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The Cold Dark Heart of the World

Author : Wilson Roberts
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Fidget is driven by a hunger that has rampaged longer than people have walked upon the planet, a hunger that has never been sated or defeated. It drives him on a bloody killing spree from the Shores of New Jersey to the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina.

Dark Emotions

Author : Alan Breeze
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Dark Emotions expresses in rhyme. Lost Love, Death.

Someone Painted The World Black

Author : JinQue RD
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Well, I’m here to tell you that going through an invisible illness does not equate to a prescription of shadowy medications—it is beyond agony. Experiencing depression is like amputating your core every single nanosecond of every day. These poems were not made to showcase and focus on the trauma, but to let people who have experienced and are experiencing sadness, anxiety, and depression shuffle the gloomy deck of cards on their table. Nights and days can be displayed in full graphic color yet. May we all look at the gorgeous Universe with hope and love. to all the lonely souls out there . . . cheers!

A Study Guide for Peter Hoeg s Journey Into A Dark Heart

Author : Gale, Cengage Learning
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A Study Guide for Peter Hoeg's "Journey Into A Dark Heart," excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Short Stories for Students. This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Short Stories for Students for all of your research needs.

Six Six to Redemption

Author : JR Russell
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In 1992 Lemuel Russell was given a ten-year sentence for drugs. He was rebelliant and blamed God for destroying his life. But in 1993, talking to a Christian brother he realized God was not to blame for the things that he had done while living for the Devil. He wishes to share his story through poems and summaries of events as God guided him to write and some of what it is like to live in prison without your loved ones. I was named after my dad, my grandmother named him Lemuel out of the bible, proverbs chapter 31. He believes that if he had paid more attention as a child when grandma and mom read to him from proverbs, he would have never found himself in prison. His mom always tried to lead him to God by taking him to church and reading a story out of the bible every night and making sure he said his prayers, so I would like to dedicate this book to my loving mother who is now in heaven, Francis Elizabeth Harper.

The Dark Heart of Italy

Author : Tobias Jones
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An essential guide to the strange, sometimes sinister culture of contemporary Italy. In 1999 Tobias Jones travelled to Italy, expecting to discover the pastoral bliss described by centuries of foreign visitors and famous writers. Instead, he discovered a very different country, besieged by unfathomable terrorism and deep-seated paranoia, where crime is scarcely ever met with punishment. Now, in this fascinating travelogue, Jones explores not just Italy's familiar delights (art, climate, cuisine), but the livelier and stranger sides of the bel paese: language, football, Catholicism, cinema, television and terrorism. Why, he wonders, do bombs still explode every time politics start getting serious? Why does everyone urge him to go home as soon as possible, saying that Italy is a 'brothel'? And why do people warn him that 'Clean Hands' only disguise 'Dirty Feet'?

A Cure for the Dark Heart

Author : Chen ZhouZuiYue
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The crown prince waved his hand to order his subordinates to retreat. His eyes were filled with malice. He had thought that by allowing someone to raid the southwest, he would be able to catch Cheng Zheng's weakness and capture him in one fell swoop. Who knew which segment would go wrong? He actually let Cheng Zheng know of the news beforehand and escaped death.

Eve of All Hallows A Tale Of The Supernatural Book One The Night Of The Stranger

Author : Douglas P. Michaud
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It is a book that can awaken a sense of God's Spirit moving among us in our own day and time. It can evoke a sense of mystery and wonder in the face of the supernatural present in power to our lives.

