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The Coast of Chicago

Author : Stuart Dybek
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The stolid landscape of Chicago suddenly turns dreamlike and otherworldly in Stuart Dybek's classic story collection. A child's collection of bottle caps becomes the tombstones of a graveyard. A lowly rightfielder's inexplicable death turns him into a martyr to baseball. Strains of Chopin floating down the tenement airshaft are transformed into a mysterious anthem of loss. Combining homely detail and heartbreakingly familiar voices with grand leaps of imagination, The Coast of Chicago is a masterpiece from one of America's most highly regarded writers.

The Third Coast

Author : Thomas L. Dyja
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A critically acclaimed history of Chicago at mid-century, featuring many of the incredible personalities that shaped American culture Before air travel overtook trains, nearly every coast-to-coast journey included a stop in Chicago, and this flow of people and commodities made it the crucible for American culture and innovation. In luminous prose, Chicago native Thomas Dyja re-creates the story of the city in its postwar prime and explains its profound impact on modern America—from Chess Records to Playboy, McDonald’s to the University of Chicago. Populated with an incredible cast of characters, including Mahalia Jackson, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Chuck Berry, Sun Ra, Simone de Beauvoir, Nelson Algren, Gwendolyn Brooks, Studs Turkel, and Mayor Richard J. Daley, The Third Coast recalls the prominence of the Windy City in all its grandeur.

Chicago s Gold Coast

Author : Wilbert Jones
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What was once described as an undesirable swampland has been transformed into one of the most beautiful and wealthiest neighborhoods in America. Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood, developed in the late 1800s, was first called the Astor Street District. It was named after one of the first multimillionaires in the United States, John Jacob Astor--even though Astor never lived in Chicago. In 1885, Astor Street District's first mansion was built. Potter Palmer, a dry goods merchant and owner of the Palmer House Hotel, built his palatial, castle-like residence on the corner of Lake Shore Drive and Banks Street; inside the Palmer mansion were 42 lavishly furnished rooms, which required 26 servants to maintain. Many wealthy Chicagoans followed Palmer's lead and built mansions in the neighborhood. Several homes took up an entire city block and, as time progressed, the name Gold Coast was adopted. On January 30, 1978, the entire Gold Coast district was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Chicago Stories

Author : John Miller
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A selection of stories, articles, poems, and excerpts from longer works about Chicago by Saul Bellow, Eliot Ness, Edna Ferber, Langston Hughes, and others.

Coast to Coast and Back to Chicago

Author : Mike Shepherd
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Coast to Coast and Back to Chicago begins with the protagonist Mick Scott hitchhiking out of the Windy City to escape a cold winter and a failed relationship with a cold-hearted woman. His trip takes him across the Deep South and up the east coast to Boston. He continues on through the west to San Francisco with stops in Austin, El Paso, Santa Fe, and Salt Lake City. He then returns to Chicago where he resolves his relationship with the woman he left while meeting the famous columnist Mike Royko, who helps him in his attempt to publish a book about his hitchhiking adventures.

The Gold Coast and the Slum

Author : Harvey Warren Zorbaugh
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"This is a book about Chicago. It is also, and for that very reason, a book about every other American city which has lived long enough and grown large enough to experience the transformation of neighborhoods and the contact of cultures and the tension between different types of individual and community behavior. . . . Here is a type of sociological investigation which is equally marked by human interest and scientific method."—Christian Century

The 2011 Chicago North Side Real Estate Guide

Author : Wexford House Books
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I Sailed with Magellan

Author : Stuart Dybek
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A collection of eleven short works is set in the urban areas of Chicago's South Side, where imaginative protagonist Perry Katzek encounters such events as a boy's musical performances on behalf of a drinking uncle, and a thug's distraction by multiple ex-

Childhood and Other Neighborhoods

Author : Stuart Dybek
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In Stuart Dybek's Chicago, wonder lurks in unexpected places—in garbage-strewn alleys, gloomy basement apartments, abandoned rooms at the top of rickety stairs periodically rumbled by passing el trains. Transformed through the wide eyes of Dybek's adolescent heroes, these grimy urban backwaters become exotic landscapes of fear-filled possibility, of dreams not yet turned to nightmares. Chronicling what happens when Old World faith meets the dark side of the American dream, Dybek's poignant stories of coming of age in Chicago alternately appall, amaze, and just simply entertain.

