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The Chicken Soup Manifesto

Author : Jenn Louis
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Celebrating the universal joy of chicken soup. This is a celebration of one of the most widely interpreted, and beloved dishes the world over. With more than 100 recipes dedicated to this one special, often humble, meal, James Beard-nominee Jenn Louis shows readers how chicken soup is not only a source of heart-warming sustenance, but also a cure-all and the ultimate expression of love. With chapters broken down by region and country, The Chicken Soup Manifesto includes everything from Algerian Chorba Bayda, Colombian and Panamanian Sancocho and Thai Kao Tom Gai to Spanish Sopa de Picadillo. Along with the recipes, Jenn also covers essential chicken know-how, from selecting and storing, to stock 101 and brining. The book is fully photographed with a design that establishes it as a collectible object as much as a hard-working guide to the world's favorite soup.

The Gefilte Manifesto

Author : Jeffrey Yoskowitz
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The founders of the world-famous Gefilteria revitalize beloved old-world foods with ingenious new approaches in their debut cookbook. Liz Alpern and Jeffrey Yoskowitz are on a mission to reclaim and revolutionize Ashkenazi cuisine. Combining the inventive spirit of a new generation and respect for their culinary tradition, they present more than a hundred recipes pulled deep from the kitchens of Eastern Europe and the diaspora community of North America. Their recipes highlight the best of Ashkenazi home and storefront cuisine, tapping into the enduring Jewish values of resourcefulness and seasonality. Drawing inspiration from aromatic Jewish bakeries (Classic Challah with a Marble Rye Twist, Seeded Honey Rye Pull-Apart Rolls), neighborhood delis (Home-Cured Corned Beef and Pastrami, Rustic Matzo Balls, and Old World Stuffed Gefilte Fish), old-fashioned pickle shops (Crisp Garlic Dilly Beans, Ashkenazi Kimchi), and, of course, their own childhood kitchens, Yoskowitz and Alpern rediscover old-world food traditions, helping you bring simple and comforting recipes into your home. Dishes like Spiced Blueberry Soup, Kasha Varnishkes with Brussels Sprouts, and Sweet Lokshen Kugel with Plums celebrate flavors passed down from generation to generation in recipes reimagined for the contemporary kitchen. Other recipes take a playful approach to the Old World, like Fried Sour Pickles with Garlic Aioli and Sour Dill Martinis. The Gefilte Manifesto is more than a cookbook. It’s a call to action, a reclamation of time-honored techniques and ingredients, from the mind-blowingly easy Classic Sour Dill Pickles to the Crispy Honey-Glazed Chicken with Tsimmes. Make a stand. Cook the Manifesto. The results are radically delicious.

The Codependency Manifesto

Author : Lisa A. Romano
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If a child’s parent teaches that child to steal and cheat to survive, is it the child’s fault if they eventually find themselves in trouble with the law? What happens to a child, in many ways, is what leads to what a child becomes. Subconscious beliefs that are not turned over like stones become the paths to future life experiences, good or bad, healthy or not.

The Codependency Manifesto is designed to help you learn to question your mind. To live a truly authentic life, we must learn to observe how our mind operates—or be doomed to repeat the patterns, beliefs, and perceptions we have been groomed to accept as truth through the experiences of childhood. This book allows readers from all walks of life to envision a new reality for themselves. It shares life-changing insights and tools that will help you forge a greater understanding of self and find the road back to the real you!

The Cat Manifesto

Author : Victoria L. Richardson
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Thoreau, a most unusual cat with a penchant for cake, dead poets, and a curiosity towards human nature, turns introspective as his ninth and final life comes to a close. Although he considers humans to be strange and often disagreeable in nature, he must concede that there is something endearing about them, even as he struggles to understand their exceedingly curious natures. The Cat Manifesto is the story of Thoreau and the humans he called family and friends. In it, he reminisces about his exciting adventures and the unforgettable people (some famous) with whom he has crossed paths with. Inspired by the legacies left by some of his human companions, he aspires to do the same. This book is his own legacy, a parting gift to mankind before his next and greatest adventure. This is his story. But mostly, this book is what he learned about himself, a proud and independent creature who is like humans in more ways than he could have ever guessed, even in his wildest imaginings.

