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The Circus of Adventure Aventure Series 7

Author : Enid Blyton
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Rediscover Enid Blyton's classic adventure with this iconic retro cover edition, adapted from Stuart Tresilian's original Adventure series cover artwork.

The Circus of Adventure The River of Adventure

Author : Enid Blyton
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In The Circus of Adventure, Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann, Jack and Kiki, the parrot, follow a kidnapped boy to a faraway land and unravel a plot to kill the king. When Bill disappears in The River of Adventure, the children's search for him leads to an ancient temple and a terrifying encounter.

The Adventures of Bossie and the Circus

Author : Ann Cunningham
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This book is about a little boy named Bossie whom lived in a small town. The kids and Bossie band together on a adventure to the see the circus. Come and read about the adventures they went through to bring the circus to there town. It's my hope and prayers that you will love The Adventures of Bossie and the Circus as much as I enjoyed writting it.

THE ADVENTURES OF DIGGLEDY DAN A children s story of the circus

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Have you ever been to a circus where the seal plays the bass drum, the monkey plays the violin, the elephant plays the cello and the kangaroo plays the bassoon! Well, at least the camel doesn’t play the didgeridoo – or does he?. This is a circus where the ring master is a tiger and the lion-tamer is, well, a lion! Well you’ll get all this and more at the Spangleland Circus in “The Adventures of Diggeldy Dan.” Too-Bo-Tan sends a speaking messenger bird to Diggeldy Dan the clown. The bird tells him that after the circus is over and everyone has gone home and the circus folk are in their tents and caravans, that after dinner they will all fall asleep – except for Diggeldy Dan, who must hide in the round white tent that stands in the center of all the bigger tents, and wait for the messenger who will come out of the west.’ Dan does this and when the messenger arrives, his adventures begin. What are the adventures you ask? Well you’ll have to download and read this book for yourself to find out. 10% of the profit from the sale of this book, and all the books Abela Publishing publishes, will be donated to charities

Rico and Pencil Boy s Circus Adventure

Author : Alexandria Jones
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Rico has a cold, and he cannot stop sneezing. So he can't go on his school's field trip to the circus. This makes Rico very sad until he takes out his favorite pencil, Pencil Boy, and creates a circus of his own. With help from Pencil Boy, inspiration from his friends and teachers at school, and a little imagination, Rico realizes that he can enjoy a fun, exciting circus adventure without ever leaving his room.

Erin s Magic Tree Circus Adventure

Author : Joy Hooks
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Erin and Nana are going to the park today. There are so many things to do at the park that you can always count on having a great time. Erin is excited because she knows she will get to enjoy a special adventure. As soon as she sees her friend Charlie the squirrel waiting for her, she knows she's in for an extra special surprise. There's a magical tree at the park Erin goes to with her Nana, and in that tree there is a tiny red door. It's so small that she could never fit through. It's a good thing, though, that Charlie the squirrel can shrink her with his magical wand, for through that door an adventure to the circus awaits. Erin's Magic Tree (Circus) Adventure is a fun and whimsical tool to help inspire your children to see the world through their imaginations.

A Circus Day Adventure For Emma and Jake

Author : Mary Ann Barker
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“A CIRCUS DAY ADVENTURE FOR EMMA AND JAKE” Having now experienced the thrill and success of my 1st edition children’s book “The Magical Adventures of Emma and Jake,” I am struck with renewed enthusiasm during the creation of this 2nd edition “A Circus Day Adventure for Emma and Jake.” The colours and ideas just flowed while I painted on 12 x 12 canvas boards, all the images and characters. I designed this book to relate to all things for a day at the Circus, colourful, entertaining and educational. For children up to 7 years of age, the reader will experience all the wonder of the Circus and the joys it brings. I wanted very much to create the second edition book based on a theme that children of this age group would enjoy and even learn from. I feel I have again accomplished my mission and you will see Emma and Jake are thrilled to be going off on another adventure together this time joined by Emma’s Mom and Dad. I have long awaited this day to bring such colorful themes to life for young children, as I come from a very large extended family myself with many youngster in it. The tremendous joy of seeing young faces light up with a good story line and colorful subjects, while learning from it all, is a sight to behold. Do enjoy this 2nd edition children’s book “A Circus Day Adventure for Emma and Jake” as illustrated and written by Mary Ann Barker (writer/artist). Also look for my 1st edition “The Magical Adventures of Emma and Jake.”

Circus of Adventure

Author : Enid BLYTON
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Colin Joins the Circus

Author : Merv Lambert
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How does Sammy save the day, when Colin loses the magic bookmark at the circus, and when they are all trapped in the lion's cage complete with lion? Who is haunted by the phantom skateboard? How does Colin turn a fearsome gang-leader into Mr. Wobbly Man? How does he save his family by going back to a witch-trial in the seventeenth century? What amazing discovery do Olivia and Colin make regarding their daughter, Baby Charlotte? Read on to find out…

Puffin Good Reading Guide for Children

Author : Ruskin Bond
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A comprehensive guide to fiction in English for readers aged four to sixteen, The Puffin Good Reading Guide for Children is divided into three sections to suit every age group. It has entries listing over 1000 books, and is divided into categories with cross-references so that children can read more in genres they like. It includes both classics and the best of contemporary works and books from all over the world. With an introduction by Ruskin Bond, India's best-known children's writer in English, The Puffin Good Reading Guide is an invaluable resource for children who love books, as well as for parents and friends looking for the right book for the young people in their lives.