Requiem for David

Author : Patrick T Reardon
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"Survivors know only too well how grief is equal parts sorrow, rage, and guilt. Requiem for David is the heart's howl, a passage through mourning, a lesson ultimately in learning how to walk alongside pain with grace. We cannot avoid the dark night of the soul, but if we don't walk through it, we can never reach the light." - Sandra Cisneros, author of The House on Mango Street "Detail by razor-sharp detail, perception by vivid perception, recollection by haunting recollection, Patrick T. Reardon's Requiem for David gathers into the force of a cri de coeur." - Stuart Dybek, author of The Coast of Chicago "In Requiem for David, Patrick T. Reardon grapples with the suicide of his brother David and with the painful childhood they shared as the two oldest of fourteen children of emotionally distant parents. Their closeness is clearly articulated in his poem "Your Death." "Your death/tore me/open like/the baby/was coming/out." This collection also chronicles the tight bond of affection that the fourteen siblings shared. Reardon also confronts the meaning and limitations of his Catholic faith. I share his doubts and confirmations from my limited association with Catholicism. Requiem for David, supplies insights into the intersections between the religious and the secular. His poetry reminds me of the great poet and Catholic priest, Daniel Berrigan. I highly recommend this volume to all who seek uncommon answers to difficult questions." - Haki R. Madhubuti, Ph.D., author of Liberation Narratives: New and Collected Poems 1966-2009 and YellowBlack: The First Twenty-One Years of a Poet's Life, A Memoir "Patrick T. Reardon's Requiem for David is a tribute to a younger brother who died by his own hand, a balm to heal the hurt of loss and a return, however difficult, to beauty." - Achy Obejas, author of Memory Mambo


Author : Cutler, Irving
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Thoroughly revised and updated, a detailed study of the growth and development of Chicago interweaves geography, history, economics, culture, and social institutions in a study of urban evolution and planning, looking at such topics as the role of the various ethnic and racial groups that make up the city and their impact on transportation, the economy, technology, and urban growth. Simultaneous.

The Chicago School of Architecture

Author : Carl W. Condit
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Discusses the materials and structural techniques of this period in relation to the economic and cultural growth of Chicago and analyzes the school's role in the development of modern architecture

Chinese in Chicago 1870 1945

Author : Chuimei Ho
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The first wave of Chinese immigrants came to Chicagoland in the 1870s, after the transcontinental railway connected the Pacific Coast to Chicago. In 1882, the Chinese Exclusion Act prevented working-class Chinese from entering the U.S., except men who could prove they were American citizens. For more than 60 years, many Chinese immigrants had acquired documents helping to prove that they were born in America or had a parent who was a citizen. The men who bore these false identities were called "paper sons." A second wave of Chinese immigrants arrived after the repeal of the Act in 1943, seeking economic opportunity and to be reunited with their families.

Background Notes Ivory Coast

Author :
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Meteorological Tsunamis The U S East Coast and Other Coastal Regions

Author : Ivica Vilibić
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The book encompasses a set of papers on meteorological tsunamis covering various aspects on this rare but potentially destructive multiresonant phenomenon. Altogether an editorial and 15 contributions are part of this book; eight of the contributions deal with different aspects of meteotsunamis along the U.S. East Coast and in the region of the Great Lakes, including one paper introducing a new methodology in meteotsunami research. Seven more papers are documenting meteotsunamis in various coastal areas of the world oceans. All continents, except Antarctica, have been covered, with the authors representing 11 countries. Previously Published in Natural Hazards, Volume 74, No. 1, 2014

An Analysis of the Economic and Security Aspects of the Trans Alaska Pipeline

Author : United States. Dept. of the Interior. Office of Economic Analysis
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A Test Drive to Chicago

Author : David J. Suvak
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Back when I was seventeen, a buddy and I took a car for a test drive. I guess we really wanted to test it because we drove it all the way from the suburbs of Cleveland to Chicago. That was one of the first of many trips in my life. Since then, they have been tamer and less intense but, certainly, still exciting. Ive come across quite a few memorable people and places, and this story touches some of those experiences. We all have our little story to tell about our lives, and this is mine. It is here that I share them with you, and I hope you find some enjoyment out of it. I look forward to someday reading about your story.

United States Coast Pilot

Author :
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Author : William H. Davidow
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In Feb 2006, a Danish newspaper printed twelve highly provocative caricatures of the prophet Muhammad. The drawings landed on the internet and quickly circled the globe. As a direct result, riots ensued and at least 139 people died. This is just one example of overconnection. The consequences of an over-connected world cannot be ignored. In this important book, William H. Davidow takes a highly pragmatic approach by recognising that the digital clock cannot be turned back in terms of ubiquitous connectivity, but urges that caution and forethought is applied to the systems we build in the future. Davidow identifies four distinct levels of connection: Underconnected, Interconnected, Highly Connected and Overconnected. Highly Connected is the ideal state we must strive for and avoid spilling into Overconnected.


Author : Percival Constantine
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After the creation of the Earth and the birth of Man, the Presence seemingly vanished from existence. Once the angels and demons discovered that mortals possessed souls, they became locked in an endless conflict for ownership over mankind. But Gabriel, once the leader of Heaven’s forces, felt humanity should be allowed to live in peace. For his transgression, he was stripped of his wings and expelled from Heaven. Now, centuries later, the wars of man have left the world in a post-apocalyptic state.. Man’s once-vaunted technology has regressed. Lance Kells, a drifting writer with no direction in his life, inadvertently stumbles upon this war and finds himself trapped in the middle of it. As Lance tries to uncover the truth, he will encounter a host of intriguing characters, from a hard-drinking, pink-haired avatar of death to an elderly Native American mystic. During his journey, Lance will discover a method of ending a conflict as old as time, as well as a disturbing secret which links him to Gabriel.