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The Craft of Innovative Theology

Author : Ian S. Markham
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There are plenty of books that focus on content, but fewer focus on method. There are plenty of books that provide the 101 way in to theological method, but none are aimed at the student who wants to do a thesis or project. This is the text that teaches the student how to write elegant, creative, theological research orientated articles. A group of distinguished scholars have collaborated to provide models of creative writing. Topics are fascinating from theodicy and evolution to Artificial Intelligence and Baptism. Each article is introduced by the editors, which helps the student appreciate the achievement. Each article is annotated so you can appreciate the methodology and style at work. Students will be shown why this is original and distinctive and to note the literature on which the argument is built. Like the audio tour in a great Art Museum, this book teaches you how to “see” and to “appreciate” good theological writing. The goal is a research methods textbook that helps the student to move to the next level in research writing.

Theology and the Kinesthetic Imagination

Author : Kathryn Reklis
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Beauty, bodily knowledge, and desire have emerged in late modern Christian theology as candidates to reorient theological reflection. It is hoped they will subvert the fragmentation of the self-wrought philosophies of Western Enlightenment and the political and economic regimes those philosophies fund. This book returns to a particular moment in the history of Protestant Christianity and its collusion with the creation of this modern, rational subject: the publically rehearsed theologicaldebates regarding the series of eighteen-century Atlantic world revivals known as the Great Awakening and the work of pro-revivalist theologian Jonathan Edwards. A central point of contention in the debates between revivalists and detractors of the revivals was the unruly body of those seized with "the new birth." Scholarly attention has focused on debating the extent of the revivals' influence or on rescuing Edwards as an exemplar of the American mind, rather than on what these flailing bodies might mean. This book explores the unruly bodily performances of the revivals as a means of forming and expressing an alternative subjectivity to the one demanded in the early modern circum-Atlantic world. Drawing on the concept of "kinesthetic imagination" in conversation with performance studies, Reklis traces the bodily ecstasy of the revivals as a way to describe the convergence of memory, imagination, and desire in the production of theological knowledge, known and conveyed throughbodily experience. This case study of Edwards and the eighteenth-century revivals gestures beyond itself to the way bodily ecstasy continues to be coded as the expression of a primitive, hysterical, holistic or natural self almost always in relationship to its other - a modern, rational, fragmented or artificial self.

Empirical Theology in Texts and Tables

Author : Francis
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Drawing on the insights of Catholic and Protestant scholars, this collection of essays advances new insight into the theory, practice and relevance of empirical research in theology.

This Is My Body

Author : Ella Johnson
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This book examines how the writings of the thirteenth-century nun Gertrude the Great of Helfta articulate an innovative relationship between a person's eucharistic devotion and her body. It attends to her references to the biblical, monastic, and theological traditions, including attitudes and ideas about the spiritual and corporeal senses, in order to illuminate the affirmative role Gertrude assigns to the body in making spiritual progress. Ultimately the book demonstrates that Gertrude leaves behind the dualistic aspect of the Christian intellectual and devotional tradition while exploiting its affirmative concepts of bodily forms of knowing divine union.

Prayer Shawl Ministries and Women s Theological Imagination

Author : Donna Bowman
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Interviews with more than one hundred women reveal the theology behind prayer shawl making, a lay ministry that takes place in churches of nearly every denomination. These “handmade” conceptual frameworks provide a rich case study of ordinary theology in action, outlining women’s religious creativity and reflection across the American Christian landscape.

Buddhist Theology

Author : Roger Jackson
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Scholars of Buddhism, themselves Buddhist, here seek to apply the critical tools of the academy to reassess the truth and transformative value of their tradition in its relevance to the contemporary world.

