies seek the lost Tablets of Fate, a slender dark-haired woman is all that stands between Faerûn and disaster. When a friend betrays them, Midnight and her companions can trust no one.

Science and Eccentricity

Author : Victoria Carroll
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The concept of eccentricity was central to how people in the 19th century understood their world. This book explores how, from the turn of the century, discourses of eccentricity were established to make sense of individuals who did not seem to fit within an increasingly organized social and economic order.


Author : James Lowder
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Picking up from where Dragonwall left off, the book sheds light on the Cormyrean king, masterminding and then leading the crusade in the defense of the entire continent following the invasion of eastern Faerun, Ashanath, Rashemen, and Thesk, by Khahan Yamun and the Tuigan horsemen. Whereas Horselords looks at the story from the point of view of Koja and the Tuigan, and Dragonwall looks at the continuation of the same story from the point of view of General Batu and the Shou Lung, Crusade is written from King Azoun's and subsequently the West's perspective. In addition, there are two parallel stories running: the king's relations with Alusair, his estranged daughter, and the adventures of John Razor, a fletcher from Suzail, as he takes part in the Crusade.

A Letter to Charles Lushington Esquire M P in Reply to a Remonstrance Addressed by Him to the Lord Bishop of London on Account of His Lordship s Having Recommended in His Late Charge to the Clergy of His Diocese the Letters to a Dissenting Minister Signed L S E

Author : Michael Augustus Gathercole
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Monumental Melville

Author : Edgar A. Dryden
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Monumental Melville emphasizes the significance of the literary to Melville and the need for close reading in understanding his work. By revealing and celebrating the form that makes Melville's poetry unique—and a logical development from the fiction—Monumental Melville makes a vital contribution to the new scholarly recognition of its value and importance.

Date with Mystery

Author : Julia Chapman
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Date with Mystery is the third cosy crime novel in Julia Chapman's Dales Detective series. The Dales Detective Agency’s latest assignment appears to be an open and shut case. Hired by a local solicitor to find a death certificate for a young woman who died over twenty years ago, Samson O’Brien is about to find out that things in Bruncliffe are rarely that straightforward. Particularly when the solicitor insists that Delilah Metcalfe, with her wealth of local knowledge, works alongside Samson on this sensitive investigation. Delilah is eager to help. At the very least, the case will take her mind off the looming custody battle for her precious dog, Tolpuddle, and the threat of the bank foreclosing on her struggling Dales Dating Agency. As Samson and Delilah begin their inquiries they soon become embroiled in a mystery that has lain at the heart of the town for decades. But in uncovering the truth have they exposed secrets that some would prefer remained buried?

Richmond Swaledale Through Time

Author : Paul Chrystal
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The Settle Carlisle Railway

Author : Paul Salveson
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The line from Settle to Carlisle is one of the world's great rail journeys. It carves its way through the magnificent landscape of the Yorkshire Dales - where it becomes the highest main line in England - descending to Cumbria's lush green Eden Valley with its view of the Pennines and Lakeland fells. But the story of the line is even more enthralling. From its earliest history the line fostered controversy: it probably should never have been built, arising only from a political dispute between two of the largest and most powerful railway companies in the 1860s. Its construction, through some of the most wild and inhospitable terrain in England, was a herculean task. Tragic accidents affected those who built, worked and travelled the line. After surviving the Breeching cuts of the 1960s, the line faced almost certain closure in the 1980s, only to be saved by an expected last-minute reprieve. This book describes the history behind the inception and creation of the line; the challenges of constructing the 72-mile railway and its seventeen viaducts and fourteen tunnels; threat of closure in the mid-1980s and the campaign to save it, and finally, the line today and its future.

Bob Son of the Battle

Author : Alfred Ollivant
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Reproduction of the original: Bob, Son of the Battle by Alfred Ollivant