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The Church According to the New Testament

Author : Daniel J. Harrington
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In the last days of the twentieth century, leading New Testament scholar and popular preacher Daniel Harrington, S.J., asked himself two powerful questions: What might the church of the first century have to say to the church of the twenty-first century? And How might a brief sythesis of what the New Testament says and does not say about the church help bring greater vitality within and unity among the churches? The result of Father Harrington's research and thinking is this timely and important book.

A Christian Church according to the Scriptures of the New Testament

Author : Henry MARCH
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Images of the Church in the New Testament

Author : Paul Sevier Minear
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First published in 1960, Paul Minear's classic work identifies and explicates ninety-six images for the church found in the New Testament. Comprehensive and accessibly written, it has been used in seminary classes for over thirty years. Its range of reach and incredibly rich discussions of the many images and metaphors make this book a splendid resource for students and pastors. The New Testament Library offers authoritative commentary on every book and major aspect of the New Testament, as well as classic volumes of scholarship. The commentaries in this series provide fresh translations based on the best available ancient manuscripts, offer critical portrayals of the historical world in which the books were created, pay careful attention to their literary design, and present a theologically perceptive exposition of the text.

Introducing the New Testament

Author : Archibald Macbride Hunter
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Archibald Hunter has thoroughly revised and updated this work. At the same time, he has preserved its outline and organization. This widely acclaimed book has already become a standard reference for teachers, ministers, college, and seminary students.

An Introduction to the New Testament for Catholics

Author : Joseph F. Kelly
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The title of this book may be a bit puzzling 'a Catholic introduction to the New Testament? The New Testament belongs to all Christians, and the modern study of the New Testament has benefited from the contributions by scholars of all Christian denominations. But there are questions and issues in the New Testament that are specific to Catholics, such as the portrayal of Jesus' mother Mary, the commissioning of Peter, and the Trinity. In this volume, Joseph Kelly provides an introduction to the New Testament for students and deals with the concerns of modern Catholics reading the Bible. It's a book that Catholic teachers can use rather than a book that presents them with problems they have to explain. Kelly helps readers to understand what modern scholars, especially Catholic biblical exegetes, say about the individual books because we cannot understand what role Jesus can play in modern life if we don 't understand what he meant to the earliest Christians. The New Testament tells the story of Jesus, the most remarkable person who ever lived, and of his disciples. It includes some of the most famous narratives in the world and the most memorable words ever spoken. It introduces us to great people who moved history and of those who took the difficult step of leaving the religions of their ancestors and families to become Christians. Kelly shows that in looking at the New Testament we see real people communicating with us 'sharing their beliefs, their fears, and their hopes. Distant yet familiar, challenging yet comprehensible, the New Testament is a precious heritage, and one that Kelly recommends we must make our own. Joseph F. Kelly, PhD, is professor of religious studies at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. He is the author of The World of the Early Christians, The Problem of Evil in the Western Tradition, Responding to Evil, The Origins of Christmas and The Collegeville Church History Time-Line published by Liturgical Press.

The Holy Spirit and the Church According to the New Testament

Author : Christos Karakolis
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This collection of essays contains the papers given at the Sixth International East-West Symposium of New Testament Scholars in Belgrade, Serbia. The symposium was a project of the Eastern Europe Liaison Committee of Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas. Main subject matters of the volume are the Holy Spirit in New Testament writings (particularly Luke-Acts, the Gospel of John and Paul), the reception and interpretation of biblical texts about the Holy Spirit in patristic theology, ancient Christian liturgy and iconography, and reflection on the role of the Holy Spirit in church life. Contributions from seminars are devoted to extra-biblical ancient Jewish and early Christian sources. All topics are discussed from a "Western" (Protestant and Roman-Catholic) theological and exegetical perspective as well as from an Orthodox point of view. An introduction reflects the results of the symposium, sketches recent research on the Holy Spirit in the New Testament scholarship and briefly points to texts and problems belonging to the topic but not dealt with in the volume. Contributors: Demetrios Bathrellos, Katharina Bracht, Harald Buchinger, Andreas Dettwiler, Predrag Dragutinovi ́c, John Fotopoulos, Oksana Gubareva, Carl R. Holladay, Bishop Irinej of Novi Sad and Bachka, Christos Karakolis, Taras Khomych, Rodoljub S. Kubat, Joel Marcus, Daniel Marguerat, Tobias Nicklas, Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr, Armand Puig i Tàrrech, Volker Rabens, Vladan Tatalovi ́c, Ekaterini Tsalampouni, Manuel Vogel, James Buchanan Wallace, Nicholas Thomas Wright