Religion and the Death Penalty

Author : David Novak
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Series Foreword p. viii Foreword Jean Bethke Elshtain p. x Preface p. xiii Contributors p. xvi Religion and Capital Punishment: An Introduction Erik C. Owens and Eric P. Elshtain p. 1 I Faith Traditions and the Death Penalty 1. Catholic Teaching on the Death Penalty: Has It Changed? Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J. p. 23 2. Can Capital Punishment Ever Be Justified in the Jewish Tradition? David Novak p. 31 3. The Death Penalty: A Protestant Perspective Gilbert Meilaender p. 48 4. Punishing Christians: A Pacifist Approach to the Issue of Capital Punishment Stanley Hauerwas p. 57 5. The Death Penalty, Mercy, and Islam: A Call for Retrospection Khaled Abou El Fadl p. 73 II Theological Reflections on the Death Penalty 6. Categorical Pardon: On the Argument for Abolishing Capital Punishment J. Budziszewski p. 109 7. Biblical Perspectives on the Death Penalty Michael L. Westmoreland-White and Glen H. Stassen p. 123 8. Christian Witness, Moral Anthropology, and the Death Penalty Richard W. Garnett p. 139 9. Human Nature, Limited Justice, and the Irony of Capital Punishment John D. Carlson p. 158 10. Responsibility, Vengeance, and the Death Penalty Victor Anderson p. 195 III Personal Commitments and Public Responsibilities 11. The Death Penalty: What's All the Debate About? Frank Keating p. 213 12. Reflections on the Death Penalty and the Moratorium George H. Ryan p. 221 13. God's Justice and Ours: The Morality of Judicial Participation in the Death Penalty Antonin Scalia p. 231 14. Why I Oppose Capital Punishment Mario M. Cuomo p. 240 15. Capital Punishment: Is It Wise? Paul Simon p. 248 16. Facing the Jury: The Moral Trials of a Prosecutor in a Capital Case Beth Wilkinson p. 254 17. The Problem of Forgiveness: Reflections of a Public Defender and a Murder Victim's Family Member Jeanne Bishop p. 264 Afterword: Lifting New Voices against the Death Penalty: Religious Americans and the Debate on Capital Punishment E.J. Dionne Jr. p. 277 Index.

Craft Space and Interior Design 1855 005

Author : Sandra Alfoldy
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Constructed space is defined by its shape, by the materials with which it is enclosed and by the objects that are placed within or decorate its exterior or interior. The interaction of these crafted objects or decorated surfaces with space provides viewers or inhabitants with visual clues about the environment as well as visual cues about decorum: viewers can know what kind of behaviour is expected and what the space means. Furnishings and dress, textile panels and clay pots, stained glass and gesso panels, all defined as craft or decorative art, give architectural space, defined as high art, its character: without craft, architecture is empty and devoid of meaning. This engaging collection of essays presents the first sustained exploration of the relationship of craft to architectural spaces. The book unravels the complex ways in which craft controls, manipulates, organises and defines space, to highlight how the relationship between craft and space can be understood as a form of communication between related parts that combine to form a unified whole.

Imagining Mission with John V Taylor

Author : Jonny Baker
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The impact that John V. Taylor had on our contemporary understanding of mission is vast – his determination that mission should mean engagement across cultural boundaries has deep resonance today. In 'Imagining Mission with John V. Taylor', leading missional thinkers Jonny Baker and Cathy Ross invite us into a vision of church, mission and society which takes John Taylor’s ideas seriously, seeking to imagine what Taylor’s insights might mean for these three areas in our contemporary context. The result is a clarion call to the church to take bigger risks and dream bigger dreams.

Religion in International Relations

Author : F. Petito
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Are the secular foundations of international relations sustainable at present? This comprehensive study shows how the global resurgence of religion confronts international relations theory with a theoretical challenge comparable to that raised by the end of the Cold War or the emergence of globalization. The volume tries to shake the secular foundational myths of the discipline and outline the need for an expansion into religiously inspired spheres of thought. It also challenges the most condemning accusation against religion: the view that the politicization of religion is always a threat to security and inimical to the resolution of conflict. Finally, the task of demystifying religion is taken further with an argument for a stronger and "progressive" political engagement of the worldwide religious traditions in the contemporary globalized era.

