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The Corner Shop

Author : Elizabeth Cadell
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Lucille Abbey finds her orderly life disrupted when Professor Hallam rejects three very efficient candidates from her secretarial agency and she becomes determined to discover the reason for his decisions

The View From the Corner Shop

Author : Kathleen Hey
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A lively diary chronicling the ups and downs of running a grocery shop in a Yorkshire town during the rationing years of the Second World War Kathleen Hey spent the war years helping her sister and brother-in-law run a grocery shop in the Yorkshire town of Dewsbury. From July 1941 to July 1946 she kept a diary for the Mass-Observation project, recording the thoughts and concerns of the people who used the shop. What makes Kathleen's account such a vivid and compelling read is the immediacy of her writing. People were pulling together on the surface ('Bert has painted the V-sign on the shop door…', she writes) but there are plenty of tensions underneath. The shortage of food and the extreme difficulty of obtaining it is a constant thread, which dominates conversation in the town, more so even than the danger of bombardment and the war itself. Sometimes events take a comic turn. A lack of onions provokes outrage among her customers, and Kathleen writes, 'I believe they think we have secret onion orgies at night and use them all up.' The Brooke Bond tea rep complains that tea need not be rationed at all if supply ships were not filled with 'useless goods' such as Corn Flakes, and there is a long-running saga about the non-arrival of Smedley's peas. Among the chorus of voices she brings us, Kathleen herself shines through as a strong and engaging woman who refuses to give in to doubts or misery and who maintains her keen sense of humour even under the most trying conditions. A vibrant addition to our records of the Second World War, the power of her diary lies in its juxtaposition of the everyday and the extraordinary, the homely and the universal, small town life and the wartime upheavals of a nation.

The Corner Shop

Author :
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The Corner Shop

Author : Babita Sharma
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A BBC RADIO 4 BOOK OF THE WEEK 'Nuanced, human and engaging' Nikesh Shukla, Observer 'Full of life, characters, gossip and all the richness of the local community' Sir David Jason 'A delightful story of growing up "above the shop"' Nigel Slater, Observer 'Cleverly links her own memories of shop-bound life with the last 50 years of British history' Spectator 'I come from a hidden world: I am the daughter of shopkeepers. I've seen you on a Sunday morning, nipping out to get a pint of milk or to grab a newspaper. I came to know a lot about you; whether your politics leaned to the right or left, whether you were gay or straight, and whether you were plagued by cash-flow problems or had enough disposable income to indulge your penchant for Cadbury's Crème Eggs.' Babita Sharma was raised in a corner shop in Reading, and over the counter watched a changing world, from the clientele to the products to the politics of the day. Along with the skills to mop a floor perfectly and stack a shelf, she gained a unique insight into a shifting landscape - and an institution that, despite the creep of supermarkets, online shopping and delivery, has found a way to evolve and survive. The Corner Shop is the remarkable human story of these little institutions that have changed the course of our history. From the general stores of the first half of the 20th century (one of which was run by the father of a certain Margaret Thatcher), to the reimagined corner shops run by immigrants from India, East Africa and Eastern Europe from the 60s to the noughties, the corner shop has shaped the way we shop, the way we eat, and the way we understand ourselves. 'A triumph' Radio Times 'A compelling, full selection box of a story' Sanjeev Kohli 'One of the best books I've read on the immigrant experience in this country' Daily Mail 'I loved it cover to cover' Angela Clutton, author of The Vinegar Cupboard

Isobel on the Way to the Corner Shop

Author : Amy Witting
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Isobel Callaghan is struggling to make a career as a writer in Sydney. She is isolated, poor and hungry, and fears she's going mad. Leaving her room in a boarding house in search of food, she has a breakdown on the way to the corner shop. Waking in hospital, Isobel learns that she will be confined to a sanatorium in the Blue Mountains. There, among the motley assortment of patients, and with the aid of great works of literature, she will confront the horrors of her past. But can she find a way to face the future? Confronting and compassionate, profound and funny, the second Isobel Callaghan novel is every bit as brilliant as its much-loved predecessor. It confirmed Amy Witting as one of the finest Australian writers of her time. Amy Witting was born in Sydney in 1918. She attended Sydney University, then taught French and English in state schools. Beginning late in life she published six novels, including The Visit, I for Isobel, Isobel on the Way to the Corner Shop and Maria's War; two collections of short stories; two books of verse, Travel Diary and Beauty is the Straw; and her Collected Poems. She had numerous poems and short stories published in magazines such as Quadrant and the New Yorker. Her acclaimed short fiction is collected in the volume Faces and Voices. Witting was awarded the 1993 Patrick White Prize. Isobel on the way to the Corner Shop won the Age Book of the Year Award. Amy Witting died in 2001. 'Her reflections on human nature are eloquently drawn, intimate, compassionate and witty.' Australian Amy Witting is comparable to Jean Rhys, but she has more starch, or vinegar. The effect is bracing.' New Yorker '[Witting] lays bare with surgical precision the dynamics of families, sibling, students in coffee shops, office coteries. One sometimes feels positively winded with unsettling insights. There is something relentless, almost unnerving in her anatomising of foibles, fears obsessions, private shame, the nature of loneliness, the nature of panic.' Janette Turner Hospital 'A beautifully but unobtrusively honed style, a marvellous ear for dialogue, a generous understanding of the complex waywardness of men and women.' Andrew Riemer ‘Sparkling prose and extraordinary ability to enter the minds of a wide variety of characters.' A Reader's Guide to Australian Fiction ‘Quietly brilliant…Witting’s characterizations are staggeringly sharp—it is hard to imagine a novel more keenly observed—simultaneously heartbreaking and (subtly) hilarious, not because they’re exaggerated, but because they are so unsettlingly, overwhelmingly true…A compassionate masterpiece.’ STARRED Review, Kirkus

The Case of the Corner Shop Robbers

Author : Allen J. Woppert
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The Corner Shop

Author : Clarice McLellan
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The Girl from the Corner Shop

Author : Alrene Hughes
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WW2 Manchester: Newlyweds Helen and Jim Harrison have big plans – to leave the family shop where Helen works and set up home together. But when Jim is tragically killed in an air raid, Helen is heartbroken, her life in ruins. Battling grief and despair, Helen resolves to escape her domineering mother and rebuild her shattered world. Wartime Manchester is a dangerous place, besieged by crime and poverty. So when Helen joins the Women's Auxiliary Police Corps, working with evacuees, the destitute and the vulnerable, she finds a renewed sense of purpose. She's come a long way from her place behind the counter in the corner shop. But there's still something missing in her heart. Is Helen able to accept love and happiness and find the courage to change her life?

The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay

Author : Nicola May
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"Rosa Larkin is down on her luck in London, so when she inherits a near-derelict corner shop in a quaint Devon village, her first thought is to sell it for cash and sort out her life. But nothing is straightforward about this legacy. While the identity of her benefactor remains a mystery, he - or she - has left one important legal proviso: that the shop cannot be sold, only passed on to somebody who really deserves it. Rosa makes up her mind to give it a go: to put everything she has into getting the shop up and running again in the small seaside community of Cockleberry Bay. But can she do it all on her own? And if not, who will help her succeed - and who among the following will work secretly to see her fail? There is a handsome rugby player, a sexy plumber, a charlatan reporter and a selection of meddling locals. Add in a hit and run incident and the disappearance of a valuable engraved necklace - and what you get is a journey of self-discovery and unpredictable events. With surprising and heartfelt results, Rosa, accompanied at all times by her little sausage dog Hot, will slowly unravel the shadowy secrets of the inheritance, and also bring her own, long-hidden heritage into the light."--Publisher description.

The Corner Shop

Author : Iris Nunn
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The Corner shop to Supermarket Transition in Retailing

Author : Alan Geoffrey Wilson
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Diary of Thoughts

Author : Summary Express
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Diary of Thoughts: The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay by Nicola May - A Journal for Your Thoughts About the Book is a journal designed for note-taking, designed and produced by Summary Express. With blank, lined pages in a simplistic yet elegant design, this journal is perfect for recording notes, thoughts, opinions, and takeaways in real-time as you read. Divided into sections and parts for easy reference, this journal helps you keep your thoughts organized. Disclaimer Notice This is a unofficial journal book and not the original book.

The Hat Shop On The Corner

Author : Marita Conlon-McKenna
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Hats! Hats! Hats!Upbrims, sidesweeps, silks, ribbons and trims all become part of Ellie's life when she inherits the little hat shop on Dublin's South Anne Street.But the city is changing and Ellie must decide if she wants to follow the hat-making tradition of her mother or accept a generous offer to sell the shop. Encouraged by her friends, Ellie takes on the hat shop and her quirky designs and tempting millinery confections soon attract a rich assortment of customers all in search of the perfect hat. Creating hats for weddings, shows, fashion and fun, and falling for the charms of Rory Doyle along the way, Ellie is happier than she has ever been before. But as her fingers work their magic she discovers a lot can happen in the heart of a city like Dublin...

