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The Christmas Baby

Author : Sally Ann Wright
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Author : Mao Karino
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He only wants a baby from her, but she's desperately in love… Peta, the daughter of disgraced aristocrats, is married off to wealthy Liam. The only thing Liam wants from Peta is a child. But a year has gone by and Liam is concerned that she has yet to conceive. Meanwhile, Peta has secretly fallen in love with him. But can she truly bear the child of a man who doesn’t love her? And will he even accept her after he finds out that she isn't the innocent girl whom he believes her to be?

The Christmas Baby Bonus

Author : Yvonne Lindsay
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Snowbound with the boss—and a baby! Only from USA TODAY bestselling author Yvonne Lindsay. When his assistant finds an abandoned baby at his family’s lodge, wealthy Piers Luckman takes full responsibility. He might be clueless about children, but being snowbound with his capable, sexy employee has its benefits. Except Faye Darby shies away from little Casey and wants nothing to do with baby-rearing, Christmas…or the smoldering attraction between her and her boss. For the first time in his life, Piers must fight for what he wants—this little family…and Faye by his side and in his bed.

The Christmas Baby Surprise A Weaver Beginning

Author : Shirley Jump
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Texas Christmas Baby

Author : Katherine Garbera
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They have more than one surprise in store this Christmas Eve... Zara Mitchell is about to be a single mother. After finding out her baby’s father lied about everything, she’s decidedly on her own. But when her car breaks down outside Last Stand, Texas, she’s rescued by the most beautiful man she’s laid eyes on. He’s her knight in shining armor, and Zara is starting to believe in fairy tales. J.T. Williams has a charmed life, or so he thought until his parents’ marriage deteriorated and exposed a half-sister, Amelia, in Last Stand. Intent to make up for his father’s shortcomings, he sets out to meet her but is derailed when he comes across a pregnant beauty stranded outside of town. And when he learns that Zara and Amelia are best friends, he impulsively decides to hide his identity to get to know both women without added pressure. As Christmas nears, J.T. and Zara find themselves giving in to their feelings. But J.T.’s well-intentioned lie might cost him everything.

Merry Christmas Baby

Author : Susan Wiggs
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Merry Christmas, Baby! by Susan Wiggs\Bobby Hutchinson\Karen Young released on Sep 24, 1996 is available now for purchase.

The Princess s Christmas Baby

Author : Louisa George
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Format : PDF, ePub
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A pregnant princess… …and her knight in shining scrubs? When a forbidden and oh so passionate weekend together leads to a very unexpected consequence, Dr. Lucas Beaufort and Princess Gigi Baresi find their lives turned upside down. So when a car crash leaves Gigi’s father—the king!—with his life hanging in the balance, she’ll have to decide: duty to the crown, or claim the family, and love, she’s always wanted… From Harlequin Medical: Life and love in the world of modern medicine. Royal Christmas at Seattle General Book 1: Falling for the Secret Prince by Alison Roberts Book 2: Neurosurgeon’s Christmas to Remember by Traci Douglass Book 3: The Bodyguard’s Christmas Proposal by Charlotte Hawkes Book 4: The Princess’s Christmas Baby by Louisa George

Paperback Merry Christmas Baby

Author : Zach Pettus
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Jackson, former SEAL, made a novice mistake. He fell hard for Nora, local bookstore and cafe owner, went on a first date with her, realized she's his "one," and proceeded to run scared. He didn't call her for three weeks and in a small town that had serious repercussions. Nora was terribly hurt, but couldn't stay angry at Jackson and couldn't see putting him in the "friend" category forever. A series of break-ins at her store amped up Jackson's protective instincts. Together they caught the culprits, grew ever closer over the Christmas season, and found their HEA