The New Testament Church

Author : John P. Harrison
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Christian communities today face enormous challenges in the new contexts and teachings that try to redefine what churches should be. Christians look to the New Testament for a pattern for the church, but the New Testament does not present a totally uniform picture of the structure, leadership, and sacraments practiced by first-century congregations. There was a unity of the Christian communities centered on the teaching that Jesus is the Christ, whom God has raised from the dead and has enthroned as Lord, yet not every assembly did exactly the same thing and saw themselves in exactly the same way. Rather, in the New Testament we find a collage of rich theological insights into what it means to be the church. When leaders of today see this diversity, they can look for New Testament ecclesiologies that are most relevant to the social and cultural context in which their community lives. This volume of essays, written with the latest scholarship, highlights the uniqueness of individual ecclesiologies of the various New Testament documents and their core unifying themes.

In Search of the New Testament Church

Author : C. Douglas Weaver
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This work offers a survey on the history of Baptists. When John Smyth organized the first Baptist church, he wanted to establish the New Testament church; believer's baptism was the missing link. Baptists of subsequent eras often continued the search to embody 'New Testament Christianity'. Unique to surveys of Baptist life, Doug Weaver highlights this restorationist theme as a way to understand Baptist identity. Weaver does not force the theme, but the 'search' is ever present. It is found in the insistence upon believer's baptism, but also in examples like the Sabbath worship of Seventh Day Baptists, the 'nine rites' of colonial Separate Baptists, the women preachers of Free Will Baptists, the 'trail of blood' of Landmarkism, the social gospel of Walter Rauschenbusch, the 'fundamentals' of fundamentalism and the ministry of the European pioneer Johann Oncken. Like other recent Baptist studies, Weaver describes Baptist diversity. Still, he highlights the persistent commitment of most Baptists to an informal constellation of 'Baptist distinctives'. Alongside the quest for the New Testament church (and congregational community), Weaver especially highlights the Baptist commitment to religious liberty and the individual conscience. This emphasis, while later reinforced by Enlightenment ideals, could already be found in the biblicist piety of the earliest Baptists who insisted that individual believers must have the right to choose their religious beliefs because they would stand alone before God at the final judgment. Both chronological and thematic, this book addresses such themes as the role of women, the social gospel, ecumenism, charismatic influences, and theological emphases in Baptist life. The book's focus is America, but it also includes helpful introductory chapters on early English Baptists and international Baptists.

The Community of Jesus

Author : Kendell H. Easley
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Intended for upper division college students, seminarians, and pastors, The Community of Jesus delivers a biblical, historic, systematic, and missional theology of the church. Today the word church provokes wide-ranging reactions and generates discussion on a variety of issues among Christians and non-Christians alike. In order to sort through this maze of responses and topics, a biblical and theological foundation must be laid that provides a clear vision of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ and its significance in God’s eternal purpose. With extensive pastoral, teaching, missions, and administrative experience, this team of contributors carefully sets forth the biblical teachings concerning the church and then builds on this core material, relating the theology of the church to salvation history, church history, God’s glory, and God’s mission: • Paul R. House, “God Walks with His People: Old Testament Foundations”• Andreas J. Köstenberger, “The Church According to the Gospels”• Kendell H. Easley, “The Church in Acts and Revelation: New Testament Bookends”• David S. Dockery, “The Church in the Pauline Epistles”• Ray Van Neste, “The Church in the General Epistles”• James A. Patterson, “The Church in History: Ecclesiastical Ideals and Institutional Realities”• Stephen J.Wellum, “Beyond Mere Ecclesiology: The Church as God’s New Covenant Community”• Christopher W. Morgan, “The Church and the Glory of God”• Bruce Riley Ashford, “The Church in the Mission of God”