Dark Heart of Sherwood

Author : Ellie Huncote
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Dark Heart

Author : Kevin Flynn
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From the authors of the “true crime classic”* Notes on a Killing comes the harrowing story of the games that couples play—and what happens when role-playing becomes a deadly reality. Was murder part of the game? Seventeen-year-old Kat McDonough grew up with theater in her blood—and a penchant for make-believe. More than a decade older, Seth Mazzaglia was well known in the community theater circle of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He, too, had a rich inner life—and he soon had Kat convinced that they were soul mates. To intensify their bond, Seth lured Kat into a world of violent sex and role-playing, where she was his slave. But even that wasn’t enough to satisfy his ravenous appetites. Enter Lizzi Marriott, the new girl in town. And when she accepts an invitation to Kat and Seth’s apartment, she will never be seen again... INCLUDES PHOTOS *Robert Scott, author of The Girl in the Leaves

Moments of loneliness or Prose and poetic efforts on various subjects and occasions

Author : Sibella Elizabeth Miles
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Moments of Loneliness or prose and poetic efforts on various subjects and occasions

Author : afterwards MILES HATFIELD (Sibella Elizabeth)
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Mafia Inside the Dark Heart

Author : A. G.D. Maran
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An, expansive, intriguing and meticulous account of the Sicilian Mafia. The pre-dawn arrests of the last remaining mafiosi in December 2008 signaled the end of the Sicilian Mafia as we know it. In Mafia: Inside the Dark Heart, A.G.D. Maran charts the complete history of the world's most infamous criminal organization, from its first incarnation as an alternative form of local government in the Sicilian countryside and arguable force for "good," to the more familiar form that has been immortalized films such as The Godfather, and its final defeat after a long-awaited change of attitude by the Italian government. The son of an Italian immigrant, A.G.D. Maran had always been interested in the Mafia, but it was a recently uncovered family secret that led him on a journey deeper into its dark heart. Along the way, he asks many provocative questions, including: - Was one of the biggest errors the United States made to free and deport Lucky Luciano to Italy, where he organized the international drug trade? - How and why did the Vatican get duped into helping the Mafia? - Why did the Mafia murder Roberto Calvi, known as God's Banker? - What is the relationship between the Mafia and Freemasonry? - Why did successive Italian governments fail to tackle the Mafia? - Why did it take 40 years to find the Last Godfathers? These and many other riveting issues are covered in Maran's refreshing new take on a perennially enthralling subject. After a decade of exhaustive research, including interviews with his many Italian contacts, in this book Maran brings to life the story of the rise and fall of the Sicilian Mafia while also exploring its links to the Cosa Nostra in America.

The Web and the Rock

Author : Thomas Wolfe
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"The Web and the Rock" by Thomas Wolfe. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

The Dark Heart of Peeping Tom

Author : Edited by Terry Grimwood
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And now the time has come, take my hand, if you dare, and I'll take Tom's, and together we'll let him lead us down a dark alley and into the shadows...A secret that must never be passed on, a tube journey into madness, a demonic terror concealed in the green hell of the wartime jungle, a deadly sea mist, monsters, hallucination, loss and vengeance, these are a few of Tom's favourite things. "The Dark Heart of Peeping Tom," stories torn from the pages of the legendary, award winning Peeping Tom magazine and featuring fiction from Allen Ashley, Ramsey Campbell, Simon Clark, Stephen Gallagher, Graham Joyce, Joel Lane, Stephen Laws, Tim Lebbon, D F Lewis, Brian Lumley, Nicholas Royle, Conrad Williams and many, many more.