Merry Christmas Baby

Author : Jill Shalvis
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SEASON'S KISSES . . . Wild child Chloe Thompson can't believe how much things have changed. She still can't get enough of her sexy husband Sawyer, but he seems to prefer working to impending fatherhood. So tonight, a very pregnant Chloe is escaping her troubles at the town Christmas party. Sheriff Sawyer Thompson hopes surprising Chloe at the party will give him a chance to set things right. But as the snow begins to fall and the wind rages, he wonders whether he can make it back in time. While mother nature conspires to keep Sawyer and Chloe apart, an unexpected arrival will require them to kiss and make up . . . and ring in the happiest holiday Lucky Harbor has ever seen. 13,000 words

A Christmas Baby

Author : Janice Carter
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What Child Is This? The infant, carefully swaddled in a pink blanket, is oblivious to the fact that she's been abandoned in Nora Saunders's woodshed. She's also unconcerned about the blizzard raging outside of the fact that Nora knows nothing about babies. and a crash course in baby-sitting is a far cry from the quiet Christmas Nora had planned when she rented the isolated cabin from its attractive owner, Sheriff Daniel Langford. All she'd wanted was to escape the Christmas "hoopla" of the big city and her own bleak childhood memories of the holiday. But the baby and Dan make an irresistible team. Together, they give Nora the strength to face the old hurts and buried secrets she and Dan uncover as they search for the truth about the little girl. And suddenly Christmas takes on new meaning….

A Baby for Christmas the Christmas Baby Bonus the Cowboy s Christmas Proposition Holiday Baby Bombshell

Author : Karen Booth
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The Christmas Baby Bonus - Yvonne Lindsay Snowbound with the boss - and a baby! When his assistant finds an abandoned baby at his family's lodge, wealthy Piers Luckman takes full responsibility. He might be clueless about children, but being snowbound with his capable, sexy employee has its benefits. Except Faye Darby shies away from little Casey and wants nothing to do with baby-rearing, Christmas...or the smoldering attraction between her and her boss. For the first time in his life, Piers must fight for what he wants - this little family...and Faye by his side and in his bed. The Cowboy's Christmas Proposition - Silver James Can a country superstar and a dedicated cop strike a Christmas baby bargain? Being a celebrity, Deacon Tate is always careful. So when a baby is left on his tour bus, he's 99 percent certain it isn't his. But he's 100 percent sure that trooper Quin Kincaid, who responds to the call, is the sexiest woman he's ever seen. He has to have her, no matter what. But to Quin, Deacon seems too good to be true. Can she save the baby and herself from Deacon's spell - especially when he makes her an offer she can't refuse? Holiday Baby Bombshell - Karen Booth From rivalry to romance? Competitive swimmer-turned-real estate magnate Michael Kelly is tastier than a Christmas cookie. But now Charlotte Locke's sexy former lover is her top business rival...and the father of her unborn child. Determined to keep her professional cool, the hotel heiress hides her delicate condition from her family - and from her commitment-phobic ex. Until Michael moves in next door, exposing a desire left unquenched and Charlotte's pregnancy secret. Michael may not be daddy-material but losing Charlotte and their baby isn't an option. He'll close the deal at any cost - even if it takes a Christmas miracle to prove this playboy is reformed for good!

A Christmas Baby for the Cowboy

Author : Deb Kastner
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’Tis the season for a new start But can he be a daddy in Cowboy Country? With a baby on the way and Christmas around the corner, disgraced rodeo rider Cash Coble returns to Serendipity hoping to fix his reputation. Cash never imagined that pretty Alyssa Emerson would inspire him to cowboy up—let alone open his heart. But will she agree to be part of his new family once she learns his dark secret?

Merry Christmas Baby

Author : Abigail Tabby
File Size : 81.79 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This perfect holiday-themed lullaby is filled with good wishes and as much happiness, cheer, and joy as there is on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to the baby I adore I wish you merry days and so much more I wish you a year as happy as this day Hopeful and joyful in every way In this cozy, holiday board book from the New Books for Newborns series, a parent shares the joy of Christmas with their baby, and hopes for a whole year filled with all the wonderful things that Christmas brings. The New Books for Newborns series is “just right” for parents to read to their babies. With short, lilting and lullaby-like texts, these board books help parents introduce reading to their children with snuggly, soothing read-alouds perfect for first story times.