Towards Vital Wholeness in Theological Education

Author : Jessy Jaison
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God’s interest in the entirety of our existence and the details of his creation is quite rightly lauded by professing Christians, including those involved in theological education. But what impact does this biblical truth have on the way in which theological education is conducted? Critics are increasingly bringing attention to the shortcomings of theological education in this regard. In this thorough examination of the issue of holistic practices throughout the operations of theological institutions, Dr Jessy Jaison provides sage and actionable solutions where others have merely observed systemic weaknesses. Jaison has applied her expertise and experience of twenty-five years in theological education in India to dissect the issues, diagnose the symptoms and prescribe a way forward that will lead to stronger leaders practicing healthier ministry in God’s Kingdom for those who have ears to hear.

Theological Reflection Sources

Author : Elaine Graham
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Following the same topics as the "Methods" volume, this reader is aimed at postgraduates and academics interested in the expanding volume of work and research surrounding theological reflection. Brought together in this second volume are materials relating to the same topics and dealt with by the same divisions, descriptions and features. The identified models being The Living Human Document, Constructive Narrative Theology, Canonical Narrative Theology, Corporate Theological Reflection, The Correlative Method, Performative or Praxis Theological Reflection and Theology in the Vernacular, or local theologies. Volume one described and identified the various models whilst this new second volume fleshes out these descriptions by allowing the reader access to a variety of sources and examples of writings within these models.

Teaching Theology in a Technological Age

Author : Yvette Debergue
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The iGeneration has learned to adapt rapidly to technological change. Tech-savvy students multi-task with consummate ease, accessing email on smart-phones, researching assignments on tablets, reading a book on Kindle, while drinking a flat white and listening to iTunes in the background. How does the tertiary educational curriculum meet the learning needs of students whose attention transitions rapidly between mediums and messages? The complexity and pace of modern technological change has left the theological educational sector gasping, as it struggles to devise pedagogically engaging online distance learning materials in traditional disciplines and teach units with significant relational and pastoral components. The technological benefits are vast, the instant availability of information unprecedented, and the opportunities to provide theological education to groups marginalised by the tyranny of distance and time enormous. How should the theological sector address these challenges and opportunities? Although the benefits are massive, the media is replete with stories of the casualties of technological change, including cyber-bullying, internet predators, the psychic damage from trolls, addiction to gaming, and issues of body image, among others. How should the theological sector, drawing upon its scriptural and teaching heritage, come to grips with the deficits spawned by the technological revolution? What is the theological, pastoral, social and pedagogic responsibility of theology teachers in nurturing this new generation? Teaching Theology in a Technological Age draws together in an inspiring volume a series of cutting-edge essays from Australian, New Zealand and South African scholars on the learning and teaching of theology in a digital age.

Theology as Retrieval

Author : W. David Buschart
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"Tradition is the living faith of the dead." —Jaroslav Pelikan The movement to retrieve the Christian past is a mode of theological discernment, a cultivated habit of thought. It views the doctrines, practices and resonant realities of the Christian tradition as deep wells for a thirsty age. This movement across the church looks back in order to move forward. David Buschart and Kent Eilers survey this varied movement and identify six areas where the impulse and practice of retrieval has been notably fruitful and suggestive: the interpretation of Scripture, the articulation of theology, the practices of worship, the disciplines of spirituality, the modes of mission and the participatory ontology of Radical Orthodoxy. In each area they offer a wide-angle view before taking a close look at representative examples in order to give finer texture to the discussion. More than a survey and mapping of the terrain, Theology as Retrieval inspires reflection, practice and hope.

Challenging Tradition

Author : Perry Shaw
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The surge of theological education in the rapidly growing church of the Majority World has highlighted the inadequacy of traditional Western methods of thinking and learning to fully accomplish the task at hand. The limitations of current theological education are embodied in the formation and assessment of the master’s or doctoral dissertation; processes that follow a linear-empiricist tradition developed in the West and exported to the Majority World. Challenging Tradition: Innovation in Advanced Theological Studies highlights the need for these traditions to be reconsidered in every context throughout the world. Drs Shaw and Dharamraj, with their team of contributors, present innovations in research and documentation that demonstrate how we may better prepare theological leadership through means that are contextually relevant and locally meaningful.

