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The Courage Tree

Author : Diane Chamberlain
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Get caught up in this thrilling family drama that will have you turning pages deep into the night by New York Times bestselling author Diane Chamberlain. Eight-year-old Sophie Donohue just wanted to be like every other little girl. Which is why her mother, Janine, reluctantly agreed to let her go on the weekend camping trip with her Brownie troop. But when Janine arrives to pick up Sophie after the trip, her daughter is not with the others. Somehow, along the forested route from West Virginia, Sophie has disappeared. But Sophie is no ordinary eight-year-old. She suffers from a rare disease, and Janine has recently enrolled her in an experimental treatment as a last effort to save her life—despite the vehement objections of her ex-husband, Joe. Without her medication, Sophie cannot survive long. All her mother’s instincts tell Janine that Sophie is alive, but time is running out. Deep in the Virginia forest, another drama unfolds. Sophie finds refuge in a remote cabin inhabited by Zoe, a woman who wants nothing to do with the child. Zoe is struggling to save her own daughter from the law, and Sophie’s presence jeopardizes any chance of that happening. She is as determined to save her daughter as Janine is to save Sophie…and only one of them can succeed. Originally published in 2001

The Flamboya Tree

Author : Clara Olink Kelly
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"Why didn't you try to escape?" That was all she said. I had imagined my grandmother telling us how lovely it was to see us at last. I saw again in my mind's eye the barbed wire fences and the soldiers with the glistening bayonets, and felt once more that excruciating fear in the pit of my stomach. Try to escape? Lots of people had tried to escape. When the Japanese invaded the beautiful Indonesian island of Java during the Second World War Clara Kelly was four years old. Her family was separated, her father sent to work on the Burma railway, and she together with her mother and her two brothers, one a six-week-old baby, was sent to a 'women's camp'. They were interned there until the end of the war. Clara's descriptions of the appalling deprivations and impersonal brutality of the camp, easily recognisable as the same techniques used in the infamously cruel Japanes prisoner of war camps - standing in the baking heat for hours of 'Tenko' role-call, living on one cup of rice a day - are countered by the courage and resilience shown by all the internees, most poignantly her own mother.

The Courage to Think for Yourself

Author : Leszek Figurski
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This book was written with the purpose of revealing the duty of each individual to search for truth and the meaning of existence. Thinking requires determination and endurance. It is not easy. Above all, passion for truth is necessary for every honest seeker.

Tree of Memories

Author : Adam Freestone
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A story of fear, suspicion, danger, and the courage it takes to overcome unimaginable obstacles.

The Courage to Be Queer

Author : Jeff Hood
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God is Queer. In a world of normative paradigms, God will never fit in and nor should we. That twitching and itching for something more will consistently be present until we step out of our closets and into the Queer. The Courage to Be Queer is about the wildness and beauty of an indescribable and uncontainable God. What is the Queer calling us to be? We are to be the ones shouting for justice. We are to be the ones dancing for freedom. We are to be the ones dreaming for hope. We are to be the ones . . . In the midst of the spectacle of it all, there will be those observers who hear the knocking and lean in. Will you open the door?

The Courage to Be Happy

Author : Pope Francis
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A Guide for Using the Courage of Sarah Noble in the Classroom

Author : Debra J. Housel
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The Courage to Imagine

Author : Roni Natov
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The act of imagining lies at the very heart of children's engagements with literature and with the plots and characters they encounter in their favorite stories. The Courage to Imagine is a landmark new study of that fundamental act of imagining. Roni Natov focuses on the ways in which children's imaginative engagement with the child hero figure can open them up to other people's experiences, developing empathy across lines of race, gender and sexuality, as well as helping them to confront and handle traumatic experience safely. Drawing on a wide range of theoretical approaches from the psychological to the cultural and reading a multicultural spectrum of authors, including works by Maya Angelou, Louise Erdrich, Neil Gaiman and Brian Selznick, this is a groundbreaking examination of the nature of imagining for children and re-imagining for the adult writer and illustrator.


Author : James A. Beers
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“The Church opposes any unjust treatment of homosexual persons, insisting on their equal dignity before God and firmly correcting anyone who in any way ridicules homosexual persons. It is also the duty of the Church in every diocese to provide adequate pastoral programs to help homosexual men and women live the Gospel to the full.” Father John F. Harvey Founder of Courage For more than thirty years, Courage has been helping same-sex-attracted Catholic men and women to lead chaste lives. This book will relate not just the history of the apostolate but how and why it was founded. It will introduce readers to the numerous souls whose lives were changed by following the goals of Courage and who found peace, understanding, and joy in choosing a life of chastity. This book is an attempt to tell the story of Courage from the point of view of a member. Founded in 1980 in New York, Courage has grown into an international organization. Yet its very existence seems to defy the tide of the popular culture. In spite of pressure on all sides and even from inside the Church, Courage continues to stress the traditional teachings of the Church. While society’s attitudes toward sexuality have changed, the teachings of the Church have not. It is possible that of all the Church’s teachings, none has been more distorted and misunderstood than the teaching regarding human sexuality. Yet the Church could not be more clear: all of us, homosexual and heterosexual, are called to be chaste.

The Courage of the Commonplace

Author : Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews
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"The Courage of the Commonplace" by Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

The Courage to Survive

Author : Dennis J. Kucinich
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The power of courage and faith transform this inspiring political autobiography of presidential candidate Kucinich into a compelling self-help book for those who are searching for the key to achieving their own dreams.

