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The Conscious Activist

Author : James O'Dea
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Communion is packed with compelling narrative and deep reflection on the demands of both mystical realization, effective activism and the integration of the two. Each chapter gives the reader both compelling story to experience key aspects of actual mystical and activist training as well as sections which convey the central developmental concepts of each. There is a rising tension in the book as the author engages in the contrasting requirements of inner development and outer change work in the world. The contrast between war, human rights abuse and rigorous activist frontline experience with intensive training by Sufi, Christian and other spiritual masters is held until powerful and authentic integration of both worlds is possible. The integration the author experiences and describes aligns with new paradigms in science, mind-body-health, the global peace movement, individual and collective healing, visionary activism and the lineages of mystical transmission. The reader experiences inspiration, deep insight and the articulation of an evolutionary worldview that dramatically demonstrates how the integration of spirituality and action can lead humanity though its current challenges.

The Conscious Activist

Author : James O'Dea
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An extraordinary and rousing manifesto from award-winning author James O'Dea, The Conscious Activist is both a compelling narrative and a deep reflection on the demands of mystical realization and effective activism. Throughout the book, O'Dea poses that an integration of the two has the power to permanently transform the social order and to wake up humanity from its course of rapid self-destruction.

Witness Vignettes of Conscious Activist

Author : Nathan L. Whittaker
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Author Nathan Whittaker endures a personal journey in South Africa that change's everything. While living in Cape Town, he was able to heal, to a great extent, his painful past due to a complicated and grueling personal journey towards reconciliation. Nate has returned to South Africa on many occasions since first there in 2001 and is even more certain of how his relationship with this special place has helped him to heal. Discover the stories of an umlungu (white guy) in a township and the social justice lessons learned. All proceeds from this book go to Building Bridges, South Africa.

The Design Activist s Handbook

Author : Noah Scalin
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We Want You! Will you join the ranks of design activists? Doing good is too important to think of as work better left to those fictitious "other" designers. People more famous. More talented. More connected. Richer. Younger. Braver. (Insert your own mental roadblock here.) In truth, anyone can be a design activist. It just starts with a commitment to yourself and your values. A commitment to making conscious choices and realizing how all the decisions you make as a graphic designer affect other people and the planet. It's about being awake instead of sliding by with the way things always have been done. This book is for every graphic designer who's ever sat at a computer, thinking: Is this it? Isn't there more? It's a tool to help you figure out how to start making a difference and making a living at the same time--no matter where you live and work right now. Just open this book and we'll help you start walking in the right direction. It doesn't have to be perfect. Little actions from a lot of people add up to big change. This isn't a contest about who's the greenest or the most radical. It's a movement, and we're inviting you to join right now.

The New Student Activists

Author : Jerusha O. Conner
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Written for anyone interested in better understanding the latest wave of student activism on campuses, The New Student Activists raises fascinating implications for developmental theory and higher education policy and practice.

The Book of One

Author : Bernard Alex Alvarez
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What if you came in contact with beings that represented your higher conscious self? What if you took their advice and it changed your life and millions of lives around you? That is exactly what happened to Bernard Alvarez after his encounter with the Emissaries of Light. The Book of One is that advice these 'light beings' gave to Bernard to share with the world decades ago. Since his encounter with these beings he has become a world figure in the consciousness movement reaching millions through his organization The Global Illumination Council. The Book of One will simplify the most common errors we make in our way of thinking, living and offer easy to follow guidelines in order to live fully awake, aware and work toward building a new paradigm and a greater enlightened society.

Performance and Activism

Author : Kamran Afary
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This book is a study of grassroots performances and activism in the aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, documenting efforts toward establishing truce between warring street gangs, networks of support by mothers of incarcerated youth, and the theatrical production of Anna Deavere Smith's Twighlight: Los Angeles 1992. It situates these developments in the inter-disciplinary context of performance studies rooted in the history and political economy of Los Angeles.

Activist Scholarship

Author : Julia Sudbury
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Can scholars generate knowledge and pedagogies that bolster local and global forms of resistance to U.S. imperialism, racial/gender oppression, and the economic violence of capitalist globalization? This book explores what happens when scholars create active engagements between the academy and communities of resistance. In so doing, it suggests a new direction for antiracist and feminist scholarship, rejecting models of academic radicalism that remain unaccountable to grassroots social movements. The authors explore the community and the academy as interlinked sites of struggle. This book provides models and the opportunity for critical reflection for students and faculty as they struggle to align their commitments to social justice with their roles in the academy. At the same time, they explore the tensions and challenges of engaging in such contested work.

Religious Feminist Activist

Author : Laurel Zwissler
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In Religious, Feminist, Activist, Laurel Zwissler investigates the political and religious identities of women who understand their social-justice activism as religiously motivated. Placing these women in historical context as faith-based activists for social change, this book discusses what their activities reveal about the public significance of religion in the pluralistic context of North America and in our increasingly globalized world. Zwissler’s ethnographic interviews with feminist Catholics, Pagans, and United Church Protestants reveal radically different views of religious and political expression and illuminate how individual women and their communities negotiate issues of personal identity, spirituality, and political responsibility. Political activists of faith recount adventurous tales of run-ins with police, agonizing moments of fear and powerlessness in the face of global inequality, touching moments of community support, and successful projects that improve the lives of others. Religious, Feminist, Activist combines religion, politics, and globalization—subjects frequently discussed in macro terms—with individual personalities and intimate stories to provide a fresh perspective on what it means to be religiously and politically engaged. Zwissler also provides an insightful investigation into how religion and politics intersect for women on the political left.