Christmas Baby A Baby Under the Tree A Baby For Christmas Her Christmas Hero

Author : Judy Duarte
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The perfect Christmas gift ... Jillian Wilkes spent one night in the arms of gorgeous ex-cop Shane Hollister, then went her own way. But, when she discovers she is pregnant with Shane’s baby, what is she to do? This could be a Christmas to remember, but only if Shane wants her love too...


Author : Yu Senke
File Size : 85.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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On the night before Christmas Eve, Cinderella meets a billionaire who doesn’t know love. As a hotel housekeeper, Sunny is used to guest drama. But nothing could've prepared her for the day a beautiful woman with a baby stroller pushes her way into the room Sunny is cleaning. The irate woman forces the child onto the man staying there, the charming billionaire Max Grayland, and storms out… It seems Max’s father, who passed away recently, had coerced the woman into having his child. Max is out of options and tells Sunny he’ll pay her to be the child’s babysitter. Sunny can’t refuse his reckless request, nor her wildly beating heart…

A Bundle Of Christmas Babies

Author : Lucy Monroe
File Size : 28.77 MB
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Marriage of convenience, amnesia, pregnancy...these tales of holiday romance have it all, as misunderstandings, suspicions and marriage bargains are vanquished by undeniable passion...and the arrival of a new little Christmas bundle of joy. Bundle includes The Greek's Christmas Baby, The Christmas Child and The Cowboy's Christmas Baby

Angel Mae and the Christmas Baby

Author : Shirley Hughes
File Size : 51.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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PICTURE STORYBOOKS. In this beautiful gift edition of a classic Christmas story by Kate Greenaway-winning author, Shirley Hughes, Christmas is coming and Mae Morgan's mum is expecting a baby. At school. Mae is delighted to be given the part of the Angel Gabriel in the nativity play. But will the new baby steal her glory?. Ages 0+

A Firehouse Christmas Baby

Author : Teri Wilson
File Size : 52.31 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Not all families come as planned… The Christmas that changed all three of them! After her dreams of motherhood were dashed, Felicity Hart is determined to make a fresh—baby-free—start in Lovestruck. Unfortunately, she now has to work with firefighter Wade Ericson on the town Christmas festivities! And Wade ends up at the center of all things baby-related in town—this time, a baby abandoned at the firehouse. Then Felicity finds herself moving in to Wade’s house and using her foster-care training to care for the child, all just in time for Christmas. From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness. Lovestruck, Vermont Book 1: Baby Lessons Book 2: A Firehouse Christmas Baby


Author : Catherine Mann
File Size : 32.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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When she awoke from her coma, Alaina learned she had been in an accident and that she was suffering from amnesia. It appears that she has a husband and a child. Her husband is gorgeous and her baby is sleeping next to her… Her husband says they’ve been happily married for five years, but she isn’t so sure. Although he constantly talks about the future, Alaina is fixated on their mysterious past. She cannot deny the attraction she feels toward him…until she remembers the reason they were on the verge of divorce!

The Cowboy s Christmas Baby

Author : Jennifer Hoopes
File Size : 21.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Stranded in the middle of the road in big sky country, Wyoming, at eight months pregnant isn’t exactly what Sofie Pennington had planned when she decided to pack up and surprise her sister. Fly Creek is a fresh start for her, one where she’s finally free from her controlling ex and can figure out this whole single parent thing. First, though, she needs to get there. To her shock, her rescuer comes in the form of a frustratingly handsome cowboy. Dan Rigby is on his way out of town—for good—when he stumbles across a very pregnant Sofie. She’s the most obstinate, exasperating woman he’s ever met...and the most appealing. She drives him crazy, in more ways than one. When her sister suddenly has to leave, and Dan becomes Sofie’s welcoming committee, they find themselves growing closer despite their desire for conflicting things. Can Dan convince Sofie that Christmas miracles do happen? Each book in the Fly Creek series is STANDALONE: * Her Cowboy's Promise * The Cowboy's Homecoming Surprise * The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby