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The Construction of the Assyrian Empire

Author : Shigeo Yamada
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While systematically analyzing all accounts of the western campaigns of Shalmaneser III of Assyria, Shigeo Yamada not only discusses the historiographical problems encountered, but in his philological analysis offers new results, and an original historical reconstruction.

Shigeo Yamada The Construction of the Assyrian Empire A Historical Study of the Inscriptions of Shalmaneser III 859 824 BC Relating to His Campaigns to the West Culture and History of the Ancient Near East Vol 3 Leiden Boston K ln 2000

Author : Andreas Fuchs
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I Undertook Great Works

Author : Douglas J. Green
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Traditionally, scholars study ancient Near Eastern royal inscriptions to reconstruct the events they narrate. In recent decades, however, a new approach has analyzed these inscriptions as products of royal ideology and has delineated the way that ideology has shaped their narration of historical events. This ideologically-sensitive approach has focused on kings' accounts of their military campaigns. This study applies this approach to the narration of royal domestic achievements, first in the Neo-Assyrian inscriptional tradition, but especially in nine West Semitic inscriptions from the 10th to 7th centuries B.C.E. and describes how these accounts also function as the products of royal ideology.

Tiglath pileser III Founder of the Assyrian Empire

Author : Josette Elayi
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Most modern historians consider Tiglath-pileser III, king of Assyria, to be the true founder of the Assyrian Empire. In Josette Elayi's latest work, she takes up this issue in her biography and history of his reign (745-727 BCE). Elayi explores questions surrounding how Tiglath-pileser managed to expand the Assyrian Empire after a period of weakness, what effects Assyrian domination had on Israel and Judah, and how the two kingdoms' fates differed. Using archaeological and textual remains from the period, she completes her trilogy of biographies, which includes Tiglath-pileser's successors, son Sargon II and grandson Sennacherib, who later led the Assyrian Empire to its greatest heights. Elayi provides yet another essential resource for scholars and students of Assyrian history and the Hebrew Bible.

A Companion to Assyria

Author : Eckart Frahm
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A Companion to Assyria is a collection of original essays on ancient Assyria written by key international scholars. These new scholarly contributions have substantially reshaped contemporary understanding of society and life in this ancient civilization. The only detailed up-to-date introduction providing a scholarly overview of ancient Assyria in English within the last fifty years Original essays written and edited by a team of respected Assyriology scholars from around the world An in-depth exploration of Assyrian society and life, including the latest thought on cities, art, religion, literature, economy, and technology, and political and military history

The Campaigns of Sargon II King of Assyria 721 705 B C

Author : Sarah C. Melville
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Backed by an unparalleled military force, Sargon II outwitted and outfought powerful competitors to extend Assyrian territory and secure his throne. As Sarah C. Melville shows through a detailed analysis of each of his campaigns, the king used his army not just to conquer but also to ensure regional security, manage his empire’s resources, and support his political agenda. Under his leadership, skilled chariotry, cavalry, and infantry excelled in all types of terrain against an array of culturally diverse enemies. This book represents the first in-depth military study of the great Assyrian king. Drawing extensively from original sources, including cuneiform inscriptions, the letters of Sargon and his officials, archival documents, and monumental art, Melville presents Sargon’s achievements as king, diplomat, and conqueror. Contrary to the stereotype of the brutal Assyrian despot, Sargon applied force selectively, with deliberate economy, and as only one of several possible ways to deal with external threat or to exploit opportunity. The Campaigns of Sargon II demonstrates how Sargon changed the geopolitical dynamics in the Near East, inspired a period of cultural florescence, established long-lasting Assyrian supremacy, and became one of the most influential kings of the ancient world.

The Imperialisation of Assyria

Author : Bleda S. Düring
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How can we understand the remarkable success of the Assyrian Empire? This book provides an agent-centred explanation using archaeological data.

The Neo Assyrian Empire in the Southwest

Author : Avraham Faust
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Using one of the world's richest archaeological datasets, Avraham Faust reconstructs the outcomes of the Assyrian conquest in the southwestern region of the empire. In doing so, he sheds new light on the nature of Assyrian domination and the transformations of the diverse political and ecological zones the imperial take-over brought in its wake.

Religious Categories and the Construction of the Indigenous

Author : Christopher Hartney
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This volume extends the debate and addresses the central issues concerning two the problematic categories of “religion” and the “indigenous".

Edom at the Edge of Empire

Author : Bradley L. Crowell
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A comprehensive history of a state on Judah’s border Edom at the Edge of Empire combines biblical, epigraphic, archaeological, and comparative evidence to reconstruct the history of Judah's neighbor to the southeast. Crowell traces the material and linguistic evidence, from early Egyptian sources that recall conflicts with nomadic tribes to later Assyrian texts that reference compliant Edomite tribal kings, to offer alternative scenarios regarding Edom's transformation from a collection of nomadic tribes and workers in the Wadi Faynan as it relates to the later polity centered around the city of Busayra in the mountains of southern Jordan. This is the first book to incorporate the important evidence from the Wadi Faynan copper mines into a thorough account of Edom's history, providing a key resource for students and scholars of the ancient Near East and the Hebrew Bible.