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The Complete Paintings of Adolf Hitler

Author : Stephen R. Pastore
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For the first time, a catalogue raisonne of the paintings of Adolf Hitler has been produced. Illustrated in full color and with the history and analysis of Hitler's years as a struggling artist in Linz, Vienna and Munich, this volume separates the wheat from the chaff; with the rise in interest and in prices of Hitler's works in the marketplace and the flood of forgeries that have plagued collectors, scholars and institutions over the decades, Stephen R. Pastore, a renowned art critic and historian has set a new criterion for establishing not only authenticity but a genuine appreciation of the creative impulse of one of history's most important figures.

The Art of Adolf Hitler

Author : Edmond Rektor
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Hitler was a failed artist who attempted to support himself by selling landscape paintings and sketches on the streets of Linz in Austria. He is thought to have produced some 3000 works, some of which were created during the war. This book offers a glimpse into the psychotic mind of one of the most demonic people in the history of mankind.

Adolf Hitler

Author : Sherree Owens Zalampas
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Zalampas applies the psychological model of Alfred Adler to Adolf Hitler through the examination of his views on architecture, art, and music. This study was made possible by the publication of Billy F. Price’s volume of over seven hundred of Hitler’s watercolors, oils, and sketches.

The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler

Author : James Giblin
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Traces Hitler's life from his childhood in Austria to his final days in Berlin, exploring how his promises of prosperity and power along with anti-Semitic rhetoric allowed him to lead the nation of Germany into World War II.

Adolf Hitler

Author : Sue Vander Hook
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This title examines the remarkable life of Che Guevara. Readers will learn about Guevara's family background, childhood, education, and groundbreaking work as a revolutionary fighting against poverty. Color photos, a detailed map, and informative sidebars accompany easy-to-read, compelling text. Features include a table of contents, timeline, facts, additional resources, Web sites, a glossary, a bibliography, and an index. Essential Lives is a series in Essential Library, an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich in American Magazines 1923 1939

Author : Michael Zalampas
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The purpose of this study is to reconstruct the images of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich available to the American general magazine reader from the initial references to him in March, 1923, until his attack on Poland in September, 1939. It is not an analysis of the magazines themselves.

Adolf Hitler

Author : David Nicholls
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An encyclopedia of topics relationg to the German leader such as his most important collaborators and opponents, his domestic and foreign policies, the use of propaganda, racial persecuation and the Holocaust, and Hitler as a war leader.

Adolf Hitler

Author : Jeremy Roberts
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Profiles the German dictator who formed the Nazi Party in order to restore Germany after World War I, and discusses the Holocaust, his means of gathering public support, and military conquests.

TIME Magazine Biography Adolf Hitler

Author : Garth Sundem
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Introduce biographies with fun, creative activities that teach literacy skills and more. Stimulate student interest with the color TIME Magazine cover. Focus on the background information, time line, comprehension questions, and extension ideas.

The Complete Art of Public Speaking

Author : Jacob Morton Braude
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Adolf Hitler Jr

Author : Buck Young
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The sameness in most stories about Adolf Hitler and WW II won' t be found in this work. Herein, a powerful ancient political organization is implementing a ' new world order' of rulers and slaves. Adolf Hitler refuses to join them. They set the Jews and the world's leaders against Germany. Adolf Hitler and his wife escape from devastated Germany to America. Adolf Hitler Jr is born. The Hitlers are pursued tenaciously by vicious Nazi hunters. Suspense, fear, and murders occur. Adolf Hitler fights a hand to hand battle to the death with Mossad assassins.

The Making of Adolf Hitler

Author : Eugene Davidson
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"The harsh Armistice terms of 1918, the short-lived Weimar Republic, Hindenburg's senile vacillations, and behind-the-scene power plays form the backbone of this excellent study covering German history during the first three-and-a-half decades of the century."--Publishers website.