The Invention of Jesus How the Church Rewrote the New Testament

Author : Peter Cresswell
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The Invention of Jesus is a pivotal, ground-breaking work, arguably one of the most important ever written in the field of New Testament textual analysis, and one that should direct scholastic endeavour for years to come. The author has developed some new techniques and taken an in-depth look at the earliest surviving manuscripts of the gospels describing the life and death of Jesus as well as letters, attributed to Paul and others, to the outposts of the early Church. There are papyrus fragments, some from as early as the second century, and then later manuscripts written on parchment, with fewer gaps in the text. The vast majority are written in Greek - the language of Empire and of the early Church. Cresswell carefully analyses the surviving texts to show how doctrines, such as the divinity of Jesus and the Resurrection, have been progressively introduced into the narrative. By establishing what has been added, he defines what part of the character of Jesus the Christian Church has, over time, invented. He provides a solution to a highly unusual and hitherto baffling pattern of scribal cooperation in the New Testament of Codex Sinaiticus. Clues within the manuscript show that sheets by a second scribe could not have been generated to correct mistakes, as others have since contended. These must have been written in a division of labour, whose purpose was to introduce doctrinally motivated changes to the text. In resolving these puzzles, the author reveals something of the struggle that took place in the scriptorium, as the early Church manipulated the text to impose its message.

The Untold Story of the New Testament Church

Author : Frank Viola
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A scholar of the New Testament Church and a forerunner of modern Church renewal, Frank Viola casts his gaze back at the birth pangs of first century Christianity in The Untold Story of the New Testament Church. Using a 'you-are-there' approach, this epic volume gives readers a first-hand account of how the witness of Christ's testimony impacted the world. In the era right after the Day of Pentecost, the power of Holy Spirit prompted a massive harvest of souls yet a great persecution surged against those preaching Good News to the lost. Now, get up-close with apostles Paul, Peter and John and learn of their personal struggles to fight for the faith amidst a backdrop of in-house strife and foreign tyranny.

The Eucharist in the New Testament and the Early Church

Author : Eugene LaVerdiere
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Here Father LaVerdiere examines how the New Testament refers to the Eucharist, what it tells us about the Eucharist, and how the Eucharist provided an important experiential and theological resource for the gospel stories of Jesus' life, ministry, passion and resurrection, as well as for the life and development of the Church.

More New Testament Studies

Author : Charles Harold Dodd
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New Testament Theology

Author : James D. G. Dunn
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In this volume in the Library of Biblical Theology series, James D.G. Dunn ranges widely across the literature of the New Testament to describe the essential elements of the early church's belief and practice. Eschatology, grace, law and gospel, discipleship, Israel and the church, faith and works, and most especially incarnation, atonement, and resurrection; Dunn places these and other themes in conversation with the contemporary church's work of understanding its faith and life in relation to God's self-revelation in Jesus Christ.

Acts 1 12 MacArthur New Testament Commentary

Author : John F. MacArthur
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These study guides, part of a set from noted Bible scholar, John MacArthur, take readers on a journey through biblical texts to discover what lies beneath the surface, focusing on meaning and context, and then reflecting on the explored passage or concept. With probing questions that guide the reader toward application, The MacArthur Bible Studies are invaluable tools for Bible students of all ages. The book of Acts is the first volume of church history. It records the story of the church from its explosive beginning on the Day of Pentecost to the imprisonment at Rome of its greatest missionary. During those three decades, the church expanded from a small group of Jewish believers gathered in Jerusalem to embrace thousands in dozens of congregations throughout the Roman world. Acts describes how the Spirit of God superintended, controlled, and empowered the expansion of the church. Although a work of history, not theology, Acts nevertheless emphasizes the doctrinal truths concerning salvation, the work and person of the Holy Spirit, and other theological issues. Join John MacArthur as he searches the pages of the book of Acts to uncover the intricacies of God's Word spoken to His people.

Mary in the New Testament

Author : Raymond Edward Brown
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The role that Mary plays in God's plan of salvation is an issue that over the centuies has divided Christians and their churches. In part, these differences stem from disagreements about what the New Testament says about the mother of Jesus. This book should go a long way toward solving the disputes. It is not a collection of essays but rather a collaborative statement prepared by a team of Protestant, Anglican, and Roman Catholic scholars who have reached substantial agreement on how Mary was pictured by Christians of the first two centuries. This book follows the same methodology as an earlier volume, Peter in the New Testament, produced by the same research group. The status of that first book as an ecumenical achievement of American biblical scholarship is attested to by the welcome it received and by its translation into five foreign languages. In light of the difficulty of the subject matter, Mary in the New Testament may be an even greater achievement. If Roman Catholic and Protestant scholars can agree on what the oldest Christian sources said, is the way open for the churches to agree on a fundamental Christian attitude toward Mary? This book is written by scholars, but it is not meant only for scholars. The authors have taken pains to make the work intelligible to students, clergy, and the knowledgeable laity of their churches. It combines scientific research with a respect for Christian sensiblities.

The People s New Testament Commentary

Author : M. Eugene Boring
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M. Eugene Boring and Fred B. Craddock present this new one-volume commentary on the New Testament. Writing from the fundamental conviction that the New Testament is the people's book, Boring and Craddock examine the theological themes and messages of Scripture that speak to the life of discipleship. Their work clarifies matters of history, culture, geography, literature, and translation, enabling people to listen more carefully to the text. This unique commentary is the perfect resource for clergy and church school teachers who seek a reference tool midway between a study Bible and a multivolume commentary on the Bible.

The Christian World Around the New Testament

Author : Richard Bauckham
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Most of these thirty-one essays by Richard Bauckham, a well-known New Testament scholar, were first published between 1979 and 2015 in journals and multi-authored volumes. Two are previously unpublished and one has not been published in English before. They range widely over early Christianity and early Christian literature in both the New Testament period and the early patristic period, reflecting the author's conviction that the historical study of early Christianity should not isolate the New Testament literature from other early Christian sources, such as the apostolic fathers and the Christian apocryphal literature. Some of the essays develop further the themes of the author's books on aspects of the Gospels, such as the intended audiences of the Gospels, the way in which Gospel traditions were transmitted, the role of the eyewitnesses in the origins of the Gospels, the importance of Papias's evidence about Gospel traditions, and the relationship between canonical and Gnostic Gospels. Some of the essays relate to important persons, such as Peter, Barnabas, Paul and James. These include a full investigation of the evidence for the martyrdom of Peter and an attempt to locate the estate of Publius where Paul stayed on Malta. There are studies of the Sabbath and the Lord's Day in both the New Testament and patristic periods. There are studies that survey most of the main categories of apocryphal Christian literature, including apocryphal Gospels and Acts, and with a special focus on the non-canonical apocalypses, such as the Apocalypse of Peter and the Latin Vision of Ezra.

An Introduction to the New Testament

Author : Charles B. Cousar
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Written by prominent professor and skilled interpreter Charles Cousar,An Introduction to the New Testamentprovides a concise overview of the content and purpose of the books of the New Testament within the context of the church's early development. This cogent introduction gives serious attention to the history of earliest Christianity but always returns to the texts' theological meaning and significance, highlighting the relevance of these books for the church today.

Introduction to the New Testament

Author : Helmut Koester
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This work has established itself as a classical text in the field of New Testament studies. Written in a readable, non-technical style, it has become an indispensable textbook and reference for teachers, students, clergy, and the educated layperson interested in a scholarly treatment of the New Testament and its background in the Judaic and Greco-Roman world.