The Courage for Change

Author : Matthew Laban Luhanga
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African universities including the University of Dar es Salaam faced major resource constraints in the 1970's and 1980's. These constraints had a negative impact on higher education in Africa leading to a decline in the quality of education provided, stagnant or falling enrolments in the face of rapidly expanding populations, deteriorating infrastructure and staff exodus to greener pastures. Written by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Dar es Salaam 1991-2007 this book captures the achievements which were engineered under his leadership to transform the University into an institution which would be better placed to meet the development needs of Tanzania in the 21st century. The book covers the bleak atmosphere prevailing when the author took over as Vice Chancellor in 1991, transformation achievements in the academic, finance and gender aspects, a sampling of the administrative challenges faced and some of the unfinished business which was passed on to succeeding Vice Chancellor.

The Courage of Captain Plum

Author : James Oliver Curwood
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Looking for a fast-paced action-adventure thriller that you won't be able to put down? Try The Courage of Captain Plum, from the pen of one of the masters of the genre, James Oliver Curwood. With a stunning climax during which a single man is forced to fend off an entire battalion of bloodthirsty enemies, this action-packed tale won't disappoint.

Courage Strength Hope

Author : Denise Hopkins
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The Courage Way

Author : , The Center for Courage & Renewal
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The Courage Way Leading and Living with Integrity Leadership can be exhausting, lonely, frustrating, disappointing, and downright discouraging. You have to make good decisions while balancing inevitable tensions and knowing when to take risks. You need to keep your values in sight regardless of the pressures around you and stay calm in the storms that arise. At its core, leadership is a daily, ongoing practice, a journey toward becoming your best self and inviting others to do the same. And at the heart of this daily practice is courage. And that's where The Courage Way comes in. It's a guide to leadership that names and explores this important resource and shows leaders how to access and draw upon courage in all that they do. It has its roots in the work of Parker J. Palmer, who in fifty years of teaching, speaking, and writing has explored the human spirit—what he has called “the inner landscape”—and its role in life and leadership. Shelly Francis identifies key ingredients needed to cultivate courage, the most fundamental being trust—in ourselves and in each other. She describes the Center for Courage & Renewal's Circle of Trust approach, centered around eleven “touchstones,” poetic and practical operating guidelines for holding the meaningful conversations of inner work and trust building. Each chapter features true stories of how leaders in all kinds of settings have overcome challenges and strengthened their organizations through touchstones like “Extend invitation, not demand,” “No fixing, saving, advising, or correcting,” and “When the going gets rough, turn to wonder.” This graceful and inspiring book is a guide to courageous leadership and a journey of self-discovery—the two are inextricable. As Francis writes, “Courage is not only in you—it is you. In your moments of courage, that's when you meet your true self.”

The Courage Quotient

Author : Robert Biswas-Diener
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The keys to understanding and developing courage This groundbreaking book reveals that courage is more aboutmanaging fear than not feeling it, and that courage can belearned. The author explains that most courageous people areunaware of their own bravery, and all of us have some form ofcourage in our lives now, to start with. The book is filled withillustrative examples, studies, and interviews from Greenland toKenya, and defines the types of individuals who demonstrategeneral, personal, and civil courage. The author includes clearguidelines and suggestions for increasing our ability to becourageous. Includes guidelines that show how anyone can ramp-up theircourage quotient and develop the qualities that strengthen personalcourage Contains a wealth of examples and anecdotes of real-worldcourage from a variety of cultures A prolific writer, the author has a popular blog PsychologyToday The author extols the virtues of personal courage and shows howto overcome fear and stand up for what is right.

The Wishing Tree

Author : Christopher Isherwood
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In this collection of articles, Isherwood writes about his teachers, his conversion to Vedanta, and various literary concerns.

The Courage to Lead

Author : R. Brian Stanfield
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To transform society, we first need to transform ourselves. The Courage to Lead starts from this premise and delivers a strong, simple message: if you relate authentically to life, to yourself, to the world and to society, you start the process of social change. Grounded in more than fifty years of in-depth research and practical experience in over thirty nations, The Courage to Lead uses a large canvas to paint a vivid picture of leadership in its many forms: personal, family, work, organization, community. Activist stories from around the world demonstrate the profound premise and inspires a deep understanding of leadership. This is a book that changes lives. These days, the complexity of life tends to leave us paralyzed. The Courage to Lead will help people move out of their paralysis and invite them to join the ranks of those social pioneers who create what is needed for the 21st century. This book speaks to you in a strange language that you do not at first remember but that you will eventually recognize as your mother tongue. David Patterson CEO, Northwater Capital Management The Courage to Lead provided me with a great deal of guidance and support at a time when I needed to make significant life decisions. It also provided me with a framework and a language to better understand who I am, where I needed to be and where I wanted to go. I recommend this course to anyone who is open to a transformative experience in which one brings many important life questions into focus. Garret Keown Teacher-in-Training, Lakehead University 325 University Health Network (UHN) staff have participated in The Courage to Lead study program over the last five years. The fundamental principles in the book align with our belief that "everyone can lead from where they stand." We think that leadership is not about a formal role or job title but about a philosophy, values and attitude in how one approaches life. This program has helped staff tap into the leader within themselves and, in doing so, has supported our mission to deliver excellent patient-centered care. Irene Wright Senior Development Manager, Human Resources, University Health Network

The Tree of Heaven

Author : May Sinclair
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"The Tree of Heaven" by May Sinclair. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Outlines of Primitive Belief Among the Indo European Races

Author : Charles Francis Keary
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