Author : Edward Steers
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Did a collector with a knack for making sensational discoveries really find the first document ever printed in America? Did Adolf Hitler actually pen a revealing multivolume set of diaries? Has Jesus of Nazareth's burial cloth survived the ages? Can the shocking true account of Abraham Lincoln's assassination be found in lost pages from his murderer's diary? Napoleon famously observed that "history is a set of lies agreed upon," and Edward Steers Jr. investigates six of the most amazing frauds ever to gain wide acceptance in this engrossing book. Hoax examines the legitimacy of the Shroud of Turin, perhaps the most hotly debated relic in all of Christianity, and the fossils purported to confirm humanity's "missing link," the Piltdown Man. Steers also discusses two remarkable forgeries, the Hitler diaries and the "Oath of a Freeman," and famous conspiracy theories alleging that Franklin D. Roosevelt had prior knowledge of the planned attack on Pearl Harbor and that the details of Lincoln's assassination are recorded in missing pages from John Wilkes Booth's journal. The controversies that Steers presents show that there are two major factors involved in the success of a hoax or forgery -- greed and the desire to believe. Though all of the counterfeits and conspiracies featured in Hoax have been scientifically debunked, some remain fixed in many people's minds as truth. As Steers points out, the success of these frauds highlights a disturbing fact: If true history fails to entertain the public, it is likely to be ignored or forgotten.

The Forger

Author : Paul Watkins
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An exciting new novel, by the author of The Story of My Disappearance and Archangel. At the turn of World War II, David Halifax is a young American painter who receives a scholarship to come to Paris and work under the tutelage of the mysterious and brilliant Russian painter, Alexander Pankratov. Getting more than he bargained for, Halifax is quickly subjected to Pankratov's rigid will, and beguiled by the quiet, nude model who poses before them. But Paris is also a city that is holding its breath. The Nazi forces are slowly penetrating the Maginot Line, and the once-indominitable city is now expecting the worst. Beneath Paris' blanket of fear and eerie calm, David Halifax realizes the true purpose of his visit: Pankratov is to train him in duplicating the masterworks of the Paris museums, and with the aid of a wily art dealer, barter the fakes to Hilter's legion of art dealers. What develops is a cat and mouse game through Paris' silent streets, in the tunnels beneath its museums, and eventually into the scorched countryside of Normandy. In David and Pankratov's frantic race to complete the uncompletable, both are forced to confront the terrible sacrifices one must finally make for art; a sacrifice of identity, and perhaps of the soul. In The Forger by Paul Watkins.

Ich schw re dir Adolf Hitler Treue und Gehorsam

Author : Adalbert Lallier
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Das Buch Ich schwöre dir, Adolf Hitler, Treue und Gehorsam, Sünde und Vergeltung 2, ist auch in englischer Sprache bei Xlibris Online Bookstore erhältlich: I Swear to you, Adolf Hitler, Fealty and Obedience.

Adolf Hitler His Family Childhood and Youth

Author : Bradley F. Smith
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A study of Hitler's early years.

Art as Politics in the Third Reich

Author : Jonathan Petropoulos
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The political elite of Nazi Germany perceived itself as a cultural elite as well. In Art as Politics in the Third Reich, Jonathan Petropoulos explores the elite's cultural aspirations by examining both the formulation of a national aesthetic policy

Hitler s Fortune

Author : Cris Whetton
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In 1918 Adolf Hitler was penniless: within 25 years he was probably the richest man in Europe. In his fascinating book the author sets out to discover not only the extent of Hitler's fortune but how it was amassed and with whose help. He finds that royalties of Mein Kampf represent only the tip of the iceberg. His publishing company Eher Verlag and his fund Adolf Hitler Spende, which many 'voluntarily' contributed to, turn out to be much more important. We learn how Hitler's attraction to the opposite sex proved hugely lucrative. This book also traces what happened to the property, the funds, the art collection, and other items after 1945 and reveals who is - and who is trying to -profit today from the legacy of Adolf Hitler. Amongst items never before revealed is recently discovered evidence for two of Hitler's bank accounts; the truth about the financing of Hitler's publishing empire; and many other previously undisclosed facts.

The Word in Stone

Author : Robert R. Taylor
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Invitation to Valhalla

Author : Mike Whicker
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While working on a top-secret project for the U.S. Navy in 1942 in Evansville, Indiana, a Jewish metallurgist falls in love with a beautiful woman who is the Nazis' top spy and who was sent to the United States to steal the very secret he holds and that could alter the course of the war.