The Contemporary Thesaurus of Search Terms and Synonyms

Author : Sara D. Knapp
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Whether your search is limited to a single database or is as expansive as all of cyberspace, you won't find the intended results unless you use the words that work. Now in its second edition, Sara Knapp has updated and expanded this invaluable resource. Unlike any other thesaurus available, this popular guide offers a wealth of natural language options in a convenient, A-to-Z format. It's ideal for helping users find the appropriate word or words for computer searches in the humanities, social sciences, and business. The second edition has added more than 9,000 entries to the first edition's extensive list. Now, the Thesaurus contains almost 21,000 search entries! New or expanded areas include broader coverage of business terms and humanities-including arts literature, philosophy, religion, and music.

First Expressions

Author : Steve Taylor
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Seeking insight from the real-life development of the earliest expressions of emerging church from their birth, through times of adolescent angst and into the reality of adulthood, this book offers a unique insight into the long-term sustainability of fresh expressions. Presenting the lived practice of the church in mission through a longitudinal lens, and eschewing the rose-tinted approach, it considers the reality of emerging churches - their birth and death, their creativity and conflict, their dreams and despair. A picture of a church that is neither gathered and parish nor independent and networked emerges as the biographies of mission are brought into dialogue with a very ancient expression of mission, the birth of Philippians as a first expression of church in Europe..

Hobbes on Politics and Religion

Author : Laurens van Apeldoorn
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Thomas Hobbes, one of the most important figures in the history of political philosophy, is still widely regarded as a predominantly secular thinker. Yet a great deal of his political thought was motivated by the need to address problems of a distinctively religious nature. This is the first collection of essays dedicated to the complex and rich intersections between Hobbes's political and religious thought. Written by experts in the field, the volume opens up new directions for thinking about his treatment of religion as a political phenomenon and the political dimensions of his engagement with Christian doctrines and their history. The chapters investigate his strategies for showing how his provocative political positions could be accepted by different religious audiences for whom fidelity to religious texts was of crucial importance, while also considering the legacy of his ideas and examining their relevance for contemporary concerns. Some chapters do so by pursuing mainly historical inquiries about the motives and circumstances of Hobbes's writings, while others reconstruct the logic of his arguments and test their philosophical coherence. They thus offer wide-ranging and sometimes conflicting assessments of Hobbes's ideas, yet they all demonstrate how closely intertwined his political and religious preoccupations are and thereby showcase how this perspective can help us to better understand his thought.

Craft Brewed Jesus

Author : Michael Camp
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What if the modern American church has its Christian history wrong? According to ex-evangelical Michael Camp, most American believers fail Christian History 101. Drawing on his own historical research and missionary experience, he discovers that most popular Christian views of the Bible, church, sin, salvation, judgment, the kingdom of God, the "end times," and the afterlife--pretty much all religious sacred cows--don't align with the beliefs of the original Jesus movement. Some of them not even close. Camp's Craft Brewed Jesus paves a fascinating journey of a group of disillusioned evangelicals and Catholics. When they decide to meet regularly over craft beers to study the historic foundations of their faith, their findings both rock their world and resolve ancient mysteries. They examine well-documented narratives of the early Jesus saga, Eastern streams of a lost Christianity, and the roots of our modern religious assumptions, all while striving to steer clear of either a conservative or liberal bias. What they uncover is a vital, refreshing spiritual paradigm no longer at odds with reality. Grab your brew of choice and trace this transformational journey based on a true story that will encourage you in your walk of life and faith.

Religions in the Modern World

Author : Linda Woodhead
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Religions in the Modern World: Traditions and Transformations, Third Edition is the ideal textbook for those coming to the study of religion for the first time, as well as for those who wish to keep up-to-date with the latest perspectives in the field. This third edition contains new and upgraded pedagogic features, including chapter summaries, key terms and definitions, and questions for reflection and discussion. The first part of the book considers the history and modern practices of the main religious traditions of the world, while the second analyzes trends from secularization to the rise of new spiritualities. Comprehensive and fully international in coverage, it is accessibly written by practicing and specialist teachers.