A Comedian and an Activist Walk into a Bar

Author : Caty Borum Chattoo
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Comedy is a powerful contemporary source of influence and information. In the still-evolving digital era, the opportunity to consume and share comedy has never been as available. And yet, despite its vast cultural imprint, comedy is a little-understood vehicle for serious public engagement in urgent social justice issues – even though humor offers frames of hope and optimism that can encourage participation in social problems. Moreover, in the midst of a merger of entertainment and news in the contemporary information ecology, and a decline in perceptions of trust in government and traditional media institutions, comedy may be a unique force for change in pressing social justice challenges. Comedians who say something serious about the world while they make us laugh are capable of mobilizing the masses, focusing a critical lens on injustices, and injecting hope and optimism into seemingly hopeless problems. By combining communication and social justice frameworks with contemporary comedy examples, authors Caty Borum Chattoo and Lauren Feldman show us how comedy can help to serve as a vehicle of change. Through rich case studies, audience research, and interviews with comedians and social justice leaders and strategists, A Comedian and an Activist Walk Into a Bar: The Serious Role of Comedy in Social Justice explains how comedy – both in the entertainment marketplace and as cultural strategy – can engage audiences with issues such as global poverty, climate change, immigration, and sexual assault, and how activists work with comedy to reach and empower publics in the networked, participatory digital media age.

Actors and Activists

Author : David Schlossman
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This scholarly work looks at the issue of politics and performance in America today with particular attention paid to performances produced by activists, the NEA Four, and "Miss Saigon".

The Persistent Activist

Author : James Downton
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This book explores the movement experience of thirty Colorado peace activists, whose names are changed to conceal their identities. It provides a brief summary of the main currents of collective action theory, noting some of the existing research about participation in social movements.

Communication Consumers and Citizens Revisiting the Politics of Consumption

Author : Dhavan V. Shah
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Revisiting the Politics of Consumption (The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science Series

Neocolonial identity and counter consciousness

Author : Renato Constantino
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This title was first published in 1978.

Unsettling Beliefs

Author : Josh Diem
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This volume explores issues involved with teaching social theory to preservice teachers pursuing degrees through teacher education programs and experienced teachers and administrators pursuing graduate degrees. The contributors detail their experiences teaching theoretical perspectives regarding race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, power, and the construction of schools as an institution of the state. The editors and contributors hope to offer the beginning of a colleagial dialogue within the field of education (both inside and outside the academy) about the relevance and pedagogical issues associated with such material. Additionally, the contributors offer advice on missteps to avoid and provide success stories that give hope to those who also wish to engage in the practice of teaching theory to teachers.

Identity Based Student Activism

Author : Chris Linder
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Historically and contemporarily, student activists have worked to address oppression on college and university campuses. This book explores the experiences of students engaged in identity-based activism today as it relates to racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and other forms of oppression. Grounded by a national study on student activism and the authors’ combined 40 years of experience working in higher education, Identity-Based Student Activism uses a critical, power-conscious lens to unpack the history of identity-based activism, relationships between activists and administrators, and student activism as labor. This book provides an opportunity for administrators, educators, faculty, and student activists to reflect on their current ideas and behaviors around activism and consider new ways for improving their relationships with each other, and ultimately, their campus climates.

Activism and the American Novel

Author : Channette Romero
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Since the 1980s, many activists and writers have turned from identity politics toward ethnic religious traditions to rediscover and reinvigorate their historic role in resistance to colonialism and oppression. In her examination of contemporary fiction by women of color—including Toni Morrison, Ana Castillo, Toni Cade Bambara, Louise Erdrich, and Leslie Marmon Silko—Channette Romero considers the way these novels newly engage with Vodun, Santería, Candomblé, and American Indian traditions. Critical of a widespread disengagement from civic participation and of the contemporary novel’s disconnection from politics, this fiction attempts to transform the novel and the practice of reading into a means of political engagement and an inspiration for social change.

Between Rhetoric and Activism

Author : Susanne Kranz
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The focus of this book is the All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA), within the larger context of contemporary Indian women's movements. AIDWA is assessed and analyzed as a left-oriented, party-affiliated, all-India women's organization. An examination of its administrative structure provides a basis from which to compare the various state-level approaches to activism. The book sheds light on the ongoing theoretical debates of Marxism and feminism and their compatibilities in their Indian-specific circumstances. Investigating the first 25 years of AIDWA's existence (1981-2006), the book looks at the explicit relationship between the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and AIDWA, and how both cooperate and define each other. (Series: Gender Discussion / Gender-Diskussion - Vol. 25) [Subject: Sociology, Politics, Women's Studies, Feminism, India Studies, History]

Linking Activism

Author : Morgan Gardner
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This book, a unique examination of the activist striving to work for more holistic social change, creates a conceptual framework to give visibility to the complexity of activist practice that spans environmental and social justice concerns.

The Democratic Socialist Party

Author : Jim Percy
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