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People of the Covenant

Author : Henry Jackson Flanders
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Fully revised and updated using contemporary literary approaches and the most recent historical scholarship, this introduction to the Hebrew Bible provides a thorough and coherent approach to the basic human issues of the Scriptures. It emphasizes the meanings that the Hebrews gave to persons and events in their attempts to manage life's struggles, and provides textual aids that help students understand these ideas and apply them to contemporary issues. After an initial presentation on the nature of biblical literature, the Book of Genesis is treated as a theological prelude to Israel's story. Subsequent chapters are organized around epochs in Hebrew life. Throughout the book the authors stress the human issues at stake in Israel's memory and the preservation of its history, and how circumstances and thought influenced the Hebrew perceptions and understanding of God. Accessible and stimulating to students of the Hebrew Bible with a wide range of academic and religious backgrounds, People of the Covenant is grounded in the best scholarly methodologies, respect for the rich literary values of the Hebrew Bible, and concern for its enduring religious relevance.

The Covenant Life

Author : David D. Cho
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This book teaches Christians about their God-given purpose in life. Many people may not know their purpose in life even after they become believers in Jesus Christ. The Bible shows that each believer is a covenant being, meaning that he/she has a God-given spiritual purpose in life (a covenant). Abraham, Joseph, Daniel, Nehemiah, Peter, John, and Paul lived covenant lives before God. It is important that each believer realizes and believes that he/she has a personal covenant with God just like these people, although his/her personal covenant is different from those of biblical figures. The covenant life is inextricably related to our life of holiness, or sanctification. Sanctification is the way through which this covenant is actualized in our life. Thus, the covenant gives the answer to the question, “Why am I here?” And sanctification gives the answer to the question, “How should I live that life in the world?” The covenant person lives as a steward of Jesus Christ. The stewardship is the guiding principle for this person as he relates to material things in the world. And justice is the guiding principle for the covenant person as he relates to other people.

The Covenant of Peace

Author : Free Church (Berkeley, Calif.)
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The Covenant

Author : Irving Layton
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Author : John H. Walton
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A series of Bible study guides following the format and content of the NIV Application Commentaries Series. Each study looks at the original meaning, bridging contexts, and contemporary significance of the text, and offers small group participants a better understanding and relevant application of the biblical material to their daily lives.

The Covenant

Author : Pauline Gedge
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Dependable grad student Ardeth Alexander finds herself trapped in a nightmare as the unwilling blood source for a captive vampire. When she discovers that her fellow prisoner is not the worst monster she faces, she realizes that the only way to survive is to make an irrevocable choice.

The Covenant Of Fifty Eight Blessings

Author : Mike Murdock
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Learn The 58 Different Kinds of Blessings And Where These Scriptures Are Found. What Occurs When You Ignore The Instruction of A Man of God / What Always Must Happen Before You Experience A Miracle and Many More Truths About Blessings.

The Covenant of Bah u ll h

Author : Adib Taherzadeh
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The Covenant of Bah'u'llh is a unique and priceless heritage, unprecedented in past Dispensations. It carries within itself enormous potentialities for the future in the unfoldment of Bah'u'llh's new world order and ultimately the Golden Age of humankind. This book provides a wealth of material for the study of the Covenant. The Kitb-i-'Ahd, Bah'u'llh's own Will and Testament, and the Will and Testament of 'Abdu'l-Bah are quoted in full in this volume, and the historical events they refer to are explained.

Commitment to the Covenant

Author : Debra Theobald McClendon
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In recent decades, prophets have repeatedly emphasized how a strong marriage and family is the basis of a robust society; they have counseled and warned of the many modern obstacles that can erode a healthy family life. This book draws on inspiring personal stories, research from sociology and psychology, and doctrines of the gospel of Jesus Christ to present key principles that, when applied, will help a marriage thrive. The authors use three broad content areas¿the things we each need to do personally to improve our marriage (Me), the things we need to do together as a couple to strengthen our marital relationship (We), and ways we can more fully involve God in our marriage relationship (Thee). This three-part approach is theoretical and practical and will help guide you to a successful and happy marriage.

Anna Countess of the Covenant

Author : Mary McGrigor
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Lady Anna Mackenzie, daughter of Lord Seaforth, was born in 1621. Famed for her beauty, she married the Earl of Balcarres when she was nineteen, but her happy life at Balcarres Castle in Fife was shattered by the Civil War. Following the death of Charles I, Balcarres raised an army to fight for Charles II. Defeated by Cromwell he fled with his wife to Holland where, reduced to great poverty, Anna 'the angel of the exiled court' became a governess to Prince William of Orange, later William III. Balcarres died tragically in his wife's arms. Returning to Scotland to struggle with financial and familial difficulties – as her correspondence reveals – she managed to save the family estates from bankruptcy for her surviving son, before she married Archibald, 9th Earl of Argyll. Too soon tranquillity vanished again as Argyll conspired with Monmouth to overthrow James VII. Upon his capture he was beheaded. Countess Anna, imprisoned, was spared execution. She survived to remain as the mainstay of her family until her death at the age of eighty-five in 1707. Anna, Countess of the Covenant is an extraordinary account of an extraordinary woman in one of the most fascinating periods in Scottish, British and European history.

The Covenant Experience

Author : Bob Tomonto
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Designed as a week-end retreat with follow-up meetings, this book is based on covenant theology, and gives couples an opportunity to work through relationship issues and make good marriages even better. It can be used by couples on their own, or as part of a group experience.

Israel and the Book of the Covenant

Author : Jay Wade Marshall
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Please note that there are several pages of maps and graphs in this book. Check quality to determine if enhancement is necessary.

The Code of Hammurabi and the Book of the Covenant

Author : Charles Wesley Gethman
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Beyond the Covenant Chain

Author : Director of the McNeil Center for Early American Studies Daniel K Richter
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For centuries the Western view of the Iroquois was clouded by the myth that they were the supermen of the frontier--"the Romans of this Western World, " as De Witt Clinton called them in 1811. Only in recent years have scholars come to realize the extent to which Europeans had exaggerated the power of the Iroquois. First published in 1987, Beyond the Covenant Chain was one of the first studies to acknowledge fully that the Iroquois never had an empire. It remains the best study of diplomatic and military relations among Native American groups in seventeenth-and eighteenth-century North America. Published in paperback for the first time, it features a new introduction by Richter and Merrell. Contributors include Douglas W. Boyce, Mary A. Druke-Becker, Richard L. Haan, Francis Jennings, Michael N. McConnell, Theda Perdue, and Neal Salisbury.

The Covenant of Circumcision

Author : Elizabeth Wyner Mark
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Scholars and rabbis examine the complicated history and contemporary challenges of the Jewish rite of circumcision.

Climax of the Covenant

Author : N.T. Wright
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A detailed examination of the passages central to the debate about Paul's christology and his view of Jewish Law. From meticulous exegesis makes some striking theological and historical conclusions.

The Covenant and the Charter

Author : James Leslie Brierly
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The Israelite Before the Art of the Covenant and the Christian Before the Altar

Author : Louis De Goesbriand (Bp. of Burlington (Vt.))
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The Covenant with Black America

Author : Tavis Smiley
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Discusses social and political issues affecting African Americans today, including health, housing, crime, criminal justice, education, and economic parity.

The Salt of the Covenant

Author : William Sykes
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