Operation Dark Heart

Author : Anthony Shaffer
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On Friday, August 13, 2010, just as St. Martin's Press was readying its initial shipment of this book, the Department of Defense contacted us to express its concern that our publication of Operation Dark Heart could cause damage to U.S. national security. After consulting with our author, we agreed to incorporate some of the government's changes into a revised edition of his book while redacting other text he was told was classified. The newly revised book keeps our national interests secure, but this highly qualified warrior's story is still intact. Shaffer's assessment of successes and failures in Afghanistan remains dramatic, shocking, and crucial reading for anyone concerned about the outcome of the war. "While I do not agree with the edits in many ways, the DoD redactions enhance the reader's understanding by drawing attention to the flawed results created by a disorganized and heavy handed military intelligence bureaucracy." —Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer had run intelligence operations for years before he arrived in Afghanistan. He was part of the "dark side of the force"---the shadowy elements of the U.S. government that function outside the bounds of the normal system. His group called themselves the Jedi Knights and pledged to use the dark arts of espionage to protect the country from its enemies. Shaffer's mission to Afghanistan, however, was unlike any he had ever experienced before. There, he led a black-ops team on the forefront of the military efforts to block the Taliban's resurgence. They not only planned complex intelligence operations to beat back the insurgents, but also played a key role in executing those operations---outside the wire. They succeeded in striking at the core of the Taliban and their safe havens across the border in Pakistan. For a moment Shaffer saw us winning the war. Then the military brass got involved. The policies that top officials relied on were hopelessly flawed. Shaffer and his team were forced to sit and watch as the insurgency grew---just across the border in Pakistan. This wasn't the first time he had seen bureaucracy stand in the way of national security. He had participated in Able Danger, the aborted intelligence operation that identified many of the future 9/11 terrorists but failed to pursue them. His attempt to reveal the truth to the 9/11 Commission would not go over well with his higher-ups. Operation Dark Heart tells the story of what really went on--and what went wrong--in Afghanistan. Shaffer witnessed firsthand the tipping point, when what seemed like certain victory turned into failure. Now, in this book, he maps out a way that could put us on the path to winning the war.

Gone to Earth

Author : Mary Webb
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Reproduction of the original: Gone to Earth by Mary Webb

Red Benediction

Author : Joseph Armstead
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They're out there, in the dark, at the edges of your vision and haunting your dreams... alien demonic beings who hide behind the anonymous, normal faces of the people in your town. It is a paranoid's nightmare come to life. The Infernals are amongst us. Homicide Detective Glenn Saunders investigates a horrific series of murders and becomes shockingly aware of the existence of an underground society of psychotics and sexual deviants in his town, people who are members of a covert, cultish group who serve THE INFERNALS, ageless, shadowy beings from beyond the threshold of normal Space and Time. Complicating the dogged detective's battle against alien Evil, a group of amnesiac strangers arrive in town, mind-slaves of The Infernals, on the run from deadly crimes committed in their former lives. The arrival of these fugitives signals a countdown to a ceremony of mass murder that will allow open the floodgates to horror, allowing The Infernals free reign in our world. Saunders' investigation is further threatened by the fact that he, himself, is slowly being seduced into the service of The Infernals, infected by their madness, and his quest for justice soon becomes a journey for redemption. They're out there, in the dark, but they're coming closer, ever closer, their Evil eclipsing the Light... The Horror is here.

Shakspeare s Sonnets never before interpreted his private friends identified together with a recovered likeness of himself By G Massey

Author : William Shakespeare
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Dark Heart

Author : James Phelan
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'Jed Walker is right there in Reacher's rear-view mirror.' Lee Child In war-torn Syria, a massacre survivor is pulled from beneath a pile of bodies. She is given one instruction: 'Find Jed Walker.' Walker is ex-CIA - a man who thought he was long out of the game. Discovering a terror outfit is running people-smuggling from the Middle East and into the United States, he is drawn back in to fight their evil trade. At first Walker thinks these human traffickers are driven purely by profit and greed. But it is much worse than that - and it has ties to the highest levels of power. As the body count rises, and deadly enemies stalk from the shadows, Walker uncovers the shocking truth behind an operation intended to bring America to its knees. He must work against time and powerful adversaries to uncover the truth behind the operation and prevent a global catastrophe being unleashed. If he lives, Jed Walker will learn the true cost of life . . . and the knowledge will change him forever. Praise for James Phelan: 'James Phelan has produced a big, juicy, rollicking tale in the spirit of Robert Ludlum. We haven't seen an international thriller like this for a long time' Jeffery Deaver 'A fast and furious ride through a complicated maze of timely political intrigue. James Phelan has earned a new avid fan' Steve Berry 'A corker ... Phelan writes in swift, gritty prose, never wasting a word. An espionage novel with grunt.' Sydney Morning Herald