Listed Building Enforcement Notice Appeal The Corner Shop Main Street Colinsburgh letter

Author : Great Britain. Scottish Office Inquiry Reporters
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Appeal regarding replacement windows.

Jason and the Cornershop Mystery

Author : Violetta Antcliff
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The abrasive love-hate between siblings eventually leads to trouble when Jason and his friend Wayne, go to the rescue of the owner of the corner shop. Unable to convince relatives and friends that Mr. Kashmir Singh is in danger, they decide to take things into their own hands. The result is a hair-raising chase round a deserted airfield in a stolen co-op hearse before the kidnap plot is foiled.

Corner Shop

Author : Roopa Farooki
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There are only two tragedies in life. One is not getting your heart's desire - and the other? Getting it. Fourteen-year-old Lucky Khalil loves three things: football, Star Wars and Portia, the girl who works in his grandfather's corner shop. In that order. But Lucky has a destiny – worse than a destiny, he has a dream. He dreams that one day, his lucky left foot will win the World Cup for England . It torments him, because it tastes real, because when he wakes he weeps with disappointment that it is just a dream. Meanwhile, Lucky's mother Delphine seems to have had all her dreams come true. But Delphine feels increasingly trapped in her apparently perfect marriage and gilded lifestyle. She fantasizes about rediscovering the freedom of her youth, but rekindling a relationship with her maverick father-in-law, Zaki, is only going to end in disaster. Zaki, a charming gambler who loved and lost Delphine long before she married his sensible and successful son, feels equally trapped in the corner shop that he has unwillingly run for years for his family's sake. He wonders whether the time has come to abandon his middle class responsibilities, to try once more to achieve his own long-forgotten dreams. As each of the Khalils discovers in Roopa Farooki's beautifully written and richly layered tale, the closer one's dreams become, the more risk there is of losing sight of what really matters.

The Cornershop Cookbook

Author : Caroline Craig
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For most people, an amble round a farmers' market is a luxury, something that belongs in the hallowed realm of the weekend. On most weeknights we're more likely to dash to the local cornershop or convenience store to grab something that'll pass for dinner. These delicious recipes show cornershop cooking needn't mean compromise. From yam to Spam and greens to sardines, these delicious recipes reveal the wealth of culinary creativity to be unlocked from modest cornershop offerings. There are dead simple recipes for a quiet night in, like Linguine with Tinned Crab; vibrant alternative fast food offerings, like Twice-Cooked Aubergine with Vietnamese Sauce; solutions for weeknight guests, from simple Smoked Salmon Baked Eggs to the larger-scale Fish Finger Taco party; comfort food, from nourishing Thyme, Chorizo, m and Leek Broth to down-and-dirty Meatball Sub; and, finally, sweet things like Frostie Florentines. This book will inspire newfound love for weeknight cornershop shopping and cooking. You will discover overlooked ingredients and learn new ways with everyday staples. Whatever your shopping options, look no further for deliciously simple meals. Includes metric measures.

My Dad s Corner Shop

Author : Ray Grewal
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Rajesh is into weight-training, hard work and book-keeping. His brother Kumar is into high fashion, mucking about and 'finding his focus'. Left in charge of the shop while their parents go to India, the brothers find that things are going particularly badly. That is, until Rajesh empties the wheelie-bin and is apparently abducted by aliens. My Dad's Corner Shop is an hilarious look at learning to fulfil your dreams - and discovering dreams you didn't know you had. My Dad's Corner Shop was the winner of the Meyer-Whitworth prize for Best New Play 2000/2001.

Living on Tick

Author : Hazel Wheeler
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This charming collection of ‘shop stories’ invites the reader to journey through the past and discover what life was like living in a corner shop in the 1920s and 1930s.

The Corner Shop of Whispers

Author : Debbie Viggiano
File Size : 50.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Romantic Florrie, scatty Daisy and snobby Alison are neighbours, living their married lives in the tiny English village of Lower Amblegate where everyone knows everybody. Together the three friends share laughter, tears, and things they wouldn't want anybody else knowing. But unbeknownst to them, a scandal is brewing. As rumours circulate, the gossips go into overdrive, rocking marriages and revealing the women have much more in common than just neighbourly bonds...