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The Complete Guide to Gay and Lesbian Weddings

Author : K. C. David
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"Get out your gay/lesbian rice and celebrate! Taking you from the wedding announcement to the thank you notes, this is the ultimate guide to same-sex ceremonies." -Michael Musto, Village Voice Your wedding team is here! Let help you and your partner plan a ceremony that suits your taste and budget without losing your mind in the process. The absolute authority for same-sex unions on the web, K.C. David and his devoted staff of experts are at your side from the proposal to the honeymoon. - Marriage, civil union, or domestic partnership: protecting your rights and assets together - Finding gay-friendly venues, caterers, and yes, even clergy - Tips for notifying friends and family, and which newspapers run same-sex announcements - Ideas from folks who have already tied the knot PLUS: A wedding timeline checklist, vow writing exercise, sample menus, budget worksheet and more.

The Essential Guide to Lesbian and Gay Weddings

Author : Tess Ayers
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Discusses wedding etiquette, describes recent gay and lesbian wedding ceremonies, and offers suggestions on invitations, ceremonies, receptions, refreshments, attire, flowers, and entertainment

Steven Petrow s Complete Gay Lesbian Manners

Author : Steven Petrow
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A big book of manners for the more than 15 million lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the United States and Canada and the people who love them, work with them, and live with them. Written by Steven Petrow, the go-to authority on the subject—he’s the same-sex wedding expert at The New York Times and a columnist for The Huffington Post, Yahoo’s Shine,, and the “Q” Syndicate (with distribution to more than 100 LGBT newspapers and websites)—this is the definitive book of LGBT etiquette. Encyclopedic in its approach, filled with practical wisdom, lively wit, and much insight, Steven Petrow’s Complete Gay & Lesbian Manners covers everything: from coming out to being out in the workplace; from dealing with the joy and complexity of same-sex weddings and commitment ceremonies (including how to propose and write meaningful vows) to handling the legal paperwork every couple needs. There’s a chapter on sex etiquette, and another on the challenges and opportunities of raising a family, plus sections on travel, bullying, entertaining, meeting new friends, introducing your partner to your family, a primer on gay pride, and so much more. Throughout there are hundreds of questions—some posed by LGBT folk, and others by straight people: What do the mothers of two brides wear to a lesbian wedding? What do you say to an anti-gay joke? How do you answer “Who’s the father?” when there are two mothers? Manners, yes, but with a twist. **In recognition of Quality, Excellence, and Design, this ebook has been granted a QED seal of approval from Digital Book World.**

Library Journal

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Reference Books Bulletin

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The Complete Lesbian Gay Parenting Guide

Author : Arlene Istar Lev
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A comprehensive and practical handbook for gay, lesbian, and alternative lifestyle parents shares sensible advice and personal real-life stories about the challenges of twenty-first-century family life, covering such topics as solo parenting, blended families, surrogacy, adoption and foster parenting, legal rights, bias, domestic partnership agreements, custody, and more. Original.

The Essential Guide to Gay and Lesbian Weddings

Author : Tess Ayers
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This updated edition to the classic planner is “a chatty, humorous compendium of traditions, advice, and wedding details geared for same-sex couples” (Publishers Weekly). Wedding planning is never easy—but for gay and lesbian couples, it presents unique challenges. On top of watching the budget and wrangling your family, you may be wondering: How should we word the invitations? Who can perform the ceremony? What should we say to those who ask, “ . . . why?” This trusty guide—first published when legal same-sex marriage was just a dream—tackles all that and more. Here are tips on finding the perfect venue, vows, outfits, cake, kit, and caboodle, as well as: Creative workarounds (Have you considered a home wedding?) Budget-friendly shortcuts (Supplement the tiered cake with a sheet cake.) The latest trends (How to buck the traditions that don’t work for you.) And sage wisdom, with a wink! (Rule #1: If you invite them, they may come!) If you’d rather stay crazy about each other than go crazy, The Essential Guide to Gay and Lesbian Weddings—filled with “witty, wise, and practical advice”—is for you (Library Journal). “All you need is love—and this book—to have a great wedding.” —Melissa Etheridge, musician and LGBT activist

The Advocate

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The Advocate is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) monthly newsmagazine. Established in 1967, it is the oldest continuing LGBT publication in the United States.

New Books on Women and Feminism

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Blood Moon s Guide to Gay and Lesbian Film

Author : Darwin Porter
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The second annual edition of the reference source and book of record for the year's production of gay and lesbian films worldwide! Contains an entirely new roster of films, commentary and reviews - featuring synopses, snippets of critics' reviews and essential extras such as the Blood Moon Awards.

The Gay Vacation Guide

Author : Mark Chesnut
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Completely revised and updated, THE GAY VACATION GUIDE helps gay and lesbian travellers find exactly what they're looking for in a vacation, offering such features as finding the perfect resort or cruise if you're travelling alone; seasonal and holiday favourites; roughing it or basking in luxury; the world's most gay-friendly cities; world-wide, month-by-month special events; and a complete resource guide, this unique and distinctive guide will take care of all its readers' travelling needs.

On the Road to Same Sex Marriage

Author : Robert P. Cabaj
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A psychiatrist and a psychologist present an argument for legalizing same sex marriage as a civil right

The Wedding Sourcebook

Author : Madeline Barillo
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The Wedding Sourcebook will guide you through the overwhelming array of choices as you make preparations for one of the most important days of your life. From the engagement to the honeymoon, there are checklists for the bride and the groom, a guide to proper etiquette, and a list of resources for more information. Altogether, they make The Wedding Sourcebook an essential part of creating a wedding day that will be special, unique, and memorable.

Ferrari Guides Gay Travel A to Z

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The Business of Gay Weddings

Author : Bernadette Smith
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Same-sex weddings present unique challenges (and joys) to those in the wedding industry. Let's face it - not all of us know how to plan a "gay wedding." But marriage equality is the law of the land and you must be prepared to reach this market. The Business of Gay Weddings is an intensive, practical guide designed to help you understand the LGBTQ wedding market, sharing best practices from hundreds of gay and lesbian weddings. The book covers topics such as laws and policies affecting same-sex couples, LGBTQ wedding data, trends, traditions and more.

A Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples

Author : Hayden Curry
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America's estimated 20 million lesbians and gay men need to take specific legal steps to define and protect their relationships in the eyes of the law. This practical guide shows them how to: obtain domestic partner benefits-plan for medical emergencies-buy property together-provide for each other at death-understand the practical and legal aspects of having and raising children.The guide includes living together contracts, sample wills and a durable power of attorney. The updated 14th edition now includes a new chapter discussing the laws of states that offer an equivalent to marriage, plus information on ending such relationships.

The Gay Almanac

Author : Lesbian & Gay Community Services Center (New York, N.Y.)
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Compiled by two nationally known and highly respected gay organizations, a unique, comprehensive almanac designed for gay men traces the history of the gay community, offers a directory of gay and lesbian organizations, and much more. Original.

The WomanSource Catalog Review

Author : Ilene Rosoff
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Bowker s Complete Video Directory 2000

Author : Bowker
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Family Policy

Author : Sean Robert Cahill
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