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Releasing the Commons

Author : Ash Amin
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This book moves beyond seeing the commons in the past tense, an entity passed over from the public into the private, to reimagine the commons as a process, a contest of force, a reconstitution, and a site of convening practices. It highlights new spaces of gathering opening up, such as the digital commons, and new practices of being in common, such as community economies and solidarity networks. The commons is seen as a contested domain of the collective and as a changing way of being in common, with the balance poised in the tensile play between political economy and social innovation. The book focuses on the possibility of recovering a future in which more can be held by the many, focusing on three concepts: nation and nature as a commons, publics and rights, and bodies, concerning the management of lives and livelihoods. Across these three passage points, the book finds evidence of a commons under attack but also defended in fragile though promising ways. With contributions from leading scholars, this thought provoking book will be of great interest to students and scholars in geography, environmental studies, politics, anthropology, and cultural studies.

Protest Property and the Commons

Author : Lucy Finchett-Maddock
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Protest, Property and the Commons focuses on the alternative property narratives of ‘social centres’, or political squats, and how the spaces and their communities create their own – resistant – form of law. Drawing on critical legal theory, legal pluralism, legal geography, poststructuralism and new materialism, the book considers how protest movements both use state law and create new, more informal, legalities in order to forge a practice of resistance. Invaluable for anyone working within the area of informal property in land, commons, protest and adverse possession, this book offers a ground-breaking account of the integral role of time, space and performance in the instituting processes of law and resistance.

The Report from the Committee of the Commons in Parliament Appointed to Consider the Petition of Richard Thompson of Bristol Clerk and to Examine Complaints Against Him And the Resolution of the Commons Upon this Report for His Impeachment of High Crimes and Misdemeanours Friday Decemb 24 1680

Author : England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons
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Depositions and articles of the commons assembled in parliament against Thomas earle of Strafford 3 variant copies the 3rd wanting the title page

Author : Parliament commons, proc, Ch. i
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Depositions and articles of the Commons assembled in Parliament against Thomas Earl of Strafford Febr 16 1640

Author : Thomas WENTWORTH (Earl of Strafford.)
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His Majestie s Message to the Commons in Parliament Tuesday the 9th day of November 1680 Together with the Humble Address of the Commons to His Majesty in answer to the said Message

Author : England
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A Declaration of the Commons concerning false rumours and reports which an ill affected party hath raised amongst divers of the inhabitants of Westmerland Cumberland and Northumberland against the Parliament in perswading them that the Parliament intendeth to take away the Tenants Rights of those counties Likewise an order for the collectors of Purveyance to pay no Compositions for Purveyance for the Kings Household but by the directions of the Committee of the Kings Revenue

Author : England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons
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Protecting the Commons

Author : Joanna Burger
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Commons -- lands, waters, and resources that are not legally owned and controlled by a single private entity, such as ocean and coastal areas, the atmosphere, public lands, freshwater aquifers, and migratory species -- are an increasingly contentious issue in resource management and international affairs.Protecting the Commons provides an important analytical framework for understanding commons issues and for designing policies to deal with them. The product of a symposium convened by the Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE) to mark the 30th anniversary of Garrett Hardin's seminal essay “The Tragedy of the Commons” the book brings together leading scholars and researchers on commons issues to offer both conceptual background and analysis of the evolving scientific understanding on commons resources. The book: gives a concise update on commons use and scholarship offers eleven case studies of commons, examined through the lens provided by leading commons theorist Elinor Ostrom provides a review of tools such as Geographic Information Systems that are useful for decision-making examines environmental justice issues relevant to commons .Contributors include Alpina Begossi, William Blomquist, Joanna Burger, Tim Clark, Clark Gibson, Michael Gelobter, Michael Gochfeld, Bonnie McCay, Pamela Matson, Richard Norgaard, Elinor Ostrom, David Policansky, Jeffrey Richey, Jose Sarukhan, and Edella Schlager.Protecting the Commons represents a landmark study of commons issues that offers analysis and background from economic, legal, social, political, geological, and biological perspectives. It will be essential reading for anyone concerned with commons and commons resources, including students and scholars of environmental policy and economics, public health, international affairs, and related fields.

The Commons

Author : David Moore
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Serjeant for the Commons

Author : Peter F. Thorne
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The Sergeant at Arms carries the great silver-gilt Mace, which is the symbol of the Royal authority delegated to the House of Commons. However, his duties, and those of his Department, extend well beyond ceremonial. This book describes both the history and current work of the Serjeant, from the first appointment in the 14th century to the 1990s.

Debates of the House of Commons from 1667 to 1694

Author :
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Decolonizing the Commons

Author : S. N. Bhise
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Case studies of ten villages of Rajasthan, India.

Revitalizing the Commons

Author : C. A. Bowers
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This book champions the cultural and environmental commons as sites of resistance to the current trend of economic globalization, and explains the nature of educational reforms that promote ecological sustainability, conserving of cultural and linguistic diversity, local democracy, and greater community self-sufficiency.

Managing the Commons

Author : Leticia Merino
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Beyond the Commons

Author : Anthony T. McCann
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The Commons Today

Author : Study of Parliament Group
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Journals of the House of Commons

Author : Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
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Conservation and the Commons

Author : Brian S. Seasholes
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Code and the Commons

Author : Lawrence Lessig
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The Commons in Transition

Author : Study of Parliament Group
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