Education A Manifesto for Change

Author : Richard Gerver
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'A manifesto for change in education with collaboration, openness and optimism at its core.' Steve Munby This ground-breaking book is both a manifesto and a call to arms to inspire all those involved in education to consider new visions and values for the future of the school system. Renowned educationalist, speaker and author Richard Gerver offers an empowering vision for how education, both in the UK and internationally, can be transformed and made fit for purpose in the 21st century and beyond. Education has never been more important than it is now but the current school system lacks the continuity and longevity required to ensure young people can survive and thrive as we continue to head into the unknown. Education: A Manifesto for Change argues that students must be prepared for the lives ahead of them; they must understand how important and valuable what they learn in school will be long after they have left formal education. To facilitate this, Richard encourages educators to walk outside the school gates themselves, learning from and with people and organisations beyond their normal experiences, so they can be the catalysts of a better, more connected and more coherent future for today's children – tomorrow's adults. In this thought-provoking new book, Richard, bestselling author of Creating Tomorrow's Schools Today, shares his experiences of working with global businesses and talking education with Barack Obama, Steve Wozniak, senior managers at Google, and elite sports coaches working with Great Britain's Olympic and Paralympic teams and the English Premier League. Taking an international perspective, the book includes examples from the US, China and Colombia.

A Reader s Manifesto

Author : B. R. Myers
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Offers an indictment of contemporary literary writing, providing assessments of such writers as Don DeLillo, Cormac McCarthy, and Annie Proulx.

A Misfit s Manifesto

Author : Donna Gaines
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A journalist and cultural sociologist chronicles her own musical and spiritual journey, from her troubled youth in Queens to academia, explaining how music played a key role in transforming her life.

Ruhlman s Twenty

Author : Michael Ruhlman
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Presents twenty basic elements of cooking and explains their importance in order to become a better cook, from proper salting techniques to mastering such basic ingredients as eggs and butter.

The Beautiful Book for Rebels

Author : Laine Cunningham
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The Beautiful Book for Rebels is a manifesto for rebels who refuse to accept less than everything they deserve. Perfect for readers of Elizabeth Gilbert, Seth Godin, and Austin Kleon. When you reach past the boundaries, you live the life you are meant to achieve in all its possible wonder. The Beautiful Book for Rebels is an inspirational manifesto for living fully. With every turn of the page, dig deep into the rich rewards you can capture every hour of the day. An urgent call to choosing yourself, The Beautiful Book for Rebels is life-changing. Resist the dogma, the bureaucracy, and all the expectations that held you back before. The compelling language of these original motivational sayings will propel you to your best self. Break the rules and break free! The journey to total freedom, renewed joy, enhanced clarity, and powerful inspiration begins on the first page of The Beautiful Book for Rebels. With its small size and affordable price, The Beautiful Book for Rebels is easily shared with friends, family members and coworkers who want to burst into the life they deserve. This elegantly illustrated book ranks alongside Steal Like an Artist, Big Magic, and What to Do When It's Your Turn. A Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls for adults! This collection of motivational quotes and empowering thoughts will delight fans of The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, The Healing Self by Deepak Chopra, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life by Wayne Dyer, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel H. Pink, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, The Power of Positive Energy by Andrian Teodoro, Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic, and The 4 Disciplines by Sean Covey.

Transitions in Social Democracy

Author : John Callaghan
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Providing a full discussion of cultural issues in left-wing politics during the 1945-1979 period, this text assesses the legacy of social democracy and maps out its future prospects in view of the challenges of affluence and the decline of organised labour movements.

Book Review Index

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Every 3d issue is a quarterly cumulation.

What Inspirational Literature Do I Read Next

Author : Pamela Willwerth Aue
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Religiously-inspired novels, inspirational writings and biographical works on people who are models for spiritual growth are among the recommendations found in this reference.

The Publishers Weekly

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Jim Kobak s Kirkus Reviews

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Short Fuse

Author : Todd Swift
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Short Fuse is the first major global collection of poetry from the 21st-century featuring many of the poets who are defining world literature and culture. Over 175 innovative poets from around the world are represented in this remarkable 400-page volume, ebook & CD. The fusion poets define these complex times through new forms of performance and text by mixing the best of the oral and written traditions. The hundreds of poems in this eclectic and powerful gathering are ferocious, funny, erotic, elegiac, and always grounded in the real experiences and voices of our startling present. Book jacket.

Being Wrong

Author : Kathryn Schulz
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“Both wise and clever, full of fun and surprise about a topic so central to our lives that we almost never even think about it.” —Bill McKibben, author of Earth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet In the tradition of The Wisdom of Crowds and Predictably Irrational comes Being Wrong, an illuminating exploration of what it means to be in error, and why homo sapiens tend to tacitly assume (or loudly insist) that they are right about most everything. Kathryn Schulz, editor of Grist magazine, argues that error is the fundamental human condition and should be celebrated as such. Guiding the reader through the history and psychology of error, from Socrates to Alan Greenspan, Being Wrong will change the way you perceive screw-ups, both of the mammoth and daily variety, forever.


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Theatre Record

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Bowker Annual Library and Book Trade Almanac

Author : R R Bowker Publishing
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Tri quarterly

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