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The Costs of Economic Growth

Author : Peter A. Victor
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This book is a convenient and comprehensive collection of seminal papers on the costs of economic growth. The papers are grouped in 6 sections covering: the origins of the debate, the limits to growth, measurement, international and global dimensions, developing countries, and looking ahead. The original introduction, written by the editor, draws out the main themes that run through this extensive and thought provoking literature. This timely collection is is intended for academics, students, researchers and anyone interested in this controversial topic.

The Costs of Economic Growth

Author : Ezra J. Mishan
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The Social Costs of Economic Growth

Author : Casimiro V. Miranda
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The Argentina that Could Have Been

Author : Yair Mundlak
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Growth Isn t Working

Author : David Woodward
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growth isn't working: the uneven distribution of benefits and costs from economic growth, shows that globalisation is failing the world's poorest as their share of the benefits of growth plummet, and accelerating climate change hurts the poorest most.

Economic Growth and Development

Author : Hendrik Van den Berg
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This textbook covers the full range of topics and issues normally included in a course on economic growth and development. Both mainstream economic perspectives as well as the multi-paradigmatic, inter-disciplinary, and dynamic-evolutionary perspectives from heterodox economics are detailed. Economic development is viewed in terms of the long-run well-being of humanity, social stability, environmental sustainability, and just distribution of economic gains, not simply as the growth of GDP. Furthermore, this textbook explicitly recognizes the complexity of economic development by linking economic activity to our broader social and natural environments. The textbook's unique feature is its focus on the natural environment. Both the historical effects of economic development on the environment and the environmental constraints on future economic development are thoroughly discussed in two chapters on environmental issues and policies. In fact, because economic development is defined in terms of economic, social, and environmental sustainability, the natural environment is included in discussions throughout the book. The textbook is inter-disciplinary: knowledge from fields such as sociology, psychology, political science, economic history, and ecology is called on to enhance the economic analysis. A thorough historical account of the development of the principal paradigms of economic development is also included, and the important issues of institutional development and cultural change merit their own chapters. Two chapters on technological change holistically focus on production technologies as well as the dynamic performance of entire economic, social, and ecological systems. Also, the important relationship between economic development and globalization is presented in three chapters on international trade, international finance and investment, and immigration from both orthodox and heterodox perspectives. Request Inspection Copy

An Inquiry Into the Causes and Costs of Economic Growth

Author : Syed Omar Syed Agil
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The Goal of Economic Growth Sources Costs Benefits

Author : Edmund S. Phelps
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The Costs of Slow Economic Growth

Author :
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Price Policies and Economic Growth

Author : Antonio Jorge
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To promote economic growth and development, policymakers must understand how price structures impact on trade and other related factors.